Hot slutty babes amarna and jayden in a lesbian sex pornstars and fingering

Hot slutty babes amarna and jayden in a lesbian sex pornstars and fingering
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This is a continuation of my first story: my job in a red room. (Like in first story: sorry for my not perfect English but, this story happened in East-Europe where I lived…) Chapter 1: - Terrible Proposal - Now its 10 days after 'my first experience' in the red Room.

Of course I must go on with my normal job in the iron-shop because for the outside world I must behave like in a normal life. The images I saw about a girl who is tortured to death will never go out of my mind. I cannot delete it, but worse is that I cannot step out of it and I will be forced to do such things to an innocent girl again and again. I'm always afraid that in a moment the police will come in and arrest me for murder and torture.

However: live alone, I don't have people in my apartment who ask questions. If I must go to jail for this, I will kill myself, for the moment I have a good life because I can buy decent food and luxury things with the money I deserved.

It's early in the morning, I woke up because my phone gave a signal. It was Adam; The message was: 'need to speak with you, come to the bar tonight at 8pm'.

I replied 'OK'. Somewhere I was happy they did not forget me, otherwise I was afraid of bad news or that I should do terrible things again. That same evening at the bar: I just stood in a corner with a nervous feeling, I tried to behave normal and to avoid contact with the people I know. Somewhere it's hard to have a terrible secret, but on the other hand: - exciting. I felt a tick on my shoulder: it was Adam. 'Hi Dimitri, let me sexy girls love to get fucked hard us a beer and sit down over there, in the corner'.

' Hi Adam', I answered: 'nice to see you'.

We waited for our beers and took place in the corner. Now Dimitri asked oral pleasures and cumshot for shaved pussy 'how was it and do you still want to go on with it'? Just speak open and free, use any words you want, let yourself go because nobody can hear us.' Just like the first time Adam has been a man who gave confidence, I felt good with him, but realized that he could be dangerous as well.

Maybe it's a test if I could keep secrets. 'Of course Adam, I don't speak to anyone about this and I go on with my normal job and act normal.' 'Very well Dimitri: that is what I wanted to hear.

Just act normal and collect your money. If you have enough, leave this shit country for a better life. I knew you were a smart guy. However, about the job&hellip. nightmares?' I was happy that Adam liked me, but now I have to talk about the job… 'What can I say Adam: it's not a normal job, but it's like you said: if I don't do it, somebody else will.

I never saw a girl tortured and killed: you must understand this and I don't want to end up in jail…' I could not say more for the moment. Adam noted yes: 'about the jail: it's all about money and our police has a - shit salary - here as you know. What we do: we pay the police never to come in the neighborhood of the old factory, don't worry. And nobody of our helpers will talk to anyone about our company because if so they end up in jail also and become our victim.

I nodded yes and he has a point: he gave me more sexual oral sex with strippers striptease and hardcore again. 'Hear me Dimitri, we have two kinds of personal: one kind is like us.

They see it just like business to earn money. I mean: believe it or not, but I have never raped or tortured anybody'. I was wondering why he did not mention killed- as well. ' The same for the K-team: they search and kidnap, but don't harm their victims; it's just for the money.

About Yvan: he started like you so he did a lot of extreme things, but now he has enough of it. He feels good as - boss - in the red room: his experience is welcome and he lets the others do the blood work. Next to the -businessmen- another kind of personnel are just sadists, rapers, killers who like it and do it especially for the font. However, we need such people to complete the missions. Imagine if a client likes to see somebody raped and the rapist could big god xxx story donlod get a hard dick or come when we are online'!

I laughed a bit… 'No, be honest: did you feel any excitement on certain moments, a hard dick?' This was a terrible question because somewhere I must admit that there was excitement on some moments. 'Well, Adam, I live alone and OK; had some girlfriends and I fucked a few times, but I have never raped or killed anybody.

I must admit: during the session there were moments of excitement like in the beginning when the girl is powerless on the tackle and I saw her nice stretched body: it was a shock of hormones.

I got mixed feelings when she was whipped and stripped: I could see her nice naked body and saw the absolute power we had over her. In my darkest fantasy this absolute power over her body gave me some sexual exitement: I must admit that. Anyway it began to turn when they burned her feet, and when they destroyed her body while it became more and more smeared with a lot of blood.

My excitement was completely gone when a fat old stinking rapist punched her mouth hand came in it'. Adam did not answer, but stood up and said: 'OK, first I'm gone get two more beers and tell you our new plans with you'. He went to the bar to order. Me, I was curious what he would ask me now.

I felt nervous, but hoped I would earn money again soon.

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Adam arrived with two beers and started: 'look Dimitri, in a business meeting some men had doubts about you: will your actions be realistic enough to go online. I mean: there is no place for mistakes. To let it look realistic, you must have enthusiasm, to enjoy. Of course: if you are like us: - pure business - it won't work and I don't have other jobs now.

The reality is that you will be asked to torture or kill a girl online so my bosses asked you to tell you that before the next full-paid mission of € 5000, we must test you. So the bad news for you is that we will not pay you anything for this test because it's just a test, an exercise.

However, I promise you that if you succeed you are a full member and will be paid the full € 5000 next time. What do you say?' Now this was bad news for me because they want something from me without any payment. Otherwise, they have a point. Anyway: I knew… if I fail, maybe they kill me… 'OK Adam, I understand that I have to learn it, but how will you train me?

I mean: I hope you don't ask me to kidnap a girl somewhere to torture and kill: they will find out and arrest me soon.' Adam waited a few moments and looked at me through his dark glasses.

'It's simple Dimitri: remember we told you that there can be no witness? ' I replied 'yes'. 'Good: tomorrow we have a soft-session. The director just wants to see how a young couple brings in a stunned, drunken girl: they must strip her, and after this to do things like female domination and the guy must rape her. After this, we must bring her safe at home. We promised the Director she will be safe at home, but in reality we kill her and then let the body disappear. The assistants must do this every time so i twill be your job as well in the future, but don't worry: there are always candidates to do this if you realy don't like it.

Anyway: I had orders to give them the confirmation that you will torture and killed somebody by yourself so we will prepare this used girl like a fresh victim. Because of the soft session she will be not damaged.

We give her 'as an exercise object' for you. What is your answer?' I scratched my hair… I know: for many cruel sadistic men this is a dream because they get a girl for free to do with her what they want, but I'm not a killer so it's a terrible question to answer. The reality was: if I say no, I'm a death, so I replied: 'OK Adam, thanks that you offer me a nice girl just to exercise, but I am not sure I can kill anybody like this.' Adam looked happy with my answer.

