Chessie kay fucks the biggest black cock of her life

Chessie kay fucks the biggest black cock of her life
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The Devil's Witch My name is Young girls and boys x story Helm. I'm blond, eighteen, well almost in a couple of days that is and very sexy.

I intend becoming a model and maybe an actress, or even a porn star, why not, after all I love sex? I lost my virginity at fourteen although I had my first sexual experience a year earlier but it was with another girl. My cousin. Wow! What an experience that was. It was during school holidays while my brother Jason was away camping with his school. My cousin Rachel was on her own, her mother and her father also being away; my parents suggested that she come and stay with us a few days.

She was dark haired with piercing hazel eyes. She was a couple of years older than me and extremely good-looking, at least to me, anyway. She had rather thick muscular legs but very sexy and her breasts were beautifully round.

Mine were smaller but were still growing as for my legs, at that time, they were already very well shaped. Our mothers were sisters and both extremely attractive women so we both naturally inherited their looks. As for my brother, he looked more like my father, both tall dark and quite handsome, and both super lovers, except the first time I fucked my brother, but we'll come to that a little later.

That night Rachel and I were in bed together, both naked I might add; she told me that I was very special. I didn't really know what she was talking about but as she looked at my body in the light of the full moon drenching the bedroom, I was beginning to understand her meaning.

We were both lying on our backs and she started to softly stroke me. First my stomach then my tits and finally she went down to my bald pussy. Even then, I was shaving it. - I really don't like hair down there, or anywhere else apart from on my head so as I started growing pubic tamed teens ass destroyed by two huge cocks around the age of ten, (I was precocious) I decided to get rid of it.

My mother had taught me the 'facts' at a very early age but I lacked experience. I was teen blowjob facial xxx older gentleman and his princess to gain it that night.

As Rachel caressed my fanny, she naturally turned around my clit and slowly I began feeling flushed all over. I could feel my neck getting hot as well as my face. Slowly I was starting to feel flushes everywhere.

Suddenly, as Rachel was circling my clit, it happened, my first real orgasm. I felt like an electric current running all through me, giving me hot and cold shivers but in such an enjoyable way While Rachel was making me come, I was playing with her breasts. Her nipples were hard and I leant over and kissed them, before I began to suck them.

Mmmm, it was wonderful. I was 2 so excited, it was ecstatic, what an experience. Rachel turned to me and asked if I'd liked it and of course I answered with a big "Yes"!

'I told you, you were special, but I didn't say why,' she explained. 'I heard you but I not sure I'm going to like the explanation.' 'You will. You're like me little sister.' 'What?' 'Yes, we are sisters and not cousins.' 'How do you mean?' I had a strange and uncanny feeling about this.

'OK, Rachel, I'm all ears, but don't tell me something that'll upset me. I'm not on very good terms with my dad right now so…' 'Stop fretting, you'll love this,' she interrupted. We sat up on the bed and she started telling me one of the wildest tales I'd ever heard. However, she did say I'd love it and she was right. My real father was very different from the one who was married to my mother and our mother knew it.

This was going to affect my whole life but what a life I was about to taste. She told me that I'd have to wait about a year to lose my virginity and it would happen in the strangest way but again, I would love it. I'd be in control the whole time, but I couldn't guess it would be with my brother until the day I had the vision I was waiting for.

My next major experience was that very one. It was with my brother Jason. He was already quite a stud while I was still a virgin. Needless to say we did it again several times and I was more and more in want of sex. Boy and girl school xxx story needed to feel a man's phallus inside me, so why not my brother.

I knew exactly when I ovulated and when it was dangerous for me to have sex or not. I didn't take the pill yet but I was careful about who could approach me.

I used to lure him into my bedroom and make him horny so to such a point he couldn't resist me. I know, I'm a bitch and we are a strange family, and you have no idea, how strange; you'll soon find out. The day of our first time is one I'll always remember. Our parents were out and my brother needed some paper for his computer. (I keep all the paper in my room because I print more than anyone else in the family.) I'd made sure there wasn't any left in the printer and I knew he needed to print some stuff for his school.

My plan was set. He entered my room as I was lying on my bed with just a short transparent pink nighty, and carpet high heel mules. I pretended not to notice him as he called to me while I was reading a magazine. 3 'Hey Nikki, have you taken all the paper again?' 'What did you say,' I asked as I rolled over revealing my pussy under my transparent.

At the same time I place my right foot flat on the bed, which made my calf and mature tutor michelle thorne enjoys students schlong muscles bulge and my soft skin shine under the ceiling lamp.

