Lusty babe has her orgasmic cunt hammered

Lusty babe has her orgasmic cunt hammered
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It was a hot midsummers day and it was getting late. All but my co-worker and me had already gone home. I saw her sucking her index-finger, deeply concentrating on the problem she was working on.

I got up and walked around the desks until I stood directly behind her. I was suddenly determined today would be the fourth time we would satisfy each other. She groaned as I dug my fingers into the soft flesh of her breasts.

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Just thinking about tasting them again I could feel my balls fill with cum and my cock started growing hard. I continued rubbing my hands over her breasts, pinching her nipples. I pulled her up and stood behind her, hugging her, with my hands on her breasts, biting on her neck, my cock rubbing against her ass. I rubbed her bra through her top and felt the firmness of her nipples poking at its fabric. I could feel my cock growing harder with every heart beat in my chest. She moaned and let out a gasp.

She started rubbing my bulge in my jeans. She gave me a smile and said "Ohit’s slippery between my thighs, you made me all wet." I turned her around, took of her top and bra while she slipped out of her jeans and panties.

Now my face was just facing her big breasts. I started exploring those two soft hills with my finger tips and played with the malleable tissue. The nipples were brown and already rock hard. I bent down and started kissing her breasts and kneading them in my hand. I dove in and attacked her nipples licking and biting.

Then my hand slid down to her pubic areabrushed it with my fingers, played from outside for a little then went in. At last my fingers played in the pussy, went exploring. She let out a moan, and opened her legs further.

I started to finger her, slowly at first to stimulalte her, then faster and faster. I told her I wanted to make her cum as I kissed her neck and got down on my knees. She moaned a little louder. I quickly found her clit and went to work licking it and rubbing it with my thumb, remembering how much she liked it last time. She moaned "Oh yes, dont stop, I want this tongue on my pussy." I dove into her pussy. I licked her clit with my tongue, ran my tongue down the length of her slit, touching every sensitive part, finding every spot that made her squirm.

She tasted very sweet. I licked her around her outer lips and then moving in ward towards her clit. I started out soft and slow and after a few minutes she told me faster and harder so I pressed my face into her and went down hard. She spread her legs farther apart and she was as wet as if she had been fucked all day, I rubbed my tounge on her smooth silky pussy lips, I licked upward and spread them apart teasing her throbbing clit, I licked hard and forcefully back vanessa cage and puma swede threesome in the bedroom forth on her clit and she started going wild, moaning and gasping.

My tounge was glancing against her clit, then fluttering over it rapidly and lightly, tormenting her as she writhed. She squirmed under my touch as my finger pushed in and out slowly. She moaned louder as my finger thrusted in and out faster as I lap harder at her throbbing clit. My tongue was furiously lapping as my finger drove in and out of her harder and faster.

I curled my finger upward and rubed her pubic mound from the inside and licked her clit.

Her hands grabed the back of my head and pulled me hard into her hot pussy. I guessed she was getting close so I doubled my efforts. I added a second finger and started to drive my fingers inside her even deeper and faster. My tongue laped furiously at her quivering pussy lips and throbbing clit, and as I did that she groaned "Ohhh blonde awesome girl sucking dick with jizz, right there thats the spot keep it up.

Ohhh yes, yes, dont stop im about to cum." She writhed against me, her breath coming in short gasps that caught in her throat. She was thrusting her pussy into my face with every flicker of my tongue on her clit. My cock was trying to burst out of my pants.

Her body squirmed around as my tongue and fingers worked her horny pussy over until she couldn't take anymore. I felt a movement down between her legs, contractions, her lower half was shaking, moaning "Oooh that is great", she came, then her breath went slower bit by bit. I got up again, my cock was so hard it hurt. My hands caressed her breasts and her nipples as her hands run down my chest.

She put her hand on my crotch and started to feel my hard cock, and soon she is softly gripping at my hardness that is ready to burst out of my now tight jeans. She caressed my throbbing cock through my pants. She could not have missed the way my cock jerked in response. Her fingers had undone my zipper and my button on my jeans and her hand was inside. She reached into my pants to free my throbbing hard on. Sex xxxxxxxx story download in first contact of her fingers, flesh to flesh, felt like heaven.

She slid her hand along my cock and into the shorts, then back again. She played with the tip, and the skin stretched to the point of tearing as the head became even more swollen. I pinched and pulled her nipples. “I’m going to come in my shorts any time now.” “That would be a waste. I’d like it more if you leave it on me, on my breasts.“ My cock stood fully to attention the moment it cleared the waistband with her help.

She went down onto her knees, her tongue waited just behind her lightly parted lips. She slowly engulfed the head of my cock, her tongue on the extra sensitive spot under the head. She stretched her tongue out and started licking the head from all sides, above, right, below, all over.

I watched her open her mouth and suck my cock so softly, so tender I could barely feel her touch.

I felt the warmth of her mouth, the caress of her tongue on the under side of my shaft. She slid her mouth down inch by inch over my hard cock. She started sucking and licking my cock slowly taking a time out to suck on my balls.

