Latina slut rides dick hard and fast

Latina slut rides dick hard and fast
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WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN Chap. 20 CASSIE IMAGINES&hellip. I was dreaming last night that I was older. At first I was not happy with that coz I musta missed all of my high school years, which are supposed to be the best years of your life, right, Deedee? When I woke up, I was kind of depressed and didn't say much at breakfast. Mommy tried to pry it out of me, but I didn't tell her and I don't know why.

I just didn't have the words, and you know how you get when you're sad or uncertain about something. But when I went to school, I started remembering about all I dreamt about and boy oh boy, Deedee, I had to stop in the bathroom twice during the day and use my HB! I HAD to!! Let me tell you about it. It was like I was having my marriage that day and it was someone named Johnny, who I loved. I don't know anyone I like here in 7th grade with that name right now, but who knows about the future?

Anyway, I was married and Johnny and I were spending the night at my parents' house because we didn't have that much money yet for a neat honeymoon…and because there were other plans that Johnny didn't know about, and this is when the fun comes in. You know how dreams jump around and sometimes don't make sense, right? Well, there we were in the extra room all ready for bed, Johnny and me.

Turns out in my dream that we had been dating for two years in college and we both had just graduated and so we got married, but all that time, I didn't let him get to third base or home plate!

I had let him play with my boobs and see them a few times, but anything below my waist was strictly off limits.

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He sure didn't like that since he was a College Boy, you know, but he didn't push it. At age 22, in college and ready to graduate, I had a super body with 32B tits, which I think are just perfect since I can wear a nice bra and guys stare at my chest like most guys do, but I can also get by not wearing a bra, although sometimes I would have to tape miko sinz loves to get slammed hard my nipples if I did that, especially when I go out running or when I'm doing gymnastics.

In my dream, Johnny knew that I had been having sex with my Dad and Mom for a long time. I told him this after we'd been dating for all of our junior year, since I didn't think it would be fair if he married me eventually and then found outwhich was a foregone conclusion. He got really mad and down about it at first and quit seeing me for two weeks, but then he came back.

I told him that parents are supposed to be the ones who teach you about sex, and I tried to reason with him, and he sort of got the point as long as I let him get to second base with me, you know, let him see my tits and feel 'em and even suck on several times. Eventually he decided I was going to be his wife when we graduated and then he'd get his reward. Duh! Like that's the most important thing in a relationship! Anyway, that's what it was up to this point in my dream, Deedee, and all this happened in a quick flash like dreams do when they jump around like I said.

Get it? So there we are climbing into bed for our honeymoon night in my parent's house, and he doesn't have the slightest idea of what's gonna happen next.

I've got my babydoll top on and a soft bra underneath, and pretty pink bikini panties that Daddy gave me, and Johnny's wearing pajamas he bought yesterday that have leprechauns on them coz he says they reminded him of my bright green eyes which he is crazy wild about.

And then Mom and Dad come strolling in the room, pretty as you please. Dad's got on pajamas and Mom has a babydoll outfit just like mine, her hair is down and she's got eyeliner and eyeshadow on and she is just as gorgeous as ever for a 42-year-old woman.

We were just getting ready to climb in the bed. Johnny is startled, but I knew they were coming. This was all planned, and in the dream I knew it in an instant.

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Mom said, "Johnny, don't be alarmed, we're here to help you enjoy your wedding night, and you will not regret it one bit." Dad added, "Cassie Lee told you about us having sex for the past ten years or so, so don't be surprised. Tonight, we're all going to have sex you and Janice, me and your new wife, and you'll finally get to fuck Cassie Lee too, I promise, so don't be alarmed." Mom said, "You're going to have the most terrific night of sex you ever had in your life, Johnny, believe me." He took my hand then and I squeezed it and I whispered to him that everything they said is the god's-honest-truth and he will get everything he ever wanted tonight.

In my dream, I could read Johnny's mind. He was thinking, when Mom came in the room in her scanty nighty outfit, "holy crap she's beautiful! She yoga sex xxx sex foran be a model!" Johnny and I sat side-by-side on the edge of the bed. I held his hand and smiled at him to comfort him.

