Huge tits lesbian mature licks cab driver

Huge tits lesbian mature licks cab driver
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It all started as a plan to get Robin's mom, Mary, laid. She was 52 at the time and Robin was 33.

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Robin and her husband, Jake, had bought a small lot on the lake for a weekend getaway place. The mobile home was small, but clean and in good shape. Don Parker, who was 43, lived alone in a big home next door. Since he lived there full time, he was happy to keep an eye on Jake and Robin's place, between their visits.

He also mowed their lot and kept the limbs picked up from the manicured lawn. Jake was a nice enough young man, but he drank pretty heavy on weekends, especially if their two boys weren't with them. Robin was a nurse with a larger than normal set of tits, short legs, a tight ass and kind of a plain face. On a pleasant Friday evening, a knock on Don's door brought his attention away from his book.

He called out, "JUST A MINUTE!" and slipped his nude ass into a set of light, house pants. He answered the door bare-chested, "Hi, Robin. What's up?" "Can I talk to you for a few minutes, Don?" He invited her inside and offered her a drink, "I have everything from water to the hard stuff… even got some very nice white wine my sister gave me a little while back." She agreed to a glass of the wine and made herself comfortable on the couch.

Don sat down beside her, making watch violent rape of virgins excuse that he'd spilled coffee on his recliner earlier and it needed to dry.

Her house dress had a low cut bodice, showing much of her ample cleavage. Don didn't even try to hide his glances as he checked out everything he could see. "So, what do we need to talk about?" "I need you to do me a favor. My mom is coming to stay with me for the weekend. She's always in my face about something or other… usually it's because she sees fault in something Jake has done. Quite frankly, she needs to get laid. When she was married, she wasn't so bad, but she got divorced a few months ago and she's just getting worse.

I know she loves to be very sexually active and she's been so pissed off at men, she's been doing without. Think you might be interested in helping a lady out?" Don filled her glass again and asked, "Where's Jake?" "Passed out drunk, already. He has to work straight through Saturday and Sunday, then, he has to be there all day Monday to make sure everything works alright.

So… he asked mom to come stay with me. The boys are at church camp for two weeks." "He's a big dummy," he laid his hand on her knee, "If you were my wife, I'd be doing my damndest to keep you, and those big boobs, in bed with me when the kids were gone." She patted his hand and moved it off her leg, "But I'm not your wife… I'm his.

Jake is the only man I've ever slept with in my life and I don't cerita sex ngentot ibu ibu to change that. But I'm flattered… thank you." As she finished her third glass, Don agreed that he'd try to fuck her mother, Mary. He placed his hand back on her, this time on her thigh, "And if you want me to do her more than once, you'll need to tell me what you want me to do.

Be specific.

Tell me you want me to fuck her. Tell me to eat her pussy. Tell me to ream her asshole out. Tell me to make her suck my cock. Whatever you want me to do to her, tell me. Robin. Tell me now." She wasn't objecting to him rubbing her thigh and he observed her nipples were trying to poke thru the thin fabric, "I want to hear you say it, Robin, tell me what you want." She giggled and said, "Silly boy, I don't say words like that.

Jake does when he's mad, though… 'Fuck'… there, I said it." She giggled again. Don's hand had maneuvered her house dress up her leg and he was now rubbing bare skin. Robin was snickering, "Be careful, I don't wear panties under there during the summer… 'Suck your cock'… hee, hee. there, I said that, too." Don raised off the couch and filled her glass once again.

Before he sat down, he dropped his pants, non stop joy for adorable babe with jugs naturaltits hardcore his eight inches, "You want your mom to suck this cock?

Is that what you want?" As her big eyes took in the sight, one that made her husband's dick look like that of a 10 year old, she smiled, "Yes, make her suck that big, beautiful cock. She'll love sucking that one. Hell, I'd like to suck it myself, but I'm too scared to do it. If Jake found out, he'd kill me." He stood, facing her with his shaft directly in front of her face, "He'll never find out from me.

Just take it in your hand, precious lady. Take it and feel it all you want." When she looked up at him, it appeared as though she would cry at any minute, "Why did you call me 'precious'?" He asin emraan hashmi xxx story away, just enough to bend down and touch her lips with his own, "Because that's what you are, Robin.

You are a very precious young lady and I want you to know that." He gave her another kiss and took her hand, "Now, it's just fine to see what my dick feels like." He placed her hand over the thick rod and wrapped her fingers around it, "There, how does it feel?" She squeezed a little and began moving her full fist up and down, "I'm a nurse, you know. I've seen lots of hard dicks over the last twelve years, but I've never felt of one I wanted to suck, or fuck… I'll bet you're proud of me, I used both those words in one sentence." They both laughed at her comment, but Don wanted more than a hand job.

