Hot blonde babe gets her ass fingered and sucked by another lesbian

Hot blonde babe gets her ass fingered and sucked by another lesbian
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After the long flight and our first encounter with Sarah I was pretty well wiped out. We all went down and had dinner after getting cleaned up and changing clothes. Jeff and myself went and played some cards while Tim and Sarah went and danced for awhile.

I guessed that it was going to be Tim's turn with Sarah so I didn't think much about her that night. I did however find myself thinking about how her face and big tits looked with our cum all over them. After 2-3 hours of playing cards I was up around thousand buck's thanks to a couple of drunk guy's.

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I told Jeff I was going to cash out and get some sleep. Jeff said he would stay and finish cleaning out the 2 drunks. I rose from my seat tipped the dealer and walked to the cashier.

After getting my money I went over and got myself a drink. While I was finishing my drink Sarah came walking up. She looked beat from our trip and dancing with Tim. She asked did I want to get some air. We walked outside and went down the strip.

We walked and talked for a while. I looked at my watch 4 am. I told Sarah I was thinking about heading back to my room and calling it a night. She turned looked me in the eyes and asked if I would like some company.

I told her sure that would be great if she wanted. I asked her what about Tim? She said he had took off with some girls at the club and they went to a party. We started back up the strip towards our hotel.

Along the way she told me that she had always thought I was real nice the way I talked to her at the store and tried not to stare at her body when she was in there. She told me that she thought I was sexy and that my wife was a lucky woman.

We reached the floor our rooms were on and I went to my door. Sarah had stopped at hers and she looked back at me and said is this goodnight? I told her that was up to her. She said wait for me and with that she unlocked her door and went in. A couple of minutes later she stepped out and shut her door. She walked up to me kissed me on the lips and walked past me into my room.

I watched her walk over to my bed and start undressing herself. She turned back to me when she down to her bra teen daddy the plumber gets his pipe cleaned thong.

She asked me if I was going to stand there or get ready for bed also. I took off my shirt and shorts and walked over to her I placed my hands on her back as I pulled into me our mouths met in a soft kiss. She reached back and unhooked her bra and released her massive breasts.

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I took them into my hands and rubbed them. Her nipples were hard and I sucked one then the other into my mouth.

She moaned as I slowly went from one to the other. She told me to follow her. We went into the bathroom and she took her thong off and stepped into the shower and started the water.

I was in right behind her. I reached around and grabbed the soap and began to rub her back. As the hot water poured down over us we kissed and took turns washing each other. I felt her reach down and begin to stroke my cock as she kissed her way down my neck.

She was down on her knees and was running her lips up and down the sides of my cock. Sarah then started to suck my cock slow and easy and with her hand she was rubbing my balls. The water was starting to get cold coming out of the shower and I told her we should move to the bed.

She stood up kissing me on the lips as she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her to dry off. I turned the water off and stepped out. She tossed her towel over the shower curtain and reached down and started to stroke my cock again.

We walked in and layed down on the bed. She was on her side facing me with her hand between us still stroking me. I kissed her lips and played with her hair. I took my hand and hot nympho was taken in anal assylum for uninhibited therapy between her legs and slowly put one then two fingers into her wetness.

She moaned into my mouth as I started fucking her with my fingers. I told her to lay on her back as I started kissing down her body. I made my way between her legs and used both hands to spread her pussy lips open so I could lick her pussy.

I began to lick her clit moving around it in circles at first then up and down. It was not long before her body tensed up and she moaned out that she was going to cum. She started cumming and I wondered if she would ever stop. My wife had never cum that much when I ate her out.

She told me that she wanted me inside her so I layed on my back and she climbed on top and slide my cock deep inside her soaked pussy. She was tighter then my wife was and wetter.

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She rode my cock like no one had ever before. I reached and pulled her down so I could suck her nipples while she rode me. It was not long before my balls began to ache I knew I needed to cum soon.

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I told two grannies fuck each other with big dildo I was going to cum soon. She said go ahead she was on the pill not to worry. She began to ride that much faster and was whispering in my ear for me to cum that she wanted to feel it inside her deep inside her.

It was not long before I was pumping load after load into her. She fell down onto me and we lay there in a heap. We layed there catching our breath as she rolled off the top of me. She got up and walked across the room to get our drinks we had brought up with us.

We layed there and talked for about the next hour or so. I began to rub her neck and play with her hair as she layed with her head on my chest. She kissed me and started stroking my cock again it was not long before I was hard and I layed her down. She pulled her legs up so I could slide my cock into her she was so wet it went right in easier this time than before. I grabbed her legs and held them so she could use her hands to hold her massive tits so I could kiss one nipple as she kissed the other.

I was pumping away into as hard and fast as I could and was getting close to cumming when she told me she wanted me to fuck her from behind. I pulled out and she got up on her hands and knees I moved back into place behind her and went back to fucking her. She told me to slow down not to cum yet because she wanted to cum with me. She started rubbing her clit with one hand while holding herself up with the other.

I told her to hurry up because I was sure how long I was going to last and she told me she was not far off. She started moaning and pushing back into my cock harder and I knew she was getting closer so I began fucking her faster. I was holding her hips and she was bucking back into me. She told me she was about to cum and I busty masseuse playing with clients pussy big tits fantasy her body begin to jerk as she cried out I thrust about 3 more times and I started filling her with cum again.

She dropped down onto the bed and fell down on top of her still inside her as we layed and caught our breath she asked if she could just sleep with me tonight and I said thats fine. We got up and cleaned up some and got in bed and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to see Sarah walking out of the bathroom. She had her bra and thong on. She layed back down on top of me and said morning.

She kissed me and told me that she was going to her room and get dressed and was going to eat. I told her to wait on me and she said ok. After a shower I got dressed and went to Sarah's room. On our way down stairs she asked did I have fun. I told her that was a great time and I wished we could do it again. She told me we still had a few more days and we would see what happens. Then she looked up at me and said who says this has to end when we get back home and with that she kissed me and rubbed my cock before the doors opened.

Of course there is still Tim and Jeff's time with Sarah to come.