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Long hard cock slipping into wet teen pussy
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The next morning, I woke up to an empty house and bed. I was thinking, (Where did the girls go to?).

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Looked at my phone and I didn't have any text messages from Ruth. That gave me an unsettling feeling, But since I was home by myself, I decided to go back to working on the house. As I was working on the house, I was feeling a bit down. I was missing my grandparents a lot, I was used to seeing and talking to them regularly. So I decided to work on the house for a while just to get my mind off it, because if I didn't I knew I was going to break down and cry and not stop.

A few hours into doing some house repairs my cellphone rings, so I answered it with a "Hello?" "Hello yourself bro." It was the voice of my sexy sister, I said "What can I do for you sis, since you guys left me before I woke up." Ruth says, "We left early to catch a sale at J C Penny's and Khoal's, We will be back soon enough." I reply "Okay hun have fun, I'm just doing some house work to keep my mind off of my grandparents.

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I'm feeling a bit down today. Then I have some laundry to get done. I'm trying to keep myself busy." She says, "I'm sorry bro, is there anything I can do to get you in an up beat mood today?" I said, "I'm not sure right now sis. But if there is something I'll let you know, Okay." She says, "Alright bro, see you in a while. Love you." "Love you too, bye." Then I hung up the phone, and got back to the house work that awaited me. I started to strip the old stain off the wood, I tell you that it was a pain in the ass to do.

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It took me about two hours to get all the old stain off the wood, I then started to re-stain them with fresh stain. (All this hard work on the house is going to pay off.) I thought to myself.

As soon as I finished the staining process, I went inside the house to wash my hands so I could do up some laundry. About an hour or so later I went back outside and started the to re-stain the deck.

As I was working, I realized I needed a few things from town. So I called my sister, when she answered I asked her if she could stop at the hard wear store to pick up more stain and some brushes.

She says on her way home she will. While I waited for the girls to get back, I decided to go and take a nice hot shower. Hot showers are awesome when you can enjoy them, without some asshole calling your phone and you have to get out to answer it. So I start my shower to get it to the perfect temperature, then I strip my clothes off lucky guy takes on two hot sluts got in.

I stand under the water just letting it hit my back. It feels amazing to have all that hot water on you. As I let the hot water relax me I hear the bathroom door open. I say "Hello?" no response, so I'm thinking wtf?? So I shut off the water an step out of the shower, as I'm stepping out I hear the sound of someone running from my room. I get dressed quickly and walk out to the living room to be ambushed by my sister, Jen, and some other chick I stunning honey is flaunting her spread juicy honey pot in close range no clue who she is.

It's an awkward silence that falls over the room I say, "Would someone please tell me who this girl is please." Then I hear my sister say "Justin I would like you to meet anther one of my friends, Amanda." I look at her then say, "Amanda, nice to meet you." As I look her over and I am at a loss for words, she's 5' 2 with jet black hair, bright green eyes and about 125 pounds.

Then I thought I had died an gone to heaven, she had the nicest pair of tits I have seen yet. I'm guessing they are DD or there about's. I couldn't help myself when looking at Amanda, I mean she was so beautiful!!

I start off by saying Well since you girls interrupted my shower, I think you girls should finish up the decks that outside. "Did you get the stain sis and brushes that I had asked for?" She nods her head in reply. "Yes we did bro, and other items that you wanted as well." I look at them, Alright go get in some cool clothes and I'll meet you outside." All three whine about it, but I don't even say anything more as I walk outside an get the stuff out of the truck.

A little while later they came out and I almost fell over. They are all wearing bikini tops and short shorts with exception of Amanda, who is wearing just a black lace bra an short shorts. As I try to put my eyes back in my eye sockets from looking at them, I ask them if they are ready to start working on the decks, they all reply with a nod and smiles.

We get to work on the back yard deck first, as we are working I start to think, (What the hell have I gotten myself into this time.) As we start to tiny teen fucks huge cock ranch affair up on the back deck, I say "Hey I have an idea, how about we get a hot tub for the back deck here." I get an approval from the girls. We finish staining the deck and wait a while for it to dry,then we move to the side deck.

This one being the smaller of the three, it takes us about twenty minutes to do this one. Then we move onto the last one when we hear a clap of thunder. I'm standing there just cussing up a storm cause I was hoping we could finish this today. So we put the stuff in the garage and head inside the house, we all get cleaned up and go to the living room to relax for a while.

After we get inside, we turn on the T.V, just basically vegging out in the living room. As we are watching some movie the girls put on, Amanda asks me a question. "Do you have a spare room I could rent from you?" I look at her an say "Why yes I do. I have two spare rooms, you can move into either one." She looks at me a little weird for a few minutes, then she says, "How do you have two rooms open when you have two of my friends living with you?" I kinda chuckle and say, "Well you see Amanda, Ruth and Jen sleep with me in my room." She gasps "Really?!

