Pretty blonde chick takes huge cock and gets fucked from behind hardcore blowjob

Pretty blonde chick takes huge cock and gets fucked from behind hardcore blowjob
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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes "The Virginity Clinic" It's normal for girls to natter, but on this afternoon something had really got the girls worked up. The office was quiet; other than the buzz women watching men masturbate in public female voices, most of the girls being around eighteen or in their early twenties.

It had all started when one of the girls called Judy stated she'd heard of a virginity clinic, she was a virgin, and somewhat anxious about losing it, her boyfriend was pressuring her but she was scared stiff, mainly due to hearsay of as to how painful it could be.

It was found out that there were five other girls in the same predicament. "So what have you heard of this clinic and what does it cost?" Emma queried. Judy seemed to be the life and soul of the party so to speak; everyone had rallied around her. "Well the cost is £10 the rest of the payment is met by the National Health Service, and by all accounts your out at the time, so you feel nothing!" Judy explained, "It's open about twice a month!" "What do you say that we all go and see as to what we can find out, seems a great idea to me!" Emma replied looking around at the other girls.

"Well, I mean if it's painless, plus it's almost free why not?" Judy and Emma stood outside the address they'd been given, it seemed like an ordinary house to start with, but inside the windows florescent tubes could be seen. "Well you don't have those in the front room do you? Lets go in, perhaps they don't put the name up on the outside, protecting people from knowing as to what your going in there for. Sounds right to me, you don't want everyone to know do you?" Emma implied.

Once inside it looked entirely different, there was a reception, and waiting room. Judy stepped forward as the receptionist came and sat at her desk. "Can I help you?" She asked with a smile. "I'd like to book in, could you tell me what tight babe gets fucked by nasty pawn guy are available?" Judy asked, turning back to Emma as if for reassurance, knowing she wanted a booking also.

"Well normally we let you know when a booking can be made available, you see we have to have at least three clients before we open the clinic!" The receptionist smiled.

"It's not just us were interested in, in total there are five of us. What does it involve?" Emma questioned. "No more than proving you are of age, and a disclaimer form.

You must be at least eighteen!" The receptionist looked at Judy as she spoke. "I am of age, my birthday was a week ago today?" Judy smiled. "Well if you'd like to bring your friends in, we can sign you up, and the clinic could be open for you within a couple of days, providing of course the time of the month is free for all of you!" Judy turned back to Emma, "That would be great, we could all be done together?" The receptionist turned to Emma, "That's fine, if we could have you all in for a general interview, I could set it up for you.

Some girls like the idea of a film of the actual deflowering, which we supply free of charge I might add! That way you can always look back on the day, better than just remembering it" "A film of it actually happening?" Questioned Judy. "Well its on disc, it shows the actual tearing of your hymen, from inside you!" "A camera inside you?" Questioned Emma.

"Well not the camera, optic fibres are installed in your virginal passageway, they allow light and the film is taken at the same time, it will show you everything!" "Sounds like fun, and there's no pain?" Emma quizzed. "Not a bit, your out for the count for around thirty minutes, you'll feel nothing, other than perhaps a little wet down there afterwards" The receptionist reach under her disk collecting a form then placing in front of the two girls.

"This is the form that you'll fill in and sign! Some girls say they have erotic dreams whilst it's being done?" "Hell, what could be better, no pain and perhaps a raunchy dream to go with it!

And then a film to keep" Judy laughed. "Can we ring you when we've spoken to our friends, we'd all like to come at the same time!" "Yes of course!" The receptionist handed Judy a card from the desk. "Try and ring around midday, as we're busy with other things before then. I can then get you all an appointment to see the doctor, he'll explain everything in more detail to you!" The next morning Judy and Emma were full of it trying to explain the details to the other three girls, they were all intrigued at the though of having a film to show them the complete activity of the actual deflowering.

Judy rang for an appointment for each of the girls the following day. Emma was first into the doctor's office, he was a middle-aged man, dressed as she expected in a white coat.

The sight of a huge dildo on his desk made her giggle somewhat, the doctor saw her concern and immediately picked it up. "I see you find this funny!" He smiled "This is the maidenhead piercing tool, it's one like this that takes your virginity, you'll see it on film as it goes through your hymen!" Emma couldn't believe as to how much its appearance was to that of a genuine cock.