He replied: 'I understand, but listen: do you know what an Indian scarf is?' I was too nervous to think so I answered: 'not really no.' 'It's a scarf we got from our American colleagues. Indians used this a lot to kill their prisoners very easy, but slow. It's a scarf you must make wet, bind it tightly around the neck and tie it with a few knots. When the scarf dries it begins to shrink so the person who wears this, chokes very slowly: sometimes it can take hours. A lot of Directors want to see a slow choke so we use this a lot, but besides this: we mostly put such scarf, after the session before we throw the body into the bin.

If for some reason they are still a life, the scarf is double safety they will not wake up again.'&hellip. I could not believe what I heard and I hoped they would never use such scarf on me… 'Yes, Adam, now that you tell me I heard about such methods the Indians did'. 'Good' laughed Adam. 'I mean: if you should be left alone in his room at the end and no boy has fancy to finish it: just put on such scarf and leave. 100% Sure they will die and you don't have to see it.

If you cannot kill with bare hands just use the scarf and if you don't want to look how she chokes go and drink a coffee and come back later, she will be gone'.

'OK Adam', I will remember it.' This conversation was terrible, but useful for my job… 'So Dimitri: for exception, we will spare the victim from tomorrow for you. I mean: we will not handle her over to your colleagues to do with them what they want because, then she would be in pieces… 'Thanks Adam,' I replied with a silent voice, but what do you expect me to do with her, I have no inspiration for such things.' 'No problem Dimitri: it will be a session with you and Yvan alone.

He agreed to come to work on his free day just to train you.' 'Good Adam, but I don't think we will be online so I really don't know what to do without instructions sorry'. Adam smiled like he understood.

'I know Dimitri you are not a sadist, but a businessman. Sorry I have no other job for the moment, so you must shift your moral boundaries. Just try to find pleasure in your job. It's difficult, but it's OK for us if you are not like this inside, but only try to handle like a real torturer online! Very important: once you do one; the second is easy.' He stopped speaking and looked at me, observing my reactions.' However: no rape, as you know, except after a session if you still want it'.'I understand Adam; if Yvan guides me it will work, I'm sure!' Now Adam smiled at me again: 'Well, a good emotional trick is to be angry at the victim and develop hate like she did something bad.

See her, and call her bitch- in your mind; never feel any compassion: on the contrary. In practice: Yvan will assist you how to do the things, but you must do everything alone from the beginning. I mean: she will stand there in front of you with clothes on while you can look into her eyes. Yvan will let you strip her, and you must destroy her body piece by piece until she is no more. Look at us like soldiers: they are also paid to kill and some innocent people die and suffer because of them!' Now this was a correct argument…I said 'yes Adam, I will go for it.' 'Super Dilmitri, then there is nothing more to say: Monday at suzu minamoto uses the gym to work her trimmed little pussy pm at the place our driver picked you up before; agreed?' 'OK Adam, I will be there.' Adam stood up, shook my hand and said 'you will be fine' and left.

I stayed to finish my beer… Chapter 2: - The preparation - Monday, 8 pm. Nervous again I put on some dirty clothes and I went to the place the driver picked me up before. It was already dark. I suppose it would be the same guy who could not speak would pick me up.

9 Pm: indeed: the same black Mercedes. I opened the same door, the same ugly bald guy was at the wheel. I did not say anything, it was no use… He drove to the same place: the old paint-factory and stopped. I knew what to do: to get out fast and say nothing, which I did. He drove away and here I stood, alone in the dark in an abundant area. Killing me, was very easy now. Suddenly the metal door opened and there was Yvan. 'Hello again Dilmitri, just follow me'.

Without a word he let me in and closed the door behind me. We went off the same iron stairs, through the corridors until we were in his office again. He offered me a coffee, but I did not feel like coffee. He looked relaxed, took a coffee from his machine and began to talk: 'now listen very good Dimitri: it's just you, me and the victim in the factory here. Because of your moral training and practical it's my job to let you do some things you never did before in your life.

Our mission is: to torture and kill the girl that you will soon look in the eyes. Realize that once online: There is no tolerance for doubt, no hesitation!

A lot of people will look very close and pay a lot for their sexual excitement so give them what they want. I understand it will not be easy, but I will guide you and tell what to do: it's you who acts. The first rule: never communicate with the victim, never: no sound.

This is 'the law' when we are online, but now in this exercise-case we can communicate under each other freely because we are off-line. Do you understand this loud and clear?' What else could I do than to answer: 'OK Yvan, but I will need your professional support.' 'I understand this Dimitri, but listen: the girl/victim for his mission knows she has been kidnapped. Yesterday during the session she was half drugged and drunken so now she will be in a normal condition.

She does not know yet that she will be tortured and killed by you, so she will try to defend herself. Also with words: never listen or do things she asks, understood?' 'OK, I understand because she will try to convince me to let her go, etc …' was my smart answer. 'Exactly: for exceptions now, we can talk under each other because we will be offline. In this situation she will hear everything that we say and she will react; just don't listen! Because we are on our own we must be careful that she does not escape so I will stay charming bimbo stays in nothing but tan stockings performing the best quality porn action a safe distance when you do your thing.

When she tries to escape, I just shoot her don't worry. Oh yeah, before we begin: you must make your moral state of mind stronger, get some energy, can I give you some advice what you should do with her to get an energy shock- ?' I was wondering what this could be, he made me curious&hellip. 'Yes Yvan, tell me.' 'Well, Dimitri: before you start the real action, let her suck your dick, but just until it's hard. Don't come in her mouth because then you have a low battery,' he smiled.

'The fact that you are not finished because of the interruption will make you a bit angry at her'. 'Aw, OK Yvan, maybe its like this, but I never forced a girl to do this and what if… she bites? '' Hahaha' was the reaction of Yvan. 'This is funny: I have never seen a girl to bite a raper even if they know she will be killed.

They all hope they will let her go after or are a freight to be tortured more if they do this. By exception: if you want I will make it clear to her my way by putting my gun against her head so you can be sure she will do well in this situation!

So are you agreed?' I nodded yes, Yvan puts his coffee away and for the second time I was on my way to the red room. We went through a few corridors and there I saw the red door again. Yvan asked if I would like to go to the toilet, but I could not.

Anyway, I remembered the images of my first victim Anoushka who was tied on the toilet, waiting for her torture…'Here we are again Dimitri: soon you will see your victim looking into your eyes.

Try to stay calm, relax and change your moral status into She is my bitch only for pleasure-; not as a human. So let's go in now: try to get used to the situation: squeeze her body very hard everywhere, punch her if you like it and then, we will let her suck your dick. And I won't look at your dick don't worry… Deal?' He smiled. I must go through this and maybe Yvan has more right: an -interrupted sucking - can give me some energy to go on.

'Deal Yvan' I replied… 'OK, here we go then' and he opened the red door. Chapter 3: - The cruelties - So here I was for the second time. Only now there was nobody except Yvan and of course the victim who was standing with her arms above her head at the tackle. She looked like a student-girl with long blond hair, green eyes, 5,8 ft tall, jeans pants, a white blouse with Mickey mouse on it, jeans, sport shoes, earrings.

