Public nudity playing around 4 tube porn

Public nudity playing around 4 tube porn
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Mrs. Roby It seems as though this all happened in a time warp in which I never had control of any of the events. Most people would have seen it coming and probably would have changed course knowing that what happened would be construed as deviant behavior.

But then, I am not most people. Growing up on a farm, just outside an ex-urban community, not too far from a major upper Midwest metropolitan area gave me the opportunity to have my life experiences in both. The rural part taught me to always complete the task and ignore the grime, while the urban side enriched me with the advantages of diversity, fueling my curiosity.

So while going through high school, my hard work ethic and not being afraid of the dirt in the trenches made me a stand out varsity tight end on the football team.

During this time, I befriended Mark who played wide receiver on our team. Mark's family moved into the town from the city when he was a freshman, and being black, stuck out like a sore thumb (there were only two other black families in the whole school district). But never mind that, we became the best of friends. Maybe because I was ostracized for being a farm kid and Mark for being black, I do not know. This led me into being close to Mark's family, less his dad who was not around as much, but with his mother and little sister who is three or four years younger than Mark.

Mark's dad was much older than his mother, at least ten or fifteen years difference I would guess, and he was at least 300 pounds. Looked almost round. Mark's mother on the other hand, was a tall, athletically thin woman (picture a ten year younger Michelle Obama) mid thirties to late thirties at the most. To be honest she quite often became the focus of my fantasies, as I would jerk off. Fast forward to the beginning of my senior year football season.

I was a seventeen, almost six-foot, skinny white kid horny almost all the time. At the end of the second week of practice I was to stay at Mark's house because of a late Friday practice, coupled with my parents going out of town for the weekend, and my sixteen year-old sister have custody of the second family car this week.

Ok, this was all cool. Mark's bedroom was down in the basement, next to the laundry room, which also was kind of a bathroom too. It had a shower stall, sink, and toilet all within the same room as the washer, dryer, and wash tubs. It was great for Mark as he could come home from practice; dump is dirty uniform in the washer, then jump in the shower all within a few steps.

Mark was gracious enough cute girl is gaping spread honey pot in closeup and having orgasm offer his digs to me as he and his family planned on getting up early to go into the city. So Mark used his old bedroom upstairs and I had the complete run of his pad.

The next morning I slept in, way late for a farm boy. Figuring I was alone, I tossed my clothes to the side and walked around stark ass naked. Even walked up stairs and grabbed some cereal before heading back to take a shower. Stepping out of the shower, I realized that I had forgotten a towel and noticed a pile of folded clothes on a table next to the dryer. Without even thinking about it I walked naked over to the table and started to reach for a towel when I noticed a couple of bra's next to a stack of very sexy thong underwear.

Oh yeah, my mind raced to the gutter, visualizing Mrs. Roby with just the thong underwear on with her luscious tits being cupped by the sexy Victoria's Secret bra I was now holding in my hand. Absent-mindedly my other hand moved to fondle my cock, then stroking it with the thoughts Mrs. Roby's smooth chocolate skin, the imaginary scent of her sex, and my imagination of her sexual desire for me. Damn, my cock was hard hawt legal age teenager needs mouthful of cum rock, my imagination overwhelming, squeezing my eyes shut trying to focus the picture in my head as I felt my body build to a climax.

Then… Heard a shuffle sound. Turned towards it, my left hand holding Mrs. Roby's bra and my right around my cock. There was Mrs. Roby, standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips. I froze; do not even think that a breath came out of me.

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Mrs. Roby had a look of a deer caught in the headlights of a car; her eyes wide open along with her mouth in the form of an "O".

Her eyes traveled to the bra I was holding, then to my now softening dick. I just stood there. My eyes moved from her face down her body, noticing that she had on a tight fitting silky jogging suit on. It formed her body perfectly, the curve of her hips as they widened from her relatively thin waist, her flat stomach as it transcended down to where there was noticeable mound just above her crotch. And then…an obvious CAMEL TOE!

My cock almost immediately began to respond again. I raised my eyes, Mrs. Roby's nipples were reacting like my cock, hardening and poking straight out, the silky, stretchable material of her jogging suit offering no hindrance to the visibility. This all happened in a moment, frozen in time. Again, I just stood there. Then, Mrs. Roby walked directly over to me, taking her bra from my hand and placing it without looking on the table.

She placed her other hand behind my head pulling me to her, her lips meeting mine. My mind tried to grasp what was happening, but my response was pure instinct as my tongue naturally found its way into her mouth. Now I felt her free hand move to my cock, encircling it, foundling it, then grasping my balls. My hands went directly to her tits, slightly squeezing them through her clothes, the hardness of her nipples begging my fingers to explore them.

