Blond and sexy girl earns her load

Blond and sexy girl earns her load
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Husband and boyfriend I married Harold three years ago when we were both twenty. The first two years were not great but pretty good. He had a good job and we had a good but kind of plain sex life. We did not want kids yet so I was on the pill. Things changed about six months ago when I met Larry.

We met at a business conference while my husband was in meetings and I was at the bar just passing time. Larry sat next to me at the bar and simply said, "Hi". We each slowly drank our drinks. When mine was gone, Larry told the bartender to get me another, then he introduced himself.

I didn't see any harm in just talking to another man so I said Hi back to him. We talked for a long time and I found out that he was thirty-two and single and lived locally. Harold and I lived in the next town about ten miles away.

I don't know why but I ended up going back to his room with him. As soon as we entered his room he locked the door behind us, took me by the shoulders and kissed me hard. I pushed away but he pulled me back. Sweet milf gives wet blowjob hardcore mature was about six-two and really well built. He had light brown hair and a face you would expect to see on the cover of a romance novel.

My husband is five-ten and pretty average. Larry sat me down on the edge of the bed and sat next to me. I knew that I should scream and run but I was mesmerized. I was like a deer caught in headlights. Larry did not say a word and I just couldn't. He had to lean down to kiss me because I am only five-two. He kissed me hard and his tongue snaked its way into my mouth.

I couldn't resist. I had never done anything like what I knew was about to happen. I had only had sex with one boy before I met and married Harold. Larry laid me back onto the bed and kissed me again. While we were kissing, he was unbuttoning my blouse. After he opened my blouse he gently pulled my bra up to my neck, exposing my 32-B breasts.

His lips engulfed my right nipple. An electric shock ran thru by body and ignited my pussy. My nipples hardened as Larry nursed and licked. I lifted my chest, pressing my breast more firmly against his mouth. Larry's hand slid under the waist of my skirt and inside my panties. His hand rested on my mound and a finger slipped between my pussy lips, touching my clit.

I closed my eyes and moaned. By the time his finger slid into my fuck hole I was soaking wet. I was sure that my panties were drenched.

Larry started finger fucking me and my hips started lifting in rhythm with his finger thrusts. He moved his face up and started kissing my neck and sucking on my ear lobe. That was something that always drove me crazy. I still did not say a word but I was moaning constantly and wiggling and thrusting my hips trying to get his fingers deeper into my hot quim. I knew that what I was doing was wrong but I had no will to stop it from happening.

Larry removed his fingers from my pus and brought them to my face and slid them into my mouth. I sucked my juices off of them. "Finish undressing and then remove my clothes." He backed away and I sat up. My blouse and bra slipped off my shoulders. Then I stood up on the bed and lowered my skirt and panties. I stood naked in front of this total stranger. He leaned forward and kissed my pubic mound. Then he got off the bed and stood there as I also violet starr sharing the siblings part 2 off the bed and stood in front of him.

I unbuttoned his shirt and he let it fall to the floor. Next I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. His pants fell to the floor. I looked at his undershorts and saw a big bulge. Larry gently pushed on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees.

I reached out and lowered his shorts. I was shocked at what was in front of my face. His cock was soft but it was still huge. I stood up, "That's huge. I can't take that, I can't." Larry pushed me back down. "Yes you can. We will just have to take it easy. You're going to love it, believe me. Now suck it and get it hard. He took his manhood in his hand and placed the tip to my lips. I stared at the monster phallus and opened my lips.

My mouth was stretching just to get around the head but I took that much into my mouth. "Stroke it and suck hard." I followed instructions and it rapidly grew and pried my jaws open even further. Harold's erection was just short of six inches and he was a little more than an inch thick. Larry on the other hand must have been closer to ten inches and twice as thick as my husband. Little by little I took more of him in my mouth till I had half of his giant hard cock in my mouth.

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Larry stopped and pulled back so just his cockhead was still in my mouth. Then with a slow but steady push he was back to half way in. With my hand around his shaft so he could not try to go any deeper, Larry slowly fucked my mouth.

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My jaw ached but I was proud of myself to be taking him as well as I was. For several minutes Larry used my mouth like it was a pussy. Then he announced that he was going to spankbang brother and sister takes shower together p. I tried to push him away but he put a hand behind my head and held me in place as a torrent of cum blasted into my mouth and hit the top of my throat causing me to half gag and half cough. Much of his cum ran down my throat but some of it also shot out my nose.

He pulled out and I coughed and sputtered. I swallowed more of his ejaculate and some of it ran out my mouth. Larry bent down and kissed me. "You did great, Little One." Larry shifted position to where he put his arms under my upper legs and he lifted my hips off the bed and buried his face between my legs.

He expertly ate me out, licking and sucking my clit and tongue fucking my hole. Once in a while he would let his tongue slide down to my butt hole and give it a little poke. Harold will lick my clit sometimes but Larry took it to a whole other higher level. He soon brought me to an orgasm. I tried to push myself harder onto his face. I cried out, rolling my head from side to side and grabbing two fistfuls of the sheets.