They do??" I say, "Yes really lol." She looks at me for a bit then says to me, "Wow that's kinda interesting I guess?" We sat and chatted for a bit more, then my smart ass sister decides to say, "Hey Amanda, do you wanna go downstairs and shoot some pool?" Amanda's eyes go wide, looks at my sister like, "Wait you guys have a pool table to?' I look at her and I say, "Yes we do.

We also have a dart board, and a full bar with a T.V." They all get up and head downstairs to the basement, as I'm still sitting in my chair I hear a "holy Shit!!" come from the basement. I head down to see the girls are playing pool, I go behind the bar and say, "Are you ladies thirsty?" I hear a hell yes from all three of them.

So I start making some mixed drinks for everybody. I asked them if they all would like to shoot a game of pool against me and they all smile. So I proceed to the pool table, hearing a giggle from one of the girls.

I turn around and ask what's so funny, the girls just shake their heads. I hand each one of them their drinks, I then bang gonzo brett rossi milf pussy deep dicked by a big cock my favorite cue stick and say "Okay ladies we have enough people for teams, so I will pick one of you per game and we will play against the remaining two." I get three squeals of joy and get tackled with simultaneous hugs from each of them.

I choose my sister first to be my partner, she breaks first and doesn't sink any balls in the pocket. Jen is first for her team and she misses her first shot. Now its my turn, I look at the table then I line up my shots. I start sinking in the solids one by one. I get to the 8-ball, I look to see how I am going to play this one as i walk around the table. I tell the girls the left corner pocket for the 8-ball, I take my shot an I sink it in.

The girls are looking at me like holy shit, I then choose Jen next. I have her set everything up, I line up the cue ball to break and all the balls scatter across the table.

This time instead of solids I end up getting stripes. I sink three stripes on the break, and as usual I run the table again. Needless to say they were shocked. Then I tell Amanda she will be joining me for the last game, by this time its 11 pm.

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This time I let her break, and she pockets the 8-ball on the break. I'm like "Holy hell nice shot!!" She grins widely. I say, "Well girls its been fun, but this old man is going to bed.

Its late and I have more house work to do tomorrow." They all start yawning and they say, "Yea we had a long day too, we should get some sleep, we will help you tomorrow with the work if you want?" I just look at them with a big smile. "Yea that would be great, maybe we can get it done before winter hits us in the ass." They all laugh as I black guy xxx vidone downiad goog upstairs to the bathroom.

I get undressed and climb into bed, and I hear a loud clash of thunder. Then the next thing I know I'm getting pounced on by three women. I say, "Uh hi ladies, how can I help you?" They giggle and start to shower me with sweet passionate kisses, as they start to strip each other I just smile and wait for them to finish. When they have finished their strip play, my sister and Jen start to make out while Amanda starts to shake her tits in my face, I lean my head up and latch on to her dark brown nipples.

I gently start to suck on them and hear a soft moan escape her lips as I blow lightly on her nipple then switch to the other and repeat what I did to the other then switch back to the other, back and fourth between the two brown peaks making her moan more as she reaches for my turgid cock and start to slowly stroke me as I continue my assault on her beautiful tits.

She asks me to stop and I give her a puzzled look, but she smiles and me then plants a kiss on my lips then starts to kiss down my neck to my chest and slowly continues down my body to my raging hard-on. She starts to plant gentle kisses on my cock starting with the tip then moving down the shaft and then back up causing me to groan in pleasure, as she continues chinese porn sex and zen we hear moaning coming for the other two and I look over at them to see them locked into a steamy sixty-nine totally lost in their own world.

Amanda gets my attention back on her as she engulfs my entire cock into her mouth and starts to suck me off very skillfully, I look down at her and am met with her bright green eyes and I tell her to swing around so I can give her pleasure as she sucks on my cock. She moves around and puts her legs on both sides of my head lowering her pussy down to my waiting tongue all while still sucking me off, I start off kissing her inner thighs then I blow my breath on to her wet sex then start to slowly lick my new lovers juicy pussy making her moan around my cock.

I pick up the pace of licking her now leaking pussy as I feel another mouth now on my balls and I also hear light snoring coming from one of my other girls soon Amanda pulls off of sucking my cock and pulls her pussy off of my tongue, which is quickly replaced with another pussy and I feel the blistering heat of Amanda's pussy on my cock as she slowly pushes my entire length into her very tight pussy.

She is riding me slow as I am eating out the pussy that replaced hers on my face, I feel a rush of fluid start to leak out of the pussy on my face as the sexy woman has a very intense orgasm. She rolls off of me as Amanda continues to seductive babysitter giving blowjob and laid by nice dick my cock and racing us both to our own orgasmic bliss, she runs her nails over my chest as the first orgasm hit her, she screams out loud (loud enough to wake the dead) she also proceeds to latch onto my neck which causes me to blow my massive pent up load deep in to her waiting womb causing a second orgasm in her.

She collapses on top of me kissing me and yawns so softly, I cover us all up and kiss her and say "Goodnight sleep sweetly." She drifts off to sleep to join the other two and I lay there thinking (What will tomorrow bring this time.)