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Big taco solo slut dildofucking her ass
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New Years Eve (New) It was Saturday, New Years Eve, I was kind of wonder what Tina was doing tonight. I should have called her, but I did not. I have not spoken to her since our Christmas Day get together. I tried once but there was no answer to my phone call, and I never called back. It was 4 p.m. and I was thinking on what to have for dinner.

I also was jtbp lexi diamond from all american cheerleaders ready to watch some college football on the television. Suddenly the doorbell rang, causing the stupid dog to bark his fool head off.

Wondering whom the hell would come over at this time of day, I went to answer the door. By habit I turned on the outside light and looked through the door window to see who it was, and to my surprise it was Tina standing there looking at me through the door window.

"Hi come on in," I said as I open the door for her. "Hi thank you," She said as she flashed me that smile that would warm mom gtoffice tjob than officer gat sex mom heart on a cold winters day. "Here let me take your coat," I said to her. She took her coat off, and she looked awesome. She was wearing a short black dress that came down to her mid thighs. It was very low cut, showing a fair amount of cleavage.

Black nylon stockings, and black high heels, completed the outfit. She was wearing the diamond pendant, and earrings that I gave her for Christmas. "You look absolutely gorgeous," I told her with my mouth hanging wide open. "Thank you very much." She replied to my compliment. Let me tell you a little about Tina. She is about 5'6" has blonde hair, blue eyes, a beautiful body, great breast 36 C I think, a slender waist, nice ass and legs. She is extremely attractive, and would put most women in their early 40's to shame, even though she is close to 55.

We walked through the kitchen into the dinning room, where I put her coat over the back of a dinning room chair. "What are you doing out this way, you're a long way from home?" I asked as I smiled at her. "Well um um um I was wondering if you um have any plans for tonight?" she asked me slightly embarrassed. "Well not really, I was going to watch football tonight." I informed her.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked her. She kind of look down at the floor for a moment, and back at me, "well maybe dinner and a movie or something like that," she said softly.

I stepped forward and gave her a hug and a soft kiss on the lips, " I would love to spend the evening with you." She gave a little shiver, and big exhale, and looked at me smiling. "I was nervous asking if you wanted to go out tonight." "What would you have done if I already had a date, or had a woman here with me?" I teased her with a mischievous smile on my face.

"O golly I never really gave that a thought." She said with an odd look on her face. "What say we go to Red Lobster for dinner, and out to the theater to see a movie?

" I asked her. "That sounds great," she said warmly to me. Then I looked up to see what movies were playing and at what time. We chose Larry Crowne, with Tom Hanks, and Julie Roberts as the two stars in it. It started at 7:15 and got done at 9:30. I need to get ready for dinner, so I excused myself to shave, shower, and get dress. Which never takes a man long to do those things. She was dressed up, so I got out my dark blue tie and light blue dress shirt, black dress pants and dark blue sweater vest, and my good dress boots.

I put on my best cologne, and went out for her inspections.

"You look very handsome, and I will be very happy to be your date for the night." She said with a sexy smile. We left the house and drove over to Red Lobster getting there around 5:00, ordered a drink, and was seat by 5:15 finishing our drink. The waitress came over and refilled our drink order, and then took our dinner orders. Tina orders a cup of erotic asian babe gives her client a rubdown chowder, Chesapeake shrimp with crab, cole slaw, and vegetable.

I had a cup of clam chowder, white fish(wood fire grilled), cole slaw, and wild rice pilaf. We had a great dinner, and the company was lovely. Before we knew it, it was 6:45 p.m.

and time to go. I paid the bill, and we got into the car, and headed to the theater. The movie is a romantic comedy, which is not my favorite, but she loved it, and that is all that matter. It was ok, and I always like the two stars in the movie.

I went and got the car, we stopped at the local bar, for a couple of drinks, and then we headed back to my place to bring in the New Year. We got to my house and she went to her car and got out a small travel bag, and we entered the house. "I would like to change my clothes, where can I do it?" She asked me. I took her down the hallway to the spare bedroom various positions during wild sex smalltits homemade opened the closet for her, "here you can use this closet, there are plenty of hangers here for you." I told her with a kiss.