He placed his hand on the back of her head and maneuvered it toward his raging hard-on. Automatically, her mouth opened and drew in all she could take. Once she had a taste of his soft skin, her lips closed around it and she sucked as she stroked. Don knew that the wine had had the effect he wanted. His hands eased her dress up, draping it behind her, above her fabulous tits. Her entire body was exposed, with the exception of her neck.

His hands massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples. The more he manipulated her, the harder she jacked and sucked on his shaft.

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"I'm gonna cum, Robin. I'm gonna cum and I want you to swallow it all, sweetheart.

I know you can do it… you cannn sisters brothers xxx sex stories story ittttt! OH YEAH! SUCK ME, HARD, DARLIN'! SUUUUUUUCK ITTTTTT ALLLLLLL!!" Robin gulped blast after blast of sperm down her lovely throat. When his cock began to flag a little, she looked up and asked him how she did. He finished lifting her dress over her head and tossed it aside, "My God, neighbor, that was the best blow job I ever had.

Now it's my turn." Between the wine, the kind, complimentary words, and the praise for her talented mouth, Robin's inhibitions were completely gone. She grabbed the back of her knees and raised her little legs as Don kissed and licked his way across her melon sized boobs and down her body to her thin patch of blonde pubic hair.

She was, literally, writhing with anticipation as his tongue sought her hooded treasure. Just before he sucked her clit out of hiding, Don coated his thumb with saliva. At the same time his lips began munching her love button, his slick thumb found her tight brown pucker and pushed inside.

"Wha&hellip.?" "Shhh, baby girl, it's okay…" Within a minute, Robin began bucking with multiple orgasms. Don was working her pussy with a skill she had never experienced. The added pressure of his thumb was more excitement than she could control, "OMIGOD, OMIGOD, OMIGOD, OMIGOD!.

OHSHIT, OHSHIT! OH, DON, OHHHHH… DONNNNNNNN!! EAT ME, EAT ME, OH FUCK, EAT ME!" He worked her frenzied state for a solid five minutes and only eased off because he thought she would have a stroke, heart attack or just pass out from sheer exhaustion.

Once she settled down, he helped her to her feet and held her close as he led her to his bed. Her mind was dazed and she wasn't even sure of the exact point when his hard shaft entered her wet cunt.

What she did become aware of, was the feeling of being filled with more cock than she'd ever known before, "Oh, my, Don… what have we done? What do I do? Oh, God, that feels so good. Uhhh… so good." "Right now, we're just gonna enjoy each other.

I'm gonna fuck you; you're gonna fuck me. We should have started doing this, three years ago, when you bought your place. You are good, Robin. Very, very good," he began pumping harder as he felt himself getting close, "Mmmm… maybe 'good' isn't the right word, Honey. You have fan-fuckin-tastic pussy and I intend to get all I can, as often as I can." As his nuts started having spasms, Robin hit the hardest orgasm she could ever remember having.

Between all the 'Ooooo's, and 'Ahhhh's', and Oh 'Shit's', and 'Fuck me harder's', it's a wonder their noise didn't wake 'Jake the drunk' next door. Robin set the alarm on her phone and spent the night with Don. She awoke at 5am and straddled his morning wood. After fifteen minutes of hard riding and three orgasms, she made her way home to get her husband off to work.

At 7:35, extreme dream of gorgeous girl fastened and double hardcore bondage walked back in, "Coffee ready?" "Yeah, I didn't realize you were coming back this soon." "I can't stay, regardless of how much I'd like to. Mom should be getting here before long and I really need a shower after the last fourteen hours of sex." She poured some coffee and moved a chair close enough to reach his dick with her left hand, "This ol' boy has given me more orgasms in one night than I've had in six months.

I hope he can still do a good job for my mom when she gets here." Don's hand sought out her tits, "I'll do what I can, Honey, but she might not even like me… in which case, you're invited back as soon as possible.

One thing penelope menchaca desnuda y follando didn't do that I've been fantasizing about, I want to get a good titty fuck with these babies.

Do you have time for a quick one?" She stood and lifted her dress over her head, "Just sit right there, I'll take care of this." As she knelt and enveloped his cock with her fleshy mounds, Don thought, "How in the fuck did that Goddamn Jake ever mess up the deal he's got with this woman? Hmmm… I wonder if Mary is as starved as Robin is? Oh, God that feels good. Hell, I may not have any cum left after all this…" Part 2 cumming soon.