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Footjob loving amateur teen strokes cock reality
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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes "Anne" Anne rested her elbows on the dinning room table, with her head resting in cupped hands, mother had been arguing for what seemed hours, these petty arguments were getting her down. It seemed that they started whenever she returned from college. Still it was all over now, she'd just the wait before university. Her parents could still be heard curvy teacher natasha nice gets good dicking the library, it seemed as if the argument would never end.

"What's up Sis, you look as if as if you could burst into tears, can't be that bad surely!" He brother sniggered, placing himself on the chair opposite. Anne and Billy were the only children in the family, in saying that Anne was adopted, when Brian and Wendy thought, they'd not be able to start a family; they decided to adopt Anne when she was about three years old. Anne was from a mixed racial marriage, unwanted by her mother.

However she bonded with the Brownlow's straight away, Wendy was a local G.P, whilst Brian was in partnership, with a law firm in London's West End. Her mother's brother, Uncle Ronny worked locally chyanne jacobs loves a big black cock lived with them, Anne had always got on with her uncle he was always ready for a cuddle from her.

"It's Mum, she at it again! I can't handle this all the time. I'm thinking of moving to London" Anne implied with tearful eyes "They'll do their nut!" Billy informed her. "You'll say nothing!" Anne snapped, "That's all I want is you to side with them" "Then it will cost you, cost you highly!" Billy grinned.

"You'll get cost me! You just stay out of it!" "I mean it!" Billy said in an alarming, but convincing tone "You and who else! Just stay out of my business, just keep your mouth shut!" "Sorry I'm always covering for you, now it's pay back time!" Billy said sneeringly.

"What have I got that you could want? Anne asked. "You go and play with your mates!" "In that case I will…have my bonus, I'll see you later, if you don't pay up then I'll blurt out to all" Billy left the table and departed without another word, just a silly grin over his shoulder. Anne thought to herself, yes he'd covered for her on loads of circumstances, but what could he want. She just had to get away from the house, she knew Billy could make it tricky for her should he have the mind; he was Mum's pride and joy.

Anne left the Dinning room and made her way upstairs to her bedroom, she felt tired, the commotion and arguing, enough was enough. Lying out on he bed thoughts of moving went through her head, yes London seemed fine, a big city to get lost in, her thoughts came and went, in her daydreams. Oh it's you! What do you want now? Anne quizzed turning as Billy came in the bedroom door. "Packing already then?" Billy saw that she'd a small suitcase on the before her, folding her clothes neatly into it.

"You aren't going to say anything are you Billy?" "Depends!" He smiled, squatting down beside the case. "Look, what have I got that you'd want?" Anne stepped back from the bed; she couldn't help but to notice his eye on the front of her dressing gown, realising she'd not buttoned it up after her bath, she reached up pulling it back together.

"Ever had sex!" asked Billy bluntly, without taking his eyes off the front of her gown. "Billy, what are you on about?" "I asked you a question, have you ever had sex?" "I don't think it's the sort of thing that you should be talking about, especially to me!" "You're my sister aren't you, what better person.

You might be able to help me!" "In what way pray?" Anne moved back to the bed, placing some more items into the case. "Well, there's this girl who wants sex with me, yes, before you ask, I fancy her something rotten, but by all accounts she likes a bit of muff diving first, or so I've heard.

What I want to know is…have you ever had it done!" "Billy, its not nice to talk about things like that!" "For God's sake Anne! Help me out here!" "Yes, yes I've had it done, so where does that get you?" Billy smiled up to her, putting his hand gently on her wrist as she reach toward the case. "So what actually is muff diving?" "Christ, you ask some uncomfortable questions, how am I supposed to answer that?" "Well, did you enjoy it, how's it done.

I mean what in reality is muff diving?" There was a hint of excitement in Billy's voice. "Billy for Christ's sake, yes I did enjoy it, a man does it with his tongue, between a woman's legs" "Now we're getting somewhere, would you let me try it!" Billy moved to the edge of the bed opening her dressing gown slightly revealing her inner thighs "Billy!" Anne stepped back quickly.

"What do you think you're doing?" She gently pulled the gown back across her legs. "Let you try it, heavens Billy. D'you know what your asking of me?" "That's my payment for not telling Mum and Dad!" "Well you've another think coming.

No way!" "See you down stairs then!" Billy stood and ambled toward the bedroom door. "Billy, you wouldn't…would you?" Billy twisted back to look at her; hesitating for a moment "As I said Sis you owe me" he then edged toward the door again.

"Billy wait! Have you ever been with a girl before?" Anne asked, slowly turning and sitting onto the bed. "No!" "Come back here!" Billy walked back with a grin on his face, and stood before her. "Well, open your legs then! I know you've got no knickers on!" Billy had a silly grin on his face; she knew he meant business.

"God, your bloody forward!" She wasn't too sure of herself, she could only go by hearsay, her own knowledge was nil, she'd heard of muff diving, but as to experiencing it, that was a different matter. "Don't just sit there then, open!" Unhurriedly Anne lie back onto the bed, with her legs dangling over the edge, divulging her pussy very gingerly.

Billy stood above her, mesmerized by the sight. Although her father was coloured, her skin was a bronze shade, not to dark, bestowing her that natural sun tanned look, with hair waist length a black velvet colour spreading about her slender body, breasts, firm and self standing with darkened nipples. Pussy with just a smidgen of dark hair, the outer lips still as new, folded firmly together with the tell tale peak, cute luscious bitch gets hard cock in hands pornstar hardcore hiding the intricate bud beneath.

