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Sistar brsdar xxx story sex stories
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THE INNOCENT Chapter one Now I thought to myself, "This has now gone past the point of no return". I wonder if I'll survive the next couple of hours with my sanity intact.

Can I possibly bear the torture that is in store for me? After all, a cock is not really the biggest part of the body and how bad can it get? I first contacted Helmut on a BDSM site. I'd posted all of my deepest wishes as though they were something I do regularly. This site is amazing. They encourage you to tell all, even the evilest darkest S&M thoughts and I thought, what harm can there be in this?" So I explained my wishes to have my cock and only my cock tortured.

I don't care if I get permanent scars. You can brand me, hit me, and sting me with plants or insects, put chili or Tabasco on me. Do your best but you're not allowed to remove it or to touch my balls. I didn't dream that anyone would take me seriously. Helmut's profile was very close to mine but as a top, and reading it made me extremely horny. I contacted him. Two days later he replied saying that what I'd said in my profile he'd be happy to oblige me with and that he had quite a few ideas of his own.

However, he insisted that his wife and friend watch the proceedings to keep him under some control and to film all. He also wanted me to sign a waver/contract that would let his team do what they wanted to my cock except remove it. Made me horny just thinking about signing it and giving them free reign for unlimited cock torture. He'd done this a few times and sold the tapes at a handsome profit. My mind raced.

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of complete strangers being able to see MY COCK being tortured. Another dream coming true. I had to get undressed in front of them. I'm forty seven but the three of them were in the early twenties. His wife Casey was very attractive and I could see by the look in her eyes, that she was a good partner for Helmut. She was really vicky chase anal fucked cumshots and creampie forward to my torture.

His friend Ron was rather blasé about girl cleans out the pussy juice and then they share wild fisting all. He was the cameraman. I could see by its quality, that I was in the hands of professionals and that the site was a source of victims for them. I couldn't believe my good luck and the pre-cum was copious.

I was ordered to get on the bed. Really a crude four-poster with a sheet of pressed board on top. Three hard ¾ meter square cushions were placed where my ass would be and I lay on them. This forced my groin area high into the air. My arms were securely tied with a soft cloth that had been torn into strips. My legs were forced apart to 120 degrees and tied in a similar manner both at the knees and ankles.

I could wriggle a bit but only a few centimeters. I suddenly realized that the way I was tied gave total access to my cock which was the hardest it's ever been. A thin ply board about 300 mm in diameter with a 35 mm hole cut into its centre was placed over my cock. Helmut was being true to his word.

Only the cock was to be punished. He made sure that he pulled on it quite hard to get as much through as he could for torturing. Then something happened that I really wasn't expecting. A soft wax ear plug was inserted into each ear. Immediately a sharp slap by Casey to my cock made me open my mouth in surprise and a rather large ball gag was efficiently inserted. I tried to scream that I didn't expect this but it was too late.

The last bit of preparation was a very thick blindfold eliminating all light. They then left the room for some time leaving me to wonder how much pain a cock can deliver to my brain. Then, horror of horrors, I realized that I forgotten to give them some sort of safety signal if they went past my tolerance levels. They didn't even realize that I was a novice to all of this. THE INNOCENT Chapter two The smuck. The absolute amateur. I know that this guy has never done this before.

Fancy letting himself get into this predicament. Oh well, at least Casey. Ron and I can have a little fun and make a financial killing on the side. There are an amazing amount of sickos out there who want to pay handsomely for a video of a man in agony totally beyond anything that's humane.

Oh to have been an SS prison guard. They must have really been able to pander to their sadistic tendencies. I also suspect Casey gets more of a buzz lovely girl sucks and strokes girlfriend and homemade of torturing their genitals than I do. At least Ron just sticks to the videoing and doesn't interfere. Sometimes wish he would, when we go too far and I semi-regret it.

But then I rationalize it by saying to myself that they do it voluntarily and we're only giving them what they ask for, even though it's beyond their wildest dreams and if they had any idea, they'd run a hundred miles.

Always keep the e-mails and correspondence to prove this. Pity we can only torture his cock and not his balls as well but that's what he wanted and we don't want to get sued. This is also why we had to tie him up with soft cloth strips otherwise he would chaff his wrists and ankles to the bone trying to escape. No hope of that happening however.

Well at least he came up with some interesting ideas for torture on his site's profile. Never thought of Tabasco sauce. Bet that really burns in the urethra. Could eye-dropper some in and work it in properly by rubbing a Q-tip up and down rapidly also soaked in it.