When my climax finally subsided I went limp like a rag doll. Larry then lowered me back down onto the mattress. Larry positioned himself on his knees between my legs. He was quickly getting hard again. When I felt him touch the tip of his cock at my entrance I remembered how big he was. "Larry stop.

I don't think I can take you. You're so big." His reply was, "I know you can. You're very wet and very relaxed.

I'll be gentle and if it hurts too much I'll stop. Now just relax." He gave my twat a little poke, then another. Finally on about the forth try his cockhead pried me open enough to enter me. It did hurt and I said so. Larry paused and then pushed a little more in me. I bit my lip and endured the mixture of pain and pleasure as he worked himself into my vagina till I had taken about two thirds of his massive prick.

I was stretched so wide I couldn't believe it and I was sure that I was ripped and would be bleeding. He stopped there and slowly started stroking in and out of me. The pain stopped and the pleasure took over. For several minutes he stuffed me full. Then he grabbed and squeezed my tits.

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He held his prick still. I felt it swell even bigger and then it erupted. It jerked inside of me as it shot its load of seed deep into me. One, two, three, I finally felt his prick shoot six blasts of hot cum deep into me. I came again. Leaving his softening prick inside of me he bent down and we kissed and kissed. I happened to look at the clock. We had been together for almost two hours. "Oh my God. My husband will be back in just a few minutes. I've gotta get dressed and get back to our room." Facesitting nina hartley and sara jay stood there naked and half hard.

"Tomorrow morning when your husband leaves stay in bed and leave the door unlocked.

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I'll join you as soon as he is gone." I ran back to our room and only got there a few minutes before Harold arrived back from his meetings. After supper and watching a couple TV shows, Harold was in the mood for sex. As much as I did not want to, I begged off saying that I had had a very hard workout and wasn't up to it.

He baby baby xxx story play that I was saying that I spent the afternoon downstairs in the hotel gym. I didn't sleep much that night between thinking about what had happened that afternoon and the discomfort I was still feeling from taking Larry's big cock in my mouth and pussy.

I finally got a couple of hours before the alarm went off and Harold got up for another day of learning to be a better employee. He took my hand and pulled it to him showing me that he had morning wood. He rolled on top of me. I didn't enjoy it but I let him get his rocks off before leaving. I gave him a long 'loving wife' kiss. He locked the door behind him and I laid there deciding if I was going to unlock it or not. I walked over and opened it just enough so that it would not lock itself again.

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Then I got back in the bed wondering if Larry would show up. Minutes later the door opened and Larry walked in. "Good morning Little One. I hope you are glad to see me." He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the sheet down exposing my naked body. He spent several minutes kissing every part of my body, ending up with his face between my legs. He looked up at me. "I see that you let your husband fuck you this morning." Then he went back to eating me.

The morning went a lot like the prior afternoon had and I was left weak and breathing hard. I told Larry that we were leaving in the morning and gave him my cell phone number.

About a week later, one morning after Harold had gone to work, I got a text from Larry. It said, "Send me your address and I will pick you up in an hour." I had been hoping that he would call so I promptly returned hot brunette babe sucks off and pounded by her masseur text with my address. I spent the hour cleaning myself and picking out a sexy outfit to wear and fixing my hair.

Exactly an hour later Larry knocked on the door. I opened it and he walked in. I jumped up, wrapped my legs around his waist and gave him a big kiss. "I was hoping I would hear from you again." We got in his car and spent the day together. Not all of it was spent fucking and sucking but we did more than our fair share. He brought me home about a half hour before Harold got home from work.

I had just enough time to get cleaned up and then welcome my loving husband home. I have been dating Larry for six months now. We spend at least one day a week together and enjoy each other's company out on the town as well as in bed. Don't get me wrong, I still love Harold very much but I can't get enough of Larry's cock.

I've gotten to where I can take him fully in all three of my holes and I feel crammed full but there is no pain. When I want to let him get fully down my throat I have to lay on my back on the bed with my head hanging over the edge so he has a good straight shot down my throat. He says he can see my throat bulge and the bulge move up and down the length of my throat each time he pushes deeply into it.

One of my favorite positions is for me to be sitting upright on top of him with his rod in either my cunt or ass. I lift up and then drop down hard till ever bit of him is inside of me. Maybe half the time he comes in my ass of cunt and the other half of the time I move down and have him shoot his load of thick, slippery, salty cum in my mouth. I would let him fuck me every day if I could. I still keep mom caught daughter giving a footjob tdad my wifely duties with my loving husband and I enjoy it but I need to fake some responses to keep him happy.

He has started noticing that I am not as tight as I was. I have told him that it is because I am getting older and he is wearing me out making love to me so often. I think he accepts that. A couple of times I have suggested that he take me in the ass as it would be tighter but he does not like that idea. I love Harold and expect to be married to him till I die.

However, when I stop taking the pill so I can have a baby, I hope Larry is the father. 1015