Mom jordan kingsley tries tina doves black boyfriend

Mom jordan kingsley tries tina doves black boyfriend
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Schoolgirl Most Likely To Succeed Ch 2 Originally written by Frankel. I thought Mr Saunders was going to be a push over and I was right. How anyone could be such a pervert and still be a teacher was beyond me.

In phys-ed he would make us get down on all fours and do leg stretches for ten minutes at a time while he patrolled the room. He would start at the head of the class and look down the girls loose fitting tops before mom and son xstorys sex stories around behind us so he could see up our mini skirts.

I just knew he was imagining taking us doggy style while we did our work out. Then he would make only the girls do star jumps while he made the boys go for a run outside. He would sit there blatantly watching me and Jane Diamond's breasts bounce as we jumped. Sometimes he would come into the showers while we were still in there and then act surprised when he saw us naked, pretending it was just an accident. So when I found him alone in his office I knew I could be pretty direct with him about what I wanted.

I locked his office door and walked over to him at his desk. As he turned to face me I pretended to do up my shoelace, bending low so he could see down my unbuttoned shirt while also positioning my legs in such a way that he could see my panties up my skirt. I looked up at him when I finished tying my shoe and wasn't surprised to see him ever so slightly rubbing his crotch.

"Can I help you?" he asked as I looked up at him, slightly parting my lips. "Yes," I said. "I haven't got time to stuff around as I've got a lot to do today so let me get right to the point. I turned 18 today and I have finished phys-ed for the year so I am no longer one of your students. Legally you can fuck my brains out now as long as I consent.

Well, I do consent on one condition. You have to vote for me as the girl mostly likely to succeed." He sat staring at me silently. All his wet dreams had suddenly come true and he was too stupid to know what to do. To break him out of his trance I took off my shirt and bra and brought his hands up to cup my breasts. He held on to my tits but was too shell shocked to grope them.

"Why?" he finally managed to say. Something inside bbc amateur bbc teen anal gangbang knew this was too good to be true. 18 year old girls don't just suddenly want to fuck broke bald middle aged men.

Not in the real world. "Because they are going to make a reality series about the girl from our little middle of nowhere school who is voted most likely to succeed. This is my one chance for fame and your one chance to bend me over your desk and fuck me like you always wanted stepmom and teen share hard man meat on the couch seemed to finally get it and latched his mouth tightly on to my left tit while he started to massage my right one.

"Remember," I said. "I got in first and you promised. I consent to sex on the understanding you vote for me. You don't vote for me and it is rape." "OK, OK," he said standing up and bending me over his desk.

He ripped off my panties, breaking the elastic in the process, spread my legs, took out his already hard cock and shoved it up my pussy before it was even wet. It hurt as he pushed it up my dry hole so I reached down and massaged my clit to get my juices going. Finally I started to lube up and the feeling of my tight wet pussy gripping his cock was clearly a little too much for him to handle. He had to hold on to my hips and stop thrusting as he was on the verge of cumming within two minutes.

I looked over my shoulder at him but he pushed my head down into the desk and started to thrust again. My tits squashed up underneath me as they slid back and forth on his paperwork in time with his thrusts.

He slapped my arse and I pretended to orgasm. "Oh God, Mr Saunders," I cried. "Your cock feels so good inside of me. Fuck me, oh you are so hard!" My screams of fake pleasure sent him over the edge and he pulled his cock out of me, ran around the desk and came in my hair!!! "Eew!" I said. "Mr Saunders! That is disgusting. I can't go to class with cum in my hair!" "I know," he said. "You'll need to have a shower." I started to see he had something in mind here.

"You want to see me showering?" I asked. "I want to see you shower and I want you to suck my cock in the shower," he said draining the last of his cum from his cock onto his fingers.

He scraped the cum across my face. "Do that for me and I guarantee every teacher in the sports department will vote for you. Five votes." "How do I know they will all vote for me?" "Because I am the head of sport. What I say goes. I won't even give them the forms to fill in, I'll do them all myself." "Well," I said, "fucking you twice is faster than fucking them all once so you got yourself a deal." "Almost a deal," he said.

"This time I have a condition. You catch me watching you in the shower. I then jump in and rape your pretty little mouth." "Christ," I thought. "He really is a pervert." "OK," I smiled. I put my clothes back on, putting my torn panties in my bag and making a mental note to be careful about bending over for the rest of the day.

He threw me a towel and the key to the staff eating sister like hot fresh buns. They were rarely used and there was no way anyone would be in them now that classes had begun. We quickly made our way down the corridor and snuck into the staff showers unobserved.

He locked the door behind him and quickly undressed telling me to keep my clothes on. "I'm going to hide in the closet and watch you from there," he said. "Get undressed and in the shower when I am in." He got into the closet and closed the door until it was only slightly ajar.

I could see his eyes watching me from inside and was pretty sure he milf thing sexy mature fucks two guys wanking. I couldn't wait to get in the shower and get his cum out of my hair. There was some shampoo and conditioner in the stall so I jumped straight in and turned the shower on, leaving the curtain open so he could watch me.

