Miko sinz loves to get slammed hard

Miko sinz loves to get slammed hard
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The rest of the evening passed with Dustin asserting his newly found ownership of his aunt. The high school senior felt like he'd cum more times that night than he had in his whole life.

All he had to do was look at Bridgette and he was hard again. Bridgette was in a similar situation.

Once she was over the pain and humiliation of her nephew's initial assault, Bridgette felt herself becoming obsessed with pleasing the 18-year-old. At the moment, the boy was spent, face down on her bed, recovering from his marathon fuck session. Bridgette, still naked, straddled him, the warm mixture of his cum and her juices dribbling from her well-fucked pussy as she massaged her master's shoulders. She alternated working the muscles beneath his sweat-slick skin with her hands with leaning forward to lick and kiss his shoulders.

"Thank you, sir," she murmured between licks.

"Thank you for knowing what this slut needed and being man enough to make me take it." The words weren't right, she realized, scooting further down his body. Her tongue dipped into the pool of slime she'd left on the small of his back and she opened her mouth, eagerly lapping it up.

She would have been happy enough playing at being Dustin's MILF slut, but it would have just been a game, something to pass the time and get off. Better than masturbating to fantasies on Tumblr, but not real.

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With a wicked grin, she traced the furrow of his butt crack with her tongue, teasing him. Somehow, he'd known to push past that. He wouldn't let her make it a game. Dustin had forced her into really being his slave. Ironically, there was something liberating about that.

She had to be the nastiest slut she could be for her nephew. It wasn't her choice. It was simply the way things were. It was like being a kid again, when her stepdad or her uncle would simply tell her what to do and who to do it with.

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Dustin moaned as the tip of his aunt's tongue traced a tiny circle around his puckered asshole. "Do you like that, baby?" she asked. "Do you want your nasty Aunt Bridgette to stick her tongue up your ass, baby? Do you want to be able to tell your friends I don't just kiss your ass, I French kiss it?" In answer, Dustin arched his back, thrusting his buttocks up into his aunt's face as he groaned with pleasure. She spread his cheeks apart and attacked his anus with her tongue, trying to jab it as deeply into his sweaty ass as she could.

It wasn't long before he was hard again, rolling over onto his back and beckoning her forward.

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Bridgette kissed and licked the length of his hard cock, only leaving it behind to kiss and lick her way over his abs and chest toward her nephew's face. Before she could kiss his lips, Dustin twisted his fingers through her hair and pulled her head back. "I only kiss real women on the mouth," he said, looking into Bridgette's deep, green eyes as his cock sheathed itself in her pussy.

"You're a cocksucking, ass licking cum slut. Your mouth isn't good enough to kiss mine. Now tell me what a white trash whore you are and ask nicely and I'll let you ride my cock until you cum for me, slut." Bridgette was filled with a ridiculous happiness even as her face burned with shame and she began grinding her pussy on his cock as she replied, "Yes, Sir. I'm your nasty, white trash whore. I know I'm not good enough to kiss your lips, Sir, but thank you for letting me kiss your cock and your balls and your ass, Sir.

I'm a dirty slut who is lower than the soles of your feet. It's an honor for me to kiss your feet, Sir. May this nasty, white trash whore cum for you on my owner's cock like a good fuckpet, sir?" Dustin reached up and squeezed both his aunt's tits, nails biting deep into the nipples as he tried to hold back his orgasm. "Go for it, whore," he hissed. "Cum for your master and then crawl down there and lick my cock clean, you worthless slut.

I want to fall asleep tonight with my cock in your mouth and it better be in your mouth when I wake up savoring sexy awesome chicks taut beaver hardcore blowjob the morning." Bridget came alike a wild cat, the combination of pain, shame and her nephew's contempt fueling the fires of her orgasm.

After she finished cumming, the older woman set to work licking her nephew's cock clean and fell asleep with his soft dick in her mouth, listening to his deep, steady breathing as he slept in her bed.

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She wasn't sure what was going to happen in the morning. Could she really carry on with this game of being a sex slave for a kid half her age? For someone her kids grew up with?

Thinking back to the whipping Dustin had given her earlier in the evening, she realized it really wasn't up to her. Dustin didn't think it was a game. He was deadly serious about owning her. Massaging the sleeping boy's limp cock with her tongue, Bridgette realize it was all up to him. Her entire future rested in the hands of a horny, 18-year-old kid who had been stalking her on Tumblr.

Her fingers traced over the red welts Dustin's belt had left on her thighs earlier that evening and she shivered with anticipation. Part of her hoped he was man enough to pull it off.