She had nice breasts (I guess a medium cup). And indeed she began to cry and beg: 'let me go, please help me, I want tell anything', etc.…. Now Yvan began to tell his instructions: 'Dimitri, do what you must do and break this bitch her moral: warm her up.' I did not know how to begin and did what I did before: took her nice blond hair, pulled hard and shook her head with it a few times.

'It's a beginning' said Yvan 'but, let her feel some real pain and let her taste a bit of blood.' Now I saw real panic in her nice green eyes and doubted what to do. So I thought back to what the first assistants did: they gave her a punch in the belly. So I gave her a punch, but it was so weak she reacted more from fear than pain. Yvan became nervous and said: 'come-on pussy, this is not a punch: 10 times harder!' So without thinking I really boxed as hard as I could in her belly so her nice head went forwards from the impact.

Now I saw the pain on her face, she could not shout because of her pain, but it was more some cough. The second mission was more difficult, the blood I mean. Again, I remembered the first session so I hoped that a hard face slab would be enough.

So with the back of my hand, I slapped her beautiful face, but like the punch: not hard enough, I saw no marks. So I did it again and again, harder and harder. The sounds from the impact of my hands on her face with a mix of her moans; it was terrible, but I had to go on.

When I stopped, I saw a little creek of blood coming out of her pretty mouth. 'Good start Dimitri, now let me see how you can uses her mouth. First, let her suffer a bit longer so that she realizes she must suck you for her own safety.' When he said this, Yvan made a sarcastic smile on his mouth… I took the control panel from the tackle and pushed on the up-button.

I saw her stretched out, standing on her tones, then her feet came from the ground. Now she was crying really hard and begging all kinds of things, but I could not answer.

Her hands became red: it had to be very painful because of the metal cuffs around her wrists. I asked Yvan how long somebody can hang like this. He answered: 'good question.

We had customers who like this view and let her hang to pass-out, but this takes hours and hours. In this case, we ask more money: just to let her hang. In such case we leave the room and come back when we see on our tablet if she is unconscious. Others ask to hang extra weights on her feet, good for us because then it works faster. Look Dimitri: we don't have a lot if time, I'm not paid for this and you'r not paid as well.

So go on that we can go home. Be honest: is there anything you want to do to this bitch that you like? Is there any fantasy you have in your mind like to burn her pussy, to cut off a nipple are whatever? Now is the moment because there are no limits here!' 'Eh, I don't know Yvan, I was only used to have normal sex so.' 'I understand Dimitri, but maybe it's better first to warm you up and enjoy from this bitch after.

I know you are not a rapist, but strip her, squeeze her everywhere so that you enjoy it, let her sit on her knees and make her suck your dick.

Believe me: it's psychological, you will enjoy the power and will have more strength to go on, but as you know: don't come in her mouth or you lose your energy…' 'OK Yvan, I will try it, thanks for the advice.' 'Good Dimiotri: now strip this bitch, squeeze her everywhere as hard as you can and let her suck your dick!' Of course she heard this and looked at us as she shook her head sharply saying: 'no please.' Meanwhile Yvan went to the store-room and came back with a big knife.

'Look Dimitri, this makes it easy to strip her!' I pulled at her T-shirt and with the knife I began to destroy this Mickey-mouse T-shirt. Now I saw her nice white belly, flat because she was hanging on her wrists. She had a blue bra with amazing tits in it. I hesitated because of the nice view, but Yvan said loud' come-on man: do something with her tits!' So, I put the knife under her bra and removed it. She was crying a begging like hell, but her tits were so incredibly beautiful.

Perfect shape, standing up with nice nipples: so sexy. I heard Yvan again 'do something instead of looking'! His command was clear. I Grip her tits and started to squeeze them as hard as I could. I begun to move my hands so her whole body moved with it.

She held her head behind because of the pain and shame. I enjoyed those lovely tits and made her pants loose. In one movement I pulled it down and saw her underpants, white and in the center of it was a cartoon of Tom&Jerry. Under this, I saw a pair of very nice legs. Now I realized I had to go on so I used the knife to tear her underpants off which fell on the ground. I was shocked by this extreme erotic view of her pussy, covered with dark-blond hair, it was so terrible exciting! Despite the realize of pain, to see the view of this incredible, beautiful naked body hanging on her wrists really gave me a hard dick!

I never saw such beautiful more exciting thing, then this. Now Yvan seems to understand and whispered this time: 'Dimitri, I know what you feel now. This girl is so beautiful and she is all yours. Look at her face full of fear, see her perfect traits, a pussy that invites you, but still all this beautiful must be destroyed soon, this is your job.

Meanwhile: enjoy it now so now let her down on her knees and put her mouth over your cock to suck it so we can go on to the next level'. 'Ok Yvan, I understand'. I was a bit hypnotized and never thought that even if it's torturing, it would give me such anincredible erotic shock: this view was really the maximum! I took the control panel of the tackle and let her down: first her feet touched the floor, I saw how she could not stand anymore, I think because of the emotions and pain, but her hands in the cuffs prevented her to fall.

Halfway I laela pryce loves his long black pole the tackle, now Yvan stomped against her thighs and said: on your knees bitch!' He took his gun and held it against her head: 'listen bitch: you are going to suck my colleague, understood?' Pointing at her with his gun, her face became full of fear and she stopped begging.

I knew Yvan did this to help me because he laughed with me when I told him I was afraid she would bite my dig off… Yvan said: 'now Dimitri, let us show you are a man and put your dick in her mouth to let her suck on it'!

Yvan sounded very threatening this time, but maybe it's to scare the girl and to let her know it's serious. It was a strange sight: a nice young blond girl on her knees with her hands tied above her head in front of me.

What I had to do now is to let my pants down and force her to do oral sex. I don't know if it will work in this condition, but I must not be a freight she boy fingers pussy of a luscious teen bite: she seemed very scared because of the gun pointing at her.

So, I dropped my pants and now my thing was hanging in front of her face. Now Yvan said loudly: 'come-on: grab her hair and push her face against your thing: she will know what to do like every girl!' I never did such thing, the feeling was terrible because in my normal life this is an act of love. Also, I had the knowledge that after she did this, I still had to torture and kill her. It was just a girl from my age who could be my girlfriend. I said to myself 'stop thinking' because with his gun Yvan was more dangerous, I suppose killing is nothing for him so I just had to do it.

I grabbed her nice blond hair and pressed her face against my dick a few times. I took my dick and shouted: 'open and suck'. I looked scared to Yvan, but he did not react. Good that it's just a training session because his rule was not to communicate with the victims. I felt her body shaking from fear, but she did what she had to do: opened her pretty mouth and I put my thing in it. I took her hair and moved her head back and forth. She accepted it and I felt the incredible nice feeling of her warm mouth around my dick.

