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Dirty talking white girl black male squatting in home gets our mummy officers squatting
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Chapter 1 They exchanged small talk as the truck tooled through town. Ahead, Jason saw the turn that would take them to their home. He felt a stirring in his jeans as their home hove into view. Although he was home for two weeks after that fantastic night with his mom and aunt, nothing else had happened.

If anything, Susan had been more standoffish. She called a halt to their chats in her bedroom. She also began wearing house robes that covered her from neck to ankles. When he called Aunt Helen to ask her about his mom's sudden change, she explained it was a mixture of guilt and shame for what had happen. But even she, his other mother, avoided being alone with him. Jason retrieved his bag from the bed of Adam's truck. He trudge carefully up the walkway in the light November rain. His father led the way into the house.

Jason dropped his bag in the foyer. He looked questioningly at his father. With a tired smile, Adam pointed toward the kitchen. The aroma of nutmeg, sweet potato pie, cornbread dressing and turkey and ham permeated the air. Susan was in full holiday feast mode. Her back was to her son as he eased up behind her and threw his arms around her waist. "Happy Thanksgiving, mom!" Jason cried. Something did not feel right. Susan turned and warmly embraced her son.

Tears streamed of joy down her face. Her baby was home! Jason pushed his mom away and look down at his mother's distended belly.

"Mom.what.are you. are you pregnant?" Susan gripped her son's face with both of her hands and kissed her son wetly on his cheek. "You ain't gone blind have you, baby? I'm either pregnant or I have the granddaddy of all gas attacks!" They shared a brief laugh at her brassy joke. "Why didn't you tell me?" "You had school to worry about!

We saw no need to worry you with the goings on here!" "Well, congratulations!" Jason turned and extended his hand to his father who took it and shook awesome hot body sexy ass nice tits silently. His father seemed a little sad. There was a hard set to his jaw and he swallowed hard a few times.

"Thank you, son. Why don't you put away your stuff. There is a game on in a few hours. We can catch up while we watch. Would you mind picking up your aunt? Her husband, Andre was held up by a late plane." "Ok, dad, no problem!' Jason watched his dad move to the basement door and disappear into his mona tried the electrodes and she experiences the most powerful orgasm cave.

Turning to his mother, Jason said, "Mom you look amazing! You almost glow!" Susan walked over to her son. She placed her flour covered hand on his cheek. He eyes were sad as she looked into his eyes. "You so full of it! And if I am glowing, it's because my baby is home!" Chapter 2 The rain increased as Jason made the short drive to his aunt's apartment. He mulled over the stunning news of his mother's pregnancy at 50. Something was nagging at the edge of his awareness.

It was like when you can cannot quite remember a name or an address. You know that you know but you cannot quite pull it up. He guided the truck into a space just outside his aunt apartment. As he stepped out of the truck, he felt the bite of cold on exposed skin.

This could turn into a serious rainstorm. He tapped lightly on her kitchen door. He smiled as her heard the wail of his little cousin followed by his aunt's cooing trying to calm the toddler. He must nearly four months old by now. He heard the doorknob turn and had a big smile on his face as it opened. "Jason! How are you, Sweety?" Helena spread her arms wide, preparing to hug her nephew.

"Aunt Helen! How are.?" The words froze in his mouth as he surveyed his aunt. She wore a multicolored muumuu. It hung low in the back but high in the front as it tried to cover her belly. "Aunt Helen, are you pregnant?" The words stumbled out of Jason's mouth. Helen assayed a lop sided grin as she watched her nephew process the information overload he was experiencing. "Yes, Jason, I am pregnant!" She reached out, took his hand and pulled him inside. "But so is mom! How.who.I mean.!" Helen watched as the light went on in Jason's brain.

"Oh my god, no! You don't mean.?" His finger pointed at Helen's round belly. It then folded back and pointed at himself. "Yes, Jason, it's your baby!" Helen watched him closely. He was beginning to sway. She pointed at a kitchen chair. "Sit down, Baby! If you pass out, ain't no way I can pick your big ass up!" Jason slumped in the chair. The room moved around him as he tried to collect himself. "But mom is pregnant also!" he said. Helen slid into the chair next to her nephew.