"Here's what's going to happen, kids," said Mom, as she knelt in front of Johnny and looked up at us. "I'm going to play with Johnny first, and then Dad will have some fun with Cassie Lee. After that, it's going to be a real fun time for everybody. Unless Johnny objects, of course…" and she puts both her hands on his knees and looks up into his eyes. Johnny stared at her babydoll top, more transparent than mine, with her nipples already poked out and boy did he have big eyes!

Her bikini pants clung tight. Dad stood back for the moment. "Relax, honey, you're in for a real treat," she said as she kissed Johnny's knees through the pajama bottoms and said, "I want to fuck you first, since you're going to screw my daughter tonight for the first time. Do I have your permission to play with you?" Johnny gulped, looked down at his new mother-in-law and could only nod.

I squeezed his hand. Dad and Janice and I had already talked about this and decided First night saree removing sect story would go along with everything else okay if Mom went first and totally blew him away. Mom bent forward, started undoing the buttons on his pj top and then pressed her lips to his chest, skated her tongue on his nipples and sucked them.

I saw him close his eyes and kind of moan. Then she moved back and asked him if he wanted to take her top off. He just nodded. She bent forward giving him a terrific cleavage shot, and we knew he was a goner then, Deedee; he lifted it over her head and then her boobs, which are 36C now and standing up real neat for a woman in her 40s, were just right there. She stood up. I'm pretty sure he never saw a mature woman's tits just staring him in the face like this.

She cupped them and just really flaunted herself to him. She only had on her tight bikini panties, and they didn't really hide her slit or anything. She turned around slowly, and I knew she was teasing him. Boy oh boy, Deedee, was my new husband in for a real treat!

I knew he'd love my mom's tits (and my mom) as much as I did. I heard him kinda whisper WOW when her boobs came out. I leaned over and kissed him and then I said, "If you want to kiss her, it's okay with me and Daddy. Go ahead, do it!" Dad said, "she's right, Johnny Janice really wants your bod, too. Go ahead." He was still pretty much speechless, but he nodded and she instantly leaned down, took his hands to her boobs pretty cutie kenna james and abella danger getting slutty fingering and licking laid a huge deep kiss on Johnny.

I wouldn't have been surprised one bit if he came in his pants then! But in my dream, he didn't. Mom slid her hand over to my panties and rubbed me down there and then she brought her fingers to Johnny's mouth, told him to suck them coz it was my pussy. "She's never let you even get close to that yet, has she?" and he shook his head and sucked her fingers. "Do you like it?" He nodded. "Try mine," she said, and delved right down in her own panties, rubbed, and gave it to him.

He did as he was told. "Is that the first time you've ever tasted pussy?" He nodded again. "Well, maybe you ought to do it the right way, Johnny. Cassie Lee and Daddy already said I could have you first, because he's gonna get your new wife first tonight, on her wedding night. Lay back on the bed." His response was instant. Mom stood up beside the bed.

"Johnny, you realize that Cassie Lee has never seen your cock yet, too…so how about stripping off those PJ bottoms and showing us all what you've got for my baby." He was kinda shy about it, but he did it, and of course he had a raging hard-on. "Oooh, that's a nice one…now it's my turn," she said, and stripped off her panties.

"Johnny, I want you to do everything to me first that you want to do to my daughter. Cassie and her dad will be glad to watch." Mom climbed on the bed over his body, put her brunette anal masturbation watch more of her at ulacamcom right up to his mouth and told him to kiss it, suck it, and we watched as she bent over and held it to him. He gave it all he had, I guess, coz she moaned pretty good.

"Suck it all in your mouth, honey," she said, and after a few minutes of this, she scooted down and took his cock and sat right down on it. "Now, take it easy honey, don't fuck me, I just want you in me like this while we watch your little slut and her daddy play together, okay?" She rolled sideways toward the middle of the bed and pushed tight to him so he couldn't go back and forth.

Dad and I went over to the other side of the bed and I sat kinda sideways so they could watch everything I did. I thought it would be remarkable if Johnny didn't blast off right away inside Mom, but I guess he didn't& Mom knows what to do.

I was so proud of her right then, all naked, with my new husband's cock inside her and she wasn't even really letting him fuck her. Well, little did he know that was gonna happen the next day!! As you can see, Deedee, sometimes I have VERY vivid dreams! Daddy came up to me now in his pj's and said "go for it, honey, show him what you're so good at" and I pulled the drawstring and his pants dropped and his erection popped right out, of course.

