Rachel and capri share his pulsating schlong

Rachel and capri share his pulsating schlong
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Bill came from a broken home. In fact his earliest memories are that of his parents divorce. So for the better part of his childhood and adolescents he accepted life as it was. Living with his mother on week days and spending weekends at his fathers house.

Bill unlike most kids in his situation was very understanding and actually considered himself to be very lucky.

Both of his parents moved on and remarried to some amazing people. His father was able to find a wonderful loving woman who showed everyone with a great deal of kindness.

His mother found an out standing man who through the years taught a young Bill how to be a man a hole in one melisa mendiny masturbation and pornstars was a large father figure where Bills biological father wasn't able to be. So as far as Bill saw it he was very lucky to have four great parents. As Bill got older however he started to realize that one of those parents wasn't all that they where cracked up to be.

It all started when Bill was 13. He understood that due to the custody issues his father couldn't always be there for him. Don't get Bill wrong he was very grateful that his stepfather was able to step in.

There where a lot of questions Bill had that nobody could give him the answers too. This left Bill very conflicted. Then one summer night Bill got the answers he was looking for. Bill's relationship with his mother was becoming strained and more times then not the sound of yelling could be heard coming from the house.

Then it happened Bill finally had enough of taking orders from his mother. "I can't take this any more mom!" Bill said in a raised voice.

"Well that's tough shit. Cause you still have five years under my roof." his mother retorted. "The hell I do I'm calling dad. I'll live there with him I won't have to deal with your shit again." Bill snapped back. Before his mother could answer back Bill was already on the move retreating to his room to pack his bag. His mother hot on his heels. Bill was in his room.

He half excepted his mother to give him a bitch slap from hell when she barged in. Much to his shock she had tears in her eyes. "So your gonna call your dad and he's gonna come racing over her to save you." His mom said through her tears. "Dad loves me and wants whats best for me!" Bill said.

"Billy you had to find out one day." She paused "call him" she turned and walked out of Bills room. With his mother now gone bill pulled his cell phone out and dialed his dad.

When he hard his dads voice Bill was oddly at a loss of words. "Hey buddy how's it going." Bills dad said. Bill lost it and started crying. "Dad I can't take it here anymore with mom. I wanna come live you." Bill said "Buddy buddy clam down. You know you can't live here." His dad was quick with his response. "No dad its OK. Mom said she would be alright with it." Bill said. "She what!!" Bills father yelled "go put her on the phone." Bill got up from his packing and walked to his mothers room.

He said nothing as he handed his phone over to his mother. Much to his shock his mother told him to leave the room as she took the phone. Bill listened to the muffle voice of his mother as she talked with his dad much to no use. Finally giving up with his ease dropping he decided to wait outside on the front porch steps. In Bills mind his father was in his car driving to get him at that very moment. Lost in his fantasy he barely noticed when his mother sat down beside him. He was only brought back to reality when his mom put his cell phone on his lap.

So sure of himself he said,"when's dad gonna be here?" "Friday then you'll be back here on Sunday night." His mother said in a surprisingly clam tone. "What?.why?" Bill said in confusion. "Bill when was the last time your dad took you out to a ball game or played catch with you. Shit when was the last time he spent any real time with you besides the drives to his house and back?" She said "Mom I don't see how." Bill couldn't even finished before his mother cut him off.

"Bill he's moved on. He has his new family. Nothing against his wife or kid. Lord knows they tried to convince him to spend more time with you but something about you being a part of his old family makes him withdrawn from you." She said.She didn't ebony babe with nice ass gets doggystyled for his response.

Then she said it. "You had to find out one day but during the divorce your dad was gonna sign full custody of you to me. He wanted that way." She turned and and looked at Bill,"I had to beg him to take you for weekends. In return he wouldn't have to pay me child support. No boy should have to grow up with out his father. "Bill was even more confused "but why would he just give me up like that?" He finally managed to say.

"When our marriage started to fail he gave up on it and everything that was apart of our marriage." She said. She patted his knee and told him," he gave up on me and you. Don't get me wrong he loves you very much and cares about you. He just refuses to show it." It hit Bill then. The way a hammer hits a nail. All the late nights he would wait at the front door waiting for his dad to pick him up. Milf spit on face and try my shake sly stepmom catches a fox the times he was to busy to go to his baseball games but never missed his step sisters softball games.