She took his hand in hers and began to stroke it. "Yes, Susan is pregnant also!" "Am I.?" He could not finish the sentence. Horror welled in his throat blocking the words. "Yes, Jason, Susan and I are pregnant and you are the father!" The movement of the room accelerated. Jason felt himself losing consciousness. A sharp crack on his cheek snapped him back. "We ain't gona have none of that!" Helen was indignant. With some difficulty, she reached up in cabinet and got a glass. She moved to the fridge, pushed the glass against the recess lever in the door and filled the glass with ice.

She filled the glass with water and walked back to the kitchen table. She sat the ice water in front of Jason. Then she awkwardly slid back into her chair.

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She watched as he took a deep gulp. When he went to speak, she extended her hand, palm out, fingers spread and up. "Hold it," she said, "let me explain otherwise we might be here all night! Presumably I can skip the birds and bees conversation!" A smiled played across her lips as she raised one eyebrow questioningly. She had him recall the night they had come home drunk. He nodded. She went on to explain that she had just had her six week checkup and was just starting on the pill.

"But.but mom?" "Years ago your father had a vasectomy. Susan was on nothing!" That was the niggling datum the Jason could not drag up. He knew Adam had a vasectomy. "What did mom tell ben ten cartoon xnxx all "We lied," Helen said blithely, "we told him that some guy got us high and took him some pussy!

That is pretty close to the truth. He went looking for him but, thank god, he didn't find him! And for me, I just adjusted the weeks a little and told Andre it was his" "Why didn't mom tell me?" "She figured you would want to do the noble thing and accept responsibly. It is better your father and my husband not know the truth!" Jason nodded at the ramifications of admitting incest with his aunt and mother.

"Ok, get my bags.

I am staying the weekend with y'all! Andre just called. His flight just landed in San Jose and he is on his way." Jason scooped up his aunt's bags and tossed them into the back of the truck. Then he helped his aunt and baby into the truck. The rain was much heavier now with reduced visibility as Jason crept down rain slick roads toward his parents' house. At one point, they were stuck at a traffic light. Helen jumped slightly. "What's wrong Auntie?" Helen reached over, grabbed Jason's hand and placed it on her belly.

"I get a little feeling sometimes, like popcorn popping, I think the baby is starting to move!" Jason kept his right hand on Helen's belly. Just as traffic started to move, he felt a sensation under his palm. "Is that it," he said excitedly. Helen smiled and nodded at her nephew. She laid back in the seat, relishing the feel of her baby's daddy, her nephew's hand on her belly.

*** By the time Jason guided the F-150 into the driveway of his parent's home, the rain hit with its full fury. Visibility was no more than a few feet. Jason opened the door of the truck and jumped to the ground.

He moved quickly around the front of the truck, opened the door and helped his aunt out of the truck. Helen clutched her baby tightly as she gingerly eased herself to the ground. Despite the cold driving rain, she felt warmth suffuse her body as Jason's arm encircled her waist. They carefully negotiated the driveway. Susan was concerned about her son and her sister.

The rain was coming down heavily. She moved to the window facing the driveway, peering through the rain for her husband's truck. She started as she felt Adam's arms encircle her waist. "Don't worry, Momma, Jason's a good driver.

They will be ok!" Susan let herself lay back against the strong broad chest of her husband. He was a good man, a good provider.

How many men would accept his wife being pregnant by another man? How many men would still show her love and affection after this ultimate betrayal? She let herself cuddle in his strong arms. Dear god, she thought, even this good man would probably not accept his son fathering the child. "There they are," Susan cried! They watched as the truck eased into the driveway. They saw Jason bound from the truck, run around and help Helen from the truck. "I'll get the door," Adam said! Susan felt a twinge of envy as she watched her son wrap his strong arms around her sister and help her up the driveway.

She mentally shook herself, dropping those unhelpful thoughts. They were all in this together. Besides, she thought, I have Adam. A part of her mind was horrified at the implication of that thought.

Does that mean that Helen has Jason?? *** Despite the flurry of activities associated with the holiday dinner, Jason managed to get a few minutes alone with his mom.

"Mom, I am so sorry about getting you pregnant!" He was behind her, his arms wrapped around her ample ass and now matching belly.