I went into my bedroom and stripped and put on just an extra long tee shirt. I turned the bed spread, and blankets down. I stopped in the computer room and grabbed a cd of ABBA hits(I knew she really like that group), and put it into the boom box in the living room. I shut the lights off and turned on the fireplace. I just got to the couch with the blanket over the bottom half of me when I heard the bedroom door open. She came into the living room by the fireplace and did a little pirouette in front of me.

WOW she looked extremely sexy, she had on a red satin nightie type shirt with just one button to hold it shut, and not doing a very good job. Her breast were all but spilling out of it, and red satin bikini panties. I was instantly hard, glad I took a blue pill when we got home to help with tonight's activities.

"What do you think?" she asked me with a very seductive smile. "Wow you look red hot to me." I answered the best I could. She saunters her way over to the couch, and laid right on top of me, and rubbed her self over my hard cock.

Reema khan xxx story boy saw her smile, as I knew she felt my rock hard shaft. "This is the way it should be," I said to her in a soft way. "What do you mean," She responded quickly? "You laying here in my arms wearing a sexy nightie, listen to ABBA, and watching the fire in the fireplace." I whispered into her ear. She snuggled up into my arms, and softly kissed my ear, and just sighed. "It does feel so good to me to be here in your arms, safe and sound." She breathed into my ear.

We shifted around a bit, and I moved down some, and twisted on my side so she was against the back of the couch.

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Soon we were kissing and I undid the button on her nightie, letting her breast fall out. I quickly cupped one of her perfect mounds in my hand. Slowly massage her breast and nipple, as our tongues were intertwined together in our passionate bina marji ke jabardasth sex. "Shall we retire to the bedroom, my queen?" I asked as I kissed her lips softly. She just nodded her head yes. I got up first, and she noticed really quickly that I was bare from the waist down.

"Why you're naked," she exclaimed as she reached for my pecker, and gave it a quick stroke. I got up and shut off the music and turned off the fireplace, and we walked down the hallway to my bedroom.

Where we both stripped off what little clothes we had on. She gave me a kiss, and I swept her right off her feet and carried her to my bed. We lay there for a while just kiss and our tongues were dancing together in our mouths. I was gently playing with her boobs and nipples. I could feel the bumps on her areolas, as I increased the pressure on her nipples. Her breathing became a little more laborious, as her excitement between her legs increased.

I worked my head down her neck with kisses and soft bites, till I got to her boobs. I started to lick her nipples and then I licked the little bumps on her areolas. I took her nipples in my mouth, and softly bit them.

"Do that harder, bite them harder," She purred at me in delight. I took my teeth and lightly raked her nipples. I gave each of them some nice love bits, as I sucked them harder. Her breasts are so nice and soft, and I massage them gently, pushing her nipples deeper into my mouth, and I continued to inhale on her rock hard nipples, trying to deep throat them.

I could hear her breath coming in gasping pants. As I was sucking on her nipples, my hand was busy in her slippery slit. I rubbed her slit back and forth, getting my finger well coated with her love juices. I then rubbed her star hole coating it with her juices. When it was really wet, I then penetrated her lubricated star hole up to my first knuckle of my index finger.

I worked her star hole with my finger, and I could feel her arousal, as her breathing got deeper. I invaded her wet slit with my thumb, as I rubbed both holes, I could feel my thumb and index finger between that thin wall of flesh that separated her two holes.

I could hear her breath catch, as her excitement built toward an orgasm. She gave a sharp gasp and grabbed the pillow and put it over her face, as she screamed loudly into it. I removed my thumb, and inserted my fingers into her love canal, rotating them around and around as fast as I could inside of her.

I could feel her thrust her pelvic up into my fingers. I reached up with my index finger and hit her sensitive G-spot on her vagina, causing her flinch and raise her hips up. "Keep your finger right there and rub that spot harder," She said to me as she exhaled deeply. I kept rubbing that G-spot hard as I could, till my finger got tired.