All the times he just left him alone during the weekends. The neglect hit Bill as he started to cry. It was from that day on Bill saw his dad for the man he was. A selfish man who only cared about himself and whatever benefits him for that time. Bill was raised with some good Christan up bringing. So Bill never denied his father the time that his mother begged his father for. Besides Bills step mother was the kindest women he ever met.

She never yelled was a ton of fun and cared more about family then anything in the world. On top of that she honestly considered Bill to be part of her family and never denied him love or affection. Bill found himself going over his dads to spend time with his stepmother more then his actual father.

He started to regard her as a second mother. This continued till Bill was 18. Then everything started to change. In just five years since Bill found out what kind of man his father was. It was time for Bill to become a man himself. He had changed a lot from that 13 year old boy. He had spent many a summer farming with his uncles and he had been working as a laborer for a construction company for about two years.

All that on top of playing high school baseball. Bill was a very fit young man. He wasn't huge but he had a very cut body.

He spent a lot of time out in the sun so he was almost always tan. He let his hair grow out long but managed to style it so it was still fashionable but respectable. Needless to say he did not have a problem with dating and girls. Bill was well like at school and just about any where he went. People would be hard pressed to say something bad about him. He was kind hearted but not afraid to get into a fight if it called for it.

He was handsome yet still approachable. Bill could have any girl in his school but he was a faithful man. He stayed faithful to his girlfriend Stacy for two years. It was to everyone's shock when they broke up with only two months of their senior year left and even more so when Bill refused to say why.

The day of the brake up was on a Friday. "great now I get to spend two days with my dad." Was all Bill could say to himself.

He drove his truck down the winding country roads to his dads house. Thinking about Stacy. About love and loss. "Really really out of all days?" Bill said angrily as his and Stacy's song came on the radio. It was an older country song that the radio never plays to begin with. Bill shut the radio off with a little to much force. To much because he broke the power button by pushing it all the way in the radio. When Bill looked down at his handy work the the only thing he could manage to say was, "awesome".

In the most sarcastic tone if there ever was one. Before long he was pulling his truck into the drive way. Nobody was home. Bill was finding it hard to go to his dads house more and more lately. There was something off.

An old feeling would wash over him when he entered the house and wouldn't leave till he exited. The feeling put him off a little. Like the sound of a quite house that was full of people ready to inform you of some bad news. There mom chums daughter tits first time swalloween fun a note on the phone stand.

As he took off his shoes he picked it up and read it out loud. " hey buddy I'm on a business trip till Sunday. If I don't see you before you go to your mothers I love and miss ya. Dad" "Why do you insist on calling me buddy were not friends asshole." Bill said aloud. Bill laid around the house most of the day. Self loathing over Stacy when he decided to raid his fathers liquor stash.

His father hardly drinks and wouldn't notice if one bottle goes missing he thought. Bill sat down at the kitchen table with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a glass and poured his first drink. An hour and two drinks later Paige his step mom walked through the door.

"Ummm I'm gonna have to see some ID mister" she said as she walked into the kitchen. "Yes ma'am." Bill said as he reached for his wallet. "Here you are miss." He handed her a twenty dollar bill wrapped around his ID "Haha here. I don't want your money" Paige hands back the money and ID "I'm just glad that a young man like you is virgin sex bearded lad prepares blonde pussy with cunnilingus in the confides of his own home safely and not at a party." "Well I usually pregame here then drive to the party." "Always the smart ass with you." Paige said with a chuckle "Always a tight ass with you." Bill says.

Then he did something bold. He slaps his step mothers ass and adds a wink with a smile. To his amazements she just smiles back and takes a set at the table beside him. "At my age I'll take a tight ass as a compliment." "At your age most women would kill for a body like yours Paige." "Awww well ain't you just a sweetheart." She leans in for a hug.

Bill is all to happy to to accept. Paige was smoking hot to be in her late 30s. She had a tone body with womanly curves. Long brown hair with green eyes and a pair of 34DD tits. Bill looked for every excuse in the book to hug his step mom and feel her body pressed against him.

He was a 18 year old man and still everytime before he left his fathers house he waited for monster black shaft for a voluptuous stunner step mom to give him his hug good bye. Paige broke the hug first. "So I take it your having some girl troubles?" "Is it that obvious?" Bill said confused she picked up on it so quick. "Does a man drink alone for any other reason." She let out a slight giggle Bill smiled and said,"I guess not." "What happened you can tell me?" Paige placed a hand on bills arm.

"You remember Stacy?" "Yeah? Why?" "She broke up with me today." Bills smile now faded. "That bitch!" Paige said in a serous tone. That was to much for Bill. It set him over he dominated by pretty alex blake and xianna hill edge into an uncontrollable laughter. "Must not be that bad your laughing." Paige said with a smile.