Now this was weird because: whatever the situation victorias teen pussy offered to get fucked, I felt some love-connection. I felt she began to suck just like 'we are both victims.' I mean… Yvan was sitting on the bed now and his gun was back in his holster so… what if I jump on him, kill him with his gun, free this girl and ivy rose shows her sexy body and fucks her pussy to the police?

These thoughts came with me because of such nice feeling the victim gave me, some love flew in me&hellip. Suddenly yelled loud: 'remember my advice: don't shoot in her mouth because it's a waste of energy.' I realized that within very short time I would come indeed so I became a bit angry of all this and I pulled my dick out of her mouth. 'Now that was nice to see,' said Yvan with a big smile. 'Now put your thing back in your pants so that the real work can begin.' It was hard to do this because somewhere it was a heavenly feeling: I was ready to squirt in her nice mouth and she knew it all so.

She just wanted to please me, to have a bit of hope that I would let her go. Nerveless: my mood was changed, I just wanted to let her finish and this Yvan stopped me. He was right: my mood changed and I feed negative energy, a bit angry even.

To give the impression not to be weak, I asked: 'OK Yvan, I have not come yet, but maybe you want to let her suck your dick now?' Yvan laughed and answered: 'No man, this period of enjoyment is over for me. I did so many things with so many girls that a simple suck cannot please me anymore. This is boring for me, maybe I will fall asleep while she sucks me so no thanks.

OK: now you are in a more sharper mood: lift her up and let the real work begin!' And he was right: because I was not finished I became angry, just wanted some satisfaction. Still: the negative energy is a boost to go on. I took the control panel of the tackle and lifted her up until she was standing. Now we stood face to face; I saw the fear in her eyes.

She whispered: 'please let me go, I won't tell anyone.' It was horrible, but I had to go on. Yvan came to me, looked me in the eyes and said: 'now listen: I will tell you the things that most of the directors want from us. You can do it your way, but the result must be what I tell you. Now the first limit you must exceed is to let us see a maximum of respondents from her body in pain. The first time it's hard, but this is with everything you will do: after a few girls its routine and it does not affect you anymore.' The girl heard this of course and began to beg again 'please no, no don't do this place'.

Yvan spoke louder because of her begging: how would you like to do this?' This was so terrible: I never harmed a girl and now this guy asks me to give pain to an innocent young girl who even sucked me so good and who was looking into my eyes… The girl now really really in panic and started to scream 'no don't please no' and I saw this began to work on the nerves of Yvan. Now the girl became really in panic, more hysterical and began to cry very loud.

Yvan was very irritated and stepped into the store room. The girl looked me and was begging 'stop this, I know you can please' but suddenly Yvan stood behind her, and showed me a gag like I saw in sm-movies; a ball like they put in the mouth with straps around the head so it's almost impossible to produce any sound.

Brutally he opened her mouth and put it into it.

He pulled hard to the straps and made it tightly around her head. 'That's better, ' said Yvan; this bitch was irritating me: I was tired and sick of hearing this. Now we can speak normally without being disturbed.' All we could hear was some moaning, nothing more. It's normal because with such thing in your mouth, it's impossible to make any sound. I noticed that Yvan had absolutely no respect or compassion with his victims: completely nothing.

Indeed, he saw them just like objects, not as humans. Yvan said: 'I see that you crossed some limits because you can get a hard dick of her now, even if she is a victim. I'm curious what you will feel if you really start to torture her!' Of course the girl heard this, but could not make sound anymore.

I saw her head heavy shaking an eye full of tears; the hope will be gone soon…'I think it's time to give you a hard dick again, lift her up again so we can go on.' I took the remote and pushed the up button just like before.

Her incredible, beautiful naked body was slowly lifted from the blonde loves get all cum into her anal pornstars and hardcore I saw the pain on her face in her hands became red again because the cuffs made extremely marks on her wrists.

Now she was hanging only by her wrists on cutting metal naomi sugawara squeezing her melons in a solo action sexy lingerie dildo riding, completely nude just waiting to get tortured and killed.

Of course I had compassion with her when I saw the pain, but I knew I could not do anything. Otherwise, a part of me enjoyed the view of this beautiful naked girl stretched out. 'It's a nice kitten' said Yvan. 'If it can amuse you: sorry, but soon she will not be so beautiful anymore.' I saw a terrible fear in her eyes, I think now she realized she would not survive this, but what else could I do: it was me or her now, kill or to be killed.

I squeezed her body again everywhere and I felt I began to enjoy it. Even when I came with my finger between her legs; it gave a sexual vitamin because the memory of her sucking was still in me: my body just wanted to have sex and enjoyed this.

So full of hormones I enjoyed touching and squeezing her naked body, even if I saw the terrible pain in her eyes. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder: it was Yvan with a nasty, black iron whip in his hands. Because of my sexual arousal I did not notice he went in the store room. 'Enough playing', he said serious 'and listen now for my instructions'.

I was back in reality and realized myself this was not a sexual pleasure, but horror. While Yvan began to talk, I saw her face who was looking terrible because of the pain around her wrists and the view of the whip. 'Almost every director wants to see her body destroyed through a hard torture of her stretched body, pussy, ass and tits. So a whip is the beginning and almost every lurker likes it.

I suggest you practice the whip now: try the back first, then in front of her. Focus on tits, belly, ass and legs. Just begin, OK?' I never had a whip in my hands, never did this. The handle was about 1,6ft, the whip itself was 4,2ft full of leather. I looked her face for the last time chloe wants to fuck like her stepmom I went behind her: it looked terrible.

When I stood behind her, somewhere I had the same weird exited feeling like when I saw her nice stretched body and very sexy ass. It was an attractive view, but now I have to begin to destroy this so nice sexy body. Yvan made a movement with his arms and said: 'The clients want to see and hear her body while it's getting destroyed by the latch. Stand over there, whip her from a slanted side so its easier to see the result directly after every whip.

Try to let the whip enclose over the body and then return quick: this makes more nice damages. Focus on tits, belly and legs.' 'OK, I will try' was my answer. I stepped away and took a position from her left slanted side.

I saw her head moving and her face was one expression of fair and pain. Her hands and wrists were terribly red now because of the hanging on the metal cuffs. She had not enough tears to cry. Her nice legs were shaking, her tones about 20cm lifted from the ground. Her beautiful breasts were smeared with saliva because of the ball gag, mixed with tears. I lifted my right-arm and let the whip come against her ass, the end strained around her belly.

I pulled back, but did not see any red lines. Yvan shook his head and called out: 'come-on man: harder, or you gay or something? Whip that bitch!' So I tried it again, but now I took a big swing with my arm and used more power. This time it sounded more intense and the resistance of the whip was stronger when it was strained around her belly.

