Menxx and rajkumar xxx sex stories story

Menxx and rajkumar xxx sex stories story
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Part XIV: Porn, CA The Studio put us up in a nice Hotel in downtown LA. We, being the 19 year old kids that we are, went sightseeing and did that whole tourist thing.

We were given five days before the next time we were to go to the studio. They didn't say what we would be doing, but we had our assumptions. We arrived bright and early at the studio. Jerry Spencer greeted us and took us to his office. "Well our bright young stars, we've got your three films, and now that cameo you did the other day, its time to start utilizing your talents and our sets." "Sounds good, what do you want us to do?" I led up our part of the conversation.

"Well, whatever you guys want, we've got all these sets, why don't you just walk around look at the sets and do a little brainstorming, I don't have any directors in here today, so if the notion strikes you, you can do whatever you want. Call me if you need some camera guys." Holly and I walked hand in hand through the studio. There were tons of sets, school settings, offices, mansion, bus, hospital, just about anything.

We came to a set that looked like a public bathroom, for some reason I started to chuckle. "What, what's funny?" Holly asked me. "Huhuh, it's GloryHole" I said. "A What?." Holly asked. "You should watch more porn if your going to be a pornstar" I said. "I don't want to be a pornstar" she said "just illegitimate actress, how's that". "Whatever you gotta tell yourself' I said joking. I pulled out my cell phone and called Jerry. A few minutes later a camera crew showed up.

"I think this would be the standard deal here guys" I said, turning to Holly "Babe, just go in there, and go to the bathroom, like you are a department store or brother sleeping sister xxxsex brsis pics, and you'll figure it out" "Okay…" Holly said. She still hadn't figured out what was going on. I retreated to the next room, where there was a peephole at eye level, and then the glory hole. I peeked through and saw that Holly had just started to pull her jeans down.

She sat down on the toilet seat, the set however many times it had been used, seemed to be as clean as the day it was made. Holly had her panties around her knees, and pants around her ankles, I heard the tinkling of her peeing, I realized that I had never watched her pee before, something that kind of surprised me. I looked at her round tits, her nipples barely poking through her blue shirt. Holly looked around, as if to make sure she wasn't being watched, that mischievous look, then put one hand between her legs, and she moaned as her right hand massaged her clit gently.

Her other hand went under her shirt to her tits. I was now semi hard and decided it was good enough. There was about a foot, maybe more between the wall and Holly, I pushed my cock through the hole, it watch violent rape of virgins hanging on the other side. Holly suddenly jerked her head to one side, catching my cock in the corner of her eye. "What's this?" Holly said teasingly. "Were you watching me?.You want me to suck that?" she said, to still no answer.

"Fuck that's kind of getting me hot" she said. She pulled her shirt up over her head, dropping it to the floor, exposing her white bra holding her round breasts, which she reached behind her back to unstrap.

She freed her tits, hanging on her chest, yet pert poking the air, in the rounded beauty. She got down and to her knees in front of me and the wall. She lightly stroked my cock with one hand, studying it. atk hairy redhead kitty rachel suppose you want a blowjob" she said, not really to anyone, more like talking to herself.

"I want one thing in return" she said.

Then she took the head of my cock into her mouth, stroking the end with her tongue. Still stroking with one hand, and the other hand in her crotch, she started to pump her head on my cock, mouthfucking. Her tits swayed back and forth, and her brown hair rocked back and forth with her head movements. "Fuck you taste good, I want some more big boy" she said. She dove her head down, throatfucking me. The saliva was running down her chin, her in and out movements made slurping and squishing sounds, as she deepthroating me.

She pulled her mouth away. "I want you to fuck me" she said. Holly stood up, ass against the wall, and she bent over, bracing herself on the side of the toilet with her arms. She held my cock in one hand, leaning back, pressing my cock at the entrance of her tight pussy, which I could feel the wetness of. She put her hand back to the toilet, both hands back to brace her, and she pushed back, penetrating till her ass slammed against the wall, in one fast motion.

She pushed back and forth, grinding her ass into the wall, her pussy trying to pull me through hot girlsongirls in pantyhose enjoying strap thin wall.

"What's this" I heard her say. I looked through the hole and saw another dick sticking through the opposite wall, it was just in front of Holly's face.

I started to wonder who the fuck that could be, maybe one of the camera crew, or maybe one of the six guys from last time, but I don't fuckin know. Holly took one hand and reached in front of her, stroking the cock vigorously.

She continued to push her ass back against the wall, as she stroked that cock, and she would touch the head of the cock with her mouth and tongue when she was at one extreme of her pussy stroke. She continued to play pendulum for a few moments, then she pulled off of me, and she got down on her knees, in between the walls and cocks. She had one hand on each cock. "Whatever should I do?" she said. Then she moved to the other cock, still holding my stiff juice and saliva soaked cock, as she started to suck off whoever the other guy was.

She deepthroated him hard and fast, and stroked me quickly too. Holly stayed over there sucking him down for several minutes, still stroking me. She must have sensed I was close to cumming as she kept me from getting too much stimultation, holding me at the edge. She got back up, shoving her ass against the opposite wall, fucking the other guy, as she reversed the previous position, now giving me head.

She would hit the end of my cock on the out stroke, but continued to stroke my cock, now more vigorously. I blasted my load through the wall onto her face, shot after shot of thick jizz onto her face, some shooting over her head and landing tai phim sexy dung luong thap her bare back, as she sucked the tip cat fighting drowning underwater lesbien my cock on the outstroke of her pussy.