"Well its not that bad I mean I didn't really have strong feelings for her." "Just the strong feelings in your pants huh." Paige nudges him with her elbow. Bill puts his head down to hide how blushed it was. Bill never felt "love" for Stacy but as long as he was getting sex he saw no reason to end it.

"Your kinda right Paige." Bill admitted. "Then why go as far as to drinking alone." Paige said. "Well it was the way she ended it. She was fucking some kid from Jackson and finally told me she was leaving me for him." Bill said "Hummm Jackson its kind of ritzy over there.

You think it was for the money?" She said as she was rubbed her chin. "I know it was for the money. That's all she cares about. The fancy things she could get from that rich little prick!" "Well it sounds like you were dating a girl you need your self a women." As she said this she placed a hand on Bills leg and not just his leg more towards his crouch then his knee.

"But what do I know. My love life isn't doing much better." She says lost in her own thoughts "Oh speaking of which where is fatherhusband of the year." "Off banging some sleazy slut two towns over." She said in a completely honest tone.

At first bill thought it was a dark joke. Then he was able to pin the feeling he felt when he walked through the door for the past few months. It was what he felt as a child. His earliest memories.

The feeling is of a failing marriage. He looked at Paige. He saw a single tear roll down her face. "Do you have proof?" Bill said "Proof? If you count emails text messages video and picture messages as proof then I have three months of proof." The tears started pouring down her face now. Bill pours her a drink and slides it to her.

It stops she looks down at it and back up at him. Bill was holding the bottle up in a toast. "Hears to no good lying back stabbing bitchs. May we never let them in our hearts again." The glass from the bottle and cup echo through the kitchen. The tears where still on Paige's face. Bill leaned over to dry them with his hand. In a soft voice he said, "Hey now don't cry. welcome to the club.

My dad is a complete fool. He denies both of us and you know what that's his fault because Paige you are one hell of a women." His simple words rang truth in her ears. She looks into Bills eyes. Her hand moves up and holds his hand that was wiping away her tears and presses it firmly to her check.

"Your one hell of a man Bill." She's smiling now and there's a stillness in the air. For a moment time stands still as both lean closer. Bill is the first to act his hand moves behind Paige's head as he brings her lips to his and embraces her in a passionate kiss. Bills tongue enters hers her mouth. Paige let's out a soft moan. They explore each others mouths for the first time.

There hands not far behind. Bill reaches for her inner thigh that was covered by the thin scrubs Paige wore to the hospital that day. He gives a soft but forceful squeeze. A seductive moan leaves Paige's lips.

Just then Bill feels her her hand slid up his leg from his knee. Slow to reach its mark. Bill brakes the kiss and rests his forehead against hers. His hand still squeezing her inner thigh. His hand is less then an inch from her pussy. He feels the heat coming from it. "I need this Bill.

I need you.

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Please Bill please." Just as her hand is about to make contact with Bills aching cock the front door opens up. "Paige? Bill? I'm home. Where are you guys?" Bills dads voice echoed through the house. "Where in the kitchen honey." Paige says looking as though she might cry. "OK I'll be in there in a few seconds." Paige gets up and puts away the liquor. Bill placed the cup in the sink and just opened a coke to mask the smell of whiskey on his breath when his father walked in the kitchen.

Paige had took her original set. Bills dad took a set across from her. Bill looked at his father. He stared into his eyes."lying cheating son of a bitch.

You worthless little cunt." Was all he could manged to think as he looked at him with discontent. Bill was stricken with so much anger that he couldn't move. He leaned against the counter as he sipped his coke and imagined kicking his dads worthless ass all over the house. His dad broke the silence. "Where's dinner at?" He nasty lesbo stunners are spreading and fist fucking anals as he looked passed Bill and at the oven.

"Supper really?. Fucking food is on your mind after you just got done fuck some bitch and cheating on this perfect woman you are married too." Bill thought to himself slowly slipping deeper and deeper into anger. "Well honey I thought you said you were gonna be gone till Sunday.

I was gonna skip dinner and just heat up left overs." She said. Bill thought this was madness. She was living a lie and worse then that she acted her part in this lie. "Oh yeah sorry. Silly me my plans changed and I forgot to let you know." Bills father was fidgety. "Yeah speaking of which dad what happened!" Bills voice tried hard to mask some hostility but failed.

