Twboys force at one girl

Twboys force at one girl
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I woke with a start in the middle of the night, trembling and covered with sweat. I had horrible dreams that after returning home, nobody believed that I was kidnapped and held against my will. They all thought that I had just run off to be with my boyfriend. The police found Jay and arrested him for statutory rape, my family disowned me and kicked me out. They were angry with me for not only being a slut, but for being one to a white man, and to top it all off, I was pregnant.

The dream scared me so bad I couldn't get back to sleep. Jay had no problems though. He was laying on top of me asleep, his naked body covering mine, his dick still nestled in my pussy. His breathing was hot lesbians get frisky out by the pool and steady, he hadn't been disturbed at all by my startled awakening. I looked down at him and I couldn't help it.

I cried. I had never been more scared in my life. What would happen when I returned, if I ever did. Would they find Jay and put him away? Would they somehow know that I wanted him, that I loved all the ways that he had violated my body? What? All these questions that I had no answers to. I tried to keep my worries quiet, but my shuddering woke Jay any way.

"Monica? What's the matter baby?" He asked. His beautiful eyes lighting up in the dark room. I couldn't tell him. My sobs grew louder and I began shaking again. "Are you okay?" I continued to cry. "Are you sick?" He asked, his voice turning serious.

I shook my head no. "Then what?" "I'm scared." I said finally. "Aww, you know I wouldn't hurt you, I mean, unless you want me to." He said softly, rubbing my shoulder. "No, I'm scared of going home. I but I'm afraid that the police will catch you if I don't. I'm scared I might be pregnant, I'm scared I'll never see you again. I'm just scared." I blubbered. "It's alright baby. I'll take care of everything you'll be O.k. I promise." He said wrapping his arms around me and kissing my tears away.

"I won't get caught. And as for being pregnant, me and my brother got our tubes tied a long time ago. Now calm old rod rams juvenile snatch and mouth and rest, we have a long drive in the morning." He said snuggling back down with dazzling ts doll playing with her dick on top this time.

He held me in his arms and began to pump his dick in ebony stripper giving a private show t amp a studios softly. He fucked me like that until he fell asleep. My fears melted away, and I found myself dreaming happily shortly after. I didn't bother to ask where we were going.

I knew that he would take care of everything just like he said he would… When I woke up at about five thirty in the morning Monica was still asleep on my chest. I absent mindedly rubbed her back and kissed her hair. There was no denying to myself that I was in love with her. The way I burned when I smelled her, the way her warm breath on my bare skin gave me goose bumps, the way I craved to baby her and get my dick into every crevice of her sweet young body, all told me that I was in love with her.

The first time I got into her I knew it, but I haven't truly loved a girl in about ten years so I was reluctant to admit it, especially after I had sworn that I would never fall in love again.

My girlfriend Rebecca and I had been dating for two years. We had a fight one night and she left me, I was too angry to go after her. 15 minutes after she left she died in a freeway accident. I hated my self for years after that, and I hated girls. I was bitter and angry. I never wanted to fall in love again. I soon began date raping girls with my brother, finding how easy it was to bend them to my will.

It was a quick way to get a nut without all of the actual dating and commitment shit. Plus I could get clean girls without all those STD's and spending all my money on whores.

After I got this one chick pregnant though, we both got our tubes tied. I felt sorry for the kid, she had it aborted. I met Vince in collage and we hit it off. We began spiking drinks at clubs, getting girls drunk, whatever we could do to lay them and take their cash.

Me, he and my brother paid our way through collage that way, and I had no problems doing girls wrong. Eventually, I graduated with a degree in engineering, but choose to become a criminal, it was easy and I had already been doing it for years.

Vince and I went all over the country and even across seas with our scam. My anger towards ladies wore off at around 25, but I continued to scam. It was just so easy I couldn't quit. When I saw Monica though, I knew there was something special about her. I had to have her. And I did, right there in my arms. A pretty young thing that I could teach how to do all the freaky things I like. I looked down at her sleeping and vowed right then that even hot latina enjoying anal sex with a guy anal big dick big tits blowjob cumshot doggy hardcore I let her go, she would always be mine.

I would make sure of it. For the rest of her life no other man would be able to fuck her sweet little pussy the way that I could. No one would ever be able to eat her the way that I ate her. No one would ever even kiss her like I did. I made it up my mind. She was mine. I did have to consider her though, her family probably missed her. I knew that I would. I decided to keep her for the week.

As much as I loved her, I couldn't keep her forever. I would take her to my brothers house in the country and keep her there. I rolled her off of me and got up to start packing. I didn't have much. The small room I used for my setup was pretty much empty. I got dressed and put everything in the car, then I went and woke up Monica.

I slipped the cover off of her and took her pussy in my hand. She moaned in her sleep. I went to my knees and began licking around her sex, starting with her moist pussy lips. I gently licked the outside of her lips and then parted them in a kiss.

I covered her hole with my lips, sucking and slipping my tongue in and out of her. I then lightly licked the skin between her hole and her tender clit causing her to shudder. As I placed my cool tongue against her clit her hand landed lightly on my head, pushing my face into her.

I resisted. I knew we had a long way to go and I wanted to get there before light. The drive was at least two hours long. "No, No, No." I said. "It's time to go." "Go where?" She asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"I'm taking you some where safe." I said. I didn't really think she should know exactly where. "Get your clothes on." I said. By 5:45 we were in the car headed to my brothers house. I had her lay down on the floor by my feet to avoid attention from the police. After a while she contented herself with opening my fly and jacking off my cock.

It felt so good that I could hardly drive. "You like that?" She cooed. "You like it when I rub on your cock?" I needed to coach her on how to talk dirty to me. "Yeah, that's really nice babe." I told her. She smiled and continued to rub my dick. Then I felt her hot mouth on my head. I came right there in her mouth.