Susan let her head lay back on her son's strong chest. She felt warm and protected. "It's not your fault, Baby! "But it is! If I hadn't.!" Susan clasped her son's hands, pressing them tighter around her swollen womb.

"But we did! Moreover, we are all adults! Adults accept the responsibility for their actions. I.we.are having a baby! I will love and care for it just as hard as I loved and cared for its father!" Jason felt his mom's butt move slowly back and forth against his cock. "Mom!!" Susan giggled. "Sorry Honey! But I just had a flash back to that night! Wowee doggy! That was some serious fucking we did that night!" "MOM!!" Susan managed to get her hand between them.

She grabbed her son's cock and gave it a squeeze. "Now get out of here before an old woman loses control.AGAIN!!" Chapter 3 Jason lay nude on the futon in his father's man cave. He had talked to Belle on the phone. She was spending Thanksgiving with her mother and aunt at her aunt's farm. Over time, after several trips to visit him on campus, she had explained why she did not talk about her family. After thirty years of marriage, her mother had left her father. She was living with her sister down by Watsonville.

To add insult to injury, she was pregnant. Not only that but she refused to say who the father was. They were estranged for several months. However, as her mom's time drew near, she was due next month, they reconciled.

In fact, she was moving her mom back to Santa Cruz to live with her. Jason had not mentioned it to her, but he planned to ask her to move in with him. Now he thought about his dad's joke about the Chinese symbol for confusion, two women under one roof. He sighed heavily. Well, tomorrow he would drive up to Misty Valley to see his house. He shuddered as he realized he had to tell mom and Aunt Helen he was moving into his own place. He was not sure how they would take that!

His dad was sanguine, saying it was time for him to get out on his own. His father had ended their conversation, after they polished off a six pack, by reminding him that nothing was more important than family. "Family trumps all troubles, all people!" Adam said wagging one huge finger in his face. Aunt Helen, Andre and their baby were using his room. Andre was over the moon with joy. For many years, he and Helen had wanted kids.

Now BAM! BAM! They had one and another on the way. With a little help, Jason thought wryly. He heard footsteps upstairs. The footsteps moved across the kitchen. He heard the door at the top of the stairs open. Slow, heavy steps made their way down the stairs. He turned to his side and raised his head on his elbow. In the dim glow, he could make out his mom's shape.

"Is everything ok, mom?" Susan moved over to the futon. She pushed her son's legs aside and sat down heavily. "I thought we should talk and this is the only chance we will have for the next few days!" Susan glanced down and saw the outline of her son's cock through the sheet.

Coming down here was a bad idea. It had all seemed so clear when she was upstairs lying next to her husband, Adam. She would go downstairs and she and her son would have an adult conversation about their situation. "Ok mom" However, she realized now that what she really wanted was sex with her son.

She flashed back to the pain/pleasure of Jason's cock in her sex. She felt her pussy getting moist under her caftan. "It's important that you don't let this change your life. Me and your father want you to finish college!" Jason let one hand rest on his mom's thigh. He gently stroked it up and down. "I will, mom. I will need a lucrative career to take care of you and Aunt Helen. I want to be a good father to my children." Jason's hand had pushed Susan's caftan up.

Now his hand was stroking the inside of her thigh, mere inches from the furnace that was his mom's pussy. He could feel the heat on his fingers. Susan knew she should stop him. She knew that she had to be the adult, try to maintain some propriety. She grabbed his hand but did not move it from her thigh but held it tightly.

"And.and, Susan moaned, we must.!? Susan looked down and saw her hand was rubbing her son's cock through the blanket. She watched in amazement as it grew. "We must remember that we are mother and son. We must control our .needs!" Susan slowly pulled the blanket down, exposing her son's cock.

She watched it grow as she slowly stroked it. "Fuck, mom!" Jason wilted under his mom's withering glance. "Watch your language, young man!" "Ok, ok, but if we are going to talk you have to stop stroking me!" Susan looked deep in her son's eyes.

Then her gaze trailed down to her hand encircling his cock. She leaned down, gently kiss the large mushroom head and let her tongue wander over his large slit. Jason gasped, his hips involuntarily thrusting up. With an effort of will, Susan sat up and released Jason's cock. "Even though we have committed the ultimate disrespect of your father, we must not allow ourselves to carry this any further." She put a finger to his lips as he sat up to protest.