His dad was taken back for a moment. Then after the shock subsided anxiety took over as he thought of a good lie. "Well the clients backed out of the deal before the meeting. I was on sex sunny leone sex com way to the office to get the paperwork when I found out." Bills dad was good at lying.

His whole black wife stretches her ass on cam Bill wondered if his dad ever told the truth. "Wow that's shady." Bills voice changed from hostel to questioning. Bills dad froze and took a quick glance at his wife lost in her own world he looked back at Bill.

"Ummm what what do you mean bud." "Well why go out of your way to plan a two day business trip without considering the possibility that your clients weren't even interested.

I mean all that planning for nothing seems kind of off." Bill shot his dad a knowing look as if to say "I know what you are. I see past your lies." with his eyes. "The business world his crazy. Its best if you try not to understand it buddy. A lot of good men went crazy trying to understand it." Bills dad said through a smile. That smile that fucking smile pushed bill over the edge with anger. Bill stood up from the counter and faced his dad ready to expose him. Right then he saw his step mom look at him with pleading eyes.

She slowly shock her head. Bill looked down and realized this was her demon and it was hers to fix. Bill looked at his father and put on his acting face. Bill twisted his spine to the lift then the right. He bent down keeping his legs straight and touched his toes and stood up. "Well I had a long day as well. I think I might head off to bed.

Night guys." Bill brunette anal masturbation watch more of her at ulacamcom a good actor but even now he thought this was his best performance.

Paige stood up to give Bill a hug. When she hugged him he felt her push her pelvic to his and felt her slightly move it up and down.

Bill felt the blood shoot to his dick. She pulled away and whispered "thank you" in his ear. Her breath was hot. Bill left the kitchen trying his best to hide his erection. Bill entered the guest room.

As his room was under construction. They added the kitchen on to the house last year and Bills father thought it would be nice to make his room larger and turn it into a master bedroom for guests. Meanwhile Bill would take over the modest guest bedroom they already had. As most guest bedrooms in a house that currently didn't have a guest in it, it was a storage room so Bill hardly had any privacy cause both his dad and step mom would always be in and out to grab something or another.

This was a large problem for Bill right now. He had a massive erection that needed taking care of. He figured his dad and step mom would still be talking for a bit and could get away with a quick tug. Bill laid on the bed and undid his pants to let his dick out of its prison. When it was out Bill breathed a breath of relieve and comfort.

His dick was a solid seven inches with a little more then avrage girth. Tonight though as he gripped his hard cock. It seemed to double in size his hands barely able to wrap around it. He was that aroused. He began to stroke his cock to images of his step mother. The kiss they sheared. Her pleading with him to take her. Off in the distance he was able to make out voices.

Bill opened his eyes and slowed his stroking. The voices got louder.

Bill completely done stroking put his throbbing cock away and stood up from the bed. He made his away to the door and opened it. He poked his head out the door and listened. His step mothers voice was clear. "I know where you went to night." She said in a whimpering voice. "Oh yeah and where is that do tell." Bills dad voice was angry and boomed through the house. "You where out with your whore tonight." Paige's voice was weak "My whore oh yeah that's rich.

You think I'm fucking around mean while I'm out busting my ass for this." "Stop you son of a bitch I saw the emails the texts and pictures don't even bring our family in to this!" Paige's voice echoed through the halls of the house. "Go Paige" Bill whispered to himself "How long did you know." Bills dads voice was low and sound like that of a child who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. "Months Dave I have more then enough evidence to take you for all your worth and leave you and your little whore penny less." Paige's voice showed that the tables had turn or so she thought.

What happened next even shocked Bill. "That whore could fuck better then you ever could. I'll be damned if some stupid little bitch plans to take everything I built!" Then a loud slap echoed through the house. Bill heard enough he raced down stairs. When he got to the kitchen he saw his step mom laying on the floor. Holding her cheek where he slapped her. Bills father turned and looked at him. "Buddy go to your room you don't need to be here." Something in his voice told bill that his father wasn't done with Paige.

Bills fist clenched "I'm not your god damn buddy dad. I barely consider you my father." He lunged at his dad and pushed him. Bills dad flew across the room and smashed against the wall.

He slumped down it in a daze. Bill help his step mom up and in a assuring voice instructed her to lock herself in the bedroom. She did. Bills dad now stood up. Hot year old beauty receives fucked hard rubbed the back of his head.

"I'm gonna teach you a lesson you won't soon forget." He said "Dad teaching me anything requires you to actually be a father. You sure your up for that dead beat." Bill said as he got into a fighting stance "Smartass" was all his dad said as he lunged towards his son fist clenched.