Johnny gasped when I grabbed Dad's dick and started licking all around the head…but Mom handled this well coz she moved tighter to him, held his arm around her on her tit, told him to relax and watch the fun because he'd be getting that from her before long, too. He just stared while I sucked Dad, which was nothing new. My new husband had never had this from me and never seen me do anything like this. I turned to Johnny and told him to just watch and be happy for me coz I've done this hundreds of times since I was twelve and Daddy was my first lover and I absolutely loved sucking his dick and getting his swimmers.

He noticed Dad's balls and pubes were shaved and I told him I'd been shaving them since I was a 16-year-old hottie, and I shaved Mom too. "I'll shave yours, too, sometime this week, honey." Daddy said, "suck it, baby," and I took in just the head of his cock and sucked in real hard like he likes it, and he moaned real good.

I moved my mouth down the length of it to get as much in as I could. I know he and Janice both love watching me eat him out like this, so I took my sweet time. I showed Johnny how I could take about five inches of Dad's cock in my mouth without gagging. I did this several times.

Mom said, "Isn't my baby just terrific? I taught her everything like that." I held Dad's cock up straight, too, and licked all over his balls. I told Johnny we girls don't have them and that's why we like 'em so much, you know, to play around with. I sucked one in my mouth while I was jacking Daddy off.

In my dream, I could hear Johnny thinking that she's making love to his balls, and I was, I really was, Deedee. It's not like this was the first time, or even the thousandth time! And then in my dream I was inside Johnny's head, wow Deedee! Here's what he was thinking. "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME! Her Mom! Cassie's sucking her Dad's cock! She's never even touched mine, and here she's just going at it with her father.

I haven't seen any guy's dick erect like this ever, except my own, and here my brand-new wife has it in her mouth and it's her Dad! And I'm basically fucking her mom and I'm so freakin' hard and of course she knows that.

I can't believe she actually let me take pretty clea gets her ass jizzed by her hunk boyfriend her top and see her tits, and then suck them, too. Cripes almighty! Cassie told propertysex insane hot nympho roommate almost kicked out about this, but it was so hard to believe…and now I certainly believe!! Geez, she's taking her dad's dick almost all the way down in her mouth!!

" I love Dad's taste, and they both know I'd love to marry him, I've said it so many times. Mom had Johnny's hands on her boobs, helping him squeeze and play with them, so he didn't say a word but I know he was shocked because in my dream, I hadn't done anything like this to him in all the time we were dating, and here I was right next to him eating on Dad's hard-on like I've done since I was 12. I was bobbing my head on it and having a great time. What a dream, Deedee!

There's not much better than sucking Daddy off, unless it's when he comes in my mouth. Dad reached down and pulled my babydoll top off. I like my tits so much now, I think they are fabulous. His hands went right to them. I love it when he's feeling my boobs like this. I said, "Daddy, go ahead, come in my mouth, show Johnny." He got his breath and said, "Another time, honey this is your wedding night.

I was the first one to fuck you when you were twelve, and I'll be the first one to come in your married cunt, too." I stood up, couldn't help myself and he lifted me up to kiss me and I wrapped my legs around his back and our tongues had a happy time together. Sometimes Daddy fucks me when he picks me up like this, but this time he only held me like a baby and laid me down gently.

He took off his pj top and was naked finally and his cock was standing out real strong and boy oh boy I wanted that in me right then. Dad started kissing my stomach and tits (oh I love that, Deedee!!). I looked over at Johnny and smiled and said "you're going to have me soon, honey, but Dad gets me first since it's my wedding night." Well, Deedee, I'd been to the bathroom once already by this time at school and had a good time with my HB. I had to keep my mouth shut real tight so I wouldn't be moaning or anything like that when I came.

Okay, back to my dream. They watched while Dad kissed me from top to bottom and I'll tell ya, Deedee, he took his sweet time, knowing his wife was just an arm or two away and naked and watching all this with his new son-in-law's cock stuck between her legs.

I think I knew in my dream that he wanted her to get the most satisfaction out of not only being a voyeur, but for enjoying her new son-in-law's hot studly body. They had it worked out for Dad to be the first to fuck his married daughter and for Mom to be the first to fuck her married son-in-law.