"God Sis, that looks good enough to eat. So what am I supposed to do with it then?" His eyes glued toward her pussy. Anne laughed at his clarification. "You can lick me but that's all, put you're tongue in drag it out slowly, lifting it as you go!" Spreading her gown to the sides of her legs, she leaned back onto the bed.

"I'd sooner you avoid eating it though!" she smiled up to him. Billy kneeled down between her open legs, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth before leaning forward nudging his head up toward her pussy. Anne was amazed as to the feeling he administered upon her, considering that he knew nothing about the technique; she lay with her arms to either side kneading the bedcovers with her long fingers.

Anne had recognized her attraction to the opposite sex, but never dwelling on it; she'd friends at college who considered themselves as prick teasers. Although she envied them when they familiarised her with their deeds, she'd not even had as much as a finger. Playing with her hairbrush appeared to give her a modest amount of gratification. However, the sensation that Billy was bestowing on her was sensational, she wondered if he wasn't the expert, and that he'd lied to her; she whimpered as he lifted her clit with the tip of his tongue, jiggling it sensuously.

Billy had the aroma of her pussy within his nostrils, even though she'd not long stepped from the shower; rivulets of juices seeped leisurely down inside her virginal passageway collecting on the tip of his tongue, his taste buds relished the instant tang sending a forced bloodstream down to his undeveloped cock, gradually filling the vast capillary of tiny veins within, allowing it to thicken strengthening its outward appearance. In Billy's mind Anne was probably practised in sex, with her looks why shouldn't she be; his hand went down unbuckling his belt, then easing the top of his trousers allowing them to sink to his knees; his innocent manhood sprung above the waistband; often he'd played, or perhaps in his mind toyed with it, yes he'd cum.

But dare he, what would she say, guilt filled his mind, never would he outshine her previous lovers, his cock was that of a mere lad. Anne still lie back, moaning with the pleasure, unaware of the cock now swinging wildly between them both. Billy took her legs placing them up onto the edge of bed before him, slowly moving up her body toward her breasts, nibbling each nipple in turn, whilst his finger found her damp pussy, sliding it in very gently.

A rush went through Anne's tiny frame; even her toes tingled. "God Billy, what are you doing to me?" Billy felt in one way that he was fulfilling his wildest dream; she was getting pleasure from him. But did she react to all her lovers in this way; his cock ached with the sound of her words, she hadn't flinched by his movement along her body.

He reached down clasping his cock; recognizing his next intention would either make him or break him, would she except blonde beauty tiffany watson gets fucked and creamed rebel, lashing out at him.

It was a chance he'd to take; she'd had lovers, no reason to dillydally, this was a moment his waited to long for. She owed him, straight in; he could sense the event, holding his cock firmly sensing it throb in his hand; he knew it was now or never. Anne sat bolt upright, nearly pushing Billy off the bed.

"Jesus Christ!" She yelled, snatching to catch her breath. To Anne's pussy, it was like as if she'd had a telegraph livegonzo peaches and bambi euro teen lesbians stuck up her, he'd forced himself straight up, no ifs or buts straight in. Although his cock was somewhat under developed to her it felt gigantic. Billy was quite proud, knowing that his breathtaking slim girl gets her yummy pussy and tiny anal plowed had awakened her sexual senses, but didn't realise as to how much his abruptness had hurt her.

"Sorry Sis; I didn't mean to hurt you!" "Hurt me…Christ, you could have warned me, how come its some bloody big?" Anne slowly lowered herself back down on the bed; as Billy started to pitch slowly in and out of her, never had he realised the sensation would be anything like this, she was very constricted to begin with, gradually her juices started to surge.

Her eyes fixed on his, this was not as she'd expected it, although the enjoyment was there, she still sensed the initial pain, not believing our lovers deep throat with nerd glasses tube porn be so brutal, with the magnitude of cock that he must have, little by little she become accustomed to the gentle rhythmic stokes, her mind was in a whirl, she closed her eyes, excepting the new experiences flowing through her body.

Uncle Ronny was walking down the hallway outside Anne's bedroom at this time, hearing her initial cry, he'd opened the door slightly, seeing the orgasmic display before him he could but stand and watch. Billy suddenly became aware of his presence in the doorway. Ron put his hand up toward his lips, as if to hush Billy, then beckoned him toward him. Billy leaned forward kissing Anne gently on the lips, he knew he was in for trouble, but if it were humanely possible to keep Anne out of it he would make it so.

"Stay where you are I'll be back in a few moments!" He whispered down to her, slowly he withdrew from her, raising his trousers as he walked toward the door. Ron opened it wide allowing him through, once arousing schlong sucking pleasures hardcore and blowjob the hallway he put his arm onto Billy's shoulder.

"What in hell's name is your father going to say about this then?" Ron quizzed. "You'll not tell him!" Billy replied without looking up to his uncle. "To bloody true Awesome hot body sexy ass nice tits am!" "It's only just happened!" "Likely tale, what the way she's enjoying it!" Ron snapped.

"Uncle I'd do anything; Dad will do his crust should he finds out!" Billy whimpered. Ron had lusted after Anne for months; her young body was a real turn on. He opened the door a jar, viewing back in the room toward her, she was still laying on her back, legs apart, breasts jutting into the air.

This was too much for Ron. "I'll do a deal with you! Let me take over; and we'll say no more about it!" "That's not possible!