Hmmmm. However I'd bet a thousand dollars that he's never experienced that. I will definitely make sure that he has some of those permanent scars on his cock to remember us by as well. He did suggest it after all. Nice to sit here, having a coffee, and talking over our action plan with Casey while the victim is trussed up waiting and not knowing if he'll be able to survive. Ron reminded us not to get to eager as he wants to fill at least an hour of taping this time and to try to allow him good access for close ups.

The sickos like to see the bruising, inserted needles, scratches and blood. He also wants easy access to the head for facial agony shots and to facilitate that, could we remove the blindfold and earplugs this time. This would give a much better shot of terror if we explain what type of pain we're going to inflict and to make sure that we describe it in detail for both the mike and the victim.

I'm starting to get horny just thinking about the suffering we are about to inflict on this poor unknowing smuck. Mustn't forget the smelling salts to revive him.

THE INNOCENT Chapter 3 I'm sure I heard something. How long has it been? Ten, twenty, how many minutes has it been? I was getting stiff lying in this uncomfortable position. My heart is now really racing.

I think the torture is about to start. Yes. Someone is touching my head and removing the ear plugs. Next the blindfold goes but the ball gag stays. They prop up my head so with pillows so that I can get a good view of the proceedings. There straight ahead of my eyes is my pre-cum oozing cock.

Unless I close my eyes, I won't miss any of this. Hell, I'm excited. I really hope they go a bit too far.

I can see that the running light is on, on the camera so Ron is recording. Helmut explains that he has removed the blindfold and ear plugs so that I can be told what shara lopez gets orgasm with sex toys going to happen to me.

He says, "Do you have any idea of the amount of pain that you are going to experience in the next hour." I shake my head but the heart is really racing now and I can feel the pre-cum happening.

My cock's never been so hard. "I will run a commentary on what Casey will do to you so that you can know what's coming." "Initially, so that you don't faint as it's the least painful thing we are going to do to you, Casey will slowly insert two acupuncture needles under your cock's skin on either side. She will start on the top of the ridge of your glans and go down about three inches.

That is the longest needle we can find. She will then attach a lead from a TENS machine to each and switch the machine on and wind it to maximum. This will cause a high voltage low AC current to flow from one side of your cock to the other.

It feels as though your cock is being fried by electricity but isn't dangerous at all." "Don't faint." What does he mean by that? Ow. Arrrrggh. The bitch has started and she's got a big smile on her face. Oh no! What have I done? This is only the start and I CAN'T BEAR IT. Ow. Ow. She's slowly tapping the needle down God it hurts, especially in the glans. I can feel it going down. She's now twisting it as she pushes down.

I can feel these hawt beauties love to lick every drop the glans is depressed by the needle and the pain of it sliding down the side of my cock and this is only the first side.

Now she's attacking the second. I've heard that endorphins help to alleviate the pain. When the hell are they going to kick in? Shit this hurts. Phew! She's done. Now for the TENS. It's only small so I hope not too much pain. The leads are attached and she's winding up the dial.

Oh hell! Oh hell! Oh hell! This is hurting. Phew! Breathe. Breathe. I can't stand it. Feels as though my cock is being fried and it's getting worse.

What have I done? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! I've never felt anything so bad. And I thought I loved cock torture. I'm breathing so hard there's snot coming from my nose. Suddenly it's all gone and I feel the needles removed with one quick pull. "We have to take it slowly," said Helmut.

"Unfortunately the TENS machine that we're tickling your cock with, has a numbing affect after a while and we don't want that to happen just yet do we? After all this is just a mild beginning to the exquisite pain you'll shortly be receiving and we really want you to feel it all properly. I think the next stage will be a bit of cock tenderizing. This is where it comes in real handy that you didn't want your balls done as we can use the board around your cock to get it to stand up vertically by sliding it toward your feet.

Then Casey has 360 degree access for the process. See this?" He showed me a small thin bamboo skewer used for kebabs. "Believe me this creates unbelievable excruciating pain for such a small object.

People have fainted from it but don't worry, we have the smelling salts and we're in no hurry. If you feint, we'll stop the camera, revive you and just continue.

You will feel all the pain. Let's start shall we." My cock is standing up vertically as promised.

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She pulls back the skewer to almost breaking point and waits. I can't bear the suspense. It's like being on a knife edge. I sort of want it to happen and don't.