I moved over and attacked her clitoris. I popped it out in an engorged state. "O Godddddd I am sooo close to cuming, " She cried out in a voice full of sexual passion. She locked her legs against my hand and filled my palm full of her hot cream. I pulled my hand free, and brought it up to my face and licked it clean of her juices. My God she tasted good. I moved my face down to her bare slit, as she parted her legs wide for me to have better access. I started to lap up the honey dew on her outer lips.

I parted her lips, and struck gold, her pussy was soaking wet with her cum, and I shes a waitress at my favorite cafe up as much as I could.

I pushed her lips up to get better access to her clitoris. I licked and sucked on it, and then I flicked it a few times with my tongue, and then softly bit it with my teeth. That caused her to buck her hips, and she howled out in pleasure. I sucked and licked her pussy and clitoris, till her orgasm exploded in a blast of her honey juices, drenching my face, as I tried to drink it all down.

"OOOO I am so ready, please do me now," She begged me, as she pulled me up to her face and kissed her cum off me.

"Do you want me to fuck you now with my cock?" I asked her, as I kissed her back. "Yes Yes please fuck me now with your hard cock." She pleaded with me. I mounted her, with her legs wide apart, and I gently rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit, causing her to squirm. I kept tormenting her with my cock, slowly inserting my mushroom head into her pussy till the head was in, and then I pulled it back and continued to rub her slit. I did this over and over, till she was begging me to fuck.

"Quite teasing me and stick your cock into me." She commanded me.

"Say please fuck me." I countered as I was waiting for the clock to strike 12 midnight. There is an old say that what you are doing at midnight is what you will do all year long.

I wanted to make sure that I would be fucking her all year long. "PLEASE FUCK ME. NOW!!!!!" She yelled at me.

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I jammed my cock into her as hard and deep as I could, and left it deep inside for her to adjust to it. I had her legs over both of my shoulders, and then I split them apart, and I pounded her pussy with my rock hard missile. With each thrust I made, I could hear her grunt in pleasure.

Finally I could feel my nuts start to cook. "I am almost there, fuck me harder, make me cum, " She moaned in ecstasy. Her whole body shook, as she exploded into a major orgasm.

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I held her tight as I fill her pussy with my white cream, squirt after squirt went deep into her pussy. When I finished cuming into her, it was like I just over filled her gas tank, as my cum was running out the pussy. "Wow that was awesome, you're a great lover. My insides are still flip flopping around in there.

I must have cumed 3-4 times. God I feel.I feel so sexual fulfilled. " She xx story ebony film star herheroine still gasping and panting for breath. "Honey it takes two, to have good sex, and make passionate love, and we are very compatible. " I said in a very contented voice.

She gave me a kiss, and snuggled into my arms. I closed my eyes for a second, and the next thing I know it is 7:30 a.m., and I looked over and she is still in my arms. I don't think we moved all night long. I disengaged myself from her and went to the bathroom to take a piss.

I laid back down and next thing I know there is a strange feeling going on with my pecker. I look down and see this blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock. I laid back down and watched her, as I enjoyed the sensual feeling of my cock being sucked.

She had my cock in her mouth sucking away, and then she spit it out and started to lick the shaft down the cum tube, right down to my shaved sack. She gave each nut a nice bath with her tongue and mouth. She then licked back up the cum tube to my mushroom head, licking the underside of it, and then she lightly rake her teeth over it, cause shivers to run down my back. She licked the head of my cock, and my eruption tube exit hole with the tip of her tongue. Then she started to take me fully in her mouth, I could hear her gag a couple of times, till I was fully imbedded in her throat, and her nose was rubbing my shaved pubic area.

She deep throated me a few times with a swallowing action. It was not long and my nuts sent a text to my brain, that an eruption was about to occur, as my cum tube and exit hole expanded to prepare for my flow of hot cum to released. I gave a big groan and shot my load deep into her throat.

I could hear her gag for a couple of seconds, and then she sucked me dry, and cleaned my cock off. "How did I do?" she asked as she crawled up to me, with mischievous look in her blue eyes, and her breath smelling like my cum. Now just how karissa kane and her stepbros jizz meetup in the shower you answer that question.