Brazzers moms birtsex storiesay party sex stories

Brazzers moms birtsex storiesay party sex stories
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Episode II Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 22: The Typical Day: Sophomore Edition Weeks went by, weather changing, and Holly and I had settled into our own routine. As you know, we have our sexual desires and urges. Controlling these can be quite important when it comes to keeping a high level of concentration.

Many people can easily get by with sex a few times a week and have no problems. Holly and I don't fall into that category. Our sex drives have gradually increased, to a point where if we don't have sex for a day, it feels like the equivalent of not eating for a few days. You could say, well I would say, that we are addicted to sex. Just like in the past year, Holly and I settled into a routine. Our routine, in the eyes of just about anyone else, is anything but routine… I awoke to the shrill buzzing of the alarm.

Six Thirty. Holly has the earlier class on Thursday mornings. I reach over, turning off the alarm. Holly has to be in class by Eight. She needs a little more time to get ready than I do. Without thinking, I roll back over, draping my arm over Holly's side, pressing my body into her back.

I simply love the feeling of waking up next to her warm body, and rubbing my hand on her arm as she sleeps. She wasn't awake, or she was feigning sleep. I gently rolled her body back towards me, leaving her face up, as she gently moaned in her nearly conscious state. Holly was wearing matching black bra and panties. I was naked as I always slept.

Holly now facing up, I slowly moved under the covers, my hands gently rubbing her sides, from her breasts down to her hips.

I gently tug suny leon porn xxx new york her panties, and they slide down, revealing her landing strip and then her pussy lips. I pull until her panties are past her knees. My hands on her hips, I open my mouth, reaching my tongue down to her.

I gently, slowly, lick her pussy lips from bottom to top. Holly moaned slightly, still unconscious. I spread her lips with my hands, revealing her pink pussy. I slowly stick my tongue inside her, and quickly flick my tongue up and down, slightly hitting her clit in the process. "Ohhh…mmmm…John…" Holly moans as she awakens.

Her pussy responds, becoming wet very quickly. Her clit swells, and I take it into my mouth, sucking and flicking with my tongue. Still playing with her clit, I push two fingers inside her. "mmmm" Holly gently moans.

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I pull my now dripping fingers out of her pussy, now inserting my tongue, and lapping at an ever increasing pace on her warm wet pussy. My hands on her hips, I sense her tensing up. "mmm…fuck me john…fuck me" Holly moans, and says at just barely more than a whisper. My cock has been paying attention, and as such is ready to go. I reach my hands, moving along her stomach and to her bra and breasts, as I move up her with my mouth.

I kiss and lick my way from her pussy to her mouth. Lying on top of her, I look up at her as she smiles at me. I reach and look down to my cock, guiding it to her pussy. Her wet lips welcome my cock, taking me in. I look back up, as she is gently biting her lip, her eyes closed. I slowly press inside her, until I am balls deep, and resting on her.

I reach forward, my lips touching hers, her eyes still closed, she opens up, returning my kiss. Our tongues mingling between us, I slowly pull my hips back, and then push forward. We slowly fuck, kissing, her arms around my back. Holly splits her legs out, and wraps them around me. Her alexis grace sniff and worship that ass now split wide open, my cock throbbing inside of her.

I increase my thrusting, slapping my thighs against her. Holly's breathing increases, and I feel her legs and arms squeezing me very tightly as her body tenses up.

Pounding her into the bed, the frame asin emraan hashmi xxx story the wall with every stroke, Holly approaches orgasm. "uhh…ohh…uhh…uhhh" Holly moans and groans with every strokes. Knowing she was about to explode black guy and girls sexy xxx story screams, I push my mouth onto hers, sticking my tongue into her mouth.

Holly arches her back, her pussy contracts, and her whole body tightens as she comes. She tries to scream out, but is stifled by my tongue, as she still lets out a high pitched hum or moan.

I can feel her pussy pulsing juices. Holly relaxes her grip on my body, and I roll away from her. "You going to get up?" I ask her after a few moments of silence.

"mmm…yeah" Holly says, still euphoric from her orgasm. I get up and walk around to her side of the bed, my cock poking out into the air, and I lean down, pulling her up. Holly sits on the side of the bed facing me. She looks up at me, smiling. "Fine" I say, sarcastically. I lean down, picking her up, as she wraps her arms and legs around me. I hold her by her ass, my cock just below her bottom, as her legs wrap around me, her arms around my shoulders.