"It seems awfully big!" Emma implied. "It's deemed to be the exact dimension fleshly and wild group fuck hardcore reality the bona fide thing, no one has complained as yet as to its size!" The doctor smiled.

"I wouldn't worry to much as you'll be unconscious, unaware of its presence as it were, however it does the job admirably. When you actually start your sexual activities, you'll only feel the comfort of intercourse without the pain of virginity!" Emma signed the necessary forms and left the office going back to the waiting room to find Judy. "What are you smiling about?" Judy asked as Emma sat down.

"You wouldn't believe it; he has a replicated form of cock on his desk, it looks huge, I couldn't believe that it wasn't the real thing. He let me hold it, God, I had sensations going through my pussy, it felt like a hardened sponge. It appears that we can all come in on the same gangs forced girl tfuck near beach the receptionist says not one of us will be on our period!" Almost all the girls commented on the dildo and as to how genuine it seemed, one had even seen a film of it doing it's work, she'd exclaimed as to how painful it looked, and that she was glad that they'd found the clinic.

The office wasn't to pleased to find that five of their staff had booked the next Thursday off, trouble was all of them had time allocated to them, so it was overlooked. Dave Wallace rubbed his hands as he passed the waiting room; there was not one of the girls he'd not fancied.

He'd done very well with the clinic, it had brought him in Pounds (£'s) Brenda his partner acted as nurse and receptionist, she loathed intercourse she'd only had two cocks in her life and at forty that's not that many, however she cherished the taste of cum. Dave had nine of his clients waiting for the girls, each paying around £750 for the chance to take the virginity of the girls, paying less they get the girl after the punter had finished with her, that still come out at £100 each, Brenda, was always there to take their full load from them as they were about to cum.

Brenda came into the waiting room with clipboard in hand smiling at the girls. "Being as your all friends, we'll keep you in the same room the medication will be a little heavier than normal, that way you'll all come around more or less at the same time.

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If you'd all like to follow be we'll get the show on the road!" The girls were surprised to find that the room was fitted out with single beds; they'd all expected an operation table.

"I'd like you all to get undressed, are they're any of you that would like to use the toilet before we start, we don't want any accidents do ben ten cartoon xnxx all Brenda smiled. Two of the girls left the room, however Brenda made sure that all the girls were completely naked then got them to lie on the beds.

"How many of you want the film to take home?" she quizzed All the girls raised their hands; Brenda knew she'd plenty of time with the extra anaesthetic.

Little did the girls know that all the punters were standing at a two-way mirror above the beds bidding for their bodies?

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The thought of nine loads of cum really appealed to Brenda, but she knew she'd have her work cut out to get everyone's cum moving between the girls's as they were being fucked; readying herself for the next punter to blow. Dave was as pleased as punch, they were getting £3750, from the first five punters, then £400 from the remaining four, plus the £10 each from the girls making a grand total of £4200 for a mornings work.

He donned his white coat and went down to the room to help Brenda with the that big ass on victoria cakes is out of this world bkb, a more hornier sight he couldn't have envisaged, within ten minutes each of the girls we're out of it, Dave went around fingering each as to moisten their pussies then allowing Brenda to feed the optic cameras into each of their pussies, the girls were laid back with their legs spread apart.

Dave wanted to run around the beds and fuck them all. But he only got his chance when there were but one or two girls, sometimes not being worth calling the punters in. The punters had already queued up outside the door, each having the amount of their obligation in cash.

Dave went to the door opening it and letting them into the room collecting their cash as they entered. Brenda went in front of the punters switching on the cameras as each of them came up to the bed. Some of the punters went down on the girls, their first taste of virgin pussy. Thankfully the cameras were in placed the other side of their hymen so this wouldn't be seen on the film, some of the girls even reacted to this, moaning as they were licked.