I think this will hurt. She lets go and that little piece of bamboo strikes the full length of the piss slit and, as the cock is rigid and vertical, there is no give. A liquid type of pain that I've never felt before travels down my shaft, up the spine and explodes in my brain.

It is so bad that I get an instant headache. Before I can react to this incredible assault on my body, she does it again to the same spot. Ten times. Then she aims a few millimeters to the right. Ten more. Left. Ten more. Right down to the ridge. She new hot xxx sex stories story moves to my side and starts across the piss slit. Ten times.

Moves a couple of millimeters and ten more on either side. All up I think 150 to 200 times. My whole glans is on fire.

Helmut tells me to look at it and there are small specks of blood and bruising covering it. By now my nose can't keep up with my rate of breath and the screams into the ball gag.

I'm feeling feint. They stop and give me a rest for a couple of minutes. The camera is off. I REALLY can't do this any more. I'm moaning into the gag and shaking my head. The only reaction I get is that Helmut says, "I bet you're sorry you started this now aren't you. The level of pain won't get much worse than what you've just felt but we need to keep going with the actual torture for about 45 minutes more to get an hours filming.

We aren't unreasonable though. We will give you time to recover a bit between recording." FORTY FIVE MINUTES. He's kidding. Forty five seconds of this is unbearable.

The head of my cock is throbbing like crazy. Helmut then places a rubber band wrapped a few times around half way down my shaft and then slides it towards the board. "This is so that you foreskin is properly pulled down away from your cock head so that Casey can now tenderize the sensitive skin just below your glans ridge with her little stick. Away she goes. The same as before. One hundred this time. I was counting them to try and take my mind off this insanity.

It didn't work. I think this is worse than the glans. The pain was unbelievable and this time I could see that the skin here was bruising badly. Helmut then took the band off and Casey continued all the way down to the board. Small splatters of blood were oozing from my shaft and it was very bruised and starting to swell.

Couldn't count this time just laid there moaning and watching this happen to me. Maybe the amount of punishment is too much for endorphins to counteract because all I can feel now is pain and my whole being and focus is of a cock that feels as if it is burning. It seems to be a separate entity that is causing me all this agony.

"OK break time before we continue. You are an amazing and brave man. You took that very well and didn't lose consciousness at all. I think I would go crazy if someone gave me as much pain and then chap takes his cock girlfriend homemade I've just given you.

Just as well I really get a buzz out of doing it and get paid really well to boot. I really love my job. I'd nearly pay to be able to do this to people." said Casey. "I'll let Helmut tell you what is to happen for the next twenty or so minutes. I'm going for a coffee. Torturing is thirsty work." "Right. Now this is nearly the last of your external cock torture. We want to give you something to remember us by every time you look at your cock. After all it was your idea to have some permanent scars.

So what Casey wants to do, her idea mind, is to give you some very deep brands in your glans. She's really glad you wanted scars. She loves burning dicks. It's one of her favorite pastimes. You'll see what she grey hair creampieon her stomach up with.

Hope it recovers as they will be deep.

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You may need a glansectomy if infection sets in or if the burn spreads too wide." She came in carrying a paper-clip and a cigarette lighter. How can these people keep inflicting so much pain with such innocuous looking objects? "Great cuppa and rest. Now let's resume shall we," she said with a smile. As though I had a say! She straightened out the clip to look like a large S with a kink in the middle. She got Helmut to hold the lighter about 10 centimeters away from my cock head. "We need it close to your cock so that the metal has no time to cool before I press it 19yr redbone pussy nutted in and fucked thick n juicy tube porn your skin," she said.

She then heated the longer end piece with the lighter until it had a red hot glow and then took my tortured, sensitive and still very erect cock in her left hand and pressed the glowing wire to it with her right so that it sank deeply into my glans meat. She kept it there until it was cool. This was done in line with the piss slit. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Muuuuuuuffff! It took a bit of a tug to remove it as it had fused to my flesh and left a white line with a black burnt centre.

I could faintly smell burning flesh. This again took my pain to a new higher level. Just as I thought the endorphins were starting to kick in, I fainted. "Well you had a good rest," she said. "A good ten minutes it took to revive you. One down three to go." No. No. No. Pleeeeeeaaase!!! Are you all inhuman. Of course all that they heard was a few muffles.

No safety signal you see. Nothing in the contract to stop them except they weren't allowed to remove my cock. Wish they would now. This is too much. Bang! That wire hits a second time. I now have a deep burnt rut bisecting my bruised glans in line with the piss slit. The only one of them not smiling was Ron. Bang! It hits again on the left. Each time she has to tug on it as it has sunk so far into my flesh. Camera is still running. Bang! The last time. I now have a perfect + burnt into my cock head about 2mm deep.

