Scream or i will tell mom and milf licks guys ass mothers interracial interaction

Scream or i will tell mom and milf licks guys ass mothers interracial interaction
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Several hours had passed and I was still flustered from mine and Claire's encounter in the cubicle. I felt so unusual; one the one hand I wanted to blabber it all to Mike and James due to pure excitement (and to gloat also), but on the other hand I knew that it would be fatal boyfrends bang cute beautiful chicks pornstar hardcore our jobs if we did, especially as the scenario isn't favourable.

I knew Claire had a family, and I didn't want her to lose her job by either being sacked or being driven out. I continued to work as if nothing had happened, although Olgun kadn alexis fawx sevgilisiyle doyasya ilikiye giriyor could not think of anything else. Every time I saw her during the day all I could focus on we're those breasts that I was so close to sensing. Every time I glimpsed her bending over I just wanted to take her there and then, ignoring anyone else who was there, but I knew I couldn't (or shouldn't) do it.

I thumbed in my mind all possibilities to go from here; should I let it slide, or should I go ahead and do what I have been longing to do? At last it was the end of work, and my heart was thumping in anticipation of what might now happen. An outsider would never have guessed anything at all; it was almost perfect. No-one could have ever suspected foul play; I have to admit it, I wouldn't have done either! All the workers gathered at the front of the warehouse awaiting the call from the supervisor allowing us to leave to go home.

I stood with Mike at the front, a good ten metres from Claire who had engaged in conversation with the warehouse loud-mouth Paula.

She was such a good actress, I knew that she was thinking the same as me, but was obviously easier at hiding it than I was for Mike repeatedly asked if I was listening. I would turn to Mike, apologise, and say something about the noise in the warehouse preventing me from hearing properly, then look away again.

I smiled. It was then that Claire came walking over to me, striding beautifully; her hair swaying like an angel's. "Chris, can I ask a favour from you?" Clair enquired, greeting Mike afterwards. "Yeah sure… what do you want?" I asked, not entirely sure what Claire was going to say. "I am supposed to be walking home tonight, but it's raining outside and I don't want to get soaked through. Do you reckon you could give me a lift home in your car?" Claire was obviously cunning, as well as a good actress and liar.

"Yeah sure, no worries…" (I thought for a second) "… as long as you don't mind the fact I have to go to the petrol station first, I am nearly out of gas" I thought this was a perfect way to disguise what was on my mind.

Claire and I live relatively close to one another, and it would look unusual to others if I were to take a direction that went in completely the opposite direction to our houses!

"Yeah that's no worries. I am just going to go get a drink before I come…" smiled Claire. She had obviously picked up on what I was thinking. This was my perfect opportunity to make something happen. All day I had been contemplating what to do, and it was Claire who had nudged me into making a decision.

Tonight would be the night. She floated away from Mike and I, who had now grown a cheesy grin as she left. "Oh yeah! She wants you man!" chuckled Mike. "Oh come on, she wants a life home, besides, she's a married mother. I am not into that kind of thing." It appeared Claire had also made me a good liar too. "Yeah, well, if she wants someone then you just send her my way, I'll certainly get me some of that fine stuff" He began to mime doggy style in front of everyone.

I became frantically nervous that foul play could be spotted by some of the more observant workers. I quickly had to think of something that would defuse the situation, and keep the attention away from Claire.

"Yeah, that's what I did to your Sister last night" I joked. It didn't sound convincing. Although Mike chuckled only a little, I felt a little more comfortable. It was then that Steve the supervisor gave the call of "thank you everyone" that meant we could leave. My legs were shaky as I left; bouncing in anticipation. It was true; the rain really was coming down hard.

It made me smile; what excuse would have Claire used if it had not been raining. I just thank my lucky stars that it was; I had never been so appreciative of rain! Mike had moved off in front of me, and so I walked alone down the path that leads to the Knappers car park. I made my way through the gate and walked over to my car: a sporty car, paid for by yoga sex xxx sex foran parents, although it did mean that they were now in debt.

I unlocked the car and slumped down into the seat. I shut the door so that I could turn the engine on, turn on the lights, and turn on the wipers. The bustle of cars began to leave the car park; desolate little people in their desolate little cars in their desolate little lives.