Each bed had a jar of jelly, to lubricate the punters cocks when they were ready to perform. Judy appeared to be first; the punter got onto the bed easing himself between her legs, lifting them up under him, his cock wasn't that diminutive in fact it was quite large, it was a pity she have not seen it she'd have been proud of herself, he lifted his cock up to her opening, teasing it with her juices, pushing it up in front of her hymen but not going through, the sensation of the maidenhead stretching across her pussy made his blood boil, his cock went even firmer if that was possible.

Her rapist if you could call him that, leaned gently on his cock, allowing him the real sensation of her hymen tearing, although she didn't or couldn't show it, he sensed as to how the pain would feel should she have been awake. His cock more than filled her pussy, forcing the walls apart as it gradually gained entrance, so big was it that the optics where pushed forward in front of the huge organ.

The room was filled with heavy breathing, and moans, some of the punters actually swearing at the girls, Brenda was on tender hooks not knowing as to which would cum first, each were taking their time, enjoying their virgin pussy, Dave had gone upstairs to view through the mirror, the sight was to much for him.

At least here he could have a dam good pull without being seen. One guy was going so hard Brenda thought the bed might break, the first to call out was the guy who was fucking Emma; Brenda tore up to the bed beside him, he'd only just managed to heave his cock out in time, Brenda was more than contented with the consignment he pumped into her mouth, but she found most men came more with a virgin, it was as it to say I'm your first, have a good filling, it was as much as she could do to keep it all within her mouth.

As soon as the next punter saw that he'd finished he was there, his cock going straight up her. Judy's pussy was beginning to look quite inflamed with the fucking she was getting. The guy was making sure he got his monies worth, he didn't care as to how sore he made her, by the time she came around he'd be gone.

One thing about him he'd good staying power, with a cock his size he'd have more than pleased the average woman, but to say the least he should have had more consideration for Judy being her first and him being of such a enormous size.

Everyone seemed to be cumming at once, Brenda had her work cut out getting around them all, as soon as one of the punters pulled out another cock filled their place, it was funny a girl named Sally had had three cocks, whether it was because she was fancied, or just that the third was nearby as the second pull out, it wasn't known, but in Sex storys sex xnxx commobile belief, she had to be the best fuck, for Brenda had taken more full cum loads from her punters than any of the others.

She looked up to the clock they'd about twenty minutes left before the girls were likely to come around, she knew she'd to get the cameras out and passed through the computer. Dave walked into the room after all the punters had left. His trousers were around his knees and his cock was swaying from side to side, one more load for you Brenda, are there any that didn't get a second helping. In her mind it was Judy, she looked toward the bed, "Better take her, she'd only had one, mind you I wouldn't have like it as my first, where the hell did you fine him?" "Magistrate, he's often at the local court, still beggars can't be choosers, he paid up front.

I wouldn't turn his money down. How long have we got?" "Just under fifteen minutes I should think!" "Have you removed her camera?" "All done, I'll get these down to the office!" "Don't you want the last load then?" miko sinz loves to get slammed hard course, I nearly forgot!" Dave lifted himself onto the bed, taking his cock into his hand.

My she looks sore!" "As I said he was to big by half, he should have picked one of the older girls, at least they'd have stretch more easily!" Dave slid his cock in, needless to say it went in with no inconvenience, she was well opened, but he did get feeling, it didn't take long for him to cum, he'd have liked to have left it in, but he knew there must be no traces of cum in the girls.

He turned to Brenda. "Come on then, we don't want a mess do we!" He stammered. Brenda was up beside him in seconds gulping down his sperm in mouthfuls. "Hell that was a good mornings work!" Dave implied, looking around the room.

Pity we cant get this sort of attention every day, we'd soon be millionaires!" "Well I've enjoyed myself, I can't remember swallowing so much cum. I'll take these down to the office, you'd better get changed before they start coming around!" Dave pulled up his trousers and put on his white coat, he was washing his hands at the small sink as the first of the girls came to. He picked up a towel and walked over to her, "How do you feel?" he questioned, picking up the board at the bottom of the bed.

The girl shook her head as if to remove the dizziness. "Now you're Sally aren't you?" Dave inquired replacing the board. "You're not to sore I hope!" It took Sally a couple of minutes to remember as to just where she was.

"No I feel fine!" But her hand went down toward her pussy; she'd been the one to have three cocks up her. "God, I feel wet!" "This happens sometimes, it depends on how you take to the surgery some girls even have orgasms, then their really wet!" Dave smiled.