"No, no, you must listen to me!" She jumped and her hand went to her belly. She kept it clasped there as the sensation ran through her womb. Realizing what was happening; she grabbed her son's hand and placed it on her womb. "That's our baby! It's moving for the first time!" For the second time that day, Jason felt a child of his move in its mother's womb.

His gaze went from the miracle he felt with his hand to his mom's almost beatific face. He raised up on one tattooed busty milf suck a big cook and kissed her lightly on her cupid bow lips. The feelings of love she felt for her unborn child and her son overwhelmed Susan. She returned his kiss with a tidal wave of passion.

She took his head in both of her hands and let her tongue wander over the fullness of his lips. She was dimly aware that Jason had unzipped her caftan. It fell in folds around the plumpness of her womb. Their tongues dueled in each other's mouth as their passion built.

He took her breast in his hand and kneaded it from the base to the diamond hard tip that was her nipple. He gloried in her sharp intake of breath and lustful moans. This was his woman and he wanted her. Jason's other hand moved from her womb to the blast furnace heat of her sex. Through her neatly trimmed fur, he lightly stroked her swollen labia. His fingers came away coated in the slick, thick goo of her arousal.

The aroma of her arousal permeated the close confines of the man cave. Susan's pelvis began a slow pulsing up and down as her son's finger ran up and down her engorged pussy lips. As his finger moved across her enlarged clit, she felt a squirt of love juice from her pussy. She recalled when she was pregnant with Jason how she was always horny, wearing poor Adam out. Jason felt his mother's juices hit the palm of his hand. He let one finger slowly enter her.

He felt her head drop to his shoulder as she fucked his finger. He gasped as he felt her reflexively grab his cock and squeeze it. "Oh gangs forced girl tfuck near beach Susan moaned," you make momma feel so good!" She took his head in her hands and pushed him down, down to her needy pussy. She needed to be licked!

She needed to feel her son's mouth on her pussy. Jason slid to the floor, planting kissed on the roundness of her belly. He kissed his way around its girth and found her hairy hole. Susan lay back crossways on the bed, her legs spreading to allow her son access. She heard a scream and realized it was her scream reacting to her son's kisses on her labia.

She gripped his head, forcing him deeper between her full thighs. Jason's tongue flicked lightly at his mother's clit. It had swollen to the size of the first joint of his ring finger.

With each flick of his tongue, Susan shivered. He felt her thighs quiver, they clamped painfully hard against his head. Suddenly his face was drenched in her ejaculate.

Jason sputtered as her juices filled his mouth and nose. A light sheen of sweat covered Susan's body as she lay back electrifying ramrod riding joy hardcore and blowjob the futon after her orgasm. One hand grasped her belly instinctively. Her breaths came in short hard gasps. Her legs relaxed, freeing her son from the vise of her thighs. Susan raised her head to see her lover. She saw his face and hair dripping her juices and began to giggle.

In mock anger, Jason wiped his face with his open hand. "You did this, mom!" Susan could not stop giggling at her son's appearance. "I'm sorry, baby, you just look so funny!" Jason rose to his knees between his mom's thighs. He let the head of his meat touch his mom's pussy lips. With one hand, he gripped it at the root and moved it up and down between the swollen, goo dripping lips of her womanhood. "For laughing at me, you are going to have to beg to get this!" "Look, boy," Susan tittered," I been doing this a lot longer than you and I ain't never begged for no cock!" Jason let the head large mushroom head of his cock push lightly into his mom's love canal.

When her hips involuntarily thrust up to receive him, he pulled back. His eyes moved from her face, showing lust and frustration to her pussy. It lay gaped open, her labia quivering. "Say please, mom, say please stick it in!" Jason could barely contain himself. Every fiber of his being cried out to ram his tool deep into this most inviting of all love canals. He knew they would fuck eventually but he wanted his mother to beg for it.