Now, I made a very hard withdrawal movement; her body moved with it and slung a bit over and made a turn. Her head was shaking as hell and her moans were loud. Her face was one tensed mess. Now I saw a red line on her belly. It seems the whip has shredded her nice skin upon withdrawal. 'Now that's better' said Yvan.

'I saw pain and damaging, so it must be. It's better to do nothing than something which gives no hard visible reaction of the victim.

Now give a few more, harder and faster: color this bitch red and make her tits not recognizable anymore.' His last words were terrible because I loved her tits, they were so sexy. However, I did what I had to do: lifted up my hands pointed at her back. I caused for a powerful impact: the latch came with a hard blow on her back and curled very tight around her body at the level of her breast.

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I felt the resistance and pulled back the whip as hard as Playing with a hard sex tool hardcore blowjob could. Her body swung and began to turn slowly. From the moment her breast came to my side, I saw big red lines coming out of her tits. Yvan pulled his thumb up and said' that's better, go on!' So, I lifted my arm again and gave her the same treatment, and again, again… Now her body started to swing and turn harder and more and more streams of blood began to come out of her tits.

Now I focused lower above her ass. I saw red bloodlines coming out of her belly now. I stopped because I was tired, like I did some heavy muscle work. Yvan smiled: 'It's a big effort he man! But, I see you learn fast: now color these legs red for the next thing. 'I saw the poor girl was was still on conscious: her head was shaking and her moans were terrible.

Her face was one big tear. I lifted my arm again and pointed under her ass. I saw how the whip curled himself around her sexy thighs, when I pulled back: it made a red bloodline. After around 20 whips I stopped. The girl was still moving around, but did not make any sound: it looked like she passed out. 'Damned' crumbled Yvan, 'this bitch passed out quickly. I hope you can exercise more on her.

Let her a down so we can enjoy the damage'. Horrible words: -to enjoy the damage- but I remember the cameramen always squirt bondage asshole and strap punishment slavemouth alexa their time to film the result, this is the purpose for us: views that the customer wants to see.

Like a tortured body and extreme facial expressions of pain and fear! Like now the skin of her once so nice hands and wrists have torn apart because of the cuffs: she had so many blood streams on her arms!

The view was not pleasant: her hands had the color of a tomato, you could barley see her fingers. Now I pushed the down button from the tackle. Her feet were on the floor now, but she was unconscious; her head was hanging and did not move anymore.

'Go get some water and pour it over her head. If she's dead you can always still do some things.' I stood perplex about things Yvan said: even go on when she's dead; it's not my style, but I think it's just to let me cross some psychical borders. I went to the store room and came back with a bucket of water.

I poured it over her head and yes… her head started to move! 'Good', smiled Yvan,' now let's see'. Yvan took her breasts and squeezed them as hard as he could. Her head went backward because of the pain, some blood came out of it. 'Look, they have some damages, but still look intact, sexy nipples: you must change it.

Go to the store room and you will find some toys to destroy them much more.' I saw how the poor girl heard this, she had made intense no-movements and her eyes full of tears were begging like a puppy. But, I have put my brains on zero. Also, because of the interrupted sex I had more negative energy: just horny redhead milf from milfsexdating net with big pussy lips amateur and mature to go on. I went to the storage room to find something.

I saw a plastic box with a lot of needles in it. Maybe I just could use them to put it in. I returned with the box; Yvan reacted: OK, some customers likes needles, but for the tits don't use the small ones. Take these': and he pointed to the needles from about 2,7inch long.

'Put about 10 needles in each tit. When it's finished: use your whip again to pull them out: this will give a nice effect'. I took the first needle, held it under her beautiful left-tit and pulled the needle up.

It was so soft I had to raise her tit a lot before it went in. A bit of blood came out. 'Not so', Yvan said; 'Look'. He took her nice right-breast in her hand, squeezed it hard, took a needle and with a short, hard movement he put it in.

When he pulled his hand away, I saw how the needle was deep in it. A bloodline came out. Yvan said: 'it's good that you practice this because many customers love the view of bleeding tits with needles in it. It happens that the cameramen must shoot this for a lot of time, also when it's squeezed hard with the needles in it.

Now look close': He grabs her right-tit again, pushed the long nail further until the sharp point came out from the other side! 'Isn't that funny' he laughed while he took another long nail. 'Don't forget the nipples': he pointed the sharp point straight against her nipple and pushed the nail slowly in it.

First, the sharp point slipped slowly into her nipple which started to bleed. Now slowly de nail went deeper and deeper until the full 2,7inch was full in her tit: all you could see was the blinking head from the nail instead of a nipple! I saw how the girl's face was one mask of saliva and sweat. Her whole body was shaking like a leaf, I never saw something like this. Now it was my turn. I took a nail and began to squeeze her breast. I pushed it slowly into her nice left-tit.

I let it loose and saw a little bit of blood coming out. It's hard to admit, but in some way it began to enjoy me. Maybe because of the hard dick she gave me before, but to have the absolute power over this nice young thing, to do what you want without any limits: it was amazing!

'Hey Dimitri', laughed Yvan, 'let me see the point also'. So really did it: I pushed further until the point came through the other side of her tit. Now it became one bloody mess, but I felt my dick growing and this was weird because I was actually torturing a girl, destroying her tits but still&hellip.

Now I took another needle, squeezed her left-tit hard and there went the other needle in it. Now I squeezed it hard and put another in it, and another until there were about 12 needles in it. Her left-breast was now full of lines of blood streamed down over the belly to her legs. The contrast of viewing her destroyed tits with the blood gave me somewhere a kick: her tits were destroyed: full of blood, nipples replaced by a nail. But somewhere this view was not so nice: her once marsha may s naughty hot black guy stand full porn story nice tits looked more like a pin cushion now.

The most horrible few were her nipples with the big needle in it. 'Nice work' said Yvan, but as I told you: not destroyed enough.Take the whip, stand over there and point at her back so that the whip tightens her tits and when you pull back, maybe it will pull out some needles.' When they come out they will tear her tits into pieces.

But wait: remove the ball out of her mouth so we can hear if she still can make a lot of noise! I stood behind her loosened the strap around her neck and dropped the mouthpiece.

Her mouth fell open and a lot of saliva came out; I heard a mix of cries and coughs. Now I prepared myself to use the whip again, which will destroy the rest of her once so beautiful tits. It's terrible because the shape of her tits was so perfect, even with all the needles in it I still could enjoy the beauty of it.

This whip will make one mess of it, but I had to follow orders… I took the same position: gave a hard smash with the whip on her back which curled around her breast. With a powerful movement I pulled back the whip and now the result was really bloody: The girl's shout went through marrow and leg, but Yvan did not respond as if he is used to this. I saw a needle coming out by the whip. A lot of blood flowed out of her breasts. Yvan stuck his thumb up and said: 'good, many clients get a kick of this view and such cries also, but now do it faster and harder!' hot chick kallie joe spreads wide for a hard pussy fuck I raised my hand again and began again: one latch after the other, with every latch a few needles came out as also more and more blood.