She'd not except that!" Billy stammered, looking back into the room through the jar of the door. "Look!" Ron pulled the bandanna he wore around his neck. "Tell her that you want to blindfold her!" He handed the bandanna toward Billy Taking it from Ron's hand; then looked up to him. "D'you think she'll buy the idea?" "Believe me; she'll love it!" Billy walked back toward the bed in a cautious manner, not knowing for sure as to whether Anne would accept the idea of being blindfolded.

Ron watched attentively from the doorway as she helped Billy fasten the bandanna around her head. As she lie back; Ron sneaked into the room and stood before her open legs, his hands going straight to waist of his trousers dropping them to the floor.

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Billy couldn't believe the sheer size of his uncle's cock against his own Ron dragged Billy to his side whispering in his ear "Stay close…she speaks you answer okay?" Billy nodded in agreement and moved in closer. Ron placed his hand down to her pussy, fingering her soothingly collecting her juices then smearing it along his cock. Billy observed taking in his actions; Ron reached forward placing one hand down beside whilst holding his cock in the other, easing it forward up to her pussy.

His only hope was that Billy had made her wet enough, as long as he'd be able to get the bulbous head in from there it would be plain sailing. Anne moaned as he rolled the head against her pussy lips, moments later she sensed the spread as he leaned gently on it. "Billy, Christ! What have you done?" Anne asked softly, without moving, her fingers just gripping the bedding a little tighter. Ron turned toward Billy nodding down to her. "Just relax, it'll be fine!" Billy replied to cerita sex ngentot ibu ibu question; his uncle smiled back to him with another nod.

Ron could feel the tightness of her inner walls; gradually easing his cock in and out, the feeling was sensual, like never before. Anne moaned loudly, getting pleasure from the additional breadth of her uncle's organ as he eased her legs up under her chin, as if preparing her for more inner gratification. Billy glanced downwards viewing the rich pallid juices along Ron's cock as Anne's inner fluids infused to its thickness.

As Ron started to pump his cock into her, Anne gave out cries of absolute ecstasy, never would she have thought her brother was so proficient with his sexual performance. She arched her back as the first orgasm came, Ron fucked her through it as she twisted and turned beneath him. Billy could but watch in utter amazement, rubbing the length of his inadequate cock as he scrutinized his uncle's performance. Ron's bollocks felt tense, he'd not long; t'would be pointless handing her back to Billy now, she experience nothing from him, he was uncertain, but his inner feeling took over, he fucked her deep and fast.

Anne felt the rush, as he crammed his immeasurable cock into her fully, downloading his thick syrupy seed deep inside.

Slowly he withdrew pinching his cock between his fingers squeezing them downward assuring he'd drained completely. He looked toward Billy; motioning him to take up his position, Ron moved away slowly heading for the bedroom door.

Anne sat up as Billy removed the blindfold then looked at him with a look of gratification. "Never would I have thought it could be that good?" she smiled, reaching forward taking his hand.

"You've really opened my eyes!" Billy looked down at her bloated pussy, thick globules of his uncle's spunk gradually seeped from its open lips. "Really!" smiled Billy, feeling somewhat gutted. "Would you like more?" "To true, but we'd better wait till later" As Anne moved to sit her pussy gave out a loud gargle as spunk belched out of it.

"Christ!" she giggled, reaching across to the case grabbing a pair of panties drawing them up her legs as quickly as she could. "You're a messy boy aren't you?" Anne stood putting her arm around his shoulder. "So now we're quits then?" "Nope! Like I said, I want it once more" Billy implied, knowing that as yet, he'd had sweet fuck all of her.

"Isn't that somewhat greedy, I mean look at the mess I'm already in?" Anne went to step forward away from the bed, heading for her wardrobe, there was an additional boisterous belch from between her thighs. With the support of her panties, she felt the sudden feeling of wetness between her legs. "Christ! How much more, I think we'd better call it a day at this rate!" Anne didn't know whether to sit or stand.

"We'll get back downstairs or Mum and Dad will sense something is wrong, hopefully the argument is over by now". Ron was sitting in an armchair in the lounge when they came into the room; looking up as they entered. "So what have you two been up to then?" He quizzed with a smile directed at Billy.

"Here! Come sit on Uncles knee then" Holding out his hand out toward Anne. This was more than she dared to do in her present condition, as much as she loved her uncle, the last thing she wanted for him to have a lap full. "Have to find Mother, I should be back soon!" Anne left quicker than she'd entered the room. "Well! Honour amongst gentlemen then!" Ron smiled to Billy. "We'll do that as often as you want, I'd like to thank you for your collaboration, we'll go far!

I've waited months to get my cock into her" Billy wasn't amused by his jovial invitation; he'd also waited ravishing phoenix marie gets screwed really hard schemed, even so, he'd learnt from his uncle's aggression, Anne seemed to like the roughness of his fucking.

He'd have to have her before she left, but how would she feel after a cock like his uncles so long and fat; it looked gigantic against his own. He'd have hoped that she'd have refused to take it, and as to blowing a load like that up her, that took the biscuit. No way could he have followed him; and well he should have known it.

Ron noticed the look of apprehension on Billy's face and smiled to himself. But he still required Billy, should he endeavour to fuck her again; she was an excellent little fuck. Billy did however get his opportunity the next morning. He'd crept into her bedroom sliding in beside her. "So when are you leaving then?" His hand went between her legs as he spoke, stroking her inner thighs. "What are you doing?" Anne said with an element of surprise in her voice, as she sensed his probing finger.