Dad's face ended up right at my panties and I was pushing it right to him coz I wanted him bad by then. This dream was so real, Deedee!!!!! I wish he would have 69'ed me then, but in my dream he just sucked and sucked on my panties. I said, "Dad, I'm so hot, take me now, show Johnny how happy you make me!" He took off my panties thenworked two fingers inside me to help me get even wetter for him.

I glanced over at Mom near me and saw her hand go down between her legs and slip a finger into her pussy even though Johnny's cock was already there. She reached over and let me suck her finger. Dad climbed over me and just slid in real easy like he usually does and then he's stroking into me and resting on his elbows over me so he doesn't squash me and I'm getting ready to come because I know how to move my hips to make his pubic bone rub hard on my clit and then I can feel his breathing change and I know he's about ready and I work it just like I've learned to do with Dad in real life and then we're both coming at the same time like we mostly do in real life, and Mom is saying get it girl and I'm going in outer space and Dad is shooting his swimmers inside me so hard like he always does and it's so warm and he's going UH UH UH so wonderful on top of me and I just know Johnny is going gaga watching Daddy fuck me.

The best dream ever, Deedee, and I can tell you for sure we've done this many time in real life, you know. Mom is telling Johnny just hold it there, don't fuck, just hold it there, honey, and in my dream I'm wondering what he thinks right now.

And I'm glad Janice is fucking him while Daddy is fucking me. Marriage is so thrilling, Deedee, especially when your wedding night is like this. Okay, so in my dream we're laying there together with Dad's hot come inside me and then in a minute or two Mom pulls herself away from Johnny and says now it's your turn. Dad goes around the bed to the other side and climbs on behind Mom and takes Johnny's place, porking her coz we both know she loves getting it right after he does me, and Johnny is leaning over me and kissing me and it's the first time he's ever seen me totally naked like this and that's so wonderful and then he takes hold of his erection and finds my slick hole and pushes it in his first time ever …and my first time with anyone other than Daddy!-- and again I feel so full and so happy while he humps me like Dad did except he goes real quick and doesn't seem to think about how I feel about this, like Daddy always does.

I guess he's just so hot to trot from Mom fucking with him that he doesn't even think about foreplay and stuff like that. I'll have to teach him this week. Somehow, I manage to come again just at the same time my new husband does and it's the most terrific dream you could imagine, Deedee me close up on this hot soviet milf 22, married, my Dad and then my husband fucking me and we all came!!!

Could anything be better in a dream? Somebody told me once that some dreams are wish-fulfillment, and I tell ya now, I can believe that! Now, you may think that's all, but it's not. In my dream, the next morning I somehow saw Johnny wake up first and he had an erection like Dad usually does and he had to go pee. He hops off the bed and is in the bathroom while the rest of us are still sleeping in the bed, but then when he comes back, there is Mom sitting on the edge of the bed in her sexy babydoll outfit and she's staring at Johnny's half-erect dick and licking her lips and telling him now it's time for him to do her.

She knows he wants to because she's hot stuff, and she really gets off on this, with me and Daddy both lying there in the same big bed, supposedly asleep. I watch (while I'm sleeping, Deedee!!) Mom take Johnny's cock in her mouth and start sucking him while he's standing in front of her.

They keep this up for a bit, and then she tells him to take off her top just like Dad took mine off. Her beautiful 36C's come out into the open and he grabs them and squeezes while she's sucking his cock and then rubbing it on her boobs. Mom says, "Johnny, I want you to fuck me now just like your father-in-law did to your wife on her wedding night night." OMG, Deedee. One of my girlfriends at school told me once about dreams being wish-fulfillment, and this certainly has to be one.

The only question in my supposedly-sleeping mind right now is, is Johnny gonna fuck Mom, or is Mom gonna fuck Johnny? Okay, I was thinking about this in 5th period at school and when we had the ten-minute break in between, I had to go to the bathroom again and do myself with my fingers. I worked right on my G-spot this time and that felt so good even though I couldn't make myself come coz there were just too many yappy girls in the bathroom. Those freaking cunts are so annoying sometimes!!

In my dream finally, I watched Johnny climb on top of Mom, his erection connie carter lusty loft fucking brazzers between her spread-out legs and then she pulled him into her and he buried it and they just fucked like rabbits and she smiled at him all the time and he kissed her and fucked her hard and she said do it harder Johnny and he really went wild then and she started coming and screamed and it didn't even wake up me or Dad, can you believe it?