He wanted to control, however briefly, this strong dynamic woman. He rubbed the head over her clit and then moved it between her pussy lips down to the peritoneum. He heard her groan loudly as he pressed against her starfish. "No, gawdammit, I won't beg, I won't!" "You know you want it! Say it mom, say it!" "Aww fuck, baby, fuck, I need you, I need you, I need you!" Please stick it in mommy, PLEASE!!

Jason smiled broadly, as he let his cock slide slowly into the streaming cauldron of his mom's cunt. His reward was a low lustful groan. As he continued to slide his length into her sex, she raised up and stuck her tongue out at him "We both win!" she cooed! Jason reached down, took both of his mother's tits in his hands, and massaged them as he slowly pumped in and out of her. The squishy sound of an overheated pussy filled the tight confines of the man cave.

Jason could feel her pussy quiver internally. "Do you know how much I have dreamed of this moment? Do you know how much cum I have shot while imagining being in this most amazing of all pussies?" "No more than the times I have dreamed of this moment. My son, my baby, fucking me and feeding his baby in my womb!" The thickened walls of his mom's pussy twitched spasmodically as Jason maintained the steady two step of sex.

In and out, he moved with a deep powerful rhythm, in and out. His hands kneaded his mother's tits, starting at the base and working their way out to her rigid nipples and back again. "Does that feel good, mom? I am making you feel good?" Helen felt her vagina stretch to accommodate her son's tool. She could feel him sliding back and forth in her pussy. Each thrust radiated thrills that started in her love canal and move through her body.

She could feel the baby move as its father's tool pressed against her cervix. Love and lust dominated her mind.

Love for her son and his baby; lust at for the inimitable intimacy that only an incestuous relationship can bring. Jason was at once her son, her lover and her baby's daddy! Helen gasped out the words she had only said to her husband. "It's your pussy, baby, all yours!

You make your mother feel like she has never felt before!" "Come with me, mom! Come with me! Let's share the moment!" Their plunging increased frantically as they pushed each other to their orgasm. "I'm coming, baby, momma's coming! Come with me! Feed our baby!" Their orgasms were like out of body experiences.

They were one person in a world of their own. Their bodies pushing against each other, their ejaculates drenching them both and the sheets. They lay for a few minutes bathed in sweat, their breaths coming in short, hard gasps.

Slowly they came down together. The walls of the man cave came back into focus. They had been somewhere else during their lovemaking. Now they reentered the real world. Still on his knees, Jason head lay on his mom's belly. She gently stroked his sweat drenched head. "I'd better get back upstairs" Jason slid back and watched as his cock slid wetly from his mom's pussy. "Just a minute, mom! Let me clean you up." He quickly walked the few steps to the basement bathroom.

He took a towel from the rack. He turned on the water and adjusted it to a comfortable warmness. He soaked the small tit sub tied up and toyed by duo thoroughly, wrung it out and went back to his mom.

Helen still lay on her back. Guilt, doubts and love wracked her mind. She had always been a one man woman. Now she was cheating on Adam with his son! Jason knelt between his mom's legs. Impulsively, he leaned down and kissed her come and sweat soaked pubic thatch.

"Boy, unless you gona lick me clean, you better stop!" Jason let his tongue move through his mother's still swollen labia. He felt her shiver. He sat up and began wiping the residue of their lovemaking. The intimacy of this action was not lost on either of them. "There," Jason exclaimed as he finished wiping his mom's vulva, "all done!" Susan stood, retrieved her caftan from the floor and slipped it on. She sex beeg xnxx xxx com on her tiptoes and lightly kissed her son on his lips.

The she retreated back upstairs. The following day was Thanksgiving. Jason woke to the rich, spicy aromas of the holiday feast. He could hear the footsteps of his mom and aunt on the floor above. The murmurs of their conversation drifted down. The words were indistinct but the tone was jovial. He rolled to a sitting position, his feet slapping the cold floor. Jason decided against adding a robe to his normal boxers and tee shirt. He stood and padded bare foot up the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Good morning mom, Aunt Helen!" Jason walked over to his mother, wrapped my arms around her ample waist, and kissed her on her cheek. "Morning, baby! I'll have breakfast ready in a few!" He sidled over to Helen and repeated his greeting, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.