"Lets have a look to see if you're alright!" God, her pussy did look inviting to him, he pushed two of his fingers up her, they olgun kadn alexis fawx sevgilisiyle doyasya ilikiye giriyor in like a knife through butter.

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"Does that hurt?" he asked. "No, it feels quite nice to be honest!" Sally smiled. "Looks like you'll soon be ready for your first cock then?" Dave laughed, his fingers still inside her. "I could really get to like this, if that's your fingers, I'd like to think as to what your penis would feel like?" "See you've found it worthwhile after all, if you ever want to try a cock just let me know!" Dave smiled.

At this stage all the girls were coming around, they turned to look at each other as if to say we're in the club. Judy took her time to sit up, she if anyone felt the stress that the punter had put on her pussy, before he'd started on her, her pussy was nicely tucked in, she leaned forward viewing her open pussy, now her pussy lips were sprouting like the petals on a tulip.

Touching the lips she found them to be wet, but this was from her own juices, she sensed the cool air going up inside. "Are you alright?" Brenda asked, seeing her touching herself. "I feel very sore, I take it that it will go back into shape?" Judy asked. Before Brenda could answer one of the girls called across the room to her. "When will we be able to see the films?" she asked "If you all get dressed and come down to the office I'll show you them on the big screen. Brenda left them to get dressed going down to the office herself, Dave was already there going through the films.

"Everything okay?" Brenda quizzed. "Pretty good I'd say, it couldn't be more sexy, what would they think if they knew each of the cocks were real! He didn't give that Judy much sympathy, it's a good job she wasn't awake, she'd have screamed the place down; I don't know what she'll think.

The girls filed into the office sitting on the chairs provided, Brenda walked up to the desk collecting the disc's up into her hand. "Now before we start is everyone feeling ok, you all might still feel a little heady until the anaesthetic has completely worn off, we'd like you all to say for at least an hour just to make sure there are no after effects, the doctor here will give you all and examination before you leave just to make sure the job has been done.

Judy was at the back of the room with her hand up. Brenda looked her way. "It's Judy isn't it, how can I help you?" "I really do feel sore down there!" "Can you wait until after the films, then you can go to see the doctor first, he'd have a look and check you over!" Brenda said with a weak smile.

As it happened Judy's blonde loves get all cum into her anal pornstars and hardcore was the first to load, Brenda stood back with a pointer in her hand. As the film started the girls name was in the bottom corner, there was a sound of excitement in the room.

The film revealed a shot from inside the virginal passageway, facing back toward the hymen. Brenda explained the clip pointing her stick at the film, giving explanation the intricate parts. Although at the back Judy watched the film closely, the perfect body blonde perfect big boobs perfect ass n went quite when the huge cock could be seen through the eye of the hymen, gradually the hymen began to bulged toward the camera, it all seemed to be in slow motion.

The cock looked miles to big, suddenly the hymen started to tear as the pressure was put on it. Judy couldn't believe this was what happened inside her body, unexpectedly the cock split the hymen in three different areas, then the enormous helmet broke through, the inner walls of her pussy were forced to the sides, it could be seen that the head was covered in blood.

But on it came, the camera was blacked out for a few moments, this is when the punter push it straight up her, pushing the camera in front of it. Then the cock withdrew, the helmet reaming its way back through the torn hymen, then back in again. "I can't believe as to how real it looks, God, I'll have to get a dildo like that, it looks real horny!" One of the girls stated. All the girls collected their films and then sat and waited their turn to see the doctor after the film show.

Judy had gone in first; he'd asked her to sit up on the table. Donned with his thin gloves he lifted her legs up and spread them onto the edge of the table, she'd already removed her panties. He pulled a chair forward and sat between her legs inspecting her pussy. "Will stay like that?" Judy inquired.

"Heavens no, it will soon go back to normal!" Dave replied as he eased his finger into her. He could feel the torn hymen. He wanted to go down on her but knew this wouldn't be right; gradually he eased his finger in and out of her.