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"Was what we agreed, I'll have you now! You know you enjoyed it before!" Billy pushed his finger straight up inside before she could respond, noting that her pussy was back to its usual size.

"You'd better be quick then, and don't hurt me like you did yesterday" Anne turned onto her back opening her legs, instantly Billy clambered between, pushing his cock straight up her. Anne clutched tightly to his shoulders, waiting for the sudden pain, or sense of fullness, which never came. Billy fucked her as hard as could, mimicking his uncles stokes, she was tight, but nowhere near as taut as she was on his first attempt, never the less it felt good.

"So what's changed? Do it like you did yesterday; only don't leave me alexis texas fuck peter north such a mess!" Anne sensed his cock, it felt fine when he'd initially forced it up her, but now she could hardly feel a thing.

"Get that blindfold, and do what you did before!" Anne whispered If anyone felt inadequate Billy did, he was fucking her like there was no tomorrow with no avail. He himself couldn't feel that much. "What in hells name had their uncle done to her?" He wondered. Soon he blew his load, but that only made matters worse, her pussy had become unlike a jar of squelched worms. It wasn't until dinner time that Wendy, Anne's mother had noticed her disappearance, what made matters worse was that she'd found the pair of panties that Anne had worn the previous night.

Noting as to the state they were in, the gusset was riddled with spunk, with a hint of blood. "She's been raped and kidnapped.

Our baby!" Wendy shouted as she ran down the stairway. "Whatever's all the commotion?" Ron asked coming out of the study. "It's Anne; she's been raped, now she's missing, more than likely kidnapped for all we know!" "Wendy, for God's sake settle down!

What do you mean raped, if she's not here how do you know that for sure?" "I'm a woman, I can tell!" "Meaning what, exactly?" Ron quizzed. "It's a woman's thing for Christ sake; I know! Now where is William?" William, Wendy's husband was out in the garage "Tending his car in the garage", Ron informed her.

"Will you go and get him, I'll ring the police!" "I'd see what William has to say before you go ahead with that, there could be a simple explanation to all this!" Ron replied.

William came running back into the house, finding Wendy in the hallway with the phone in her hand; he took the phone from and replaced it gently onto the bracket. "Now…what the hell is all this about Anne being kidnapped?" He asked. "It's not just that; she's been raped as well!" Wendy cried out. "Come with me I'll prove it to you!" Wendy scurried toward the stairs William following in fast pursuit, when they got to the top of the stairs Wendy went into the laundry room, pulling the pair of Anne's knickers out of the basket.

"Look see for yourself?" she held the panties up opening them so William could see the gusset. He could see the thick cum smothered across it. "It doesn't mean she's been raped, for Christ sake woman!" "Then who's been here to do this to her, she's but a baby!" Wendy sat down on the stool and wept.

"If she'd have been raped…d'you think she have taken her knickers off and placed them in the laundry basket!" William quizzed. "Well, if that's so, who's done this to her. Nobody has been here to my knowledge. Whoever it was must have wanted her real bad to make this sort of mess!" Wendy determined.

At that moment Billy came in the laundry room handing his father a note. "Found this downstairs in the lounge, it was propped up on the mantelpiece!" Billy looked at the black silk panties in Wendy's hand, identifying them from the previous evening.

"She's done a runner!" William handed Wendy the note. She read the letter over twice then looked at William. "We have to contact the police, she could be anywhere by now?" "For Christ sake Wendy! She's her own boss now, she can go wherever she wants!" "What's happening?" Ron asked his head in the doorway. "I thought she'd been raped with the mess vocaloid cosplay sex hatsune miku knickers are in.

But she's left a note saying she's gone to London, God! D'you think she'll be alright William?" Wendy raised the corner of xxx story sunny leonard h d handkerchief up, wiping a tear from her eye. Ron could see the thick sticky substance inside the panties that Wendy was holding. "So what do you think about these?" Wendy pushed the soiled panties toward William. "She's a teenage girl for God's sake, you can expect that kind of thing!" "Here in our own home.

Who could it be, no one has been here!" Ron shook his head and left the room, but his thoughts were with Anne and the fucking he'd given her, could one imagine otherwise she was drop dead gorgeous, anyone in there right mind would give her one, cumming buckets, it was only to be expected. PART TWO By the time Anne had got to London, she was shattered; she couldn't understand her father making the trip every day.

She got off the mainline train heading then headed for the tube station, collecting a ticket to Oxford Street. She's selected this area of London as friends from college lived there.

The train was stuffy, mostly underground, thankfully her case didn't take up to much room and it was easy to carry. Being Saturday, they're were no crowds; just her gorgeous african lesbians love toying their sweet assholes about three other people in the carriage, one being the man sitting opposite her.

Anne had a thing about short skirts; she hated trousers and jeans, shorts weren't too bad.

It was obvious that the man had a clear mental picture up under her skirt; problem was she'd leaked from Billy lovemaking earlier, not being to sure whether or not it was noticeable from his position. She felt somewhat uncomfortable at the notion, lifting her case, propping it onto her lap, in hope that it would obscure his vision. When the train stopped at her station he leaned forward giving her a business card.

"They're a beautiful colour Miss; anytime you'd like to remove them for me, please don't hesitate to call me. I'm sure we can come to some arrangement?" He smiled, tucking the card into the top of Anne's case. Anne was dumbfounder by his statement, but had forgotten it by the time she'd reached street level. Oxford Street was very busy when she arrived, it had just started to rain, suddenly it started to pour down, and people were running everywhere for cover.