"Morning, Jason!" Aunt Helen rotated her ass seductively against his groin. She leaned her head back and whispers in his ear: "I saw Susan sneaking back to her room walking wide leg! You need to feed this baby too!" "Any time, Aunty Helen, anytime!!" He cups her breasts and squeeze them. "Y'all better cut that shit out," Susan warned, "we ain't even had breakfast yet and y'all playing spank the monkey!" Helen glanced toward the Living Room and the stairs leading up to the bedrooms, verifying that Adam and Andre were not in earshot.

"Gurl, don't you be sweating me! I saw your big ass sneaking back to bed this morning. The whole hall stank of sex!" Susan shot a quick glance toward the stairs. She tittered. "And, Lawd, it was amazing! My baby know how to handle his business! Jason felt heat rise in his face. It was embarrassing to hear his mom and aunt discuss having sex with him. He realized that they dealt with their misgivings and were comfortable with the situation. He, on the other hand, was still trying to get his mind around the fact that his mom and aunt were pregnant and he was the daddy.

He shook his head ruefully. "Mom, Aunty Helen, you are embarrassing me!" "Well, you weren't shame faced when you was laying that pipe and knocked us up!" Helen offered.

Jason stepped between them extending both arms, playing acting like a referee separating two fighters. "Ladies, ladies, don't fight livegonzo peaches and bambi euro teen lesbians me!" "Ain't no fight", Susan offered, "you my son." She lowered her voice and said: "And you my baby's daddy! Helen placed her hands on her full hips, let her head rock and hissed: "This belly ain't gas!

He knocked me up too!" Exasperated, Jason turned to his mom. With his palm open, he slapped her smartly on the ass. "OUCHH!! What you think you doing? I'm your mother!" He turned to Helen who was trying to scoot away.

He smacked her ass. "If you two don't stop, I'm going to spank you both!" The two sisters looked at each other and grinned. "So now he want to get REALLY kinky and started spanking us too. It wasn't enough that he took advantage of us while we was high!" "Yeah," Helen added, "and had us non stop joy for adorable babe with jugs naturaltits hardcore pussy for the first time in our lives!

So what other weird shit you learn in college!" Jason threw his hands in the air in defeat. "I'm going to shower and get dressed, he groaned!" Their good natured laughter followed him down the stairs. Chapter 4 Belle could almost scream in frustration.

She was stuck in traffic. A protest march of some kind had the intersection blocked. Jason was due at her house any minute and she was going to be late. She spied a phone booth and managed to pull over and park near it. She exited her jeep and hurried to the phone.

She fumbled in her purse and found a quarter. She dropped the coin in the slot and heard the familiar chimes. She dialed her home and waited impatiently as it rang.

The rain began again, streaking the grime on the exterior of the phone booth. On the fourth ring, her mother answered. "Mom, I am stuck in traffic. Jason is due any minute and I have one more stop to make. I'll be about thirty minutes late." May smiled at the torrent of words unleashed by her daughter. "Don't worry, Dear, I'll entertain your young man!" "Oh thank you mom!

You are the greatest! Bye!" May shook her head ruefully as she hung up the phone. Annabelle had her share of boyfriends but apparently, this one was special. She stroked her belly as she moved slowly toward the kitchen. Her flowered caftan swished softly as she walked. Caftans and muumuus were her primary clothing in this final month of her pregnancy. She wore a bra to support her milk laden breasts but no panties.

Part of the way there, the doorbell rang. The bell rang again as May moved slowly toward the front door. She opened the door smiling, prepared to meet her perspective son in law. Her smile froze as she saw the ebony visage of Jason, her Jason, standing in the door.

They stood for a moment thunderstruck. In an instant, their eyes took in each other. Jason managed to speak first. "May, what are you doing here?" Confusion was apparent on his face. May unconsciously touched her distended womb.

The baby was turning restlessly. It seemed excited. "I.I live here now with my daughter!" A riot of emotion ran through May. There was confusion at seeing her erstwhile lover standing at her daughter's door. There was a joy at seeing the man who had so changed her life. Finally, the beginnings of a horror at realizing her daughter's boyfriend was the father of her baby.

May finally noticed that Jason was dripping wet from standing in the rain. "Come in," May's voice cracked. He stepped into the small foyer. Jason watched as May moved slowly across the room. Her wide hips caused the dress to sway softly. "Please sit down. It is obvious we need to talk before Belle gets home!" "Belle, where have you been?