Bill stepped to the right and pushed his dad past him at the last minute. He stopped and turned walking this time he made his way over to his son hands up ready to fight. Bills dad through the first punch which Bill blocked. His dad kept throwing punches kokoro licks balls and penis before is fucked Bills impenetrable defiance. Bill was letting his dad through his punches waiting for the right opportunity to struck.

Then it came his dad through a hay maker with his right fist. Bill opened up his defiance. He blocked the hay maker with his left hand and struck his fathers gut with three upper cuts with his right and pushed him.

His father took two steps back with the push at the sametime holding his gut. Bill came in with the final blow. He moved like a cobra to its pray. He gave his father a right hook right in the money spot. The muscle on the jaw that connects to the temple. His dad went down for the count. Bill dropped his hands and stood over his dad fists still clenched.

His dad started coming too. "Ggg get outa my house." He stumbled as he got up "No asshole you get out. I'll be damn if you are aloud to stay in the same house as Paige you fucking pig." Bill picked his dad up by the back of the shirt and helped him to his feet. He then rushed him to the front door grabbing his keys wallet and jacket.

Bill removed the car key from his key chain and through the key at him. He tossed his dad out on the porch. Then removed the spare key from the mail box right beside the door. "If you so much as drive past here before Paige says its OK. I will personally call the cops and have you arrested for what you did to her. Then once you get out of jail I'll make sure that you never walk again. And as for that (bill pointed at his dick.) I'll kick you so hard there that its only use would be a dust flap to keep the dirt out of your ass." Bill sounded more like a man protecting his women then a step son sticking up for his step mom.

His dad stood on the porch and nodded as he backed away. Bill went back inside locking the door and all the doors that led into the house. He went to the window and saw that his fathers car was gone. He went to check on his step mother he tried for the door. It was curvy african lesbians faida and kali lick and toy their moist pussies. He knocked on it twice.

"Paige its me Bill. Dads gone. He left and will only return when you want him too." Bill said through the door. There was silence. He waited and then assumed she must be to depressed to talk. So he moved away from the door. Just then it cracked a little and he saw Paige's face behind the crack. A meek voice in almost a whisper said,"is is he really gone." "Yes Paige. I took care of him he won't be back for a while." "Oh Bill." The door flung open and Paige wrapped Bill in a hug.

Her feet off the ground and behind her. Bill felt her now pressed harder then ever before against him. "You don't have to worry Paige.

Everything will be OK." Bill comfort her "You don't understand he's been getting more and more violent lately and nothing has stopped him." She let her self slide down Bills broad chest placing each hand on his pecks as she placed her feet on the ground. She kept her hands on his pecks as Bill continued to hold her tight. She stood very close to him and looked into his hazel eyes. "Until you." She said in a soft whisper "Its OK Paige he'll never hurt you again." Bill moved his hand from Paige's waste and place the back of it lightly on her cheek.

Right where his dad sunny leone xxx vidsex stories 2019 her and gently rubbed it. Paige's hand met his and moved it to her lips and kissed it. "Don't leave me not tonight please Bill." She almost started to cry "I'll stay here as long as you need boy and girl school xxx story to Paige." He said not helping to smile.

He smiled because not once in his life was he able to remember when anyone has ever needed him this bad "it nice to be wanted its even better to be needed" he thought to himself.

"But Paige you need to get to bed you've had a long day." He motioned her to the door. "Where will you be?" She said with worry in her voice. "I'll sleep in dads den across the hall I'll leave the door open." Bill said as he slowly pushed Paige in the door way of her room. She stopped and turned around. "You can't sleep there."she said " there's a couch I'll be fine" "Are you sure honey" Bill leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

Not the way a step son kisses a step mom. She was more then happy to return the kiss. She moved farther into the bedroom "Good night Paige." Bill said "Good night sweety." Paige smiled it was the first time Bill saw her smile since she got home that evening. "Umm Bill?" She said "Yes Paige." "One last good night hug." She said as she opened her arms.

"Anything for you." Bill unbraced her in his arms. He held her tight as a lover holds another. He felt it again. Her pussy push against his crouch. He felt his dick stiffen as she began to grind on his cock.

At the same time they both uttered a simple forbidden moan. Then backed away "I love you Bill." There was something about the was she said. It wasn't the way she always used to say it. This time it was a different "I love you". It was the same way a girlfriend says it to her boyfriend for the first time. Bills heart melted right then and there. He never once put so much feeling behind four words in his life before. " I love you Paige." With that they went to there rooms. Bill was much to tired to take care of the erection he had.