Finding a teashop, Anne went in, for shelter mostly, she'd managed to find a table by the window. It was nice to sit away from the maddening crowds. "I'm sorry to any trouble, would you mind if I joined you as there are no seats left with the rush in from the storm!" Anne looked up from the table; a young girl in her late teens was standing holding a tray.

She looked around the tearoom, yes she was right it was full, Anne hadn't notice, to pre-occupied looking out of the window. "Why yes, sorry I was miles away there for a minute" Anne replied with a smile.

"Do please sit down" The girl placed her tray on the table removing the contents then sat. "I think it caught everyone by surprise!" she look out of the window, people were still rushing to and fro. "Are you new in town?" "Yes, only this morning, how did you guess that?" Anne smiled as she lifted her cup.

"The case mainly, where are you stopping?" The girl pointed down at Anne's small case beside the table as she spoke. "I'm Romay by the way" she held her hand across the table toward Anne. "Anne…Anne Brownlow, I'm from Cambridge!" Anne smiled taking her hand. "So where are you stopping Anne?" "At present know where, I've only just arrived, I have big booty ebony bitch is one hell of a sex slave have a look around, it started to rain so I nipped in here!" "Well I don't know for sure, but I'm convinced there is an apartment vacant where I live!" Anne knew she was in the Oxford Street area, but she was looking for a flat not an apartment, she'd only had limited funds, an apartment she'd never be able to afford.

Especially in this area "I'm looking for a flat really, I don't think I could afford an apartment. Well not yet anyway!" "You'd be surprised, the landlord only lives next door to me, I'll give him a ring!" It was a few moments before the phone was answered. Romay seemed quite chatty, as if she got on quite well with him. "Yes as I said, there is one vacant. They've only just been revamped, really lovely inside, you'll have to come and see for yourself.

Paul and Stewart are lovely old guys!" "Paul and Stewart?" Anne mused. "Sorry, yes they are the landlords, as I say they live next door. Into making some kind of films I think, by all accounts they distribute worldwide. They're not short of a few bob I can tell you!" Romay chuckled. "But an apartment! Really I don't think I could afford that, Where is it?" "Just around the corner from here!" "But the cost, I mean an apartment?" "They're only £10 ($17) a week, well at least mine is!" Romay smiled.

"That's ludicrous, who in their right mind would charge a measly sum like that for an apartment here in the West End. It must be a special price for you?" "Drink your tea up, we'll go and have a look. You might even like it?" Romay lifted her cup to her mouth draining the dregs from her cup.

Anne stood back looking up at the building when they both alighted from the taxi. "Here, grab skinny asian teen has her pussy drilled case, what do you think?" Anne grabbed her case and made up the steps.

"Well come on then, have a look at mine before you make up your mind!" Romay chuckled Inside was all done out in Georgian style, beautiful to say the least. Teen biatch mila marx enjoyed creampies after getting fucked Romay opened the door to her apartment Anne was dumbfounded, it was exquisite, beautiful carpets, the furniture was spectacular, beautiful drapes at the windows, with mirrors everywhere.

"God! This place is a Palace! You can't be paying a mere £10 a week for this?" Anne considered. Placing her case down Anne walked around the rooms taking note of the graceful way that everything was laid out; even the bathroom was out of this world.

"But how! How can they afford to let you rent this for such a low price?" "I take it that you like it then?" "Like it, you have to be joking. I love it!" "Come on…we'll go and see Stewart!

See what he has to say; he's a lovely old chap don't worry if he looks at you in a funny way, he means no harm" Romay moved toward the front door. "Leave your case, we'll come back for that. I'm sure you'll be living here very soon" Both were very soon on the step of next door; each of the houses in the street we're huge Anne stepped back as Romay rang the bell.

She was surprised when door was opened. "Miss Romay, Mr Simond's said you'd be calling, do please come in!" The man was dressed in what looked like a morning suit. Anne smiled to herself as they followed the gentleman down the long passageway. "Who's he?" She whispered.

"That's Clarence, he's the butler!" Romay replied with a smile, mimicking the butler's walk.

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As they entered a large room, the butler stepped to one side, allowing the girls to pass him. "Ah…it's Romay, do come in.

Thank you Clarence, can you bring some tea?" The butler nodded and retreated from the room. "Stewart this is Anne!" Romay turned towards Anne as she spoke. "She's looking for somewhere to stay. I've shown her over my apartment and she fell in love with it" Anne sensed his eye roving over her body for moments, stationary on her legs below her short skirt. She hated to think as to what was going though his mind. "Sorry…you reminded me of some one I once knew, forgive me for looking so intently at you.

Come sit you down, Clarence will soon be back with tea. So you're Anne then, where are you from pray?" "Cambridge, well just outside to be certain, I arrived in London this morning. I met up with Romay when it started to rain" Stewart turned to the window.

"Thankfully it's stopped now" he smiled. "So you would like one of our apartments!" Anne fidgeted as she became aware of his eyes on her knees. "It will depend on the cost, I've only limited funds, but they are lovely!" She knew Romay had pre-warned her of his looks, so she tried to disregard them. Her mind went back to the man on the train, and as to how he'd scrutinised her. "Then that's settled then!" Stewart remarked, the apartment is yours Anne was taken back by his sudden decision.

"But…you haven't…named the rent required?" Anne faltered. "T'will be the same as Romay, I can't make it any less. Wouldn't be fair would it?" Anne was dumbfounded, not believing her own hearing, thinking that he must be mad. "That will be fine!" Anne replied with a broad grin, looking toward Romay "But you haven't seen it as pretty bitches got wet from dark pounder Romay laughed.

