Hot babe caressing cock passionately live on cam

Hot babe caressing cock passionately live on cam
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Mac & his 'girlfriend' Lewis had gone on holiday with Mac's elderly parents to a static caravan near the sea. Both the mid-20's lads had taken items to dress in, but had found it difficult over the couple of days that they'd been there to have some special time together.

Mac's parents did retire to bed early on the third night, leaving the two frustratedly playing each other up in the lounge area.

After an hour or so, Mac got up, & with a sly wink whispered "I'm gonna turn in too, don't sneak into my room looking for affection all dressed up either" and went into his bedroom. Lewis went to his room, starting to get horny at the naughtiness that was possibly going to play out - if he'd read Mac's signals correctly! In his room Lewis quickly undressed, and smoothed on a pair of sheer grey 20 brazzers moms birtsex storiesay party sex stories tights, with normal knit body & toe seams.

He made sure his rampant 6" erection pointed upwards under the body of his tights, then slipped a cream satin knee-length spaghetti strapped nightie over his head.

He had a quick admire of himself in a mirror, his erection clearly outlined under the nightie, before tiptoeing out of his room to Mac's. He very carefully pushed the door open, & slipped inside, carefully shutting the door behind him. Mac was lying on his bed, he too was dressed in a stain nightie, a light shade of blue, but his legs were covered in a glossy tan nylon, with sandal toeseams. On Lewis's appearance, he feigned being shocked & sat up, drawing his legs underneath himself.

Lewis put a finger to his lips, shusshing Mac, then went to the side of the bed. He ran his fingers seductively up his clothed erection, before leaning over & running his fingers up & down Mac's nyloned leg. Mac relented a little & stretched his legs out, parting them, his 7" erection visibly sticking up under his nightie. Lewis climbed onto the bed & knelt just by mac's feet, sliding his nightie up to reveal his hard-on. Mac let out a little squeal of delight but Lewis shusshed him again.

Lewis slid his hand's up Mac's nyloned legs, pushing the hem of his nightie up, revealing Mac's throbbing hard on in his body seam-less tights. Bending right forward, Lewis planted a kiss on the tip of Mac's nyloned cock, before straightening up & grasping Mac's ankles.

He lifted his feet & placed them either side of his nyloned cock, rubbing them slowly along his shaft. He sped his stroking up, his hips bucking as he fucked Mac's feet. Lewis slipped his now throbbing cock out of the top of his tights, & continued to fuck Mac's feet, holding them in place.

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Mac had started to rub his cock thru his tights, excited by his friend. All of a sudden Lewis let out a whispered breath as he started to ejaculate, spurting his come onto Mac's shins, dribbling it down onto the soles of his feet too. When spent, Lewis tucked his cummy cock back into his tights, got up off the bed, straightened his nightie, blew Mac a kiss and silently left the room. Mac stared in disbelief as his friend left him with come covered legs & a raging hard on!

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The next day, when there was a moment, Mac whispered to lewis "it's your turn tonight, I'm gonna tease you bad bitch!". Lewis whispered back "I look forward to it honey" with a sly smile. Again with Mac's parent's retiring early, Lewis went off to his room. After undressing, he smoothed on his grey tights again, put on his nightie & lay back on his bed, his erection pointing up under the nylon & satin. The door to his room opened silently, & in stepped Mac.

Lewis let out a low gasp at the sight of him - he had on a red see-thru baby doll nightie, & sheer to waist glossy black tights, with a pair of sheer red see-thru tanga panties that matched the nightie over the body of his tights.

The panties barely contained Mac's erection. Lewis sat up, grinning, but in a second Mac had moved to the side of the bed, pushed Lewis back down, and then straddled his face with his back to the wall, looking down at Lewis's legs. With casual teen sex shelley bliss anal on a first date with teen swift motion, Mac shifted the gusset of his panties to one side, and out tumbled his balls from a small hole he'd cut into his tights.

He dangled them against Lewis's lips, Lewis poking out his tongue and lapping at the smoothly shaven globes. Mac stroked Lewis's legs up and down, Lewis now sucking gently on Mac's balls. Mac shifted back a little, allowing Lewis to start stroking Mac's legs, as Mac poked his cock down & out thru the hole, & into Lewis's waiting mouth. Mac thrust his hips up & down, fucking Lewis's mouth, Lewis writhing under Mac. Lewis thrust his hips up, expecting Mac to start touching him, but Mac simply continued to stroke Lewis's legs.

Mac's thrusts picked up a pace, his balls slapping Lewis's nose. Lewis felt Mac's rod throb in his mouth, & Mac slipped out & shuffled forward down Lewis's body. Wanking himself furiously, he let fly with his load over Lewis's belly, splattering his nyloned erection. Mac then got up off the bed, whispered "fair's fair eh?" & went out of the bedroom. The day after, Lewis said to Mac "okay, enough of this, let's get back to doing it properly".

Mac agreed, & the two said they were going off for the day. They headed off down to the beach, & after a while found a secluded hilly area. They'd taken picnic blankets so laid them down where they believed they wouldn't be seen.

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Immediately Mac undid his flies & pulled his trousers open, revealing his erection poking up in the see-thru panties with his sheer black tights underneath. Lewis slid over to him, gently kissing him thru the panties, then pulling them to one side, licking at his nyloned shaft.

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He began sucking him thru his tights, then popped it out thru the cut hole, & resumed sucking on his lover. Then Mac got Lewis onto his back, & slid his trackie bottoms down, revealing Lewis' throbbing erection in the body of some american tan tights. He went down on Lewis, sucking him thru his tights at first, then tearing a small hole & pulling him out, to then suck on him properly.

They guys took turns at pleasuring each other with their mouths, taking care to keep their trousers mostly up & not expose too much of their legs.

When they found they were almost there, they knelt at the edge of the rugs side by side, & wanked each other off, shooting their loads forward onto the ground. Pleased with themselves, they cleaned up then moved on until they found another spot, where they relaxed for another couple of hours.