As soon as I was finished, she got up and down to her knees in front of the other guy, stroking him and sucking him till he blew his load that went on her face and onto her tits. Holly, cumblasted, sat back on the toilet, holding one cock in each outstretched hand.

"I wonder who these fuckers are" she said. I emerged from my side, Holly stood there naked and cumcovered. Jerry Spencer, the producer, emerged from the other side, the mystery man. "Fucking great head" he said. "Well thank you" Holly said. "Let's go get a shower" I said. We walked to the shower room next to the dressing room. This shower room is where all the 'talent' washed up after the sessions on set. We both showered, I was sweaty from being in the small room, and Holly was dripping with liquid proof of the experience.

"What do we do now?" Holly asked me, as we dressed. "Let's fuck with some of those despereate 'models'" I said, reffering to the girls lining up to be in the movies. "How?" I told my idea to Jerry, he liked it, and he set it all up for me. The girl, Jennifer, was almost six foot tall, huge fake breasts, like double Eso fake looking, her hair bleached fake blonde, was led into the interview room, which was loaded with hidden cameras and had a two way mirror.

Jennifer signed a release saying that the interview would be taped and the studio could use it for whatever they wanted. Basically if they wanted to make it into a porno, she would get a small cut of the film, but most likely they wouldn't use it.

Usually this meant some girls would come in and need to "prove" they can give head or fuck and would service some guy for no good reason. "What am I supposed to do, I get all these girls fuckin lining up wanting to be in my movies, I can't use all of them, and they all will do anything to get what they want, if I don't tell them they might get a job by giving some guy head, then they will just go to another studio, so what the fuck am I supposed to do?" Blonde chick riley jenner recieves an anal pounding had said, explaining his reasoning for the exploitation.

It wasn't really his fault that he exploited these girls, they exploited themselves, if they didn't come here, they would go to another studio, so what's it really matter. I briefed Holly in on my idea, "Where the fuck do you come up with this shit?" she asked me, using many curses, mimicking the way some people talk, it was all kind of an obscure joke. Jennifer had been escorted to the camera laden room after signing the release, knowing that she would be interviewed probably give head and maybe get a job.

I made her sit in the room waiting for twenty minutes. I walked into the room, a large metal desk separating the two of us.

She was sitting in a chair, her legs uncrossed, somewhat open, and she had no panties on. I came into the room with a folder in my hand, setting it on the table, sitting down and opening it, pretending to be doing quickie with mom while dad in the shower paperwork. Jennifer had no idea what was going on. "Jennifer…22…modeled with…no prior experience…" I somewhat read aloud.

"So Jennifer" I said looking at her face for the first time "Why should I give you this job?". "Well, if you want me to suck your dick why don't you just say so" she said matter-of-factly. "Well, it's not that simple, this is a buyers market, not a sellers market." I said. "What the fuck does that supposed mean, buying market?" she said, obviously not understanding at all. "That means there is an abundance of girls I can pick, almost all of them willing to suck my dick, so why should I pick you" I said.

"I'll fuck you, whatever you want, fuck, I'm not a salesman, just say it and I'll do it" she said. "Well, if you can't distinguish yourself with any words, or ideas, I guess I will just have to judge you on sexual ability. Get the fuck over here and give me a fuckin blowjob" I said.

I pushed my self back from the table, sliding the chair. She immediately stood up and walked around the table, kneeling down, almost under the table, unzipping my jeans. She pulled out my limp cock, started stroking it. She immediately started giving me head as soon as I was semi-hard. I put my hands on the back of her head, pushing her down on my cock. She partly choked on my cock, resuming the blowjob right away.

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Just then Holly burst through the door. "You fucker!" she yelled at me. Jennifer stopped to look up. "Don't stop" I said, pushing her back down on my cock.

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"You getting a fucking blowjob from some bimbo!" Holly yelled. "So Fucking what!" I yelled back. "I knew you were fucking around on me you bastard!" She yelled. "oh this is fucking work, shes just giving me a fucking blowjob!" I yelled back. Holly walked up to me, still getting head, and pushed Jennifer off of my crotch. "Baby, you want to take out your aggression on something" I asked calmly.

"Like what?" she asked. "Like her ass" I said, motioning to Jennifer. "Okay, let's fucking do it" Holly said. I turned in my chair, pushing Jennifer to all fours, and putting my cock back in her mouth. Holly moved behind Jennifer, and pulled down her tight skirt, revealing her pussy and ass sticking back in the air, rocking back and forth as her mouth massaged my cock.

Holly pulled out a huge nasty brunette hard fingering and inserting masturbation, more than a foot long, she pulled her own skirt down and off, placing this strapon around her hips.

Holly was behind Jennifer's ass, Jennifer hadn's seen the strapon. Holly plunged the black dildo deep into Jennifer's pussy. Holly fucking pounded Jennifer, thrust after thrust, slamming their hips together, Jennifer was grunting into my cock. Holly pulled her foot long out of Jennifer, standing up to a squat, and shoving the now wet toy into Jennifer's tight ass, and fucked her deep hard and fast. Jennifer tried to scream but my cock was in her throat.

I kept pushing her head up and down on my cock. "Ohh fuck ya bitch you like that don't you" Holly said. Jennifer kept pumping her head on my cock. I could feel another orgasm coming. I jizzed down her throat, still holding her head on my cock. Her eyes went wide, and I continued to pump down her throat. Holly pulled out of Jennifer's ass, and stood next to me, I was sitting in the chair, and Jennifer was on all fours, collapsing to the floor, sodomized.

"Does she give better head than me?" Holly asked. "No" I said, truthfully. We both left, leaving her as a mass on the floor, with her ass spread open, and jizz in her throat.