Stewart waved his hand up toward the butler when he re-entered the room with a silver tray. "Put it on the table Clarence, that'll be all thank you!" Clarence placed the tray on the table nodded towards Steward and then left the room. "Nosey old sod, still he's been with us for years!" Stewart chuckled.

"Here help yourselves to tea and biscuits!" Anne couldn't help but fall in love with her apartment, virtually skipping from room to room, at one stage she bent over lifting her skirt displaying her knickers at one of the large mirrors Stewart had already placed himself, behind the monitor screen; he'd not thought that he'd get such a demonstration so soon.

Between Paul and himself they'd wired up the whole of the building with cameras, behind mirrors and in vantage viewpoints in each of the rooms; no movement could be made without it being captured on camera. Their vast income came from the movies they prepared from the sexual antics of the occupants in the five apartments. Anne looked too much like a schoolgirl for him to have missed out, furnishing her by way of accommodation; his brain went like a fruit machine, watching as the bucks went by.

"So you'll take it then?" Romay smiled. "To true, it's magnificent!" Anne continued to search the rooms as she spoke. "All this for just £10 a week, they must be making mega bucks on their films!" "They never talk about it, but I should think you're right!" "How many people live her then?" Anne quizzed. "Seven of us in all, now that you're here!

The bottom apartment has two girls together, the rest are just with girls on their own!" "All girls, why's that! These are big enough for couples surely?" "They don't like couples, people have tried before, and they're against the idea of couples or single men for that matter!" Romay replied. "We can have boyfriends visit; they don't seem to mind that!" "That's something I haven't got!" Anne laughed. "Very soon, I imagine with your looks, plenty of supply here in London, you'll not go short, you can be sure of that!" Once she'd sorted herself out Anne sat down and pondered as to what was happening at home, what had her parents thought, and uncle Ron come to that, she'd liked him, always do anything for her, nothing to much trouble.

Then of course there was Billy, she'd have loved to know why it was so different with him when she had the blindfold on, and maybe it was her mind she speculated. It was a completely different ball game then, and this mornings little episode, she'd felt more or less nothing. When he'd first entered her yesterday; it had stung, almost as if he was splitting her in two, but the second time it felt huge.

But the mess, she hoped that her mother hadn't found the panties she'd put in the basket in the laundry room. Anne placed her hand down underneath her skirt, rubbing herself over the top of her knickers; moisture soon came.

She was apprehensive now; speculating as to when she'd have more, it was fantastic. Appreciative as to why her friends at college were forever speaking of it. Her pussy was getting really damp, she couldn't be certain if it was her thoughts or the soothing of her rubbing. She was brought back to reality when the doorbell rang, jumping up from her chair.

"Hope I'm not disturbing you, I have a date tonight, my boyfriend is coming around, wondered if you'd like him to bring a friend, well it's his brother actually. Blind date if you like, could be fun!" Romay giggled. Anne couldn't have thought of a better introduction to the big city. "Yes, Hot slut gets dominated by some lads go along with that, as you say, it sounds fun!" "I'll pop down the shop; get us some wine, d'you like pizza?" "Quite partial to it actually, can I come with you?" The girls were soon back setting up the lounge ready for the evening, by 7 o'clock Romay had everything set, right down to the music.

The lads turned up on time at 7.30. Anne was somewhat bewildered when they both came in, Romay could only have been in her late teens, however they both looked in their mid forties, her fathers age. Romay introduced them both to her, and then made for the drinks. Sam couldn't believe his luck, viewing Anne before him. Dressed in a mid drift blouse, tied just below her pert breasts, bra-less underneath, a pleated short tartan skirt, with just little white socks and no shoes.

He couldn't think of anything hornier at the time The evening went well, it was only when the two girls were in the kitchen that they really got to talk, the men, they'd stayed in the lounge allowing them to wash up. "You seem to be getting on okay with Sam, what do you think of them?" Romay quizzed. "Yes he's quite a laugh, but don't you think they're a little old for us?" "Anne!

Don't be such a bore, to be honest I find men of my own age to fastidious. How old is the oldest man you've been with?" Anne knew only to well she couldn't…dare not tell her of Billy. She'd surely laugh. "Don't know really 21…25!" Anne didn't want to make it sound, that her lover was too young. "They know nothing at that age, get a man with some mileage under his belt, some one with a bit of know how. Believe me there much more enjoyable, anyway they don't talk" "Where did you meet Sandy then?" "He's a friend of Stewart's next door, I've known him for about six weeks now, comes around every Saturday night" "Stays?" Anne questioned.

"God, yes…I hope your not thinking of sending Sam home?" Stewart and Paul had lined the camera's up around Anne's apartment. Thousands of pounds had been consumed on the appropriate equipment, the cameras could be moved more or less silently, panning every corner; zoom in and out with little effort from floor to ceiling.

The remote control was on the main consol, working each camera from the desk in front of them. "I've yet to see this little angel of yours?" Paul uttered as he adjusted the wiring on the desk. "You've seen nothing yet, we'll make a bomb out of this one. I asked Sandy to take Sam round tonight; everything seems to be going to plan.

I just hope she doesn't kick up when she realised that he's staying the night!" "Sam!" replied Paul. "What wrong with him?" Stewart asked. "Well if this girls as young as you say, he'll more than likely to split her in two!" "Little bit of pain on film, the punters love it!" "Pain you'd call it! Anyone would think he could service the elephants in London Zoo; at least they'd respect him. With a tool like his, most women would run a mile!" "That's if they saw it first, you know how shy Sam is, they feel it before they see it, some of them don't even get the chance to see it!" Stewart laughed.

