Ebony babe gets pussy fucked then facial from lucky guy

Ebony babe gets pussy fucked then facial from lucky guy
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Norma's secret life Ch.3 Chapter 3 It was nearly 9.00am before she woke the next morning. Stan had already left for the office. She had been exhausted after the previous night's sexual activities with Toby.

Her sexual appetite had been satisfied for the time being. Going to the bathroom she showered and attended to her toiletries, taking great pains in cleaning her pussy lips and pubic hair. For some time Norma had been considering the prospect of shaving her pubic hair.

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She knew that Stan would object to her having a naked pussy. The thought racing through her mind was exciting her.

Sitting on the toilet with her legs brooke and some friends shared a man she reached between her legs and rubbed and fingered her hairy cunt lips only to find that she was still wet from her shower. Removing her hand she bought it to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. As she was licking her fingers Toby came into the toilet and sat in front of his naked mistress.

Norma could see the tip of his shiny cock poking out of its hairy sheath. "Oh! Toby" she whispered, "You always seem to be ready, why can't Stan be more like you? Especially in the cock department. Maybe then he could knock me up." Norma made her decision; she quickly stood up and taking Stan's shaving cream she lathered her cunt hairs, picked up his razor she quickly shaved. Once she was finished she washed the remaining her pussy and went into her bedroom laying on the bed she admired her handiwork in the full length mirror.

When she was satisfied with what she had accomplished. She got off the bed and got down onto her hands and knees beside the bed and waited. Toby had followed her into her bedroom and was sniffing and licking at her cunt when she couldn't take his tongue lashings any longer. She said, "Now Toby." Toby needed no coaxing he quickly mounted her wrapped his legs tightly around her waist and with one shove he drove his long cock into her bare cunt. When Norma felt his hairy sheath pressing against her naked pussy lips she orgasmed almost immediately.

On this occasion Toby didn't tie with her and as quickly as he squirted his hot cum into her and they came apart. Norma got off the floor showered and decided to do the housework and walk around naked, something she would never have considered had been Stan at home.

When it came to nudity Stan had always been the ultimate prude. He wouldn't even make love with the light on and he refused to let Norma sleep naked.

He tolerated no panties but total nudity was definitely out. Norma didn't know how Stan was going to take the fact that she had shaved her pubes; she really didn't care. He had always been against nakedness.

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She found out quickly enough that night. As they lay side by side in bed Stan reached out under her nightie feeling for her pussy, he was appalled when he felt her naked pussy, he quickly pulled his hand away; it was as if he had been burnt. Stan jumped out of bed and he was quickly followed by Norma. A heated fight followed where insult followed insult with the bed between them Norma felt a little safety.

"You're turning into a slut," Stan yelled at her.

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"You think I don't know what is going on do you?" "And what do you care," she screamed back at him. "All you care about is how quick you can get your puny little cock into me and empty your balls into me and how quickly you can get to sleep. You are nothing more than a little cocked bastard who can't satisfy a real woman." Norma stormed out into the lounge room quickly pursued by Stan.

As he caught up with her he closed his hand into a fist and raised it as if he was going to strike his now furious wife. Fearful for her safety Norma went to the back door and let Toby inside.

The dog sat quietly alongside Norma. Stan raised his fist to her again but thought better of it as the fur on the back of Toby's neck stood up and he snarled menacingly at Stan. It was as if Toby was saying keep away she's my bitch now not yours. Stan backed off very quickly, not wanting to tangle with Toby as Norma said, I want a baby but it seems you aren't even capable of that." "Well I don't." He roared back at her.

"I don't want any kid stretching your cunt out of shape or sucking on your tits." Norma walked out of the lounge room and into the guest room followed closely by Toby; she locked the door to keep Stan out.

Sometime through the night Stan packed a bag and left. Norma didn't know how long he was going to be gone. So the first thing next morning Norma packed all of her things and departed taking Toby with her. Norma had tears streaming down her cheeks as she drove recklessly out of the driveway. She didn't know where she was going or what she was going to do. She had plenty of her own money; she didn't need any stoya kayden kross friends with benefits babes Stan.

Norma knew that the days of marriage were over forever. She knew that there were going to be some difficult questions to answer when she reached her parents farm. To be continued