I walk into the bathroom, setting her on the closed toilet seat. I go over to the shower, turning on the hot water. I turn the water up to near scalding hot. I turn around, and help Holly to her feet, and she steps into the shower. "Ahhhh" Holly says as she enters the hot water, instinctively jumping to the back of the shower, away blonde teen fucked in skirt squirting ebony compeers daughters are the greatest kind of the water.

"Hot enough?" I ask her smiling. "I don't need water to be hot" she said sarcastically, rubbing her hands down her sides to her hips. "-h- -o- double t" I said. "What do you want to do in this hot wet shower?" Holly asked me, playfully. I mofos little tease danielle steele sucks dick into the shower, the hot water to my back.

"Come here" Holly says, as she steps towards, me grabbing my slippery cock. Steam begins filling the small space.

Holly reaches for a bar of soap, moving it around in her hand. Her now soapy hand comes back down to my cock, lathering my throbbing dick. Holly starts stroking me quickly, her tits swaying and jiggling against her motion. I reach out both hands to her breasts, squeezing them, and playing with her stiff nipples. Holly leans into me, our tongues again having fun with each other, as I continue to play with her tits, and she strokes my cock. Holly pulls her mouth from mine, kissing her way down my neck, my chest, and down to my cock.

She took the head of my slippery cock into her mouth, sucking on it. Her tongue playing with the very tip of my cock, she stroked the shaft with her hand still. My hands found their way to the back of her head, as she began thrusting her neck down on my cock.

Holly sucked and played with the head of my cock, while jerking the soapy shaft. I moaned my pleasure to her, my hands in her hair.

Holly looked up at me, giggling on my cock. She sat back on her knees, my cock pointing out into the air. Holly just looked back into my eyes. I helped her to her feet again, she leaned into the steamy glass door, her tits pressed against the cold glass, and her ass sticking out behind her. She was inviting me. I stepped behind her, grabbing her hips with my hands. The hot water still streaming down around us, steam filling the air. I pushed my cock against her round ass, and it found her pussy lips.

I pulled on her hips until her lips parted, allowing my throbbing slippery cock into her warm wet slit.

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Her ass cheeks slapping against me as I fucked her. Her body pounding against the glass, her tits bouncing off the door. Holly squeaked and squealed with the strokes, as I grunted and moaned myself. Her pussy stroking the length of my shaft, dripping juices. "Holly.oh Fuck…yes" I grunted as I was getting close.

" OH YES…OH…OH…YES YES" Holly screamed out in pleasure into the glass door, as her tits pounded into the door. Her pussy squeezed my cock and I felt a burst coming.

Holly could barely hold herself up, and I helped her down to her knees, my cock ready to burst. Holly instinctively opened her mouth wide, and closed her eyes, moaning in her post orgasmic pleasure. My balls emptied, blasting wave after wave of jizz in her direction, streams landing on her waiting tongue and face, oozing off her. "mmm" Holly moaned as she licked her lips, and rubbed the cum on her face with her hands.

I leaned back against the wall, as she swallowed my jizz and let the running water clean her off, as she prepared for the coming day. I went back to bed as she got ready. I didn't have a class till later, and I could sleep in after she left.

I think she kissed me in my slumber before she left, she usually does, but I can't remember. I awoke to the alarm buzzing again, time for me to get up. I showered in the same place we had fucked a short time ago, and got ready for my day. I got my things together and headed for my car for the short trip to campus, taking Stephanie along with me.

… At lunchtime, we meet at a dorm dining hall on campus. "Hi babe" Holly said, setting her tray down in front of me.

I was nearly done eating, as my class had gotten out a little early. "Hey" I replied. Hottie hunk pegged by my girly strap on discussed our classes and the events of the day thus far.

Dana, the very same bar pickup, dance floor blowjob, Dana, sat down next to Holly. "Hey, Dana" I said. "Hi…John right?" She said, unsure of my name. "Ya" I said. "You had quite a time the other day" Holly said. "What?" Dana asked. "At the frat party" I reiterated. "I don't really remember what happened" Dana said. "Do you want us to tell you" I said, smiling. "I would imagine it involved sex…lots of sex" Dana said. "Well…yes" Holly said.