She then gently curled her lips over her teeth and engulfed my cock into her mouth sucking hard all the way down my shaft. I moaned "Ooooohhhh yeah, that feels so good". She took me deep all the way.

She rolled her lips forward and slid her tounge on the bottom of my cock letting out a gasp for air and she pulled up sucking all the way. She started sucking back and forth hard and easy rubbing my balls and then stroking the bottom part of my cock shaft with her hand.

As her head went down she seductive babysitter giving blowjob and laid by nice dick her hand toward her mouth I felt my cock starting to throb in her mouth. I felt it starting to build and knew I was not going to last much longer.

She bent her head down and I felt the firm slippery touch of her tounge on my cock. Its tip played with my tip. Her tongue swirled around it. She sank back on her haunches and regarded my cock sticking out stiffly towards her. She gave my cock a squeeze and pushed me down on her chair.

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Taking my cock into her hand again she placed it between her breasts after thrusting them forward. They felt so soft. “Does that feel nice? The feel of your stiff cock on them is wonderful,” she murmured rubbing those big breasts against me.

“It sends a sensation right down between my legs.” She started running her huge breasts over my cock. It felt like heaven! I groaned with ecstatic pleasure. I felt her hand between my legs fondling by balls.

She kept that up for a while, wanking my shaft with her breasts. I gave in to the sensation of being milked, rewarded with the exquisite pleasure of my come rising, my cock jerking on her, and jets of hot cum spreading across her breasts. She let out a delighted gasp as it landed. She used the head of my cock to spread the white fluid back and forward across each nipple in turn.

I heard her groan from the effect. She once again placed her hand around my shaft and engulfed my cock into her mouth. She went down deep and when she came up she looked up at me and moaned "I could suck this cock all day if you let pigtail redhead teen live pub show masturbation masturbate She flicked her tongue out and kept on licking my cock up and down then she started to suck on it very lightly inch by inch into her mouth she eagerly got it all the way down her mouth till she hit my stomach with her nose, she kept it there for about ten seconds and I felt I don't know what it was just wonderful it felt so good.

Again she stroked it a few times and licked it all over. She lowered her mouth over it, started to charming bimbo stays in nothing but tan stockings performing the best quality porn action on it. I could feel her tongue wiggling around the head as she took more and more of my cock in her mouth.

All of it went in her mouth as I sat there in pleasure. I watched as her head bobed tanned babe rides a dick wow pictures and down my cock.

She slowly pulled up off it and licked it all over again. It was soaked with her spit and she slowly stroked it again. Her warm mouth and moving tongue felt wondrous to my cock and balls. Her gentle strokes and licks got me completely hard again. She slowly slid her tongue down the length of my cock. Her mouth sucked softly on the head and then she moved down the shaft. I can't believe how incredible this felt.

She slowly began to deep throat the cock,with her gag reflex leaving me with intense pleasure. She slowly build up the speed and pressure of her sucking. She was moaning softly as she sucked me. She forced her head lower, almost swallowing the head of my cock, her lips moving down the shaft still further,to take me all the way into her mouth.

Then she eased back, letting my cock escape from between her lips, and gasped for breath for a moment. She reached out and pushed my dripping-wet cock against my stomach, while her head moved lower. Her tongue eased forward and slowly, gently encircled one of my balls, tracing all around it with her tongue-tip, getting it wet with her saliva.

Finished with one, she moved to the other one, exploring them both, her tongue teasing them lovingly. I groaned as she made love to my balls. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere, stimulating all of my nerve endings as her tongue caressed my flesh. Finally, she moved back up and took my cock deep into her mouth again, her head bobbing in a slow, sensuous pace. I reached down and grabbed the base of her hair, guiding her head up and down as she hungrily nursed on my throbbing cock.

“You’re a little horny cocksucker”, I murmured as wet slurping sounds filled the quiet office.

Her fingernails lightly caressed my balls as she sucked, her tongue wetly teasing the sensitive underside of my cock. I held her hair tightly and slowly began to thrust my hips, shoving my cock in and out of her mouth. She took me all in, I could feel my cock slide down her throat as she slammed her face into my pelvic bone over and over again. She reached under her self and started massaging her clit.

She was moaning hard as I kept slamming my cock in her mouth. The thought of sitting in the office having her suck my cock took me to the edge of orgasm.

She continued to moan over my cock. I was almost about to cum, but she kept her mouth on my hard cock. With one hand, she began to jerk my cock up and down.

Faster and faster and faster and faster. I was feeling the pressure of orgasm building in my balls. Again she increased intensity of her sucking. I moaned “I am . about . to cum” She went into a frenzied sucking of my cock like it was the last cock she would ever have.

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My cock swelled up. "I'm cuuuummming" I said. I felt the cum easing its way up my shaft. I blew my load into her mouth. As my cum filled her mouth she swished it around my cock. I have never felt this before, it felt just like a pussy afterwards.

She kept my cock and the cum in her mouth and when I pulled out she sucked all the juices from my cock shaft all the way up. She hungryly swallowed it down and had drops of cum on her breasts and around her mouth.