Curvaceous teen with big cans likes cock large and hard

Curvaceous teen with big cans likes cock large and hard
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All though junior of high school I was attracted to this girl named Julie. Her flowing golden hair and deep brown are you ready for the real couple porn do you wanna see nothing but the amateur couple sex fucking w, her boobs were huge (looked better in the showers).

All the boys loved her, I know I did. One time I snapped a picture of her while she was changing in the locker room an I would masturbae to it when I could at home thinking about our steamy sex we would have.

It was now senior year and I heard rumors Julie was eating out a the field hockey team names kat. The night I heard this I went home and took my leopard print vibrator and made my self cum. The thought of Julie's wet puffy lips on my pussy made me so horny. I wasn't the type of girl Julie wouldn't go out with kat was beautiful dark red hair and I had a very light brown but I still dreamed of Julie's hot body.

Julie and I have the same health class together and today our teacher assigned us to be partners for a project on human reproduction. "Here's my number Cassie, call me. Maybe you could come over to my house so we can work on our project." Julie said after health.

She kind of gave me a sexy look when she said call me. That made me wet. As she walked away I couldn't look away form her ass that looked so sexy in her tight yoga pants. After school I went over to Julie's house. "Hey" she said as she opened the door. "So where are your parents" I asked walking up the stairs.

"Their not home, actually." She said at we sat on her bed. As se talked about our project I couldn't keep my mind off Julie lying naked on her bed squeezing her perfect titties and fingering her pussy. I wouldn't help but get wet. "Excuse me" I said. I needed to leave and use the bathroom to finger myself. When I came back Julie was looking at my phone palming her pussy through her pants.

Then Julie looked up and was embarrassed. I walked over juicy pussy is drilled hardcore and blowjob saw she was looking at my nude pic I took of myself, even though my boobs weren't as big as Kats boobs they were big.

She bit her lip and then grabbed my head and kissed me. This was the moment I was waiting for. We collapsed on to her bed and I wiggled my hand down her pants and thong to rub her clit. " wait" she said. She got up and took off her shirt. Her perky tits bounced out. She pointed her eyes to her boobs, signaling me to undo her bra. Which I obviously I did then licked her erect nipples. "Cass, lets get something" Julie said and got up to look in her closet.

I get undressed so I could put my fingers in my soaking wet pussy. Julie turned around and bit her lip when she saw me fingering myself. She threw a big red dildo on the bed, I thought of times Julie might have used this to make her self squirt all over. She also threw a pink vibrator and a stap on dildo.

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"Lay down" Julie commanded as she crawled on blowjob games end with sexy fucking hardcore and creampie the bed. When her head was parallel with my soaking pussy she slowly put her lips on my pussy.

She nibbled the lips softly before she stuck her long tongue in. Julie swirled it around inside my pussy while I vigorously rubbed my clit. I've never been eaten out before an this was amazing. It got even better when Julie added her middle finger, somehow it matched the rhythm of her tongue.

"Immmmm close" I moaned. One I said that she pulled out her tongue and added two more fingers and started to roughly rub my clit. I brought my hands to my boobs to squeeze them. I closed my eyes as I started to reach my climax, then Julie added the vibrator. Her fingers, the rubbing, and the vibrations set me off I sprayed everywhere. Julie tried to catch as much as she could in her mouth. She licked her fingers then put one in my mouth but quickly pulled away teasing me on purpose. Julie put her pussy on mine and started to hump me.

Our juices mixed, all you could hear was our moans and the sound of our pussys hitting each other.

Julie stopped humping me. She started to kiss my neck and the reached my lips and added her tongue. Our tongues swirled around each others mouth.

While we were doing that I reached my hand to grab Julie's glorious ass. " fuck me with the strap on" she growled in my ear as I slapped her ass. I got up and grabbed it and strapped it on, it was about eight inches long and one inch thick.

I sat in one of the chairs she had in her room and she started to suck the fake cock. One it was covered in her silva she went back the the bed and I followed her.

She was on the edge of the bed with her legs spread out exposing her wet pussy. I put the cocks head on her pussy lips teasing her then slid it in. Pumping hard and quickly she started to puck her hips up and rub her clit. "Fuck yes, oh yeah that's the spot.

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Mmmmm" Julie said as I fucked her. Julie moaned she was going to cum. I wanted her to but I took out the strap on. Then went straight for her pussy. It smelled sweet and her juices tasted sweet too. My tongue flicked her pussy as I added two fingers inside her. As I did that she picked up the pace on her clit.

Soon Julie cummed. Her cum sprayed every where.

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She laid there panting and still rubbing her clit. She grabbed the red dildo and patted the space next to we on her bed. I laid there and she stuck the cock in her pussy. I couldn't believe she took it all, ten inches an two inches thick. I watched her masturbate with it and I was laying there fingering my self. So I grabbed the vibrator and my pussy walls instantly grabbed it. Julie's eyes were closes and she was whispering fuck yeah, oh yeah, and oh baby.

I held the vibrator with my ring and middle finger and rubbed my cult with my thumb and cupped Julie boobs. Softly pulling her hard pink tits. We laid there for five minutes until Julie said to put my face by her pussy.

And she pulled out the dildo she licked it and I licked up the white cream that came out of her oozing pussy. I quickly snuck in four fingers, "fist me bitch" Julie said sucking the cock. So I did. This amazed me. When I took my fist out to lick it she said "you know cass your way better that any other girl I've fucked. Want to do this again?" I nodded and kissed her. Her phone rang as we swirled tongues. She got up to answer it and then I saw the pools of cum on her bed, the floor and some on our poster.

I just giggled and grabbed the vibrator and sucked it an put it in my pussy.