I laughed, just then I noticed Claire frantically jogging towards the passenger side of my car, desperately trying to avoid the rain. She opened the door and sat down… "You don't mind that I take you to the petrol station first? I'm low on gas" She mocked, putting on a deep voice.

I laughed. "Oh come on, 'I'm walking home and don't want to get wet', what about your umbrella?" I asked, turning down the level of the music. I tend to have it high. Claire then cowered and started fluttering her eyelids.

"I guess I must have left it in my locker… I am such a naughty girl. I hope you don't mind." She then placed her hand on my leg and started slowly moving it further up the inside of my thigh. I obviously am new to this as I felt myself becoming harder already. I grinned. "To the petrol station then?" She added.

Again I laughed and started to put the car into acceleration… I had decided to take us to a secluded spot, seeing as her house is obviously out of the question because of her husband and kid, and my house was not an option as my parents would be home.

If it weren't for the fact that the town we live in (Burrington) has so many secluded areas we would have been stuck for choice. The other side of town has a large picnic area, renowned for its amazing flora and fauna.

It is a popular choice for travelling people who are making their way through the town. No one would ever think of going in there at night, it was the best idea I had come up with for a long time. As I made my way towards the picnic entrance my hands began to shake on the steering wheel; this fantasy that I have had in my mind ever since joining Knappers is finally going to happen.

"Aren't your parents going to wonder where you are?" asked Claire, obviously checking to make sure that everything is going to run smoothly.

"No, Dad works the early shift so will be in bed, and Mom doesn't mind what time I come in, as long as I lock the house up when I come in… what about you? I mean, you have a husband and a kid… aren't they going to wonder where you are." "No, Paul works until 6 in the morning, and he would have put Chanel in bed at 8." She laughed.

I was just pulling up into the spot I had in mind. I was right; not a person in sight. The rain was still lashing down, and that would have meant you would have had to be stupid to go walking around the woods at night in the rain… I stopped the car and put on the handbrake, turning the engine off as I did so. I undid my seatbelt at the same time as Claire did.

The sound of the rain was rapidly tapping, and was quiet enough to hear each other talking. Claire had been waiting for this moment, and was evident by the way she had instantly taken my face in her hands and had reached over to give me a passionate kiss. I felt her tongue enter my mouth as she kissed me, and in return I began to massage her tongue with mine.

Her sweet perfume was intoxicating, and was quickly filling the car. We sat there for a while, our mouths locked with one another, our hands wandering everywhere.

I took particular care in feeling her thighs as she was pressing into me. I then noticed how uncomfortable it was for us to be in this position; my neck was beginning to get a crick, and the gear stick was definitely ruining things. "Ouch!" I wailed as the gear stick rammed into my stomach. "Ok&hellip. The back?" she suggested.

I wasn't going to complain so I nodded and got out. We both opened the back doors and entered the back passenger seats. This was much more comfortable. As soon as the doors were shut Claire literally launched herself at me.

There she was, nasty playgirl is ready for perverted scene hardcore and blowjob herself over me, an arm rested over each one of my shoulders, kissing me deeply on the lips. We both groaned, especially Claire, considering I had two hands free, both of whom were caressing her tight ass. Her jeans were almost skin-tight, and so I could get a good grip on each butt cheek. She began rocking on top of me as I caressed her, occasionally stopping to breathe deeply on my neck, her hair waving onto my face, smelling of sweet shampoo.

She leaned back away from me; her hands placed palms down on my swelling penis. "You want to see my breasts?" breathed Claire. I nodded. She began to undo her strappy black top at the back again; a sense of de ja vu from the bathrooms amber takes her bikini off for you at work began to sink in.

Only this time there would be no-one to disturb us. My hands wandered from her ass round to her bare waist; she felt warm and smooth. Just as I moved my hands she had whipped off her top to reveal those two large beckoning breasts that I had barely seen in the bathrooms back at work.

They wobbled slightly as she removed her top. I could only sit there and gasp at them with amazement. My cock had stiffened to the max, and now was ready for the fun to begin. Again my hands started to wander; now they were wandering up her waist and ending up cupping her breasts. Claire let out a deep moan as they gripped them. I began to massage them; stroking them softly then squeezing gently on the nipples.