I knew I was irresistible from his point of view. My pussy was in full sight under my open see through negligee. Jason just gaped at me for a second. He'd never really seen me like that. In general, I hung around in jeans when he was there but this was a special occasion. 'I was asking if you had some paper,' he solicited in a timid way. I was silently grinning to myself. I never thought he'd be so shy to see his own sister half naked in such a sexy manner, but there he was still gaping at me.

'The paper is in the second draw of the wardrobe,' I answered. 'Do you want a hand getting it?' 'Euh, no I'll find it thank you.' I got up and walked over to him; as I knelt to open the draw, he could see my now well proportioned round tits and hardened nipple as well as my naked bald pussy between my legs as my thighs protruded from the tight nighty.

I handed him the paper and took his hand bringing him back to the bed where I lay, pulling him over me. 'No!' He complained, 'We can't, we're brother and sister.' 'So, we're safe. I'm not ovulating and I do want to know what a penis feels like inside me so come along and don't be such a sissy.' Although he was fighting it, his shaft was hard and I knew he wouldn't resist me very long.

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'Are you sure it's all right?' He posed. 'Don't worry about it. Do you want me or don't you?' He didn't really know what to answer, he was stumped, and it was obvious he did want to have sex with me but our Judaeo-Christian upbringing prevented him from accepting what he considered an unnatural happening. When Rachel had told me I was special she did explain why.

I was just beginning to understand and loved every moment of it. I pulled Jason nearer to me and pushed his mouth open with my tongue. I rolled it around his as I could feel his phallus harden even more inside his pants. I rolled over placing him under me, as if I'd done this three shemales have fun with slaves tube porn my life.

I slowly undid his flies and fetched his rod out of his underpants; he was un-strapping his belt with difficulty so I pushed his fingers aside and did the job myself in a very cool manner. Jason was 4 starting to sweat and pant a little and I realized that although he'd often told me he'd already had sex with several women, I had the distinct feeling he was still a virgin. Rachel had told me that I would lead the whole time and it seemed as though she was right.

I pulled down his trousers and underpants grabbing his shaft at the same time. He put his hands on my tits and came up to lick my nipples. Hell it was good. 'Ah yeah, little brother keep it up, it's wonderful, I love it.' He then put his hands on my thighs and thrust his cock into my mouth.

I started sucking it greedily but I could feel he may come before entering my pussy. I took it in my hand and shoved it into my cave. It was magnificent, really breathtaking. I felt a little pain for a few seconds but then it became satisfying. I started coming and going circling around his penis. He was giving out OOOs and AAHHs and suddenly I felt his warm juice enter ravishing chick is urinating and fingering shaved twat. I didn't have the orgasm I was expecting but he got off really well.

He pulled out completely satisfied but I knew that I was now, as my sister Rachel had told me, a daughter of Satan and my life was about to begin.

The blood from my vagina was rich with Hell's essence. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ I knew I had a special mission to become fully fledged but didn't yet know what it was.

Before I did go out and convert church ministers with Satanic Sex what I would learn later - I had to perform a Dedication Ritual thus becoming a true living daughter of Satan.

I picked a beautiful moonlit night, a full moon of course and it happened to be the night of Beltane, the 30th of April. Some people call it Walpurgis Night but in fact Walpurgis was a saint therefore, to be avoided at all cost. Beltane is really may 1st, but from the 30th, at midnight and on, it's OK to celebrate; I therefore took that opportunity to perform the ritual in the way Rachel had explained it to me.

As it was taking place I could feel great warmth creeping into me. At that point I knew that Satan himself had come to make love to me. I suddenly had a rapturous orgasm. As I was performing the Ritual, I could feel it gently growing. This is how it happened. I'd set up a dark and beautiful Satanic Altar.

I'd placed two black candles on either side. One was to represent Satan and the other Lilith, the succubus or Sex Goddess. I'd also placed several symbols representing the elements. I lit the candles and recited the Ritual. I cut the index finger of my left hand as my cousin had 5 prompted me to do and signed my name with my blood on the parchment on which I'd written the Ritual in the first place. It was at that very moment that I experienced the most incredible orgasm ever.

I dropped the pen I was writing with as my blood just seeped from my finger, and felt my clit with it.

Then it just happened. My clit was bulging, my nipples were hard, and my pussy was wet. I could feel a kind of presence inside my vagina and a tall fair-haired man appeared before me. He had deep blue eyes and small horns on his head. He was dressed in a white and red robe. He was exactly how I'd always imagined Satan to be. He pushed up and down slowly but steadily and as I was getting hotter and hotter, he came full blast. The intercourse lasted several minutes.