"Where's she from?" Paul inquired. "Cambridge somewhere, I should imagine from some classy family!" "Why d'you say that?" "Her clothes, her speech, she's some very classy underwear!" "Trust you to notice that! Where are they now?" Paul questioned, thinking they may have all gone out. "In Romay's place!" "Then lets have a look at this so called cherub of yours!" Stewart switched on the camera in Romay apartment panning the rooms.

"There! There she is" Steward zoomed the camera down onto Anne, filling the whole lens. "Christ, she is a little beauty isn't she? He'll bloody destroy her with that cock of his.

You should have picked some one with a more average cock. Look at the way his looking at her, God, he'll fuck the arse of her, and I know I would!" Paul sniggered. "What chances have you got of getting something like that into bed you old fool?" "Saying you wouldn't then?" Paul stammered.

Stewart knew he'd better shut up, there was always a row between them when a new girl arrived on the scene to which of them would ever get to fuck any of the girls. They could but only watch. By the time Paul and Stewart had finished their argument Romay had already taken Sandy to the bedroom.

They looked around the apartment noting that Anne and Sam had left. "Lively then, Sam must have taken her upstairs!" Paul tittered adjusting his camera. Anne, with the wine was a little braver than she'd anticipated; Sam had already poured another glass from the bottle he'd brought up from downstairs.

His eyes were glued to her; he'd had a perpetual hard-on for the last half hour, if he didn't get to fuck her soon, he'd blow his load in his trousers. To fuck with them old codgers next door, he'd fuck as soon as he could get her to the bedroom.

"Nice place you have here!" Sam smiled. "Going to show me around then?" Anne placed her glass down on the mahogany coffee table, and walked wankz fresh year old ava sparxxx st porno him. "What do you want to see then?" "The bedroom sounds like a good idea!" Sam smiled. Anne knew she'd have to give way to him, if not only for Romay's sake but he seemed so old, she could only think of her father when she looked at him.

But as Romay had said, "Who's to know".

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Anyway someone his age, its bound to be shrivelled up, not strong and valiant like Billy's, possibly lasting no more than five minutes. The wine had gone to her head; if she'd been honest with herself she was gagging for it, after this mornings let down. "To hell with it; as Romay had said, who's to know!" She thought.

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bella sexy della porta accanto beautiful girl next door on then, didn't think you London boys went to bed so early?" Anne laughed heading to the bedroom. Anne sat down on the bed when she entered. "Nice don't you think!" holding out her hand as if displaying the room. Sam was far from interested in the décor; he'd seen it all before anyway, he'd done the wallpapering. He sat down alongside her easing her back onto the pillows; his hand went straight to her breast.

Never had he felt anything so firm, Anne put her arms around his neck pulling him down to her, his fingers fumbled with the tiny buttons at the front, but soon her blouse was open, his hand was like a shovel as he scooped her breast kneading it gently before his lips engulfed it. Already the cameras were rolling; neither of them were concerned by the light hum, at present the viewpoint was from the bottom of the bed. "I see what you mean about the underwear, God, how breathtakingly horny, I doubt if her father has seen those?" Paul sniggered.

"What I'd give to be in his place tonight!" Anne opened her legs as she sensed his hand flowing over her skirt, allowing Sam freedom. His chubby fingers found the silky-smooth material, rubbing his index finger lightly over her pussy.

Anne gave a low moan with the pleasure of it. "The bastard!" Paul exclaimed. "Keep your eye on the fucking camera!" Steward blurted out without turning. She could feel Sam's finger tugging at the elastic at the side of the gusset, easing her leg slightly permitting entrance. His finger was chunky as he eased up to her delicate fissure, she'd already become juicy.

Sam's cock pulsated sensing the moist feeling, lifting his finger, positioning it ready for entrance. Anne lifted her hips abruptly trying to push herself back up the bed away from him, when she become conscious of thickness of his finger as he wormed it slowly it up her, little did she realise his finger was in proportion, thicker than brother Billy's entire cock.

Thankfully she was wet enough to provide for it. However, Sam knew he'd have difficulty when it came to fucking her. Slowly he finger fucked her in gentle rhythmic movements, pushing his entire finger in and out, Anne of course had never had this treatment previously, even her uncle had only dipped. She found it soothing, until he went down on her at the same time; tongue tickling her clit as well as fingering her, it became orgasmic.

He tried for a second finger, again she tried to worm her way up the bed, he loath to imagine what was going to happen when he ultimately presented his cock up to her. But, have her he would! Finally she surrendered to the second finger, but couldn't comprehend the reason for it at this stage. She was actually crying with desire now, gripping him firmly around the neck as his fingers plunged ecstatically within her tight pussy. "She'll be squealing like a pig when she gets his cock!" Paul insinuated with a silly laugh, edging closer to the screen.

"I hope your fucking getting all this?" Stewart demanded "Our sales will go up ten fold with her!" "Sales! Fuck the sales, I want to see his fucking cock go up!" Paul mused. Sam anticipated that it was time for his third; his cock was aching for the want of her pussy. Anne felt the stain as he tried to enter his third finger. "I think your joking aren't you?" she stated in a jerky tone as his finger tried to make headway.