By doing this I noticed that her nipples were hardening; turning me on even more. My body was beginning to tingle, a warm but bearable heat swept through my body. Claire leaned forward, but this time leaning them much further back so that her chest was in my face.

Her breasts were now placed right in front of me, my arms wrapper round her waist. I did not even have to be asked what to do; I craned my neck forward a few inches and engulfed one of her nipples in my mouth.

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There would be no interruptions. It felt so good; I began to circle her erect nipple with my tongue, massaging her ass at the same time. "That's it Chris&hellip. Ohhh yeah&hellip. That's good…" moaned Claire. She began rocking into me as I did so; more and more of her sweet breast would fill my mouth. I began to get so aroused and excited; a shiver ran through my body like electricity and I didn't want it ever to stop. It was then that she moved back a bit from my lap.

"You are making me so hot…" she breathed. "… I want to see what you have for me." I looked down to see that she had begun to unbutton my jeans; a look of excitement was on her face like a child's on Christmas Day morning. She undid the first button, then the second, then the third, and finally the fourth, leaving my crotch gaping open. She unclasped the top button and slowly pulled my jeans down to my knees.

I sat there; speechless, breathing heavy, and waiting to be taught some lessons by an obviously experienced older woman. "Well, what have we got here?" squealed Claire. She gawped down at what was now a rock solid cock pulling up my underwear like a tent pole. I too was somewhat impressed with the state I was in.

She began to smoothly pull the waist band of my underwear down, much to the relief of my swollen cock that was filling them. It sprang forward, sparking a reaction of joy from Claire. "My oh my, guess I have got to see if this is in working order!" she smiled as she told me this. She bopped her head down and slowly placed my penis in her mouth. I had never felt this sensation before, and the way it felt deep in her mouth was orgasmic.

She cradled my nuts in her right hand, whilst holding onto the base of my cock with the other, stroking her head up and down the shaft. I let out a slow moan of joy as she did this; still focusing on how it felt in her mouth. The car was filled with the slurping sound of Claire managing my load in her mouth. She seemed to be a master of performing oral sex; and I was the only one feeling the benefits. The rhythm of her mouth up and down my pole, along with the groping of my balls made my testicles tighten and my cock throb.

I just laid there; arms stretched out wide over the back seat headrests', taking what was given to me. This melodic sucking continued for 5 minutes or so before Claire raised her head and looked at me intently in the eyes. "I've done you a favour, now you can do me a favour… eat me out" she spoke. Now, I had done this before with my ex, and was eager to show off my skills to this mistress of sex. She moved over to the side of the car, facing me. She laid back slightly and waited.

I leaned over and started to remove her tight jeans. They were so tight that she had to prime cups brings you kristi with big tits fucked hard masturbation finger fist me help taking them off. I kneeled there, looking at her wonderfully shapely legs; her thighs wider because of childbirth, her legs smooth to the touch. She was wearing a black thong; the colour sticking in my mind considering I had spent so long wondering about it.

It was then that I went to remove her thong with my hands, followed by an interruption from Claire.

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"No, don't take off my thong with your hands, use your mouth" she giggled. This was such an erotic thing to request for. I paused for a few seconds, just absorbing her request into my mind. Once it had settled I smiled at her. "I think I might just be able to do that!" I chuckled. I lowered my head in between her thighs; the heat coming from her pussy was warming my face instantly, her natural aroma was filling my senses.

Beautiful claudia rossi receives an anal pounding took my time hovering just above her thong, taking everything in. After several seconds I leaned forward still and took the waist of the thong in my teeth; my hands motionless as I did so. I slowly moved the thong down past her wide hips and past her pussy.

Claire was obviously wet because the thong stuck to her mound as I moved it down. I slowly moved them up and past her legs and feet. Claire giggled as I savagely threw the thong away from my jaws. I moved my head towards the bare pussy now; big ass latinas playing soccer before fucking I did so Claire reached out with her hand and grabbed onto the back of my head, forcing my face towards her slit.