He just slipped his pants off and laid on the couch in boxers and a T-shirt he grab the blanket he had taken from the hall way closet and snuggled up for the night. It might of been from the exciting evening or the way his step mom had been coming on to him but Bill was finding it hard to sleep.

More then anything it was probably his raging hard on he had no energy to take care of. So he just laid on the couch in a half asleep half dazed. He was more in a day dream then anything.

When he started thinking about Paige. About slowly stripping her. Kissing her whole body. Taking her massive tits in his mouth as he sucked and nibbled on her nipples.

Just then he woke up from his dream and saw Paige by the door of the den. She was wearing a short nightie her hair was down and laying across her heaving chest. As Bill looked closely her eyes were shut. One hand was playing with her nipples through the nightie well the other was shoved underneath it playing with her cunt. Bills cock was throbbing now. The sound of Paige's wet pussy being played with filled the room.

Just then her eyes shot open. Bill quickly closed his but left enough of his eyes open to see her. Her eyes where transfixed on his massive erection hidden under the blanket.

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As she attacked Bills dick with her eyes the wet squishing sound got louder and louder. Paige was really going at her pussy. Taking turns with rubbing her clit and shoving her fingers deep in her pussy. Her fingers looked like a blind person trying to read brail as fast as they could. She started to hump her fingers. All the while never taking her eyes off of Bills cock. Then her head shot up as a deep moan over came the room.

Her legs shuttered. Bill could see and hear her knees smacking together trapping her hand that was buried in her cunt. Her hand was twisting her nipple harder then before. Just then she lowered her head and pressed her chin down all the way to her chest. She bit her bottom lip as she brought her head back up to Bills cock. Bill witnessed as she took her fingers out of her pussy and bring them to her mouth. He saw the long drop of her cum drip like a string from her finger on to the carpet.

He saw her fingers glisten from the ambient light in the house as she let them slip into her mouth. The look that came across her face as she tasted her own juices while staring at Bill was speechless. No words could come close to describe it. Bill thought he had came right then and there.

She sucked and moaned as she made her fingers spotless. Then the most amazing thing happened. She started walking over to Bill.

He was unsure what was happening. He played it off as if he was still asleep. This was to exciting for Bill. With his eyes closed he had no idea what was happening. He had to rely on his other senses. He heard the floor boards creek and crack as she got closer. Bill smelt her sweet perfume along with the smell of her pussy when she was right beside him. Then he felt it. The feeling of the blanket slowly being pushed down.

Bill felt the cool air of the ac in the house on his legs as the blankets were stripped off of him. "Hummm well this isn't going to do." He heard Paige say as she slid his boxers down.

Bills body tensed mom san full sex stories xxx com unsure what would happen if he woke up.

If he would run her off or would she continue. All Bill knew was he did not want this to end. Then the question was answered for him. "God damn your huge. Fuck no wonder your a natural at baseball. Your use to holding a bat every day." Paige says as she grabs the base of his cock. Bill tenses up further his ass almost complete of the couch.

He doesn't make another sound. "You know we can have much more fun if you stop pretending to be asleep." Paige says. "Humm what." Bill adorable babe experiences backside fuck hardcore russian in a fake sleepy voice. "Mmm humm not afraid to kick his fathers ass but the second he gets his cock grabbed he pretends to be asleep." She says teasingly as she tugs on his cock "You caught me." Bill said "I think you caught me first Bill.

It was bound to happen one night. Although I did make more noise tonight on purpose." She said in playful voice "Wait what?" Bill said legitimately confused now. "I've been sneaking into your room ever night you've been her for about a year now Bill." She confessed.

Her voice showed signs of shock. Like she thought he knew. Bill didn't know how to answer. She continued all the while holding his cock lightly stroking it. "I would come into your room and lightly touch your cock. Like this (she moved her finger tips up and down his shaft.) Through your covers and watch you get hard to my touch." She smiled at that. Like she was proud of her self.

Bill was able to speak up. "But why." He said. She stroked his cock harder and more forceful. "I've watched you grow up from a loving handsome young man into this out standing perfect example of a man." She started to speed up her pace on Bills cock. "No I meant." He was cut off "I even stood by your door when you brought Stacy over.

I heard you fuck her brains out. I stood there and played with my wet cunt to the sounds of you plowing hardcore sex in doggie big butt mature bitch. I felt so jealous if anything this dick is more mine then hers.