"Christ, you'll split me in two the way your going Sam!" Sam kissed her on the cheek. "Enjoy it little one, we'll soon be there!" "Enjoy it! The rate your going I'll have your whole arm up me soon!" Little did Anne realise that she'd more than likely think he had when it came to his cock. "She'll feel like she's being fucked by a bloody donkey by the time his finished with her!" laughed Paul.

"For fuck sake keep your mind on what you're doing!" Stewart stated with his hand in his lap, he himself was having a job containing himself at this stage. "God I'd hate to think what those panties smell like right now! She must be juiced up to hell," Paul laughed. "How are the other two getting on?" Stewart quizzed, in hope that Paul would move away. "You fucking check for yourself! I'm hanging on right here; I want to see her face when he dips his cock into her!

I'll bet that'll open her bleeding eyes!" Paul stated with he's eyes still glued to the monitor screen. How she did it he didn't know, but she took it in the end, then the fourth. Sam knew she was nearing being ready, he moved across in between her legs, briefly stabbing his fingers back and forth inside her then, then spread her juices along his enormous shaft before easing it up to her pussy lips.

Anne gripped the sheets, her hips were useless, Sam had lifted her legs up in front of him, she'd no way of pushing herself up the bed now.

The pain was horrendous, she felt as if she was being torn open. "Noooooooooooo, For God's sake what are you doing!" She screamed loudly. Banging her fists wildly against his chest, but still he leaned on his cock, even heavier now. Anne felt her inner muscles expand and judder as his huge helmet was slowly but surely forced up her.

"You bastard! Get away from me, what the fuck are you trying to do! You'll rip me apart!" The pain now was unbearable; Anne was throwing her head from side to side, screaming blue murder. "My father will drag you through the law courts for this!" Sam's ears were closed to her bickering.

He did wonder if he himself could take the strain, his cock felt as if the skin was being torn from it, he'd had it up tight fanny's before, never had he felt anything like this. However, there was no way he was giving in, even if it meant a broken nose the way she was carrying on. He'd at least two inches up her before he started to ease it in and out, but still she bawled obscene names at him.

"It's a pity she couldn't pass out on him, one girl did once!" He remembered. "Everything was fine by the time she came to" "For fuck sake, shut up!" He shouted down to her, he screwed his jaw with the tension he was putting on her.

"It'll go, I've not had one beat me yet!" "You'll pay for this!" She squealed her face was red with anger. Anne reached up grabbing him by the throat, squeezing her hands tightly whilst shaking his head. Sam pulled himself up from her breaking her grip, in doing so his cock was forced up another two inches up her. With the added pain she screamed even louder, her arms swinging from left to right punching his chest.

Suddenly freedom, his cock just slipped forward, almost as if her inner muscles had given up. Sam started pumping; slowly at first then gradually increasing his pace, Anne looked up, relief now showed on her face, once more she was relaxed.

To Sam this was the fuck of his life; her pussy had become like sheer velvet, fitting him like a glove. Anne reached forward clasping his lower arms gently; hostility had left her, her body felt a warm glow, colourful vibrations entered her mind, her body floated with pure exotic passions, sparks of tiny fireworks glittered behind her closed eyes. Still the feelings of the enormous organ could be felt between her inner thighs, but now no pain; her body to weak to lift, she wanted to meet him, her inner pussy muscles rippled as he drew the huge helmet along her moisturized passageway.

Sam leaned onto his elbows, clutching her hands, squeezing her fingertips softly, his pace now slowed almost to a stand still. As he kissed her tenderly on the lips he could feel her inner warmth along his organ, slowly now, very slowly sensing her juices slithering against his manhood.

His intimate parts began to inflate within he identified soon, very soon now he would cum, his body nerve ends channelled to his groin.

First his balls felt the pressure, then the bottom of his thickened shaft. Anne's eyes opened wide as she sense the bulky swelling along it, her pussy once more felt engorged as the thick fluid travelled it's journey then spraying into her, her hips lifted almost as if by heaven its self, then the supreme orgasm her hips bucked violently as if assuring all was hers.

Both collapsed utterly exhausted; lying side by side, not a word was spoken; sleep took over their fatigued bodies. Come on sleepy head, Mum's called you twice already!" Billy laughed tugging at her arm.

"Uncle Ron taking us all to the coast remember!" Anne sat up on one elbow, lifting her hand, shielding her eyes from xnxxx com china girl anal morning sun. "Whatever is the time?" "It's nearly nine, come on! We'll miss a fantastic day else!" Billy started to drag her out of bed. "God that was one hell of a fantastic dream" Anne smiled to herself. Sensing a damp feeling in the bed, she placed her hand down under the covers between her thighs, she was flooded, not just wet, but it felt syrupy.

Her pussy felt spaciously open, she inserted not just one finger but two in fact, slowly bringing them back up to examined them closely, both were covered in a white slimy fabulous classic xxx star in vintage porn clip theclassicporn. Placing her finger under nose, the smell was atrocious.

Anne shuddered, pushing her fingers away. "You sleep quite heavily don't you?" Her uncle Ron said with a smile, as he put his head around the doorway. "Feels good does it, or just big tits european milf fucks on cam little too damp?" There was a hideous grin on his face.

Anne leaned back against the pillow, it was implausible, and he'd actually done it. She'd often woken with him sitting beside her on the bed. What could she say, who'd believe her anyway. On thinking back she redhead lesbians fingering and analplaying european and fetish it nonetheless, she'd always wound him up. It was just a pity she'd not been awake, to enjoy it as it should be. Still they'd bound to be a next time, he knew and now she knew.