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Handjob cumshot i am a cocksucker for a qb
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Mia Matsumiya, the beautiful 24 year old Japanese violinist, was 8 months pregnant when Stan, the man who had raped and impregnated her in the dingy bathroom of a bar and grill, managed to track her down again.

He had coerced her into coming with him to a nearby park, where they talked for some time and came to an agreement about veronica vain first dp ever alex legend they would attempt to raise the little girl growing inside her, partly to cover the shame Mia felt at being a husbandless mom within her culture, and partly because she knew Stan would never leave her alone, no matter what.

Against her better judgement, Mia allowed Stan to come back to her apartment, since he already knew where she lived, and had been secretly stashing monthly child support payments in her mailbox, out of some twisted desire to prove himself as a good father.

Once there, he forced himself upon Mia once more in spite of her protests, spooning with her on the bed and gently fucking her in the ass.

However to her own surprise, Mia found herself more receptive to him this time, and not only accepting his seed into her anus, but got down on her knees afterward and sucked him off, finally realizing her place as a dutiful girlfriend. About a week afterward, Mia finally introduced Stan to her closest friends, her all-male bandmates.

The guys were less than receptive of Stan at first, Mia having previously come up with a cover story that explained Stan's absence from her life as being because he didn't believe he was her baby daddy. But Stan was a very easygoing guy, easy to get along with.and once the band saw how attentive Mia was to him, and that there was some genuine affection between them, they all did their best to accept Stan.

All except Toby Driver, the band's lead guitarist and frontman, who chose to give the cold shoulder instead. Regardless, Stan and Mia eventually leased their apartments to other people and used the money to get a larger place of their own. Their daughter, Jenny, was born in the early spring, and a wedding was planned for soon after.

It astonished Mia to no end that she would be marrying the man who so callously used her as property in a deserted ladies' room.but what surprised her even more was that Stan did indeed turn out to be a genuinely nice guy, and her love for him totally ambushed her. Their wedding was to take place in early summer, and it was held in a small Catholic church, as per Stan's wishes. With his job in construction, Stan turned out to be a good provider.and even when jobs thinned out during the rough economy, great orgasm in hairy pussy took any odd jobs he could find, proving his dedication to taking care of his family.

And so Mia in turn fell into the role of dutiful housewife and mother, content to care for Jenny while daddy was at work, and provide a clean home and a solid meal for him to come back to at night.

So it was that on this beautiful summer day, Mia--standing 4'9" with lovely brown eyes, long dark hair, and come-hither blowjob lips--stood in front of a full-length mirror in a private room in the chapel with her bridesmaids, admiring her wedding dress.

Although she and Stan had sex many times since moving in together--with her even fulfilling two of his fantasies, one of playing violin naked for him before climbing into bed, and another of breastfeeding their daughter in a chair while sucking his cock as he stood beside her--her gown was pure virginal white, with a long slit up the left side, revealing her sexy, slender legs flowing down into black 4" heels.

The garter belt around her left leg only drew more attention as to how sensual its cool flesh looked. The dress hugged her slim body tightly, outlining every curve of her small breasts, which had filled out considerably with the amount of milk she carried for her daughter, and accentuating the shape of her small yet perfectly well-rounded Asian ass.

Her lips were slick with lipgloss, just the way her fiance liked them, enhancing the fantasies of every man that saw her, as to how it would feel to have those lips wrapped around their cock. Her hair was done in a long ponytail that trailed to about a foot past her shoulder blades, and she wore a wedding veil pulled back from her face.

There could be no doubt from anyone who laid eyes on her that she was the perfect fantasy bride, and that her husband would be the luckiest man on earth to have her that night to come.

"You look absolutely beautiful Mia," one of her female friends said. Mia thanked her for the compliment in her thick, beautiful Japanese accent, and then thanked all of them for their help. One of her friends was holding Jenny on her lap--the beautiful brown eyed baby gurgling happily as the four bridesmaids alternated between doting on her as they did on her mom. The ceremony was set to begin in about 20 minutes, so Mia asked them for a moment alone to collect herself and they left the room, taking Jenny with them.

She stood in front of the mirror, admiring herself in her white dress, a bittersweet smile on her face. Although she dearly wished her parents had been here to see this day, she was shamed that a part of her was glad they weren't; they would never have approved of the circumstances of her whole relationship with Stan, her acceptance of him into her and Jenny's life, or of this wedding.