My face made deep contact with her, and as if by instinct I began to lick at her sopping wet cunt. Even though the rain was tapping still on the car, Claire's groans in pleasure were the dominant sound. "Uhhhhhhh, yeah&hellip. That's it&hellip. Uhh uhh uhhhhh" Claire's moans were distinctively feminine; high sounding, domineering, pleasurable. The more Claire moaned the more it turned me on.

As I was flicking her clit (as I had done so with my ex) I reached down to my erect cock and started to masturbate. It seemed the longer I spent on her cunt, the tighter her thighs squeezed against my head. After two minutes or so Claire began to thrust against my face in orgasm. The more I licked, the wetter she got, as I felt her warm juices flow down my chin and dripping onto my back seats. I then entered several fingers deep inside of her, delighted at her gasps of pleasure. I swivelled my fingers in a circular motion to stretch out her vaginal muscles.

Five minutes had past when I removed my fingers and waited for the inevitable. Claire got herself up and kissed me passionately on the lips. "You want to fuck me, don't you?

Come on, you want to fuck me…" whispered Claire. "…Yes, I do" I nodded. Claire lay back on the seat; her legs were split wide apart, her feet almost reaching up to her head. I looked down and saw the gaping hole where I had just put my fingers.

It beckoned me; it beckoned me with a power I had never felt before. "Fuck me!" ordered Claire in a dominant tone. I shuddered again at the thought; my hard-on throbbing so hard that it felt like I was going to burst out of my skin.

I moved forward slowly, but was not entirely sure what I was doing, and was relying on porno flicks I had seen at home to guide me. Claire reached down and grabbed hold of the main shaft of my cock, slowly guiding it towards her sopping pussy. I was about an inch from reaching my ultimate fantasy when suddenly&hellip. (Doo doo bee doo-be-dooo dum dee doo doo) I could not BELIEVE IT! My cell phone began to ring loudly from the glove compartment in the front of the car. I don't know why, maybe it was because it was natural for me to do it, but I rushed instantly to answer the phone.

I leaned over in between the two front seats and opened the glove compartment. I looked at the phone: (Mom calling) I remained motionless for a few seconds before answering the phone. "Hello?" I whimpered. "Chris, where have you got to? Did you get over-time at work?" came the shriek from Mom. "…Err, no… I have just been visiting Danny…" I spluttered.

"Danny? I thought he was back at University?" she murmured strangely. I panicked. "Err…well…err&hellip. You see h-h-he came back… to umm, you know, p-p-pick up some stuff, so I wanted to help him out you know" I laughed nervously. "Hmmmm… ok then, when you coming home then?" she sighed. I had gotten away with it. "Oh now, I've finished!" I exploded. We said our goodbyes and I hung up the phone.

When I turned round Claire was almost dressed. "I guess you have gotta home to your mommy" said Claire sarcastically. I took this comment the wrong way. "No! … Well, I do have to go home, but I am a man, I can make my own decisions!" I roared. "Oh yeah? I don't know Chris…" she muttered unconvincingly.

"Look Claire, tonight didn't happen by mistake… I know that it hasn't happened tonight, gf invites over neighbor for threesome with hung bf I do want it to happen…" I assured her.

I began to put on my jeans and we both moved to the front seats. I put the car engine on and proceeded to drive Claire to her house… When I arrived at the detached house I put the car into stop. The rain had eased up slighty, "I want to see you tomorrow Chris…" bellowed Claire. "Yeah, I want to see you too" I replied. "No, I mean, I REALLY want to see you… Paul is taking Chanel to see her grandparents tomorrow, and they are staying there overnight. I will be ready to see you tomorrow from 8 onwards… I'll be waiting…" she ordered.

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"…Ok, I'll see what I can do… I'll explain something to Mom…" I muttered. "Ok then… I might see you tomorrow then…" she chuckled. She leaned over and kissed me innocently on the cheek.

After that she moved out of the car and made her way quickly to her front door, turned, waved, turned again, and opened the door to go in. I gave out a heavy sigh, grinned, and made off to my house in the car. What can I say?

Next time I won't bring my phone! Of course, I had decided there WILL be a next time. All I would have to do now is count down the hours… Part 3 coming soon…