Skinny nerd girl in glasses getting fucked by strangers at the sametime

Skinny nerd girl in glasses getting fucked by strangers at the sametime
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Jon was on a business trip, back in the town that he had grown up in. He was in his hotel room, and decided to goto the hotel gym. He worked out for an hour, and went to the pool to cool down. He swam a few laps, and then got out and laid out in the sun put the pool for alittle.

He heard a women's voice in the distance, and glanced in that direction. He saw just a silhouette as the sun glowed around her. He closed his eyes, and laid back down.

A few minutes later, he felt someone walk by and smelled a very wonderful sent. He opened his eyes, and watched her as she walk away. As he lays there he thinks to himself, that the voice sounded so familiar.

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He decides that he needs to get back to his room, and get all of his stuff together and heads back inside. He is standing waiting for the elevator, as the door opens and he steps inside, her hears a womens voice, asking to hold the elevator.

She steps inside the elevator, and the door closes. He thinks to himself, this is the women from the pool. He ask her what floor? She says 5th. He thinks to himself that he knows her from somewhere, but can't think of from where. He introduces himself to her, and she smiles to him, and says her name is Kathleen, but my friends call me Kat. Joking, he ask if he can call her kat?

She smiles and says maybe. The elevator is slow, and has only made it the the 3rd floor. Then the elevator just stops. They are stuck between the 3rd, and 4th floor. Kat says, "not again". Jon ask this has happened before? She laughs, and says yes, earlier today.

Jon says to Kat, I am sorry, but I know you from somewhere, but I can't think of where. After a few minutes of small talk, he ask if she had grown up in that fleshly and wild group fuck hardcore reality She said that horny dykes use vibrator on each others pussy had, and had moved away for her job, and was back there on a business trip for her job.

He chuckled, and said so was he. Then he realized where he knew her from. Her family had bought the house, that he had grown up in, when they had moved away. She turns, and picks up the emergency phone, and call to see if they were fixing the elevator. Jon looks her offer, seeing her standing there is her swimming suit. He notices that she is still wet, and he offers her his towel. She smiles and says thank you. As he removes it from his shoulders, she checks out his nice build.

His nice pecks, to see he has both nipples pierced. She ask him if it hurt, when he got his nipples pierced? He said no that it did not, and he really loved having them pieced. She asked if she could touch them, he smiled and say, yes, please do. She reached out, and touched them with her finger tips, The way she touched them, ran a cold chill up his spine.

He leans his head back, and closes his eyes, thinking about how good that felt. Kat seeing this, leaned in, take his nipple ring into her mouth, and started to suck on it. He looked down seeing her sucking on his nipple, can't believe that she was doing that. If felt so good, as she sucked and licked bouncing the ring on her tongue. He starts to get an erection. He reaches out, and touches her shoulder, as she changes to his other nipple. As she licks and sucks on that nipple, she looks up, out of the corner of her eyes, and he can see the evil little grin that she has.

Now his penis is rock hard as he is not sure what to do.

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He moves his hand down, to meet her breast. Take it in to his hand, and caressing it rubbing her harder nipple with his thumb as he caress her breast. She reach up, and starts to play with his other nipple ring. She tells him, that she likes them, and she thinks he is liking what she is doing to him.

A little. short of breath, he answers, oh yes. He then takes her other breast into his other hand, caressing them both, feeling her rock hard nipples, as they press through her bathing suit. Feeling a little risky, he reaches down to touch her vagina. She reaches down, and pushes his hand away. She tells him no. He feeling that this has got to be the worse tease ever.

She stands up, and looks into his eyes, and tells him, that she wants his to remove her bathing suit, using his teeth. With a big smile, he says okay. He starts by kissing her neck. licking his way to her strap, and ripping it with his teeth, pulls it down her arm.

Then licks his way up back to her shoulder, across her neck, to her other shoulder.

Then taken that strap into his teeth, and pulls it down her arm. Licking his way back up her arm. Kissing and licking his way down her back, to the clasp on her top. Taking it into his mouth, using his teeth and tongue he gets the clasp undone, and lets her top fall to the floor. Standing back in front of her, to see her breast noticing, that she also has her nipples pierced. Leaning in, and taking a nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over her harden nipple very fast. She lets out a short sigh, she places her hand on his head, forcing his mouth harder onto her breast.

He pulls away and moves to her other nipple licking just around her jewelry sending chills up her spine. He then licks his way down her stomach, licking around her belly button, over and over again. She starts to make some sexy sounds, as he licks his way to her bottoms.

Licking along the suit seam, licking al the way around.

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Then taking the top on her hip, and puling them down. Then licking to the other beautiful diva gets ass and mouth gangbanged, and pulls it down, does this back and forth, until he has her bottom on her ankles.

She steps out of her suit, standing there naked, he steps back, to admire. He looks to her, and tells her, to now remove his suit, with her teeth. She walks up to him, places her lips against his, and kisses him with alot of passion.

She nibbles his bottom lip, reaches down, and pulls his pants off with her hands. Taking his hard penis into her hand, and starts caress it. He sighs as her cold hands take hold of his penis. Sending cold chills up his spine. She drops to her knees taking his hard penis into her mouth, and swallowing it completely. Feeling this he can't believe that she is doing that, he loses his balance, he fell back against the wall of the elevator.

She starts to moan as she takes him into her mouth, sucking harder and harder. She stops and looks up to him, and ask if he wants to be inside of her wet tight vagina? He cries out YES. He ask her to lean against the wall, and he knees down in front of her, places her leg over his shoulder taking her wet vagina into his mouth sucking it into his mouth to taste all of her nectar of love.

Sucking everything he could into his mouth, licking up and down, between her lips, tasting all of her sweetness. She starts to beg for him to be inside of her. With his mouth full, he ask how would she like it? She wants to ride him, and tells him to lay on the floor.

He lays on the floor, and she climbs on top, teasing his penis, by rubbing her wet vagina all over his head.

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asking him if he wants to be inside of her? Then she slide forward, just enough, to take his rock hard penis deep inside. As she drops down on his penis, she lets out a gentle moan, and then starts to ride him hard.

Pouncing so hard and fast, the elevator is rocking.

She leans back so that he can see as his penis slides in and out. She likes that he is watching and it excites her more and more. He can feel her vagina walls getting tighter, as she starts to moan more, riding him harder, and faster, pressing her pelvis hard against his. Then she lets out a loud sigh, as she cries that she is cumming.

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As she rides him hard, he starts to tell her that he is about to cum. She hops off of him, and takes his penis into her throat, as he cums down her throat. She pulls him out, just keeping the head in her mouth, and jerks him off, milking him dry.

They both lay there trying to catch their breath, the elevator starts to move again. They both jump up, trying to get dress quickly. Just as they get dressed, the door opens to the 4th floor, and standing there is a couple, waiting to get on the elevator. They look to each other, and laugh, as the couple gets into the elevator.