What I heard was one scream and the sound of the whip. When I stopped the nipple of her right breast was torn off, in the left one the needle was half out; a few needles were still in it.

I could not see the skin of her tits anymore; it was full of blood and the form was not so nice anymore: only damaged skin without a form. The poor girl was still standing on her legs, but it looked like she was in shock: her whole body was trembling like a leaf.

The look in her eyes stood at infinity. 'OK' said Yvan: 'it seems good enough. My experience says that clients will accept this. Now the next phase: they all want to see pussy and ass destroyed so use your imagination.' Somewhere I hoped she would pass-out soon so I chose not to do the slowest horrible thing now.

'OK Yvan, I prefer now to hang her over the edge of the bed and to spank her ass with something'. Inside I really hoped she would lose consciousness and stay like this. Yvan found this a good idea. We let the hook down, she was barley moving, but still awake. We pulled her to the bed and laid her body over the edge of the old, rusty bed with her back to the outside.

She had no more resistance: her body was barely moving, her eyes closed and all we could were soft moans. I think she lost the energy to fight and just waited until the end. We opened the cuffs, spread her ankles, wrists and fixed the cuffs to the bed. I noticed that Yvan's compassion was nothing: for him the poor girl was like a furniture he had to work on. I'm afraid I will also pornpros naked massage makes girl horny for cock like this; it's already started because I felt excitement on some moments like when she sucked me and when I saw her beautiful naked body hanging on her bleeding wrists.

If I begin to have excitement reactions when I torture a girl, I'm just like him. Now the girl was hanging over the edge of real stepsis pov fucked by her horny stepbro reality and amateur bed with arms and legs spread.

I heard moans and cries, but it was not loud anymore: her energy and hope was gone. There were a few bloodlines on her legs and back, but not so much so again: I felt some excitement because I had the view of a nice sexy ass which I could fuck if I wanted to. Also, because of the interrupted sex I just wanted to finish myself. Maybe I should, but I was afraid for myself to do it and to ask Yvan: I still had some work to do.

Yvan went on with his lesson. 'I know, nice ass, but as you know: online the director is the boss so this is a good lesson in controlling yourself: sooner or later every guy get exited of this job, but never show it online: this is for the clients… So next chapter: to destroy her ass and pussy, go to look for some nice toys in the store-room.' I heard a cry and some no-sounds and saw her head moving: she heard it and maybe still hoped to convince us to stop, which was an illusion of course.

In the store-room I saw the things and let my imagination work: what kind of toy would I use to succeed in my test. On the upper shelf I saw some kind of tennis-racket. It was one indeed, but they transformed it into a terrible thing: instead of a net there was a shelf, full of nails thrown through.

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The nails were about 2inch and had a form of a fish gratin shape. So when they go in and are pulled back, they would make terrible wounds. Now Yvan came also in the store-room and smiled: 'Now this is a nice toy, believe me! The result is wonderful, even after a few slabs: her legs and ass will look like a bloody moon landscape!' It was still terrible to hear how Yvan spoke about the victims. I think he had to be the worst a dangerous guy of the company, a real killer and sadist.

But, as long as I played his game he would not harm me. 'And these things also', while pointing at a whole collection of dildo's. I saw the dildo with nails through which they used in the poor Anoushka.

'Look', said Yvan: ' what you can do to finish your mission here, is to destroy her pussy and ass at the same time with these kinds of dildo's in combination with the tennis racket. She will bleed inside like a pig very soon!' When they are inside and you begin to use the tennis racket, she will react heavy and will move her hips. When she does this, the dildos will make a lot of painful damage inside her, and she will soon pass-out of the pain and bleed to death.

I know: to pull them out will become a mess, but don't worry: all these things have a ring at the end to have a strong grip by pulling them out. ' (he said this on a sarcastic tone…) I said nothing, was just looking at the torture-dildo's.

My eyes were on 2 metal ones: one small about 4inch long; the beginning was a sharp point, at the end it was about 0,4inch thick. On the surface there were glass slabs glued. I can imagine that curvy african lesbians faida and kali lick and toy their moist pussies this thing is in her ass, the damage is deadly and if it moves while its in it: her whole colon will be destroyed.

Besides this horrible thing, there was the same type but this one was about 8inch long, ended at 1inch but began with a round sharp point and ended squared! I guess this was for the pussy. I can imagine when if this is inside, it cuts everything so both dildo's at the same time will destroy her whole lower abdomen. I thought it was a good idea to use this because with those things inside her, it won't take long, her belly will become one mess inside.

'Good choose' said Yvan with a happy face; 'now pull these things in this bitch, give her a few strokes with our famous tennis racket and she will pass-out and die sexy girls love to get fucked hard you will see.' We left the store-room: me with the torture dildo's; Yvan with the tennis-racket.

I saw the ass of the poor girl with her very nice dark blond haired pussy. My hormones just wanted to come so hard on her, but this was not innocent sweetie stretches pink slit and gets deflorated sexual game: I had cross limits and to learn the discipline to succeed in my test so I can do this job and earn a lot of money. I started with the first dildo.

I opened her buttocks and saw her nice, sexy little brown asshole. I'm a young guy, not any girl showed this to me like this: it was really my first view like this, it was amazing to see this little brown female spot between her soft thighs!

I could not resist it to put my finger in her tiny hole: Yvan started to laugh. 'Nice thing to play with, I know, but sorry mate: not now!'. I returned my finger and then I put the sharp point of the dildo against it, and pushed soft. The point disappeared into her nice brown spot: I saw a little shock of her body followed by a soft cry. When the sharp point was in it, a little blood was coming out. Now the first piece of glass was pushing against her brown spot.

I kept pushing and saw how the glass began to cut into her circular muscle, I continued. Her body was trembling like hell, her moans were terrible, but not so loud. I think her energy became low. When the dildo became bigger, I felt more and more danny d fuck victoria blaze, every piece of glass which went in, destroyed more and more of her nice brown spot and now everywhere there were streams of blood. Her hips moved, but this gave her only more pain.

Now the dildo was full in her ass: I can imagine it's deadly within a short time and removing it is not possible: actually I already killed her by bringing this in. Now Yvan gave me the big dildo. Her pussy was already full of blood which came out of her ass.

I pressed the sharp point of the big dildo against her sexy shamrocks and started to push. Soon it started to bleed and a lot more when the glass craps started to go in. Her moans were terrible, I saw her head shaking.

Now the dildo became squared; the resistance was heavy and I really had to push hard to go on, but I did it. When it was full of it, it was one stream of blood between her legs.

I realized I killed her with this, the 2 dildos were destroying her whole lower abdomen inside: it's just a matter of time. I hope this will happen soon for her so that the torture is finished. Somewhe, blood does not excite me. 'Hey, don't forget this' said Yvan while giving me the tennis racket.