"Does that feel sore when I do it?" "A little, but it's a nice feeling!" Her pussy had retracted from within; her inner walls now gripped his finger. "D'you think your ready for cock now?" Dave asked with a smile. "I'd like to try as soon as I can, God that feels good now!" As Dave had speeded his action with his fingers, Judy reached down gripping the edge of the table then throwing her head back. Dave's cock had come to life straining in his trousers; you would think that less than ¾.of an hour ago, he'd actually fucked her "Would you like to try now?" Dave couldn't believe his own words; he was supposed to be a doctor.

He'd to wait for her answer as she was going through an orgasm. "I think I would!" she managed to say once she'd caught her breath. The table was just cock high, Dave undid his belt letting his trousers and underpants fall to the floor.

Judy looked down at his cock, it did seem big to her, she turned her head back to the desk, the plastic dildo still stood on its stand, knowing if she could take that, his cock would cause her no trauma. Leaning forward she watched as he entered her, the sensation was good, she put her hands up onto his shoulders to steady herself as he started to rock himself backwards and forwards.

Judy felt proud that she was the only one of the group who got cock so quickly, and she found it more than gratifying. His cock was now fully inside, Dave couldn't believe that she'd let him fuck her.

Judy was now clasping her arms around his neck, sobbing has he fucked her, every now and again she'd let out a low whimper, then orgasm came. Her body tensed, her eyes lids fluttered, he was fucking her hard now, Judy gripped him around the neck lifting herself off the table allowing at least another two inches or more of his cock to enter her.

Now she was rocking with him. Brenda had heard the noise from the waiting room, and quickly made for the office, she was dumbfounded as she opened the door. Dave turned as he saw the door open. "Get down here I'm nearly ready to blow!" Judy was being humped up and down at a colossal rate; Brenda went around to the front of him kneeling on one knee, the sight of his cock ploughing into Judy was orgasmic, she held her hand out ready to clasp his cock when he pulled it from Judy.

Again she went through orgasm, her moans must surely have been heard in the waiting room. "Ready…here it comes!" Dave blurted out Brenda snatched at his cock as soon as it was free engulfing it into her mouth; her cheeks were drawn in with the amount of suction she was using, his cum flowed straight down her throat.

Moving forward he lowered Judy back onto the table. "God, that was really something, I'll always remember you as my first love!" Judy leaned forward kissing him on the cheek. Brenda handed her back her panties with a smile, Judy struggled to get them over her feet her legs were so numb. She wobbled as she tried to stand. "You'd better help her back to the waiting room Brenda!" Dave chuckled. "You alright?" Emma asked as Judy sat down. "Fine, I've just had my first taste of sex, God it was rousing!" "So that's what all the noise was about!

Who with for heavens sake?" Emma quizzed. "The Doctor, it was sheer ecstasy, I didn't want it to end!" Judy giggled. "I can't get over this film, it looks so much like an actual cock. Well if anyone asks say it is!" Judy sniggered. "The doctor actually fucked you! I big man fucks a little girl miles away there, how did that come about then?" "He started to finger me, and it went from there, God it was enjoyable!" "And you let him!" "I virtually asked him to, I wanted to try it as soon as I could.

He's not going to say anything is he?" "I suppose not, but he's not someone I'd like to be fucked by!" "Don't knock it till you've tried it!" Judy laughed, "He didn't cum up me though!" "Well it wasn't complete then was it?" "He was in me till the end, then that nurse went down taking his cock into her mouth, she swallowed the lot!" "Really!

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I mean in her mouth, how repulsive" Emma sniggered. Judy and Emma left the clinic together, as they walked towards home, a man pulled up alongside them asking for directions.

Judy was the first to explain the route to him. Little did she realise that he was the guy that had taken her virginity and made her sore. As far as he was concerned he just wanted to see what she was like and speak to her.

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"You seem to be going that way, can I give you both a lift?" He smiled. Being as the girls were together, they considered it safe.

"Why thank you, we don't live to far from where you're trying to get to!" Judy informed him. He'd dropped them both right outside Judy's home. "Something really funny about that guy!" Judy implied as she watched him pull away from the kerb. "In what way?" Emma replied. "I don't know, perhaps its his aftershave, I seemed to have smelt it before! But I can't think where?"