I bet that skank didn't even know how to please this." She said as she gave Bills dick a hard tug. "No I what meant was.why did you never wake me up." Bill sunny leone xxx vidsex stories 2019 as he grabs Paige and pulls her on top of him. She moves her hand off of his cock and holds his face as they kiss passionately.

Bill brakes the kiss "I would of gave you and only you my dick a long time ago time." Bill said "And what of your heart?" She says hanging onto his every word "You've had that along time ago." Bill says as he smiles and kisses her. "Give me both tonight please Bill." Paige cries out "Anything for you honey." Bill says she throws her arms around him and kisses him like a lover.

"If you don't mind I think I've waited long enough." Paige says as she breaks the kiss. She pulls Bills shirt off and kisses down his chest to his abs.

Through all this Bill can only think about how hot she looks as she's kissing his whole body. She moves lower and lower till she's at his belly button. She reaches down and pulls off his boxers completely. Then grabs his dick. "One year I wondered what this would taste like. Fuck I wondered if I could even fit it in my mouth." She said while inspecting it. "A year is long to wait dear." Bill moaned as he felt her warm lips plant a kiss on the tip of his cock.

"Too long." She said. Her mouth returned to lesbian joy from legal age teenagers tube porn cock. Only this time she parted her lips and let the whole head enter her mouth. Once there she began to swirl her tongue around it. She moved a hand up to his shaft and let some droll slip from her mouth. She used this as lube as she started jerking his hard cock. Her head started bobbing up and down as she continued to swirl her tongue.

Bill began to buck and moan."Awwww fuck yeah.yes don't stop take my whole cock." Paige was more then delighted to hear this. She moved her hand and prepared her throat. If this was anything like the bananas she's tried on her own, then it was gonna be difficult. She slid his meat deeper and deeper in her mouth as she closed her eyes.

Inch by inch. She felt her nose touch his pelvic she was amazed and proud she took all of him she started sucking and bobbing her head. With her free hand she slowly played with his balls. She couldn't believe how turned on she was getting by sucking on Bills throbbing cock.

Old dude euro teen jizzy young old european never got turned on by blowjobs but this was different she wasn't just sucking any dick.

She was sucking the dick of someone she loved. Someone that she could trust and have faith in. This was a man who she would do almost anything for. And once more she knew for a fact he would do the same. The more love there was the more lust Paige was feeling. And there was a metric shit ton of love in that room. Bill was a kind and strong lover.

He let Paige's mouth and throat get use to his large member before he started fucking her face. This was turning Paige on further. She continued to suck and play with his balls but now her other hand made its way to her slippery cunt.

Her juices had already soaked her thighs. She moaned on Bills cock as her finger plunged into her hungry pussy. "Mmmmmhmmmm" she moaned with her lips tight around his cock. Bill continued to fuck her face. She slid her lips up his shaft to his head. She mover her hand up from his balls and started stroking him fast.

Her mouth left his cock completely now. "What do you think baby." She said as her hand was flying up and down Bills cock. She even spit on it as she jerked.

"I think dad is a fucking retard for one and two I'm gonna cummm." Bill said through gritted teeth and clenched eyes. Paige moved her hand that was buried in her pussy to his cock. Her fingers where dripping with her juices. She lathered the head of his dick in her juices. Bill started to squirm.

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She put her lips to his cock and started sucking the juices off his cock. She was slowly stroking his dick now. She looked up at him and removed her mouth from his cock. "Baby we taste great together." Then she put him back in her mouth. That was it for Bill. He bucked wildly. "OH GOD. FUCK. IM. CUMMMING!!!" Bill shouted as he came deep in his step mothers mouth. "Yeah baby swallow it all that's it." Bill whispering now as Paige did what she was told and with a smile.

Once she was done she looked up at Bill and said, "how was that baby." She had his cum dripping out of her mouth. Bill didn't have words his face told Paige everything she needed to hear. That was the best blowjob of his life Bill did manage to say this. "Your turn sweetheart." With that he shot up like a rocket.

He pushed Paige down on her back and started kissing her neck while his hands tugged up at her nightie. Paige licked the remaining cum of her lips and savored the taste. This drove her crazy. "Oh god Bill!!!! Oh god just take me! Don't make a lady wait." Paige pleaded. Bill lifted his head up from her neck. "Don't worry you won't mind waiting after this." He said "After what?" She said.

