Caught on tape cuties school medical examination

Caught on tape cuties school medical examination
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During Sex Ed, Coach taught us all the same shit he taught us last year. But I really paid attention to when Coach started showing us how to put a condom on. We all sat on the mini bleachers while Coach demonstrated the proper way to put a condom on. He used baseball bat to emphasize that condoms aren't "Too small" for your package. Watching a big manly ex-bodybuilder put a condom on a baseball bat was kinda hot. I started getting a semi. God damn, why did I wear sweats today?!

Afterwords, the class and I all went off the bleachers and lined up for coach gave us all a few condoms. It was kinda awkward being in line with a big semi-erection bulging out of your sweats. Coach gave me a wink when he passed me the condoms.

Oh shit. Coach knew. Was it really that noticeable? No one else stared at mc girne wala cuckold sex crotch but him. Me being lucky and having P.E. for my last class of the day, I was ready to go home. But coach had other plans and asked me to stay and come visit to his office. Oh fuck, I hope I'm not being kicked off the basketball team.

But apart of me was slightly turned on. I mean I've watched porn like this and I was already starting to fantasize about Coach.

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"You wanted to see me Coach?" I asked coach when I walked in. Praying he wouldn't notice my bulge, again. "Oh yes. Listen, Michael.

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I noticed you staring at some guys . *clears throat* some guys. penis." Coach replied. I was frightened. Did anyone think I was gay? Was my secret out? I only stared at my best friends, James, big fat hairy dick but not a lot of guys. "Don't worry. No one complained about it, I don't think they noticed you looking at their cock. But I know whose cock you were staring at. I know you like those hot hairy teens, Mike." Coach added. "You like your best friend's, James, hairy little teen dick." Coach said.

I didn't think that James' dick was small. I thought It was pretty big. One of the biggest. I was speechless and let coach continue speaking. I looked down at Coach's bulge and saw him rubbing his semi-erect cock through his thin tiny shorts. "You like what you see?" asked Coach as he notice me drooling over him. "Why don't you come a little closer?. Get on your knees.

and worship me." Said coach. I came over towards him and pulled his tiny shorts down and a giant whiff of a distinct gnarly stench of his man musk filed my lungs. My jaw dropped at the size of Coach's cock. Coach took off his shirt and said "Come on bitch boi, it ain't gon' suck itself." I started to slowly take off Coach's jockstrap and his giant hard on boner came flying up, almost hitting me in the face.

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I smiled and looked Coach in his eyes as I started to slowly put my mouth of his manhood. I heard Coach sigh and moan, pinching his erect nipples.

I was turned on and it mad me want to suck him harder and sloppier. "Shit, Michael. You can't suck dick for shit!!!" said coach in his angry tone. He pushed my face off his huge sausage and ripped my shirt off. I moaned and whispered "Oh, yes, Coach. Mmmmm…" Coach pulled my shorts and underwear off and threw it to the other side of the room. Coach started to lick my virgin asshole, growling and groaning. Coach spanked me and said "Dont forget to wear a condom, boy." then he opened his drawer full month pregnant black hoodrat fucks black step brother Play Boy magazines and XL Magnum condoms.

Coach opened it with his mouth even though he told us not too and he rolled it onto his cock. Coach leaned me on the table and forced his meat into me. I groaned in pain. Coach kept forcing it in, my hole was too tight for his massive wanker. I couldn't bare the pain and asked Coach to stop. Coach spanked me and shoved it right back in.

"Please don't stop, Coach." I said in a breathy groan of pain. Coach slid his hand into my mouth fish-hooking me as he slammed and pounded me into pieces.

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Coach made some awesome sex noises. Full of deep heavy murmurs and rapid loud breathing. I couldn't help but to make my asshole tighter for Coach. I heard Coach growl in my ear when I tightened my hole for him.

I moaned in pain and pleasure. Coach beating my ass with his hips slamming banging into me. My ass was hot red and bruised. "FUCK COACH!!!!

It hurts!! Do you have any lube??" I asked Coach laughed and squeezed my balls as he whispered "Used it all on your fantasy boy, James." in my ear. I couldn't get that voice out of head. I kept thinking of what he said.

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I can't believe Coach fucked my best friend and told me mid fuck. Coach came and all I could hear was his orgasmic deafening thick moans. I could feel the heat of his fresh cum through the condom and Coach kept thrusting and moaning loudly I could hear my ass being slapped by his body and my hole being penetrated roughly as he came.

After a half minute of coach's orgasmic panting while still ruining my hole, he finally pulled out and took the condom off. He spanked my flush reddened ass and said "Go home now, buddy. That was a good ass." as he picked up his clothes and started getting dressed. I would never forget the heat of Coach and his orgasmic noises and the feel of his massive cock inside me rearranging my organs. I was in love. Coach left me high and dry. I had to get off.

Only coach got to cum but left me with a bad case of blue balls.