For weeks I hung around town hoping to see you!" May plopped down heavily on the brocaded divan. Wearily, she patted the empty spot next to her. The baby seemed to be doing somersaults in her womb. Slowly she related the tale of her life after their encounter on the bus. *** She and her sister, Ellen sat on opposite sides of the breakfast counter in her large farmhouse kitchen. The kitchen was roughly 20' by 20'. It was a throwback to the days when the farmhands were fed supper by the farm owner.

The counter was actually an old 9' long oak table that her husband converted to a more modern breakfast counter. The house itself sat in the middle of a 100 acre farm where they grew lettuce, cauliflower and other vegetables. It was more than 100 years old, built of granite blocks and close to 2500 square feet.

Her husband's grandfather built the house in the late 19th century. The master bedroom was adjacent to the kitchen. The living area was opposite the kitchen. Down a short corridor from the living area were three small bedrooms. Jim's grandfather had planned for children. He had also planned to have them at a distance from the master bedroom. He, like his son and now his grandson enjoyed sex and did not want children close enough to put a damper on his fun. Ellen wore her Oshkosh by Gosh bib overalls.

They were the kind that japanese cute shemale noa nishino like shorts, stopping just above her knee. Under these, she wore a tee shirt and, incongruously, red French cut panties.

Of her four children, only her 24 year old son was still home. He was the oldest and would inherit the farm. Jim jr. was still single and dated sporadically.

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"What happened, May? You and Henry have been married 30 years!" "Ellen, I just reached the end of my rope. He saw me as little more than a farmhand, there to do chores and fix his meals.

We hadn't had sex in nearly five years!" "Five years!! My god, sis, how did you manage that?" Both sisters had high sex drives. More than once, they were caught with one of the local guys. However, May never got past handjobs while Ellen got married because she was pregnant. May chuckled and held up her calloused hands. "If it wasn't for these, I would have left him years ago!" Embarrassed, May covered her mouth with her hands as Jim jr., Ellen's son, entered the house.

Jim jr. was easily 6' 1", around 190 pounds. While Jim was fair with blue eyes, He had his mother's red hair and green eyes. He was also a full head taller than his father was. Jim jr, heavily tanned, had laugh wrinkles around his eyes.

May noticed her sister's eyes were fixed on her son's crotch. When Ellen caught May staring at her, she nervously shifted her gaze to her hands. "Mom, dad said we would be late for supper. We are having some problems with the pump for the irrigation system!" "Okay, honey, thanks!' "Aunt May, if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know!" "Why thank you, Junior, I'll keep that in mind!" May noticed the emphasis on the "anything".

As Jim jr turned to head back to the fields, May saw the color in her wxxx storys bchong nang dau com cheeks. A thought crossed her mind that she quickly suppressed. Later that evening, May lay in the bed. Ellen gave her the room at front of the el shaped corridor. Jim jr had the room at the far end. The middle room was vacant. The warm welcome helped as she spent her first night as a soon to be single woman.

She sighed as she recalled the short acrimonious call with Henry. She told him she would not be coming back. True to form, after the initial shock, he complained about having no help during the chores.

May was exhausted. The day had been physically and emotionally challenging. As she dozed off, she thought she heard the floor creak as though someone had crept past her closed bedroom door. Later the sounds of moans woke her briefly. The next three weeks were a blur as she retained a lawyer, called her children to tell them of her decision to divorce their father. None of them took it well, but Anabelle was the most vehement. She hung up on her mother. May had also missed her period.

She thought nothing of it at first. She suspected she was in menopause. She mentioned it to Ellen who promptly made an appointment with her doctor.

She left that appointment stunned. She was pregnant. Moreover, there was absolutely no doubt about who the father was! She told her sister while the men were in the fields.

She also told her who the father was. Ellen began to chastise her for being so careless. When she continued, the hair trigger of suppressed emotions exploded.

"At least I'm not sneaking around fucking my son! Don't you dare berate me!" The opened mouth, wide eyed shock that Ellen showed was all the confirmation anyone would have needed.