Sweat is pouring out of my body. My whole consciousness consists of a pain source called a cock. Everything else is irrelevant but in the deep twisted recesses of my mind, I could see that she had done a good job and if I recovered it would look great and be an interesting talking point with sex. If anyone saw my cock at a urinal or in a changing room, I couldn't hide it. Urinal!

Hah little did I know!! THE INNOCENT Chapter Four After a short break, they returned to the room and Helmut said, "We thought we'd be about finished by now and normally would have been but I'm afraid I've some very bad news for you. Ron has pointed out to me that you're the first person in four years of torturing people, that hasn't insisted on a safety signal and that has signed a contract allowing us free reign to do what we like to them.

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He said we could make a short film by modifying your cock. Of course that means you will never be able to piss standing up again, but that's one of the small consequences you'll have to pay for being so stupid.

I've actually had innocent sweetie stretches pink slit and gets deflorated surgical gear for some time in preparation for this. I'm also sorry, for this but as your cock has been very well tenderized by Casey, it'll be very painful when I handle it." I'll now describe the procedure the bastard used to change me forever but keep in mind that I didn't feint again and the pain was completely excruciating.

Every fiber of my consciousness was directed to the agony. Also the only pain relief was from my own endorphins and to me they didn't seem to be working at all. Ron made sure that he captured everything perfectly on the video. First Helmut scrubbed his hands very carefully, put on surgical gloves, and then concentrated on my cock. Everything above the board was spotlessly clean.

When he touched it and pulled down the foreskin to make sure all was sterile, it sent shivers of pain through me. Amazingly throughout everything, I always kept a roaring erection. Then, with Casey as a nurse, they began to operate.

First a tight rubber band was placed around the cock next to the board to prevent too much blood loss. Then a strange instrument was shown to me. It was like an old fashioned pipe cleaner but the bristles were made from stainless steel. This was inserted into the urethra about three inches. It really scratched badly. Squeezing the cock tightly at the end of this diabolical device to prevent it going any further, he began to move it in, out continually turning it so that all the lining of the urethra was converted to mush.

It felt as though the bristles would sophie leone yoga xxx bf full out through the skin. This took about two minutes.

Seemed like two hours. Please cut it off and be done with it. He then milked me to extract the destroyed urethra lining. He said, "I've done this so that when your cock is fully healed the tube will fuse completely and cannot be reversed without a transplant. There will be a lot of scar tissue so even that would be difficult." Then using a small scalpel, he carefully removed about three millimeters of flesh and five deep from around the piss slit.

This left quite a hole in the end of my cock. Although I was still in intense pain, the experience was very surreal to me. He then inserted seven stitches both inside and on the surface to completely seal it. The branding that Casey had done earlier matched perfectly.

Next he sliced vertically a hole around ten millimeters long into the urethra at the three inch level up to where it was destroyed. He again milked me downward this time to remove any left over mush and inserted two stitches into the top glans end of the hole. The top three inches of my cock was now irreversibly sealed, top, bottom and inside.

The sides of the new piss slit were now stitched to the former inside of the urethra to hold it open and stop it healing shut. The man would have made a passable surgeon. The rubber holding back the blood was cut and although a small amount oozed out, it was OK.

The whole procedure took only twenty five minutes. Betadine solution was wiped onto the glans and a small bandage wrapped around it. He said that my urine would disinfect the new piss hole but to dress the glans daily.

As so much punishment had been inflicted to my cock, it had started to swell considerably making it impossible to remove the board.

I knew that when it finally snapped in two and came off, that my ordeal would be over. THE INNOCENT Epilogue I don't believe it, but the bastard had the cheek to give me a cricket box to allow me to walk. Otherwise the pain would be too intense. Also to keep me honest, he said that the only soluble stitches inserted were the ones on the inside of my glans and that I'd have to return in four to six weeks time to get the others removed.

My doctor could also do it but probably wouldn't as he'd need to report this type of abuse to the authorities and as I had signed a contract, that would get me into trouble as well. I was made to thank them individually for hot ebony babe sucks and rides a big one trouble I'd caused but was promised two videos when I returned, one of the torture session and one of the mod.

Helmut said that two lovely blondes have some strapon fun masturbation and big tits CD's would be seen by thousands. My heart was in my mouth with the thought of being under their control again but I had no choice. Hell my cock hurt.