She swallowed my cum with no hesitation.

Just like a pro. And to thinkjust a few nights ago she was so innocent, and now she was a grade A cum swallow. The thought made me cum again as I drove into my brothers parking lot… We walked up to the door of the huge house hand in hand. Jay knocked on the door a few times and when no one answered, he just pushed it open. I stepped into the beautiful living room and heard soft moans coming from the open door to my right.

I heard a woman's voice scream "HARDER!", then a man yell in either agony or ecstasy, or both.

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Jay walked into the room, pulling me in with him. There I found Jays brother Robert on top of some girl cumming hard, sweat dripping down his face. I stood silently watching in awe. When he was done, he looked up at me. His eyes wide with surprise, he got up and went over to me. He hugged me tight, reaching between my legs to stroke my pussy and cupping my breast in his hand.

"Hey Monica. So you decided beautiful kinnar fucking storys download stay for a while huh?" "Yeah." I replied a little shocked by his open display of lust for me.

"Meet my wife Juliette." He said. I extended a hand to the naked woman who stood before me. She took my hand and kissed the back of it softly.

"Nice to meet you." Juliette said with an elegant smile. "You're very pretty. You have beautiful eyes." "Thank you." I said timidly. "You don't have to be shy darling, I know all about you and my husband and of course Jay" She said giving Jay a bit of a nod. She spoke with an accent, possibly French. She was very tall and slender, like a model. She had long brown hair and brown eyes, and nice tits, but I had her beat in the ass department.

"Actually, I have been looking very forward to seeing you perform for me. So how you like to do it?

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On the bed or on the floor… Or would you like to rest for a wile first.?" I couldn't imagine what she wanted from me. Did she want to watch me fuck her husband, or Jay, or both, or… her? "Could I do that?" I thought to myself.

I young babe from asia fucked self with toy thought about having sex with a girl before lot's of times. I even thought about it when Rob first mentioned his wife. But now that I had the chance, I wasn't sure that I really wanted to go through with it. "We woke up kinda early this morning. I think we both want to rest a while." Jay said. "Bon. Come Robert, we shall leave you." Juliette said pulling Rob out by the dick and shutting the door behind her.

Jay picked me up wedding night style and laid me in the bed. He got on top of me and kissed me tenderly in the mouth, then he trailed tiny kisses from my lips, down past my chin and my neck. He kissed me through the blouse down to my stomach. He nuzzled me there, lifting my shirt so he could kiss my skin.

He went down further, stopping at my panty waist band. Then he just laid his head on my stomach and fell asleep. I fell asleep too. I decided to let everything just happen, I knew that I was in good hands.

At about ten I woke up. Rob was licking his way up my shirt. I opened my eyes and saw that Jay was awake and naked, fucking Juliette on the floor. A surge of jealousy went through me.

"How dare she fuck him.

He's mine!" I thought as I sat up in bed. When Jay saw that I was awake he got off of her and came to me. He didn't say a word, just started to undress me, leaving Juliette moaning on the floor. Even though I knew that he could go do any chick he pretty hawt beautiful gal hardcore and bondage, and that he probably would, I was still angry. He tried to kiss me but I turned away.

"Don't be like that Monica. Especially after you did my brother and all." He had me there. He pulled my shirt off and flung it away, then he went in for another kiss. This time I complied, but the kiss was soured. I felt a little heart broken. He went for the belt but I slapped his hand away.

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Rob, who was behind me now, put his hands on my tits. I fell back into him, letting him kiss me deeply. Jay stood and watched as Rob undressed me. He got me down to my panties and then crawled around to my front on his hands and knees. He and lowered his mouth to my cloth covered crotch and licked, causing me to cry out. I could feel his hot tongue through the thin cloth and it drove me crazy.

I gripped the sheets, balling them in my fists to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs. "Shit!!" The word slipped past my lips as Rob bit down on my soaking crotch. His teeth on my clit sent my leg flying up with a jolt that almost landed on his chin.

"Keep your legs open." He instructed, then he bit back down on my panties and slid them down with his teeth. I watched with my mouth agape. The move was so smooth and so sexy, I didn't know how to handle it.

I let my head fall back and my toes curl. Once he had them to my knee, he pretty lady plays with her adorable pussy onto me and began making love to me missionary style, but not before teasing my clit with his swollen head.

Jay and Juliette Just looked on without a word. About a minute later, I was in sheer heaven. Rob was just about as big as Jay was and he filled me nicely. As he fucked me cordially, Jay came around to my head and kissed me.

I was in too much ecstasy to be angry or resist. "Is it o.k. if I fuck Juliette?" He asked me. At that moment I wouldn't have cared if he was hitting the queen of England.

Rob was putting it to me hard and it took all I had not to cum too soon. "Aaaw, nuummmuh." Was my response. A few seconds later, Rob pulled me to my knees so he could do me doggy style. I looked up and found myself staring into Juliette's eyes. They had faced us both to each other on our hands and knees. I stared into her face, inches from mine. Moans fell from her gaping mouth as Jay nooked her, pushing her closer with each thrust. Soon Rob was pushing me forward and before I knew it, Juliette and I were locked in a kiss.

Her soft lips and tongue snaked around mine like a cobra, darting, then slithering away. She put her hand on the small of my back, guiding me deeper into the kiss. Then, with an amazing flick of her tongue, I came… "Well, well, well, up russian army orgy girl fucked by all guys their old tricks again I see." Said a female voice from the doorway.

There standing with her hand resting on the frame of the door stood a medium height blond with the same green eyes as Robert. As my eyes lifted to her, there could be no mistaking it.

It was obvious who she was…