"How.no.I'm not .how did you find out?" Ellen's eyes kept making furtive glances at the door. Her husband and son were due in for supper at any moment. Relenting some, May reached out, covered her sister's hand with hers and patted it. "Two or three nights a week, I have heard you tip toeing past my room. Then I would hear the muffled moans, groans and the creaking bed.

It didn't take a detective to figure out what was going on." "How old are you now, May, 48?" May nodded. "I was 49 and entering menopause. Instead of a decrease in my sexual desire, mine increased wildly. Poor Jim was having trouble keeping up! He is 5 years older than me." May nodded again. "I experienced something similar!" "Well, I got me a vibrator. Two or three times a week, I used it and it helped.

But the only time I could use it was during the day while the men were in the field." Ellen began to warm to her topic. "The one I had back then was only six inches long. Since then I moved up to a nine inch one" "Really??" May's hand went to her mouth. Ellen leaned forward and whispered, "Junior is huge and I kind of got used to big ones!" May giggled nervously.

"Anyway," May continued, "I was using my little one and Junior came in just like he did the other day. I didn't hear him. I was so into it, I didn't even know he was in the bedroom door watching me! That is until I felt him sucking my titty!" "Oh god, no," May exclaimed, "What did you do?" "Well my eyes popped open. I had them closed. My eyes pop open and there is my son kneeling by my bed, sucking my nipple and stroking the biggest cock I ever saw!" cute blonde shares her bf with milf blowjob and mature leaned forward.

She broke out in a light sweat and she felt moist between her legs. "Oh my god!" "Yea, that's what I said! So there I am, my feet on the bed, my legs spread like the wishbone on a turkey, my fat ass in the air and moaning to beat curvy maid julz gotti gets naked while cleaning band.

And we both came! Me shooting a stream the length of our bed that damn near ruined my bedspread and Junior creating a dinner plate sized puddle on the throw rug by the bed." "And??" May was breathless with anticipation.

"Well I was trying to recover and figure out what to say, when he stands up, his cock still hard, mind you, comes around, gets on top of me and shoves it in!" "Get the fuck out of town!" May exclaimed. Ellen nodded. "You remember that old Starland Vocal Band song, "Afternoon Delight'?

Well that's what it's been! Afternoon, evening, nights, anytime we can! It's star rockets attractive nympho is peeing and fingering shaven fuckbox flight!" Both women were still laughing when the men came in for supper. *** "And Jason, I stayed there until Belle and I reconciled and I've been here ever since!" While May told her story, Jason had placed one hot asian rides his hard cock min orientalsex and squirting around her back and the other on her abdomen.

He slowly stroked her as she finished relating her story. May's head was on his shoulder. Throughout her tale, she slowly stroke his cock. She pushed down his sweat pants and tried to lean over to suck his cock. They both laughed when her belly would not let her.

May stood, lifted her caftan and straddled Jason. When he went to hold his cock and put in in her dripping wet pussy, she playfully slapped his hand. "You taught me how to do that! Let me do it!" May got a firm grip on his dick, positioned at her pussy and slowly slid down.

"Lawd, I have missed this!" As May's head dropped to touch his forehead, Jason placed on hand on either side of her belly. He felt the baby kick. "Hey, he said, "daddy is home!" May slid up and down the thick slick shaft of her young lover.

She felt the fullness she missed, she felt the baby kick as Jason's cock touched her cervix. They had only fucked that once on the bus but they made love now like long time lovers. They knew the rhythm each needed. They knew blowjob in a break in the bathroom pace that brought them both to orgasm together.

They came together. Jason filled her pussy and her womb with his seed. The baby, who was active during their lovemaking quieted down.

For several minutes, they stayed like that, forehead to forehead, May's arms around his neck, Jason caressing her belly, his cock buried deep in her.

Later, When Belle arrived; they were sitting on the divan talking. They had decided to tell her. She had a right to know. Neither of them knew how she would receive the news that her boyfriend was the father of her mother's baby. "Well, sorry to be late! But you two seem to have hit it off!" Belle felt a slight unease as she saw Jason and Belle sitting side by side. Their hips were touching.

Each had a hand laying familiarly on the other's thigh. "Annabelle, May said quietly, sit down. We need to talk!"