I do this with pleasure now because I remember Yvan's words that because of her reactions, the dildos will destroy her belly inside completely so she will soon pass out and die.

I raised my right arm and gave the first stroke on her ass. It was a hard smash: She struck a germanvintage porn videos search watch and download germanvintage free sex and moved her ass, which give her more pain and more damage inside.

I wanted to raise my arm again, but it was like the racket was struck on it. I remembered the nails with Fish bone profile: pulling back will give a lot of damage. With a lot of strength I lifted up the racket and the result was awful. Her skin was hard damaged, cracks everywhere and full blood. 'You see I was right', smiled Yvan. 'Now try this on her soft ties'. Her tights were still beautiful, I could imagine that in one smash they will look awful.

So raised my hand again and smashed the tennis racket between her nice tights. I still saw a shock which was going through her body and a terrible cry.

Yvan laughed and said: 'now let's see the pancake'… With a heavy movement I returned the racket: it was one soft bloody mess. Her once so nice skin was now playgirl rides on a biggest lovestick hardcore and blowjob destroyed and full of blood that you could barely see this was a sexy thigh it was.

'Nice', said Yvan. I'm tired: let's finish this and go on until she does not move anymore. So, think this will be the end for her I guess. I raised my arm and gave a stroke on her other thigh, I returned and struck again with her ass, and again, again… I stopped to rest a minute, but the result was terrible.

Blood everywhere, her ass and thighs were one bloody mess, you could barely see the form. The tennis racket was so full of blood that it ran to my arms.

We did not hear any sound and there was no movement anymore; I hoped it would be finished for her. Big streams of blood were coming out of her ass and pussy; her lower abdomen had to be completely destroyed inside. 'Good', said Yvan: I think that was it, but now the finishing touch, remember?

' I was still a bit in - An absenteeism mood - because I just killed my first girl in a terrible way just so I could not think clearly. 'Sorry Yvan', I said: 'I think we must clean everything now'? ' No man: you forgot the most important rule concerning security; think!' Now I remembered: we must always be 100% sure she could not escape up so we must put on the Indian scarf- In this case, I don't think she could stand up because the torture dildo are so destroying that her lower abdomen had to be one mess inside, but a rule is a rule.

'Ok Yvan' I replied silently: ' The Indian scarf, I will get one'. 'Good, good' replied Yvan: ' let me learn how to use it: let's make her loose and lay her on her back. We loosened the cuffs and saw a short move. All so she has begun to piss. 'Ha-ha, look, the posse is there, this means the end is near! ', smiled Yvan.

He took her feet, me her red, destroyed hands and we turned her on her back on the old, rusty bed. The view was not so sexy: her once so beautiful tits were so destroyed you could barely see the form. The glass-dildos were still in her so between her legs it was one stream of blood.

'Now go into he storage-room and take an Indian scarf, they are in the big cardboard box'. I went to the store-room and on the ground I saw the big cardboard box. When I opened it, I saw the scarves, a lot of them maybe hundreds. They must use this a lot. They looked very harmless, in different colors, but I realized that this were very cruel dangerous weapons.

I took a yellow one and made it wet under the water tap. I felt how it begun to expand. I may not think if they put this thing ever around my neck… I went back to what was the rest of the victim and saw how her belly was still going up and down. This means she was still alive, on the floor was a large puddle of blood and urine, coming from her legs. 'Now strangle the scarf around her neck and make three knots in the scarf.

How tight you must make it, depends on the wishes of the client. Some of them want to enjoy it from the beginning when they are still good alive. In such case you may not make it too tight because if you do, they choke to fast, customers hate this! In such case, you just put it around the neck and make the knots: the scarf will do the rest when it dries.

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I'm always happy when a customer wants this: its heavenly to see their faces when they fight against choking. About a month ago we had a girl which had to be killed by the scarf while she is raped: her face was making funny, expressing for more than the two hours before she was fully choked', it was a nice show for us!' What I just heard was terrible, incredible… This Yvan is just a cold sadistic killer.

Somewhere I was afraid to become like him also… So, I did what I had to do: laid the wet scarf around her neck and made three buttons in it. Suddenly, her head was moving a bit. ' Wow', said Yvan with a happy voice.

'She is still alive, this is fun! This was something I already knew. She was hardly moving, but still we heard some kinds of gradual in her throat so she had still to be a life. 'Nice view' said Yvan. 'I like the expressions on their faces when they choke slowly and fight against death! Look: the scarf will do his job now, but let's attach the cuffs to the bed because this is also a rule: you never let a victim unbound If there are any doubts she is still alive!' So I attached her ankles again to the bed and Yvan her hands.

I saw how Yvan enjoyed looking at her face who was with eyes wide open, but the scarf began to work and she had to do more and more effort to breathe. 'You know what?' Asked Yvan: I'm sure somewhere you still are a bit angry because you could not finish, but this is your chance! She still has a very nice fuck face: sweet lips, a nice warm tongue and a hot mouth to taking a dick as punishment is ok for cutie stealer in, wonderful!' I really had no idea what Yvan wanted to tell me now… 'So this is your chance to get the most extreme sexual kick you have ever had: horny latina tranny slowly stripping and jerking her cock over here and put your dick into her mouth.

And don't worry: she has no more powers, she has started the fight against choking so you can be sure she will keep her mouth open and soon her tongue will come out so don't wait too long. Believe me: it's an unique very special experience!' I could not realize what I heard. This guy asked me to come into a girl's mouth, which is slowly choking in terrible pain and does make every effort to breathe. 'Well Yvan, weird idea and I don't know if this will excite me enough to come, it's so unusual sorry.' I saw how Yvan was a bit irritated of my answer.

'Come-on' said Yvan, at least try! Believe me: I know this feels so heavenly good, its unique! This bitch wants to breathe and when your dick is in her mouth her tongue and lips will make strange movements: you will feel your dick grow!

But, above all this: because, she fights against choking, she will try to open her mouth for maximum and to move her tongue a lot. Because of this, you can put your dick very deep in her mouth until the end! Because of the choking, she will try to put her tongue out and this is feeling is heavenly: her swollen lips, your dick full in her warm mouth and her tongue pushing against your dick very hard: you cannot compare this with a simple blow job! Maybe she chokes because of your dick and not by the scarf'.

Now he laughed a lot.

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'believe me: now is the moment, show me you are a man!' I got the feeling that he meant this! I realized he still had the powers to give a bad report to me, in this case the bosses could give the order to kill me…I also had the ebony hotty rides on a white dong hardcore blowjob he is very cold and could be angry when he has not gotten his sentence so I just had to do this.

I stood up, went beside her and took place on her chest. In this position I didn't have to see her destroyed body. Her face was not damaged, but I saw in her eyes a terrible fear of death, fighting against the Indian scarf which was choking her slowly. Her mouth was wide open and her tongue was moving in and out with every breath she still could do. I loosened my pants, took my dick out and held it against her open lips.

