Nasty and busty amazing bitch cant live without fucking naturaltits hardcore

Nasty and busty amazing bitch cant live without fucking naturaltits hardcore
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It was times like these that I counted myself lucky. I had disobeyed him, not on purpose, but it seemed he had forgiven me. I was waiting for him to tell me I could come in and suck his throbbing cock.

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Lord knows I wanted to give my best to him for giving me another chance at being a good sex slave. I sat in my car waiting, patiently waiting and counting myself lucky again. I was wearing something special beneath my regular clothes, something no one else had ever seen. I hoped he liked it. When the phone rang it gave me a chill and reached for it grabbing and just as quickly answering it.

" Hello?" I said into the phone. real stepsis pov fucked by her horny stepbro reality and amateur Come up here now, my little slave. This is where you will receive your punishment for being a disobedient slave. So hurry up to the room now." He clicked the phone off. It had never come to my attention that I would be punished. Guess it should have. I got out of my car and began walking to the hotel, going in the doors I looked around myself at the red carpet beneath my shoes.

High heeled black shoes, the kind that would turn any mans head. I went to the elevator and pushed the button that would take me up to the third floor and to his waiting arms. I wanted his cock, wanted to feel it again. I remembered telling him before, how I thought each time I saw his hard member it always seemed to get bigger.

Which filled me up more then before, it was a wonderful feeling. It made me feel like I was high, only this high was a lot better. I had someone making me feel this way. The elevator came to the floor and opened its doors, I walked in and pushed the number 3 that would take me to him. It stopped again on the second floor and a man walked in and winked at me. I just smiled back. The third nasty ebony receives her love tunnel drilled came and we both got off, he went one way and I went another.

I got to the tan door with the number, 315 on it and knocked. He opened the door and I walked in and smiled at him. " You disobeyed me, my little slut. Now for your punishment. First off, go wash up." He had always made me jump in the shower before we did anything. I didn't mind, it was fun. He would always come in after I was in the shower and start playing with my tight pussy.

" Yes Master, as you say." I started pulling my clothes off, revealing the black skimpy outfit beneath my clothes. He slapped my ass, hard as I bent to take my panties off, making me squeal as he did so. I turned to look at him and he pointed to the bathroom. The light was already on, I went up to him and rubbed his chest in a teasing lingering kind of way.

Then turned and started walking towards the bathroom, he slapped my ass, hard, making me jump as Claire redfield doggystyle fuck resident evil hentai more videos walked off.

I turned the water on and stepped into the shower. It was a nice warm temperature, it felt nice to be in the shower again. I washed up everything, touching my shaved pussy with the wash cloth and then rubbing around to my ass. I was taking my time. Thinking he was going to come walking in, I started rubbing my clit, I was getting so aroused just thinking about his hard cock and how fast and furious he would slam it into my tight wet, waiting pussy. In my mind I knew I should stop, I could make myself cum doing this, he had not said I could do that, it would be another thing I disobeyed him on.

I removed my hand, my clit throbbed unmercifully, saying I had been close to cuming, I wanted so bad to reach back down there and continue. Then he came in and shoved the curtain aside. Still fully clothed, I was a little embarrassed, which was not normal, to be the only one naked. " Hurry up slut. I didn't say you could take a long shower. You look clean." He looked at my shaved pussy, he wanted it to be furry but it didn't grow fast enough.

Another thing I had disobeyed him on. He reached his out and slapped my pussy causing me to jump again. " Let's go." he shut the water off and waited for me to get out and grab a towel. I walked out of the bathroom, all dried off now and wrapped the towel around me. He grabbed the towel from and flung it back to the bathroom, he came to me and brought his lips down to mine in a possessive kiss. Demanding, I reached to touch his cock through his pants but he just as quick slapped my hand away then stopped kissing me and turned me around.

My back was to him and he held me tight to his chest, his hands reached down to my pussy, he started playing with my clit making me feel dizzy with excitement. When he shoved one finger, then another, then another, I thought I would fall down to the floor if he hadn't held me so tight. Then he pushed me away and I knew what was next.

My punishment. " Get on the bed, bitch. This is for not listening to your master. Like you should have." He watched me climb on the bed and lay down on my back. He went to the top left corner and grabbed a rope, tying my wrist to it.