She sighed forlornly, and was barely aware of the back door to the room opening and closing just a few feet behind her. She turned, hoping to not see Stan as it was bad luck to see the groom before the wedding.

She was pleasantly surprised to see it was Toby, although he was dressed totally inappropriately, in jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt and blazer. "Toby!" she said happily nonetheless, rushing to him with open arms.

The two longtime friends hugged, and when they broke the embrace, she said, "I'm so glad to see you! I thought you weren't coming." "I wasn't," Toby said uneasily, reaching up to push a long tuft of his brown hair out of his likewise brown eyes. After all this time, Toby still didn't approve of Stan, and even though hood black trannys takes dick was Mia's best friend, he had sworn he wasn't going to attend the wedding.

He had been the only one to whom Mia had admitted the entire truth about how she and Stan met, making him swear to never tell anyone else. Toby was astonished that Mia, who had once been so fiercely independent, had become in his opinion, nothing more than the humble stereotype of the faithful Asian woman, doting on her man's every word and order.

"I know, I said I wouldn't come," Toby answered, "but I had to see you one last time, before this.whatever you want to call it, happened." "It's my wedding, Toby," Mia spy on mom anywhere in our house defensively. "I wish you'd just get over it." "Well, I can't. You're my best friend, and I think you're going to ruin your life, staying with this guy." Mia sighed, exasperated.

"Stan's a good man, in spite of what he did. He's a good provider, and he loves our daughter. That's what's most important to me." "Really?" Toby said, thoughtfully rubbing the five o'clock shadow which covered his chin. "You know once upon a time, I thought that could have been us going up there to the altar." Mia shook her head. "Toby, we made love one time.

One time! Then we decided it wouldn't work, because ana peaks mom makes me a man hd min was more important we work together on the band and the music." "No, you decided that, Mia! You know how I still look at you on stage, you know I still have feelings for you." He reached out, taking her slender violinist's fingers in his strong, calloused guitarist hand.

"Look, end this bullshit, this farce, honey. Take Jenny, come with me. You know I'll be a better provider than that fuckhead any day of the week!" Mia pulled her hand away. "You should have made an argument for it a long time ago, Toby.

I'm sorry, the choice is made! Now, you can stay and attend the ceremony.I'd love to have you, but you'll just have to accept that I'm going to be with Stan. Or you can leave." Mia crossed her arms defiantly as Toby's shoulders slumped dejectedly.

He shook his head, and then caught a glance of a large reclining chair placed in a corner of the room. He looked at Mia, reaching his decision. "You're right, I should have made more of a play before. But I don't believe you, that it's too late now.

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So lemme show you the best of what you could be having. C'mere." He reached out, grabbing her small hand with one of his while wrapping his other arm around her waist, pushing her toward the corner of the room. "Toby, what the heck are you doing?!" Mia exclaimed, confused at first, but then beginning to struggle against him more forcefully when she realized he was leading her to the chair. "No, Toby, you can't--!" "Shut up, Mia," Toby said, angry tears in his eyes.

"You obviously liked being raped--hell, you fell in love with the fucking asshole! So maybe you can fall in love with me, right?" "Toby, stop!

We're friends--" Mia pleaded shy tricky pickup for casting as she reached the chair and braced her knee against the seat, trying to push back against him as he attempted to push her down into it.

"Well now we'll be friends with benefits, so shut up," he snapped back as he let go of her hand and reached down, pulling the lever that would pop out the leg rest. The lower portion of the chair shot out, slapping Mia's leg out from under her and the two of them tumbled into the chair, Toby landing on top of her, holding her down with his weight as the front of Mia's body sank into the chair back. He reached down, grabbing hold of her wedding gown and began roughly pulling it up, exposing more and more of her beautiful slender legs.

"Toby, please--! It's my wedding gown, please don't ruin it--!" "Don't worry baby," he whispered into her ear, "I don't have any intention of wasting my cum on your gown!" He pulled her dress up further, exposing her beautiful, immaculately clean white panties which traced the outline of her perfectly tight little Asian ass. He slid one hand under her panties, quickly finding her warm snatch. He spread the lips forcefully with a couple of his fingers while he slid his middle finger inside.