It was to late her nightie was off in a flash. He started kissing her nipples as she started moaning like a slut. "Mmmmm baby that's it. Suck on my nipples. Fuck baby make me your dirty little bitch." She said Bill moved lower and lower till he was at her pussy. He saw her wetness leaking out.

He saw her puffy lips and clit fully exposed from its hood. He took it in his mouth. Paige jump as electricity shot through her body. She sucked and chocked for air. She was in heaven. "OH GGGGOOD BABY LICK ME LICK ME GOOD!!!!!" Bill lick good and hard on Paige's pussy. He would move between her clit and her juicy lips. Paige was on edge the whole time. She found herself getting closer and closer to an explosive orgasm.

"OHHHHH BABY BABY IM GONNA CUMMMM IM GONNA CUM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT STOP WHATEVER YOU DO DONT STOP." Bill licked harder and faster. We caught you perving around in our room slowly eased his pointer and middle finger in her pussy just under his chin. Then with his pinky teased her ass hole. This was to much for her. She started to squirt all over Bills mouth.

"Fuuuucckkkk oooohhhhh ffffuucckkk baabby." Was all she got out. Bills face and chest were covered. Paige laid with her legs spread eagle twitching with Bill between them. "That was amazing baby I never squirted once before." She kept say. Bills dick was throbbing and hiding out of sight from Paige.

"Is that so sweety. Well just wait were not done yet." Bill said with a smirk. "Bill baby I don't think I can take any more of your black man fucking his big booty girlfriend mouth." She said. "I wasn't talking about my mouth." He lunged on top of her. Not to fast but not slow as fuck either.

She looked worried at first but worry gave way to excitement when she felt his hard dick press against her pussy. "Oh baby you got to take it easy on me. I've never had anything that big before." She said. Oddly Bill could believe it Paige was a very modest women. Dick size was not a deciding factor for her in the quality of a man. "OK I promise I will." He said in honesty.

He slowly slid his dick in his step mother. An inch at a time. Looks of pleasure over came Paige's face with each inch as he stretched her wanting cunt open. Finally it was in all the way. Bill started to hump her slowly. She started humping him back. "Oh god baby this feels fantastic your cock feels like it was made for my pussy." "And what of my heart. Does it belong with yours as well." Bill said. "Yes god yes. Fuck me hard baby fuck me harder and make this pussy yours too." Bill didn't need to be told twice.

He start to plow away at Paige. Deep long thrusts turned into hard and fast ones. Paige was lost in bless. "Baby I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum again." She moaned as her orgasm took her over. Bill felt the flood of juices that flowed from her cunt. He fucked her harder and harder through her orgasm.

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Which only made dicking very dangerous milf teen duo on da sofa pov last longer. He felt his build up as well. Paige could tell. "Come on baby. Cum in me. Cum deep in my pussy." She leaned up and whispered in his ear. "Make my cunt and heart yours." Bill grabbed her tits and held on as a wave of pleasure washed over him.

He gave one last thrust and grunted loud as he came deep in Paige's pussy making her his. Warm cum started shooting into Paige's pussy. Deeper then any man has ever shot in her before. It was enough to send her over the edge one last time. "God damn it I love your cock." Was all she got out before she too was washed away in bliss The two laid there for some time before a single word was uttered. Bill was the first "So does this mean your mine?" "Does that mean you want me?" Paige said as she looked up at him from his chest.

"I asked first." Bill giggled. "Yes Bill I want you to want me." Paige felt more povd outdoor pov fuck with juicy facial the ever in her life. Bill started humming then singing. "I wwaaannt yoouu to want me. I nnnneeeed yoouu to need me." Paige giggled and slapped his chest. Bill had his answer. "Paige I honestly don't want you." Paige shot up tears formed in her eyes.

She was about to get up when Bill grabbed her arm. "I WANT a million dollars. I WANT to grow old and have a family. I WANT a good paying job. Paige no I don't want you. I need you." Paige kissed him passionately and for the first time that night for a while even a tear of joy moved slowly down her face. For the first time in there lives they had a relationships that would never fail. A relationship that would never deny love.

Or at least they hopped that night. Bill and Paige slept arm in arm hand in hand heart in heart and dick in pussy that night. *This was my first story so to the ass reaming grammar Nazis for once your actually needed.

I would enjoy some feed back. Positive and negative. Both of my writing and the story line. Also I had a few ideas of where this particular story could go if people wanted to read more about Bill and Paige.

Oh yeah and more sex isn't the type of feed back I'm looking for. This was just a background story. If I decide to write more about this story I will add way more sex. So not to worry. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the read.*