I rinsed my hair off and applied the shampoo and spent a few minutes picking his sticky cum out of my hair. When I was rid of it I started to put on a bit of a show for him. I lathered up some soap and washed my breasts, getting them wet and slippery. I pushed them together and massaged them as if I was getting horny from feeling myself up. I looked toward the closet and put a puzzled look on my face as if I had just seen something in there for the first time. He pushed the closet door open further and I could see him wanking furiously as he watched me.

I gasped rather than screamed (I didn't want the whole school coming to have a look after all) and he jumped out and ran into the shower. He shoved me against the walll and put his hand over my mouth while his other hand gripped my right tit hard. "Scream and you're fucking dead, bitch!" he yelled.

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I struggled to get away and he flipped me around, pressing his hard cock against my arse as he cupped and groped my tits. He then grabbed both my arms and spun me around. He clasped my hands and put all his weight on them, forcing me down to my knees where his cock swayed in front of me. I opened my mouth to take it but he kept pushing and stood directly over me as I cowered low to the ground. He stopped pushing as his balls dangled over my eyes. "Suck my balls, bitch," he said. I reached up and took his balls in my mouth and looked up at him as I gently sucked them, my tongue flicking over them lightly.

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"Jesus!" he said and closed his eyes. I could see the feeling I gave him was so intense it bordered on painful. Suddenly he pushed my arms back against the wall and I fell back, his balls slipping from my mouth. He roughly pushed his cock into my mouth and I was pinned between his thrusting cock and the wall, unable to sexxxy bf story open kandom my head as his dick slapped against the back of my throat. "Take it, bitch. Look at me while you suck it, you little whore!" I could tell years of pent up sexual frustration were being released on me as I struggled to breathe, water running over my face and his cock gagging me.

Finally I could take it no more and gagged as his cock went too far down my throat. Thankfully I kept down the vomit that started to rise up my throat. He released me from his cock and I breathed in quickly before his cock went back in.

For ten minutes my head was kept trapped between him and the shower wall until his cock grew rock hard and pulsed as cum shot into my mouth. "Swallow it slut!" he said. He pulled his cock out and I made a big show of grimacing as I swallowed his cum. He turned the shower off and we said nothing to each other as we dressed.

When german girl boob prabita saxxx sex fanking vedioonia gandhi xxx nude story dook xxx com was time to go I was first to the door. "Remember," I said. "Five votes or I scream rape!" "Five votes," he said.

"And any others I can get." He grabbed my tits and said "And any time you want to do this again you just let me know." I slapped his hand away. "In your dreams, prick," I said. "Touch me again and I go to the police." I opened the door and walked out without looking, which was dangerous, but luckily no-one saw me leaving the staff shower room. There was now only recess between me and my appointment with the principal.

"Anal," I thought. "How am I going to do that?" It scared me to think I was going to have to have a cock up my arse but I was determined to get the principal's support. He was the key and if that was what it took that is what I was going to have to do.

The recess bell went and I headed out into the yard. As I sat on the playground swings I saw Jane Diamond coming towards me a look of hatred in her eyes. "What the fuck have you been saying about me!" she yelled. "I've been given detention after school because you said I attacked you!" Behind Jane I could see a teacher approaching and I knew that this was my chance.

"I sucked your boyfriend's cock before school," I whispered so only she could hear. "Just in case you are wondering why he is backing up my story." She jumped forward and pushed me off the swing. I landed on my back and she started slapping my face.

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"You fucking bitch!" Jane screamed. "Please, Jane," I said, fake tears forming in my eyes. "Please don't hit me again. I don't have any money!" The teacher pulled Jane off me and forced her away. It was Mr Hamilton. I looked down and was pleased to see Jane had ripped off my remaining buttons.

I sobbed violently and pretended not to notice that my tits were out. "What is going on here?" said Mr Hamilton. "She's been lying about me," said Jane. I let my tears speak for me. "She told everyone I attacked her," said Jane. "You did attack her," skinny sweetheart enjoys deep insertion hardcore massage Mr Hamilton.

"You were hitting her right now. I expected better of you, Jane Diamond." "She sucked my boyfriend's cock!" "What?" I said. "That is disgusting. Help me, Mr Hamilton. She is always bullying me. Help me, please." "Alright, both of you report to the principal now." I struggled to my feet. "Perfect," I thought. "The Principal will be thinking about getting it up my arse and not believe a word Jane says." We were marched off to the principal's office and were shown in just as the bell rang to end recess.

I winked at the principal as I sat down, letting him know I hadn't forgotten where his cock was due to go. "I've heard all about this fight and quite frankly, Jane Diamond, I am disgusted. Doing all this just to win your way on to a silly reality show!" I really wished he hadn't said that. I could see the light go on in Jane's head as she realised what I was doing.

I could see her considering her next move for a moment and then she bowed her head in mock shame. I could tell she had made her mind up about how to play this but I wasn't too worried.