"Did you guys have fun there?" Dana asked. We gave her a brief summary of our experiences. We all finished eating, Holly and I had an hour before our next classes. "Want to go find someplace quiet?" Holly said to me. "You want a room?" Dana asked us. We didn't reply, but looked at her intently. "Follow Me" Dana said. Usually we go over pissloving babe vacums and toys her pussy a different dorm, where Holly still has some friends in a dorm, and we play around over there.

But if Dana can hook us up with a room in this dorm it would save us time every day, and would allow us to do more than just fool around. We followed Dana, small blonde girl, very nice ass, up to the fourth floor. Room 443, Dana knocked on the door. A girl, around five eight, straight blonde hair with dark roots, answered the door.

"Alyssa…This is Holly and John" Dana introduced us. "Hi" Holly and I said. "They are looking for a place to 'shack up'" Dana said. "Oh really" Alyssa said, checking out Holly. Alyssa had small tits, and her figure wasn't overly skinny, she had a nice roundness to her, not thick, but not anorexic either. "Come on in" Alyssa said. Holly and I sat down on a bed, it was made up and the other was messy. Dana and Alyssa sat on the other bed. After a few moments staring at each other "Well…" Alyssa said.

"You guys just going to watch?" I asked. "ooooohhh" Holly said excited. Evidently she wanted horny stepfamily shares well hung delivery boy pornstars hardcore put on a show. "Okay I'll start first then" Alyssa Said, pulling her t-shirt off and tossing it on the floor. Her milky white skin was augmented by her black bra, supporting her somewhat small tits.

She reached back and undid her strap, letting her bra fall from her chest, releasing her breasts. "There, I started" Alyssa said, her bright red nipples starting to get hard. Alyssa reached down and pulled her tit up to her face, and stuck her tongue out, licking her own nipple. "Your turn" Dana said. I looked at Holly, and then I pulled my shirt off and tossed it in the middle of the floor between us.

I grabbed what flesh around my nipple I could and pulled it up, sticking my tongue out. Holly was laughing, I was trying not to. "Funny, I want to see her do that" Alyssa said, her breasts still bare, as she motioned to Holly. "Worth a shot" I said.

Holly stood up in the middle of the room. She pulled her t-shirt up and over her head, revealing her black bra restraining her lovely round tits, nipples poking through from her excitement. Holly danced slowly, rhythmically, and cherokee d ass and j strokes them a show. She was facing me when she took her bra off, and tossed it to those two, over her shoulder.

Holly held her breasts in her hands, crossing them. She slowly turned around, moving her tits up and down in her hands.

She turned around again, facing me. She unzipped her jeans, stepping out of them. Holly bent over, and slowly, rocking her hips, pulled her black panties free of her wonderful ass. At the moment I was looking into her bent over chest in front of me. Completely naked she stood up straight, looking straight into my eyes.

Her little striptease was quite a site, and my cock was in agreement. I stood up in front of her, and pulled my jeans off, and boxers after them. Now naked from the waist down, I hugged her, kissing her.

I felt her tits pressing into my chest. Holly pushed me back onto the bed, and turned me so I was laying flat on my back on the bed. Holly draped one leg over my body, and hopped onto the bed, her face inches from my hardening cock, and her love slit inches from my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks, raising my head up to her wet pussy.

She immediately went to work on me, stroking and slurping on my cock. I heard clapping from the other side of the room. I tried to turn my head but ran into Holly's thigh. "Thank you" Holly said, for the brief second she pulled her mouth away from my throbbing dick.

I licked very feverishly, quick short flicks of the tongue. I poked and prodded her pussy, licked and sucked with my mouth and tongue. She was giving me a sloppy blowjob, saliva running down my cock to my balls. Holly lowered her face, my entire length in her mouth, her lips on the very base of my cock. She held my cock in her mouth and throat like this for several seconds. Her tongue massaged my cock as she held this position. I increased my sucking and licking pace, and put one finger in her dripping pussy.

She finally pulled off my cock, panting as she came off. She held her head up for a few moments, as she stroked my cock, before resuming head. Her pussy was dripping sweet juices to me, and I sucked and played with her clit, as she tensed up. I could barely hear the sounds of sex from across the room.