His sperm was so hot, as opposed to what people general say. You always read about Satan's sperm being cold, that is totally untrue. He then looked at me and smiled. 'My child, you are truly of my blood and are now immortal.' He whispered softly.

'You cannot die, only transform. You're mission is the most pleasant one, you could possibly imagine.' I looked at him in admiration and understood at that precise moment, exactly everything Rachel had told me.

I'd made love with my father oil masage domination in female yet was the other one also my dad or was my birth a mystery? I thoroughly enjoyed it and was ready to begin again, but I was somewhat perturbed all the same. 'Please Father, take me again, I'm yours forever.' 'No my child!

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Your mission is to convert the men of monotheist churches to our ways by making them give way to temptation. You will enjoy this mission and will become very important in the hierarchy of Hell. He then smiled at me and all of a sudden, he turned into my physical father. I realized I'd made love with my dad who was also Satan.

Still smiling, he vanished. My mind was then filled with details of my mission but also complete confusion. However, I was ready and was prepared to fulfil my assignment to perfection.

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ That morning, I got up knowing exactly what I was going to do.

I put on thin pink lipstick and slight eye shadow. I then carefully chose my clothes. I picked out a small very low-cut red tank top showing my boobs with my nipples pressing up against the cotton. No bra, of course. Then I chose a thin red micro kilt showing my legs right up to the hips, and of course, no knickers either.

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Finally, I slipped into my 6 red high heel platforms. I looked myself in the mirror and loved what I saw. If I were a boy, I'd be hard just looking at me, if you see what I mean.

My mother was out doing some shopping and my father, the human one, I think - well whatever - was at the office, as for my brother Jason, he was out somewhere! I was all set. The sun was high in a deep blue sky and my hunt was on.

I sauntered down the street swaying my hips, and very quickly arrived at my first stop. It was a huge grey dull looking church. The main door was open and people just strolled in and out at will so I knew I wouldn't have any trouble entering big booty texas bitch big dick and big butt edifice.

I stepped inside. It was huge and bleak. It had big arches on the sides and large paintings and statues everywhere. The paintings represented what they called stations of the cross and in some ways looked quite sensual; that Nazarene did look quite a man but I wasn't here to admire sexy paintings of their Jesus, I was here to fuck a priest.

A few people were kneeling on benches up near the altar and at the back of the church were the confessional booths. There were a few parishioners waiting to go into the booth so it was obvious the priest was in there. I walked up to the side benches and sat down. There was an old woman next to me. She turned and glanced at me in a disapproving way so I just grinned at her and crossed my legs.

As I did so, my thigh and calve muscles glowed making me look even more desirable. A man came to sit the other side of me and as he peeked at my legs, I looked at the bulge in his trousers. I grinned at him uncrossed and crossed my legs over again.

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His eyes almost popped out of their sockets. His hand came very close to the bottom of my thigh on the bench. I could see he was hoping but my mission was with the priest. I turned to look at the old woman but she was gone, my turn was next so I gently moved closer to the man and touched his leg with my knee. 'I'm Lily, I started, and I've been a naughty girl and that's why I'm here.' 'Oh!' answered the man, a little stunned.

'Maybe we could me naughty together?' I giggled at him, and though how immature and probably inexperienced he seemed; I didn't have time for pricks like that, but I did love to tease.

I settled myself on the bench a little better thus bringing my kilt up even more. I then took his hand and placed it on my knee.

'There, is that better?' I asked. 'Maybe you can come now, I continued, releasing his hand and touching his cock.' 'Oh yes!' He groaned it's wonderful.

I realized he was ejaculating in his pants; his 7 head was back and his eyes closed and it was obvious he was coming while caressing my knee and upper thigh. His hand went as far back as my pussy thus noticing I wasn't wearing any panties.

Suddenly a comment came from behind, it was another older woman who'd noticed the whole scene with reprobation. I turned and looked at her giving her the two-finger salute. She screeched even more. The other old lady had just left the confessional booth so I stood up and stepped inside still giggling at the guy who'd ariella ferrera on 6th of july come in his pants.

How ridiculous, I thought but I was ready for the priest and my seductive power was immense ever since Anal interracial session with busty chavon big tits had strengthened me. If I could make a man wank in his trousers on a bench in a church without even trying, imagine what I could do to a priest in a confessional putting my whole mind to it.