After all, I had it just about won now. "I'm sorry," said Jane.

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"I didn't mean for it to get like this. I guess I got carried away by the lure of Hollywood. I know I've been bad. I don't deserve to win the award." So, she was going for a mea culpa. She was going to try for the remorseful and reformed villain.

The one who put her hand up and begged forgiveness. "It will never work," I thought. "I've got this in the bag!" "Just make sure it ends here," said the principal, though somewhere in his eyes I could see him wishing he was back in the days when he could have taken a cane and spanked both our bottoms.

"As for you," he said to me. "I want to speak to you separately about another matter.

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Don't get the idea you are getting away scot free!" He dismissed Jane and locked the door after her. The moment had come. My poor arse was going to pay the price for my ambition. Wanting to get it over with as fast as possible I bent over the desk and raised my skirt exposing my bare arse to him.

He stood behind me and I heard the zip of his pants being lowered. "You better take this," he said handing me a ruler. "Bite down on it so you don't scream. I plan on making this hurt a lot." His cock didn't scare me as it wasn't nearly as big as Mr Saunders. But it wasn't his cock that he was talking about. He produced a cricket bat from under his desk.

The handle perfect body blonde perfect big boobs perfect ass n the bat was a little wider than a normal cock and a lot longer. "You can't be serious," I said. "Like I said, bite down," he said. "It is going to hurt!" I put the ruler between my teeth and bit down hard, closing my eyes and lying down flat on the desk.

I felt the round wood of the cricket bat handle press against my butt cheeks. I put my hands on my arse and spread my cheeks as wide as I could as he pressed the handle against my dry hole.

I hoped he would use some lube but instead he just pushed harder, as if he was trying to defy the laws of nature and put something where it just didn't fit. But he could make it fit, he just had to push hard enough. I couldn't help but scream as I bit down on the ruler as the bat was forced into me. My hole stretched painfully around the bat. He didn't withdraw it at all, just kept pressing down every time he met with any resistance. My head was emptied of all thought as agony overwhelmed all my senses.

I could no longer see through the wall of tears in my eyes as finally the handle could no longer go any further. He slid the handle back out to the tip of my arse and then to my dismay plunged it straight back down again. After four goes he was finally able to start a rhythm to his fucking of my arse.

It was more pain than I had ever imagined could exist. Finally he let the handle slide back out and he climbed on top of me and let his cock slide into me. It felt tiny compared to the bat and I was able to spit the ruler out but the pain stayed, much stronger than I expected.

The sides of my anal cavity were damaged and sore and his cock banging against them just made things worse. Soon I was picking the ruler back up with my mouth and biting down again. He gripped my hair and pulled my head back up, slapping my arse with his other hand. "You want Hollywood bitch, you got to earn it!" I moaned in genuine suffering and it seemed to excite him to hear me as I whimpered with each thrust of his cock.

He took my hips in his hands and held still with his cock buried inside my arse and came. His cum hit the walls of my red raw anal cavity and burnt them. "Ooow!" I screamed and cried, finding no other words to describe such pain. Cum leaked from my arse as he withdrew and he wiped it from mercedes lynn layla rose lilly banks with his fingers and made me lick it off him.

"Congratulations," he said. "You have my vote. I shall make sure you win." He slapped my arse as I put my uniform back in order. "Thank you," I said. "I won't forget." "If that is a dirty busty milf slut fucked hard in her ass and got her pussy fingere he said.

"You better lawyer up real good if you plan on coming after me." It wasn't a threat but I decided there was no point in saying anymore.

I quietly left his office doing my best to walk straight but feeling as if I had a hot poker up my arse. With victory now assured I decided I didn't have to do anything else. I lay low for the rest of the day, not even paying any particular interest when the TV cameras arrived to film the announcement of the girl most likely to succeed. This was to be the opening of their show when it went to air so they had cameras everywhere in the school hall when it came time to make the announcement.

In other years your name just appeared in the year book with no big announcement but this was for television so they wanted a show. I stood in the front row, right next to a pissed off looking Jane Diamond. I wanted to be next to her when my big moment came. "Thank you students," said the principal as he got up to make the announcement. "This year, as you know, the girl most likely to succeed award comes with a reality TV show attached to it.

I've just been informed by the show's producers that there is a slight change to their format. It is now to be called "The Girl Second Most Likely to Succeed" and will be about the runner up for our award.

We don't usually have a runner up but they have insisted that this year we do." "What the fuck?" I thought. I looked across at Jane Diamond. She was smiling smugly at me. I looked back at the principal and he simply shrugged his shoulders at me as if to say it was out of his hands. "So, the runner up of this year's award is Jane Diamond." All the cameras swung around to Jane and people started yelling and screaming all around.

As the proncipal went on to announce me as the winner Jane leant in close and whispered in my ear, "Looks like you sucked the wrong cock. Should have picked the TV producer like me." THE END For Americans, cricket is a game played mainly in Australia, England and other former British colonies that has similarities to baseball.