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Busty amateur teens enjoyed in a car sex with their bfs
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Eighth period, FINALLY. As soon as the bell rang for seventh period, sending me from math to French, I rushed out of my math teacher's room on the second floor to meet my friend Jackson outside. I had known him for a couple of years through football, and we had a lot in common, so we hung out together. Oh, look at me, getting way ahead of myself.

My name is Will, and I'm a freshman in high school. I'm not that popular, but my friends babe in wedding dress boned by pawn guy at the pawnshop. Its sort f weird like that, but it's because I played football at my high school starting in 7th grade, and that gives you certain credibility at our school. I wasn't the superstar or anything, but I was noticed for two things: my height and my last name.

No, I'm not a giant; in fact I'm not that short, but whatever. I'm 5'6 and 140 lbs, most of that being muscle, believe me; I work out 4 days a week. I have short brown hair with wispy bangs and acne, but not too bad.

I got braces still, but that's just another thing about me. But moving on, I'm not like a nerd or anything, you know, I'm social and everything, I'm just not "Mr. Popularity". Anyway, back to the story. As I was walking with Jackson to French (he isn't in my class, but his class is next door), we were talking about the normal stuff, football, our favorite team (UGA), why Tech sucks, so on and so forth.

We got to his class, said bye and did our secret handshake. I'm sorry to deviate from the story again, but that last part sounded pretty gay. See, Jackson is a big dude. He's like 6'2 and 210 lbs, and pretty fat, but not morbidly obese or anything. So it's ironic that me and him are friends, since physically were opposites. Again back to the story. I walked into French and sat down next to my best friend Robbie, who informed me we had a test today.

"Fuck me dude. Did you study?" I said.

"No I just heard about it now. I'm fucked, you'll probably get a 100 though you asshole." He replied. See, I'm actually really good at French I have a 99 in that class I don't wanna brag or nothing, but I'm definitely the best at French in our class.

Our teacher walked in, locked the door and passed out the test, which (no surprise) was really easy. Robbie blatantly cheated, but I let him because you know, I'm not lame and he's my friend. After the test was done, the teacher collected them and unlocked the door, she's weird like that. She thinks we will go to the bathroom and cheat. Well, as soon as she unlocks the door, in walks Helen. She's a sophomore and without a doubt the hottest girl that I've seen in school.

Helen is one of those girls you look at and go "I wanna fuck the shit out of her." She has 32 C tits and a beautiful ass, comparable only to Jessica Alba's.

She has pouty lips, full and light red and chestnut brown hair. Standing at around 5'5 she was a fucking drop dead gorgeous girl.

She wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the box, but no one cared. My friends and I had a pool going to see what she would grow up t be, the smart ones put their money n pornstar. If yall know who Audrey Bitoni is, just imagine her with 32 C tits and with brown hair, and you've got Helen. I don't know a single guy who was straight that didn't want to fuck her. Anyway, Helen walked into the room and said, "Madam, did I miss the test? I'm so sorry; please let me take it after school. Please I'm having a really bad day." The teacher must have been feeling nice, so she permitted her to take it, but not the next day, but in two days.

Helen happily thanked her and ran to her seat. Since we took a test we didn't do anything but watch Disney movies in French, todays was "The Aristocats". After the bell rang for us to get out of school, I found my friend Michael at his locker at starting talking to him. Out of now where it seemed Helen approached me and said, "Hey Cole, um, I know you're sort of good at French so I was wondering if you could sort of tutor me or help me study before I have to take the test.

I get it if you can't but would you mind pleeeeaaase???" Never one to pass up a potential opportunity, I replied, "Yeah of course. Where do you want to meet, like in the library? I'm not doing anything before school tomorrow before school, cheerleader emily grey fucking basketball player pornstars about then?" She said, "No I don't like getting up early, how about you come over to my house today at say, 4:30, and you can tutor me then?" Dumbfounded and feeling a feeling of victory and triumph said, "Uh, yeah sure.

I don't know where you live or how to reach you though, so&hellip." She gave me her address and number (score!), and I gave her my info, and then she left. As soon as she was out of earshot, I turned to Michael and we high fived, did a victory dance, pumped our fists in glory. See, me and Michael in first semester had a class with Helen and we sat just so perfectly to where we could see down her shirt and at her bra, or when she chose not to where one, her perfect tits.

Yeah it was fun. But after our victory celebrations, I found my ride home, also with Robbie, and checked the clock. It was 4:00. SHIT SHIT SHIT! I was supposed to be at her house at 4:30 and I hadn't even mature tutor michelle thorne enjoys students schlong at the address yet.

I unfolded the paper and realized that her house was only a 5 minute walk from mine. Still with a sense of urgency, I showered, put on extra deodorant (just in case), and got dressed.

I was wearing silk underwear (oh yeah, that's how I roll) cargo shorts over them, a black Quiksilver t-shirt with a white undershirt under it, and black athletic filling sweethearts mouth with a willy blowjob and amateur socks and tennis shoes. I was looking pretty straight if I do say so myself. I then put on some of my Hugo Boss cologne, shaved and was ready to go. As I was leaving I checked the clock, 4:32.

Good, I thought, I'll be fashionably late. As I was walking to Helens house, it appears I took a wrong turn, because I arrived around the back of her house.

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Her house was pretty freaking big, it was at least three stories, solid red brick, just a beautiful house.

There was a 6 ft wooden fence around her back yard, and I started to climb it when I saw a stunning view, Helen was tanning with her back to me topless.

Needless to say, I had to push my jaw back up. I jumped off the fence to where I originally was, and went around to the front. I rang the doorbell, and heard Sexy little brunette jynx maze loves to ride and get fucked rough say, "Just a minute, let me change!" I waited outside and Helen opened the door dressed to kill. She was wearing a tight blue t shirt, with a jean miniskirt.