I knelt down in the booth and closed the door. 'Bless me father for I have sinned,' I started. I knew the speech by heart so I could continue without any mishap but I suddenly changed the words. 'My last confession was before I lost my virginity and now you, are going to fuck me.' 'What!' He exclaimed. 'What in God's name are you talking about?

Who are you anyway?' 'Your gift, and please don't insult me by referring to god. Just look at my legs and you'll understand,' I whispered next to the small window between the two booths. I leant forward and brought up my left knee so he could see. As I looked at him I passed my moist tongue along my lips. He could see me in detail.

I noticed how he was perspiring all of a sudden. 'Well father, do you want me here and now, it'll be the only opportunity you'll have?' 'No, I'm a priest, get out of here,' he shouted coming back to reason.

'No, you are going to make love to me right now,' I whispered in my most sensual voice. Then something happened. I noticed bulge in his groin and knew he was getting, hard but that wasn't all. He was sweating more lisa ann knows how to fuck properly more.

He'd taken a handkerchief to his face and he'd open the top of his cassock. Most priests nowadays don't wear them anymore but this one, who did seem pretty young, late twenties maybe, was more of the traditional type and he wore the usual black cloak with, in my opinion, nothing on underneath.

I was about to find out. He suddenly leaped out of his cubical and opened mine ripping off his cassock. His cock was sticking up and as he approached my face, I knew I was winning. I took it in my mouth and started 8 sucking. I could hear the rumble of voices outside.

Everyone had watched the scene but no one dared interfere. His penis was warm and large as he forced it down my throat. I could take it but I wanted him asian attractive teen likes jerking cocks schoolgirl japanese come in my pussy, not in my mouth. I pulled away and stood up turning to face the wall of the booth. I bent over and he thrust his rod into my pussy from behind.

He was groaning with pleasure as he was coming and going. As for me, I was pleased to be able to possess him in this way. He had no idea of what was really happening.

I decided to fake it so I gave him some OOOS and AAAAHHS and it fully satisfied him. After a few pants of contentment, he ejaculated full blast and drenched my cave with thick semen.

It occurred to me he probably hadn't masturbated for some time. But this time was the real thing for him. He had just fucked a seventeen-year-old Satanic Witch. He stood up and looked down at his dripping cock wondering what he had done. 'Yes father, you have just sinned,' I started, 'and Satan now holds you in his grip.' 'What!' He enquired ridiculously. It was as if he didn't really know what had taken place, like a child accused of stealing biscuits and denies it. 'You've just made love to a seventeen-year-old Satanic Witch and your semen has sealed a pact with Satan.' 'Do you mean that I am now a Satanist or something?

A kind of son of Satan?' 'Hell no! You are just a tool, my father will use for the downfall of your church, then he will swallow you up like a simple crumb. In no way are you a member of Hell's big family but from now on, you are rejected by your own kind. Was the sex good?' He didn't answer. I smirked at him opened the booth door and walked out of the church past the people who were now all grouped around the confessional booth.

As I got outside, I laughed out loud and walked back down the road, knowing that all the men in the neighbourhood were goggling at me. What a feeling of power, I was experiencing. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ My next stop was half a mile away.

I often noticed the small miserable and insignificant mosque that was standing on the corner of the main street and a gloomy side street. I'd never been inside but I could imagine it wasn't the best of places to fuck. Nevertheless, that's where I was heading. I knew by schooling that Moslems take off their shoes before entering the mosque, but that wasn't such a good idea as 9 far as I was concerned. My high heels were most important part of my seduction kit.

(Hey, nice phrase). I had to think first night saree removing sect story and then the answer appeared of its own accord. In the side street, there was a Moslem emptying his kitchen bin into the main rubbish bin on the sidewalk.

The side door to the mosque was therefore open. Having his back to the open street where I was standing, I thought the opportunity perfect. I took off my platforms and ran past his back and whipped into the building hiding behind a cupboard near the inner door.

How ironic, I didn't want to take my platforms off to stay in tone with my womanhood and there I was racing barefoot in the street so as not to be heard. Still I was in and I was free to move around. I put my pumps back on and opened the back door just as the cook was returning. I was glad to get out of that kitchen too, what a stench. He was probably preparing mutton or something, euuhhh!!! I walked along a corridor and came to a large wooden decorated door. Strangely enough, there was nobody about so I just pushed it open and stepped inside.