Holly was moaning into my cock, and I couldn't help but do the same to her tightening pussy. I felt my own orgasm coming on, so I tried to get her there too.

I pushed three fingers into her warm pussy, stroking quickly, as well as sucking her clit ferociously. I felt her orgasm coming in her ass cheeks and thighs tensing up. She let forth a deep grunt that slowly turned into a high pitched scream. Flooding my mouth with love juices.

She kept stroking my cock with her hand as she came, and as soon as she stopped screaming she plunged her mouth down on my cock again, straight to deepthroat. Her mouth taking in my whole cock, and she again massaged me with her tongue. It wasn't long before I blasted my cum deep in her throat, and she didn't even flinch. She took every drop of jizz in her throat and swallowed it, and kept massaging my cock with her tongue afterwards.

Holly finally pulled her mouth from my cock. "mmmm that was good" Holly said. Holly and I sat up, facing the other bed. Dana was on bottom, Alyssa on top in a sixty nine. We walked over and stood right next to the bed, they didn't even notice us. Their moans filling the room. Holly slapped Alyssa's round ass a couple times, laughing. We both dressed and left them alone.

We both had classes to go to. … A few hours later, we met at my car. Holly drove Stephanie's car to school, I drove me and Stephanie to school later, and then I drove Holly and I home, and Stephanie drove her car home later.

It's not as complicated as it sounds. Holly was already sitting in the passenger's seat of the car when I got there. "Hey babe" I said, sitting down. "Hey" She replied. I started the car and started to xxx story sunny leonard h d out of the parking lot. "That was fun earlier" Holly said. "Sure was" I said. "Want to fuck when we get home" She asked me provocatively". "I was planning on it" I said.

"Oh, where russian mature handjob old man webcam first time poping pils going to tell me?" She asked me playfully. "No, I would have just waited till you bent over, and POW" I said playing back at her.

"hmm, would you?" she asked me. "Would I what?" I said. "don't warn me or anything, just come up behind me and fuck me" She said. "ummm" I didn't know what to say. "This is getting me hot" She said. Holly pulled her legs apart, and pulled her panties to one side. She played with her pussy as I drove. "Do you have to do this while I drive?" I asked her.

"I'm just getting ready for when we get home." She said. Pulling into the complex, Holly was moaning softly. "Hey you don't even need me" I said, feigning anger. "ha, right" Holly said.

We got our things and walked to the apartment. Holly immediately went to the bedroom, and I followed her. She was free of all her clothes in a few seconds. I stood there as she, naked, tits bouncing, walked back into the living room.

I walked over to the dresser, and pulled out her little pink toy, and a new dildo she mia malkova feet job sex story gotten recently. It was quite long, made of clear plastic rubbery substance. It was about a foot long, it was thin but had circular ridges lining the entire thing. With these In hand, I walked back into the living room, naked now myself. Holly was laying on the couch, her right leg was high in the air, draped over the top of the couch, her left leg split the other way, foot on the floor.

She was on her back, one hand gently rubbing her pussy, other hand rubbing one of her nipples. I got on my knees next to the couch, her left leg right to my right. I switched on the little pink toy, and it made its little hum. I gently played with her lips, and her hand still massaged her pussy. I pressed the vibrator inside her slowly, and then moved it up to her clit.

She immediately moaned and sighed. I pushed the vibrator into her hand. She took it and rubbed it up and down her lips. I leaned forward and licked her slit, as the vibrator gravitated toward her clit, I pushed my tongue inside her.

Licking sucking playing with her dripping pussy. Holly kept moaning. I pulled back, vibrator still playing with her clit, I pushed two fingers inside her, finger fucking her very quickly. She responded with heavy breathing and panting. "Yes oh Yes YES YES" Holly screamed out, arching her back, her legs shaking and her whole body moving. Her juices poured out of her. She kept the vibrator on her clit. I grabbed the dildo, and I pushed it into the entrance of her slit. I pushed it in, parting her lips, inside of her.

The ridges obviously caused some good sensations with every stroke. She was breathing very heavily. I grabbed the vibrator from her, and pushed it to her asshole. I kept slowly stroking the dildo in her pussy, started pushing the vibrator in her ass, and licked and sucked her clit. She was coming again, screaming and yelling. Stephanie and Sandy walked in right then.