"Toby.please." Mia begged, tears beginning to fill her eyes. Toby glanced up at a clock on the wall. "Don't worry honey, we've got plenty of time.

Fifteen minutes until your fucking joke wedding starts. Plenty of time to convince you to come with me. And if you don't, well fuck.I'm white too, so your fuckhead boyfriend will a nice beautiful arab woman got paid to suck and fuck know the next kid isn't his." He was positioned perfectly atop Mia, his chin planted between her shoulder blades, keeping her from being able to push herself up off the somewhat slippery leather of the chair while he kept fingering her, feeling her pussy slowly yield to a touch that was once very familiar to her, now once again making her lubricate with her juices.

He reached down with his other hand, undoing his pants and wriggling his ass to shake them down, allowing his 8 inch cock to pop out. The memory of Mia's hot, tasty pussy had kept it erect most of the morning on his way to the church, to the point where the tip of his cock was sore from continually rubbing against the inside of his pants.

It needed to find a new, warm and wet home quick so it could find solace and release. "Please." Mia begged, hoping against hope that Toby would realize the mistake he was making, and would have mercy on her and let her go. He didn't. He pulled his finger out of her, but only so he could grab the waistband of her panties with both hands and tear them down around her hips. He pressed his cheek up against hers as he rested more of his weight on her. With one sure, hard thrusting motion, his eight inches shot up and into her harshly, causing her to cry out in pain as he filled her so abruptly that she had an instantaneous flashback to the night Stan did the same thing to her in the restroom.

She burst into tears, and Toby lifted up off of her, positioning his knees on either side of her legs as he took hold of her waist. "Grab the back of the chair, Mia," he ordered. She did nothing, just lay there, crying helplessly, her tiny body shaking with her sobs. "DO IT!" His shout filled the room, but at this point Toby didn't care if anyone heard.

Either his fucking Mia Matsumiya would convince her to come with him or it wouldn't. Either way, he was determined to leave a gift in her tight little baby factory that would be the source of some interesting dinner conversation for her and her husband-to-be in nine months' time. Mia reluctantly reached up and held on tightly to the back of the reclining chair. Toby began moving his hips back and forth, gently pushing in and out of her heavenly Japanese cunt hole.

"I love you, Mia," he told her. Mia shook her head, trying to fight off the familiar pleasureful sensation of having Toby's large cock inside her once more. Although they had only made love one time, it was one hell of a fun fuck, and it was a hard decision for her to come to, putting off a relationship in favor of their music. But damn if it didn't feel so good to have his hard love meat inside her wet box once more.

"You were my friend, Toby." she sobbed in between trying to fight off the moans that wanted so badly to push their way through her lips. "We still are friends, Mia.

And since you obviously love guys who rape you, I want you to call me 'daddy'. I miss that. You remember how you used to call me daddy." Mia groaned as she uncontrollably arched her back, now starting to move in unison with him, finding that regaining their rhythm was even easier than remembering how to ride that bike everyone talks about. "D--d--Daddy!" she cried out, still not trying to give him the satisfaction of displaying her true pleasure with a passionate moan.

Toby reached down, smacking the side of her ass in just the right spot she had always loved, a spot even Stan had never been able to touch on just right. "Tell me I'm your real daddy," he moaned, feeling his cock grow stiffer as it went deeper inside her. Mia shook her head defiantly. "Stan's my daddy now," she teen thief with big natural tits busted by security, glancing at the clock on the wall.

Had they really been fucking for five minutes already? Only ten minutes until the ceremony started.one of the bridesmaids would be coming back to get her soon--! "Say it, baby," Toby demanded, his breath growing heavier as he worked his cock around inside her, 18 superman vs spiderman xxx an axel braun parody every sweet spot it remembered so well.

"Say it, or I'll keep fucking you until they start playing the wedding march!" Tears flowed down Mia's face as she caved in to his demand. "You're my real daddy!" she cried out, louder than she intended. Toby leaned his chest against her back, reaching around and grabbing her tits, covered by a wedding dress that was beginning to darken with her sweat.

"How about I milk you through your dress," he offered. "Think I can do that?" he said this while giving her tits a meaningful squeeze, his fingers pressing menacingly close to her erect nipples. "NO! Please, please don't.! I'll do anything!" Toby gave her another good, deep thrust.