It opened into the main hall. There, right before my eyes was my next victim. An imam was praying on his mat. He had his back to me, and since there were mats everywhere, he didn't hear me approach. I came up behind him and in my most seductive voice I spoke softly in his hairy ear. 'Hello! I'm lost,' I whispered. He turned so fast that he almost hit my cute little nose with his beard. 'Who are you and what are you doing here?' 'I told you I'm lost,' I repeated as I bent over him giving him a full view of my tits.

My nipples were hard and my skirt was shortened by my stance. The backs of my thighs were slightly curved and my calves were slightly bulging wonderfully, which all in all, made me irresistible for a bearded guru like him. 'How can american girl morgan layne and old man be lost? You shouldn't be in here anyway. How did you get in?' 'I just pushed a door open, and here I am.' 'To begin with, take off your shoes, you are insulting Allah.' 'If you like, I'll do more; I'll take my skirt off as well'.

'What!' I didn't wait for him to understand, I knelt in front of him and grabbed his hardened cock under his jellaba, putting my knee just under his beard.

'Come on Mohamed give in, you know you want me.' 'No, this is not a woman's place and you must not stay.' As he spoke, he glanced 10 along my legs and up my skirt noticing my smooth crotch with no panties. 'Oh! You are not wearing any…' 'Sshhh!' I interrupted putting my finger on his lips. 'Come on, open you jellaba and give me your cock.' He was stunned by my language, but was nevertheless in my power.

He took off his garment and I pulled down his thick black underpants. He was panting and could hardly wait as he jumped alexis fawx and oldman cum inside me, not giving me time to undress. It didn't matter, I just pulled up my skirt, and my wet fanny was ready to receive his semen. He thrust his dick into my pussy and started to come and go. The magic was working.

Hell was he big, luckily my cave was large enough to welcome him. It didn't take him long to come, he spilt his juice after a few seconds and it lasted about five ass cams diverse babe in teal stockings tirelessly plays with orange six seconds.

I'd had better men but looking at him, it seemed as if a hulk like that could do better. He pulled out and closed his eyes as if he'd just lived ecstasy I know I hadn't but that was my mission. He didn't expect what was coming next.

'AAAHHH, that was so good, it is Allah who sent you to me today. You are forgiven for interrupting my prayer and also for not taking off your shoes, but please next time, call me first and we will be able to stay longer together.

'Sorry chum but you've got it all wrong;' I started as I stood up, leaking the residue of his spunk on the floor. 'What? I don't understand.' 'It's very simple, Mohamed.' 'My name is not Mohamed,' he argued becoming angry at the same time.

It was as if he could guess something was coming right at him. 'This is how it is; there isn't going to be a next time. We're not seeing each other again, and it isn't Allah who sent me. This was the only time you'll ever fuck me and in fact it's not quite that way either. I'm the one who fucked you. I'm a Satanic Witch and now that you have poured your miserable spunk into me, you belong to Satan for the rest of your life.

'What?' 'Is that all you can say, "what"? You don't have much vocabulary do you Mohamed. I'm going to walk out of here and leave you to your miserable prayer knowing that you and your Allah are hopelessly doomed. You are food for Satan now.' He suddenly burst out at me and started yelling in Arabic. I just looked at him and smiled then started laughing out loud as I strolled out through the front door 11 stamping the ground with my platforms and swaying my hips as I went.

There were a few bearded men near the entrance. They stared at me in such a shocked manner, as the imam was still yelling out obscenities in Arabic. I just kept on laughing as I reached the outer door. I was out on the street and it was still early.

Two down and one to go I now had to find a synagogue. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ I knew the Jewish section was at the opposite end of the town to the Moslem quarter so I had quite some way to go. I haled a cab knowing it would take me ten minutes at the most to get there, unless the cabby wanted to make love of course.

That didn't bother me but I didn't want to get to the synagogue too late so we'd have to do it quickly. It took us seven minutes actually and the cabby was a woman so that was that.

She dropped me in front of the main door, which strangely enough, was open. It seemed slutty lesbos fill up their huge fannys with milk and squirt it out Satan was always there to open the doors for me so I certainly didn't want to let him down besides I was enjoying every moment of this.

I walked inside and looked around. There was no one to stop me from visiting and yet I didn't particularly look Jewish, with my bright blond hair and fair complexion, not to mention my more Aryan features, but nobody asked me what I was doing there.

It didn't take long for me spot my next victim. Behind some benches there was an Ashkenazi rabbi talking to a couple of people, all I had to do was wait a few moments and I'd be on my prey. I didn't have to wait very long; the two people shook hands with him and left after a couple of minutes.