It all felt so right, but also so wrong. I broke our embrace momentarily and started to say something, but Mrs. Roby placed a finger over my mouth to quite me. Taking my hand, she led me out of the laundry room and straight to Mark's bed. Again turning towards me, she took her top off, then her sports bra, releasing her perfectly formed dark brown tits. Then pulled her tights off, exposing her trimmed pubic mound, thin athletic thighs, and firm formed ass.

Mrs. Roby steered me onto the bed, gently pushing me on my back. Sliding her hand down my chest, then my licking of a shaved tight muff hardcore massage, she wrapped her hand around my cock. As she stroked my cock lightly, she gave me a slight smile, and then licked the end of my knob. I was never fortunate to have had an actual experience past second base so this was all new to me.

I did not know how to react, so just let my body take its course. Mrs. Roby's mouth went around the head of my shaft, my hips responded by pushing up. She engulfed my cock and I could actually feel the back of her throat. Oh man alive, up and down she went, the feeling exquisite. In a matter of seconds I could feel the climax welling up.

Then she stopped. Standing up, she turned towards me, placing her leg over me and straddling above my body. Without looking at me, she took hold of my cock and slowly lowered herself on to it. Stopping momentarily as my cock spread her pussy lips. The feeling, never felt but only imagined by me, hot and sexy cindy gets fucked in the bathroom and receives a messy facial actually better in reality than in perception.

The wet slickness, the warmth emitted, the heightened sexual feeling, my gawd, this was the first time! Mrs. Roby lowered herself, completely taking me inside her wet, warm cunt.

She started to pump her body up and down my shaft, my hips trying to coordinate her movements. My hands now embraced her firm flesh of her tits, squeezing and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers. Her hands braced against my chest, digging her fingernails into my pecs as she rode faster and faster on my shaft. With each thrust our pubic bones bouncing against each other.

Looking down, the contrast of my pale white cock embedding itself into her dark brown chocolate vagina escalated the impending force building chap really enjoys fucking mother id like to fuck my body.

It must have been doing the same thing for her, as her humping became harder, but more erratic. The for the first time, she threw her head back, dug her nails into my chest so hard they broke the skin and yelled, "oh God, oh God." Without warning, my cock exploded into her womb. I could feel the cum squirt out, but my orgasm did not seem to happen as that was still building.

So I just kept pumping my hips as I felt her nipples dilate in my hands. My body was building to a crescendo and just as it was about to peak, Mrs.

Roby jumped off. She grabbed my cock and stroked as fast as she could, my body responded. Within a few strokes, I bucked upward as my body convoluted. But, nothing came out of my cock. A look of astonishment came over her, then she stood up and looked down to her crotch. Putting her fingers at her opening she came away with a glob of cum. With an exasperated look she said, "Oh shit!" The expression on her face changed dramatically to one of consternation, shaking her head at me, "damn, first time, no control…shit" She thought for a moment, then said, "what the hell".

Again slinging her leg over my body she now straddled my head. "Eat that shit out of me!" she commanded. As she lowered her wet, cum seeping pussy towards me face. Had just enough time to view the open pedals, the contrast of her vivid pink inner folds with the outside of the lips traced in ebony, the white rope beginning to form from her vagina.

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Beautiful girl likes to strip down outdoors time for being revolted, Mrs. Roby settled her cunt right across my mouth. Lapping up as much juice as I could, licked the folds of her pussy, and then sucked on a little knob that sat at the head of her pussy lips. Mrs. Roby let out a moan, started to grind her crotch against my face while now sliding her pussy back and forth across my tongue.

Because of her response, I kept my tongue as hard as possible, even when she slid so far up my face, my tongue rubbed over her asshole. She moaned louder. Then pushed her weight down forcing my tongue into her sphincter. She moaned louder yet and started humping my tongue. Harder and faster she humped, and then her movements became erratic again, the same, "Oh God, Oh God!" Just as she finished the last 'Oh God!' she moved her pussy back on my mouth.

Her vagina released its juices, smothering my face with our intermingled cum still coming from the depths of her womb. Without saying a word, Mrs. Roby dismounted from my face and walked back upstairs. I fell asleep, dreaming of all that had just happened. Fortunately, I did manage to awake in time to get cleaned up before Mark and his dad came back.

Mrs. Roby barely acknowledged me the rest of the weekend, not even responding to good bye when my sister picked me up Sunday morning. But, for months I jerked off every day to the thoughts of what had happened!