"Tell me you wish Jenny were our daughter." Mia moaned pitifully, but realized she had no choice. It seemed that more than ever, all her choices in life were quickly being taken away from her. "I.I wish Jenny were our daughter." "You want to have my baby, don't you?" "Yes." Toby thrust a few more times inside Mia, and ultimately she gave into him, not able to hold back any longer as she moaned loudly, her passion released as he found her G-spot.

Again, it was something Stan had never managed to do, even though he was a fairly gifted lover in bed. Mia was very angry inside, at both herself and Toby. Herself for giving into the power of Toby's cock, letting it take control of her pussy, reminding her of all she had lost by not pursuing a relationship with him. At Toby, because she knew that he didn't really care about taking her and Jenny with him; he just wanted her to be fully aware of the lousy choice she had made by rejecting him, and to be reminded of what she'd be missing in bed for the rest of her life.

She turned her head and glared at him. "You're a bastard!" Toby smiled. "No, baby.that'll be our son, if I knock you up right now." And on that note, he leaned his face into hers, pressing blonde hottie has it in for her strapping stepdad lips forcefully against her own and sticking his tongue deep inside. She met it eagerly, giving in to him and letting his tongue master hers as he came deep inside her and her pussy answered with a thundering orgasm, unleashing a wave of her juices upon his cock as their bodies shook together until they collapsed on the chair.

Weakly, she glanced up at the clock; only five minutes left. She was about to beg him to get off of her, when to her surprise, Toby pulled out and got to his feet. As she turned around on the chair, he slapped the knob on its side, bringing it back to an upright position. Mia wiped her tears carefully, trying not to smear her makeup. She pulled her panties back up, her body shaking hot lesbian session with two stacked lookers an electric thrill as the mixture of Toby's sperm and her juices stained their front.

She was about to get up when Toby pushed her back down on the seat. "Five minutes, baby," he said as he brandished his dick in front of her. "You've still got time for one more display of love for your daddy." Mia huffed angrily, but she knew that unless she did it, he'd keep her here until the wedding march started.

She only hoped no one would come back and see them. Taking his slicked-up cock in her slender fingers, she opened her mouth wide and plunged his dick into it, wrapping her mouth firmly around his meat and began sucking him off furiously. After two minutes, when it seemed he wasn't going to cum, Mia grabbed his hips and pulled him forward forcefully, deep throating Toby's cock and sticking a finger in his ass while playing with his balls to help bring him along. Loving every second of the special treatment he was receiving, Toby grabbed the back of Mia's head and helped by fucking her face, listening to her lips smack against the sides of his cock.

She moaned, hoping the sound of her pleasure--which wasn't faked--would help him get off. It finally did, and Toby Driver blasted a hot load of cum into Perfect body blonde perfect big boobs perfect ass n Matsumiya's mouth, the little Japanese girl hungrily swallowing every drop in an attempt to drain him dry so he wouldn't get any other ideas into his head. Mia swallowed so fast and furiously that she almost gagged as Toby pulled our of her mouth.

But she managed to keep it down, and a satisfying burp from her put an accidental smile on both their faces. Toby pulled his pants up around his now-sagging cock as Mia stood and rushed to the mirror, checking to see how she looked.

She saw Toby's reflection in the mirror standing behind her, looking at her sadly. "You coming with me?" She looked at his reflection and shook her head. "Stan's my man now. I'm sorry." Toby nodded, defeated. "I do love you, Mia." "I know." "I hope I knocked you up. I'd love to stop by and play with our child when." Toby couldn't bring himself to say her fiance's name, ".when he's not around." She looked at his reflection again.

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"If it's yours, I'm never going to tell you." Toby looked at her a moment, but said nothing. He pulled an envelope out of his blazer pocket, left it on a chair, and went out the door he had come in.

"Here comes the bride" started to play, the sound of the organ carrying from down the hall. Mia checked herself in the mirror once more; she looked beautiful, perfect, and no one would ever be the wiser for what happened here. She turned quickly, picked up Toby's envelope and ripped it in half without opening it.

She tossed it in the garbage. Without looking back, she opened the door and headed down the hallway to the sounds of organ music, ready to start her new life. THE END