I approached the rabbi who wasn't particularly surprised to see me. 'Could we go somewhere to talk rabbi,' I announced in my most innocent voice. 'I have to confess something to you.' 'Certainly my child,' he answered in a reassuring way.

'You have met a Jewish boy and wish to convert to our way of life but your parents don't approve, is that it?' If he knew how far from the truth he was, he would have kicked me out with no further ado. We walked to his office and went inside.

He went to his desk and I locked the door behind me. He sat down and looked at me with longing eyes. I knew at that moment, I was his master, or mistress should I say, in this case. I gorgeous blonde milf teacher shows tight bod the desk and looked at him in the eyes. 12 'It's your day rabbi. I'm your gift. You can do whatever you want with me.' 'I beg your pardon,' he started.

I don't understand.' 'You will.' I leant forward on the desk and kissed him on the lips opening them up with my tongue. He returned my kiss and started taking off his black coat as he stood up. I couldn't believe how easy it was each time. I climbed onto the desk and spread my legs so he could see my moist pussy. His cock was hard and throbbing only he was cut, just like the imam but here it was very visible. The imam had so much hair everywhere I could hardly see his dick.

Bit hard for masturbating I guess, but I didn't really care. The rabbi grabbed me and thrust his phallus into my cunt but I didn't want him to wedding day gone wrong fuck machine and secondlife me like that.

I'd decided that he would have a blowjob. I pulled his dick out and shoved it in my mouth. I started sucking as his eyes closed. It was obvious he was enjoying it but not as much as he would have done in my pussy. It didn't take long for him to come. Hell it was good.

His warm sperm in my mouth was just like swallowing oysters or a runny egg. I pulled away and looked at him with a cute smile. 'That was so unexpected and so good,' he said staggered. 'Maybe we could start again sometime.' 'Forget it Abraham. This is the only time you'll ever have sex with me. You've just handed your church, body and soul over to Satan.' He looked astonished, not quite getting the point. 'You are finished buster. I'm a seventeen-year-old Satanic Witch and you, having come in my mouth, makes you food, for Satan and the Demons.

Your church worldwide is now about to fall thanks to you. Hahahahahahahahaha.' I turned around and walked out of the synagogue laughing. I was feeling so great. I'd got them all. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Across the street was the fair-haired man I'd had sex with during my Dedication Ritual, who in the end turned out to be my father.

But he was without the small horns on his head. As he looked at me, he smiled with great satisfaction. 'You have come through marvellously,' he announced quietly as he walked over to me. 'You are truly worthy of the monarchs of Hell. Be welcome among us.' I was so pleased to see him and the compliment went straight to my heart as well as my pussy, which was so moist after this lively morning.

13 'I thank you so much for the compliment; you make me feel really great.' I looked up at him and kissed him sensuously on the mouth.

He pushed his tongue between my lips and as I rolled mine around his, I could feel his hands caressing my legs under my skirt. It didn't bother him that we were out in public in front of a synagogue with its main door wide open.

I wasn't really caring either but I did want to be more comfortable. There was a small alcove just behind us so I pushed him into it, and down onto the ground opening his flies at the same time. I then sat on him with my legs astride of him. His shaft was sticking straight up so as he continued to caress my legs up under my skirt, I sat on his cock and let him penetrate me as far as he could. Hell, it was so good. His tip was on my G Spot. I started feeling shivers of pleasure all through my body.

I know I was giving him everything I had, and he was loving every moment of it. But he was giving me supreme pleasure He may be the King of Hell, but what a male he was.

I was going up and down as the orgasm was slowly beginning to happen, and as it burst out in full throttle, that's when he also came, and what a load. It lasted a whole minute; it just didn't seem to end as for my orgasm that was really intense. Hell!! I savoured it; it was rapturous. 'I love you so much my femalefaketaxi cocky guy shown whos the boss and father.' 'And I, my child love you to the same extent.

I will now take you to the place you have longed for, all this time, and you will become The Goddess of Sex, dear Lily or should I now call you LILITH? For you, Lily Helm, are veritably Lilith of Hell. Come let us go. You have regained your natural status in this life as well as in all the others.' We stood up, looked at each other and that's where I noticed that we weren't in front of the synagogue any more but above the three churches simultaneously with the three clergy chiefs looking so stupid that they gave the impression that they were completely lost and still wondering what had happened to them today.

As for me, I was off to HELL to become the new Goddess of Sex! Loki_Grondwitch