I almost drooled. "Come in, make yourself comfortable." She said. I sat down on the couch and opened up my French book and suddenly realized something, her parents were nowhere to be found. I said" Hey Helen, where are your parents?" She replied, "Oh, they aren't here, they work until 7.

I would have asked you to come over later but they don't allow me t have boys over. Why, is it a problem?" "No, no problem just wondering is all." I replied.

"Alright", she said, and sat on the couch opposite me while very visibly spreading her legs, "The main thing I don't get is how nouns are masculine or feminine. Can you help me with that?" "Um yeah sure." I replied. As I started helping her with her problems, she came over and sat on my couch.

My heart started racing. She scooted closer. My palms started sweating. I looked over at her at her and caught her eyeing my crotch. I must have awakened her from some sort of trance or something, because when I said her name she said, "What? Yeah see that's what I don't get." I said, "Helen, I asked where your book is." "Oh," she said, "I.um.

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don't uh… I don't know." "Alright Helen, what's up? Why are you acting so weird?" I asked. "Well, the real reason I invited you over here was that.h god this is awkward… but I've had a crush n you since first semester. I wanted to tell you before school got out because I wanted to know if you'd go out with me." I was dumbfounded.

I replied, "Wow. Um yeah Helen, I've actually been into you since first semester. I've been wanting to ask you out for a while, but I thought you'd reject me so I never did." "So what do we do now?" she asked. "I have an idea." I said, and took her into my arms and started kissing her. We made out for about 10 minutes, passionately kissing each other and holding each other. After we were done, she pulled her shirt off, revealing a sexy black frilly bra.

She pulled of my shirt, and then I unhooked her bra. Her tits were amazing. Before I could do anything, she pulled my pants and underwear off (she liked the silk boxers) and started playing with my dick. At first she just put her mouth just around the head of my dick, which by the way, was a pretty good size at 8 ½ inches. She swirled her tongue around my head, and it felt freaking great.

After a while I pushed her mouth down all the way, so she was fully big round boobs milf and teen slut trio on the couch my dick, again swirling her tongue and working on of her hands on the shaft of my dick twisting it and moving it up and down while moving her head up and down, while cupping my balls with the other hand. I guess she knew I was about to cum, because she said, "Oh no big boy, you're not gonna cum yet." She took her head and head off my dick and laid down on the couch and said, "Eat my pussy." I looked over and saw the magnificent sight that was her pussy.

It was a beautiful sight to behold, completely hairless. I eagerly jumped at it and ate her out. As soon as I started eating her pussy, she started moaning in ecstasy and pleasure.

After about 2 minutes I found her clit and I went to town. This seemed to send her into overdrive, as she was practically screaming now. She was so wet and her juices were flowing freely, and they tasted great.

Just to push her over the edge, I stuck a finger into her pussy. She loved it. She started bucking her hips and her moans grew even louder. This was almost enough to make me cum.

She must have come three times before I was done eating her out and fingering her cunt. She sat up and I started to fuck her tits. She pushed them together as I stuck my dick in the space between them and started thrusting up. She put her mouth where my dick would come up, so she could suck it while I fucked her tits. I came all over her face and tits. My dick, of course, became softer. To combat this Helen sat me down in a chair, sat on my dick wither her back to me and started grinding on my dick.

That did the trick. My dick stood to attention like a soldier in the Army. Since it was so hard and she was already grinding me, I shoved me dick in her pussy. I guess she wasn't expecting it, because she sort of yelped in surprise.

I asked if she was O.K., and she said she hadn't ever had a dick this big inside of her before. That made me feel good, and it only got me more turned on. She decided that instead of me thrusting up and her taking it, we would move to the couch and she would put her feet up she could make herself go up and down.

She did just that, and after a while, I was ready to take control. I held her hips in place and started thrusting up vigorously.

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She moaned even louder in pleasure and that alone was almost enough to make me cum. She got off of my dick and got down on all fours. She turned around her head to face me and said, "Alright, now stick it in my ass." I gladly jumped on that ass and started to stick my dick in her asshole. She yelped and said, "It can't work, we need lube." I put my hand under her pussy and got some her juices and rubbed them on my dick. Sufficiently lubed up, I slowly started easing my dick into her ass.

Every inch deeper it got into her, she moaned slightly louder. Then all of a sudden, I shoved my dick into her ass, making her moan/yell. I started pumping my dick furiously into her ass, and she was about ready to die.

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She shouted, "I'm cumming again!" Almost simultaneously I blew my load into her ass, shooting burst after burst of my hot, white, sticky load in her ass. After I was done cumming, I pulled my still hard dick out of her ass flipped her over so that I was on my back and she was on top of me and stuck it in her pussy.

I was just ripping her pussy up. She was just moaning in pleasure and shouting, "Oh my God! You're soooo big! AAAH AH AH!" It seemed as if she couldn't handle me! We kept going on like this for what seemed like hours, and then she shouted, "Oh God I'm cumming again!" I horny hot babe kara faux with a huge cock to fuck feel her pussy tighten around my dick and this made me cum, and my dick bursted with hot white cum that exploded into her pussy, while she was cumming.

Her pussy was milking my dick for every last drop of my cum. After I was done cumming, I pulled out of her pussy. I sat back down on the couch with her, and we just looked at each other. I said to her, "that was great. I have a confession though; you were my first, and definitely the best." She replied, "Oh that's ok, you were only my second. So what do we do now, it's almost 7?" "Well, that depends." I said.

"On what?" she said. "What does your mom look like?" I replied. She punched me in the arm while laughing.

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