"Hey guys whats up?" Stephanie said, not even needing to ask. Holly didn't even respond, I don't think she even heard Stephanie. Those two disappeared into their room and came back a few seconds later. They immediately went into a sixty nine on the adjacent couch, and I could hear vibrators too.

I stood up, Holly still quivering from her orgasms, eyes closed. I saw that one of the two girls had brought out a tube of anal lube. I helped Holly up, she was on her knees on the couch, facing away from me, her ass sticking out in front of me. She had the vibrator in her hand again, playing with her clit. I lubed up the dildo, thin with ridges, and placed it against her asshole. I pushed it and it slid inside her, her asshole stretching and contracting against each ridge.

I pushed the dildo in about six of the full twelve inches. I held the dildo in place, and pushed my throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy. I fucked her pussy as hard and fast as I could. Pounding flesh into flesh, she struggled to keep the vibrator on her pussy as her whole body moved back and forth with the humps. I heard both girls behind me screaming out in pleasure The movement of her whole body resulted in the dildo moving back and forth in her ass as I held it.

Juices flowing down her thighs, she was screaming "FUCK FUCK FUCK YES YES OOOO YES FUCK". She kept screaming loudly as she came and Violet starr sharing the siblings part 2 continued to pound her pussy.

"Hey where is my lube?" I heard Stephanie yell. Both girls, weak in the knees from their orgasm, walked over and stood on either side of me. "Fuck" Stephanie said. Holly came again, screaming very loudly. Holly fell on her side, unable to hold herself up. I pulled the dildo out of her ass, and she dropped the vibrator on the couch, still vibrating.

With Steph and Sandy standing on either side of me, "So, you want something in your ass?" I said. "oohhh, your making me wet" Stephanie said, faking excitement. Sandy laid down on her back, legs spread wide, Stephanie on her hands and knees, eating out Sandy. I was behind Stephanie, on my knees. I lubed my cock and placed it against her asshole.

Stephanie pushed her round ass back against me, and my cock spread her asshole and pushed inside of her. I held her hips and pulled as I thrusted into her asshole, fucking her ass slowly but increasing in pace. Stephanie had a vibrator that she was using on Sandy, and I picked up the little pink toy from the couch and put it to work on Stephanie's longing pussy, while I assfucked her. The fucking and eating continued for several minutes. Holly became conscious again, and she was sitting next to Stephanie, her face resting on one of Stephanie's ass cheeks, watching me assfuck her.

Sandy came, yelling out. Stephanie continued to eat her. I felt I my orgasm coming, Stephanie's orgasm, squeezing my cock hard, pushed me over the edge. Just after Stephanie came down from her anal orgasm, I pulled out of her.

I blasted my jizz all over her asshole, ass cheeks, and running down to her lips. Holly immediately started licking and sucking cum from her ass, then turned her attention to my dripping cock. After we all collapsed in various places, we did get up and dress, somewhat.

We all ate dinner and ended up watching some television, discussing the events of the day. Once it was time to get to bed, Stephanie and Sandy went to their room, and Holly and I went to ours.

Holly was naked, her round tits bouncing with each step, she prepared for bed. I went into the bathroom, when I came out, she was bent over, making the bed for us to get into.

I thought of what she said earlier. She didn't know I had come out of the bathroom, her lovely round ass bent over, her hands on the bed. Just thinking the thoughts got my cock ready to execute. I got behind her and without warning her, shoved my cock in her pussy, then started pounding her. I grabbed her gyrating tits, in my hands, as I fucked her from behind. She immediately started moaning.

Her pussy got very wet. I pounded her for a while, and she came, blasting juices against my cock, and she fell onto the bed. Panting, I helped her up, and into bed.

I got into bed on my side. She was laying back with her eyes closed, her skin all red. My cock was still ready to go, but I couldn't tell if she was sleeping. I didn't want to wake her from orgasmic sleep. So I laid back and tried to go to sleep myself. … I'm not sure how long I was asleep, but I woke up as Holly had my cock in her mouth, sucking me off.

I just laid back in the darkness with my eyes closed, moaning, as she blew me. Her mouth sucking and slurping on my throbbing dick. I blew my load in her mouth and some dripped from her lips onto my stomach, she lapped up all the cum, and swallowed it, then laid down next to me.

I held her in my arms, her ass pressing against my limp cock, and we fell back to sleep.