Then, I looked straight to the wall because I really could not see her face and tried to concentrate myself only to the feelings around my dick. Except a very silent, deadly moan, I heard nothing. I put my dick on her lips, they felt very warm and soft. I started to push my dick tightly between her lips, deeper and deeper into her open mouth very slowly until I felt that my dick was completely in her mouth, I looked like I felt her throat on the sensible end of my thing-… but Yvan was right: this felt so incredible good!

So special. Indeed, her tongue overturned my dick while it was heavy moving: this felt so soft and warm because she had no more energy to cough I could truly go so deep that I could feel the end of her tongue and beginning of her throat. So all I had to do is concentrate myself on this magical feeling, not to the girl who was slowly choking. I started to move my dick very slowly into her mouth in and out and I felt it growing.

Because of the blissful feeling of the curl of the end of her tongue, de heavy moves from her tongue and the feeling of her hot mouth: my hormones became crazy. Suddenly: before I realized it, the doors of heaven went open and my big discharge came into her mouth.

And this on a moment while the poor choking girl who fighting against her death. Despite this: it felt like it had to be a lot of sperm which was sprayed deep into her throat. I don't know how, but it felt so, incredible good.

But, now all my energy was gone . I had to pull my dick back and realize that because of what I did now, she could be choked. I did not want to see her face now. I could not feel any movement, not any sound so I'm sure I killed her with my dick in her mouth: choked to death.

I heard Yvan's voice: 'I understand what you feel now man: just put your thing back in your pants and come over here'. Without a word I put my dick back, closed my pants and went away without looking or listening. 'Good man', said Yvan. I see you have exceeded a lot of limits. However, now comes the most unpleasant part: to clean up this messes'.

Yvan began to loosen the buoys everywhere and gave a sign to me to help. I took place to her feet and bondage group humiliation and roman orgy xxx beach bikers I saw the terrible destruction of once was in very beautiful girl. Her eyes and mouth were wide open, her tongue was hanging out and I even saw how it was covered all over with my sperm.

Around her neck was the Indian scarf which was pinched a lot into her throat now. Her tits were not recognizable anymore: one bloody mess and between her legs, creeks of blood were dripping on the floor. I thought to grab her feet to throw her into the bin, but Yvan said: 'hey Dimitri, you forget to remove your dildo's!' Terrible, how could I forget these: the horrible dildo's, covered with glass scraps… There were completely into her body so the damage had to be terrible and a lot more if I pull them out.

At the end of the dildo's was a ring to pull it out, so it seems the makers had provided this. I put my finger into the ring of the ass-dildo and tried to pull it out: it was barely moving.

So, I used my2 fingers and when I used a lot of force it started to move with small shocks. The view was horrible. The glass scraps were dark black/red and full of peace of meat, shit, blood.

I felt myself strong not to throw up! When it was out, a big creek of blood came out of her ass. I hurried me with the dildo to throw it into the small bin, filled with Dethol. I saw how Yvan had pleasure in it. Now it was time for the vagina-dildo which seems to be harder to pull out, but of course it was a lot bigger.

I used my two fingers of both hands to grab the ring and started to pull harder and harder until it began to move and came out. Terrible view again, but much more blood and real pieces of her intern abdomen were turned around the glass scraps. The damage inside she had to be huge. When it was out it was followed by a lot of blood; I hurried myself to the small Dethol-container again to get rid of these horrible things.

'Good job' smiled Yvan', now take her feet so we can throw this piece of bitch in the big bin.' I grabbed both her feet, full of blood and together we threw the body into the green container. Once in it, I saw that the Indian scarf was still around her neck, her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and her eyes wide open.

I felt dirty and felt the need to take a shower. Yvan noticed this and said: 'good, the mess is cleaned up. If you want: next to the toilet there is a shower, go and clean yourself and after this, we can have some coffee'. I have never liked to take a shower in my whole life as now. When I came out of the shower, it seems Yvan had no need to clean himself.

But yes, he only watched and enjoyed. I followed Yvan out of the room. He opened the door from Sergeï's office which I could remember. He activated a coffee machine and gave me one. 'Sorry, but here is no alcohol, its too dangerous; If men come out drunken here they can begin to talk: no way. Now tell me honestly Dimitri' said Yvan with a big smile on his face: 'how was it'?

Now he sounded friendly and social, not so dangerous anymore. Of course I realized he was still some kind of wolf in sheepskin, but he had experience so I wanted to talk openly.

'Well Yvan, sorry, but you have turned me into a man predator if you know what I mean. I did things I never wanted to do in my whole life but never the less: it felt exciting sometimes'. 'I know' was the answer and he waited a few moments. His voice became softer and I had the feeling he was preparing a lot of explanations now. 'Dimitri, I was like you in the beginning. A normal guy with a normal in this video you ll see the best college fuck party ever gorgeous gi life here, but I know for 100 percent: 'every man is the same inside, we all have the same needs and can enjoy things that at first we find horrible.

- A man has to do what a man has to do. I saw so many, decent men starting here with a normal happy family life which were changed into the hardest sadistic torturers and they all enjoyed their work a lot! Why? Because we, men, all have deep in our minds the strive for the absolute power. This in combination with the view of a nice female body which we can do with her what we want, gives us some brain kick and we will start to enjoy it.

Admit: how many times a day when you see a nice girl you have fantasies about fucking her? but in reality, you must play with yourself! So with us, it's no fantasy: enjoy the things you must do to please the client and if you have luck, she is yours after the session like this one today.' 'Indeed Yvan, I felt some sexual pleasure and I even came in the mouth of a girl who was fighting against choking.

I could not help it because the feeling of her moving mouth and tongue was so divine at this moment. Now I'm cooled off. I think you are right Yvan, I hope I passed my tests'. 'But, of course Dimitri: I see you begin to change and start to enjoy it: I will give a positive advice to our bosses about you.' Suddenly his phone began to ring. From the conversation I could figure out it was the cleaning-team.

'OK Dimitri, I think we both are tired, so let's go home and take a good rest. The cleaning team-guys will soon be here to clean up the messes'. Yvan called 'the driver' and he escorted me upstairs, outside. Outside he shook my hand and said: 'Dimitri, now I can say - welcome to the company -for real!' I think in someway he likes me, it gave me some good feeling for protection in the future. The bold -cabdriver- was already there.

It looks likes he had his office here, but of course this is not my business. I got into the car, I closed the door, but did not make any effort to speak to the driver because it was useless.

When I came into my apartment, I took a second shower and went to bed immediately, but the images of the torturing this innocent girl flashed in my eyes. It would be a long night, many flashbacks were ghosted into my head.&hellip. This is the end of my second story about my jobs in a red room before we got caught. If anyone wants to support me for new stories for continuations just leave a message. Thx.