Then to the bottom left corner and tied my ankle to that corner. He did the same on the other two corners.

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I pulled at the ropes a little bit, he hadn't tied me up before and I was a little nervous about what he was going to do. One thing I knew for sure, he wouldn't hurt me. He was my master, I loved my master as I was sure he loved his slave. " Now my little slave, I am putting this vibrator on your clit. You are going to cum, over and over, but first you must ask every time. When I feel that you have had enough I will shove my cock inside your tight pussy." He put the vibrator on high and I squealed with it just barely touching my clit.

He slapped my clit and walked away, pulling his clothes off piece by piece. I lay there as the pressure began to mount.

I started squealing, this was torture! I wanted his cock inside my pussy, not a vibrator playing with my clit!

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I whimpered again and he looked over at me. He stood up and came walking over, he looked down at me and slapped my boobs, then grabbed one of my nipples and squeezed hard. Making me whimper, with pain and pleasure. " Master, master please. I'm going to cum. Can I cum, please master?" I begged, I was trying so hard to keep quiet but the moans kept coming. I had no control. " Hmmm, should I let you or not?" He saw my face, I was holding it back. The pressure had built until I felt like I was going to explode.

" Please, master! I am going to&hellip.explode! I need to cum, please?" I begged again. The pressure kept mounting as I kept fighting it back. The punishment for cuming before he said to, he still kept to himself. I didn't know what that punishment would be. I didn't want to find out. " Yes, slave. Yes my little bitch, cum for Master." He grabbed my nipple again and squeezed hard as I let out a loud cry of pleasure and I came at once.

He removed the vibrator and stuck a finger inside my pussy, then another and another. Three fingers were going in and out of my tight pussy, stretching me. I had no control still, my pussy throbbed from all the attention she was getting, the moans came louder, quicker as I was about to cum again.

" Master?" " What my little love slave?" " I&hellip.can I cum? I feel so close again, please?" I begged him and he slammed his fingers inside my pussy, deeper. "Oh god! Please, master, please?" " Yes, cum my little bitch. Cum!" He shoved his fingers in again deeper, making me cum as the pleasure exploded all over his fingers.

He then nymphos nail studs butt hole with enormous belt cocks and ejaculate cum up on the bed, his thick hard throbbing cock positioned right about my mouth, and then he pushed himself inside my mouth.

I greedily sucked on his cock, making him harder. My pussy was wet, wetter then she had ever been before, and sucking his cock was making her wetter.

I sucked him until he pulled away and began untying me. I got up and he pushed me back down on the bed, with a look that said he didn't tell me I could get up. " Get on all fours, bitch.

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Do it now!" He commanded me to do. I got up and was on all fours as he climbed up on me and shoved his cock into my tight, wet, waiting pussy. I screamed with pleasure, and a little from pain, he slammed it in all the way.

It felt so good, he was in there so deep. My mind was running with feelings. He looked at my face and then reached and grabbed my nipple as he plunged in and out over and over again, I was still moaning, I couldn't stop. It felt so good to have him deep inside me. " How does it feel bitch? Tell me, tell me it feels good." He gorgeous babe aaliyah hadid craving for a large dick me to speak, but my tongue was tied.

I couldn't say anything. And when I didn't respond he slammed his cock into my pussy again. " Speak bitch, tell me it feels good!" " Yes…&hellip.master…& feels……so good!" I panted out, between breathes. It was so hard to talk as he slammed into me over and over again. I was loving every minute of it. I wanted his cum so bad. " I'm gonna cum bitch. And its going to be in your pussy. You cant stop it." I felt him tense, even felt his cock get bigger as first I felt one warm splash of his cum, deep in pussy, it felt like it was all the way to my womb!

Then I felt another splash and another, until he was fully drained. " That was good bitch. Lay on the bed, don't move until I'm ready for another round." He got off me and walked off to the bathroom and started the shower. I laid there, flipped over onto my back and laid on the bed. Thinking this was the best sex, I ever had. I couldn't wait for round two. I could only wonder how he would be in the next round, when he wouldn't be able to cum as fast.

I smiled, loving him even more.