Euro amazing babes are all about team fuck hardcore and groupsex

Euro amazing babes are all about team fuck hardcore and groupsex
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Jen and Sarah came home from the movies perfectly sober and perfectly normal.

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Or at least, they figured the night would be normal enough. "It's pretty late, Sarah, do you want to just stay the night?" asked Jen. "Ooooh, a sleepover, we haven't done that since we were little!" replied Sarah coyly.

Jen and Sarah had been friends since they were in the second grade and, though now both in college and living in different cities with different boyfriends back home, they loved to see eachother every now and then. Keeping in mind the 'both had a boyfriend' thing, Jen couldn't help but wonder if Sarah's harmless flirting meant a little more. She had always been curious about girl- ever since she was horny enough to look at porn, she'd always gotten off to seeing a girl licking pussy more than just watching the mindless pumping of a man.

Still.she didn't want to push it with such a close friend. "Well, my room is upstairs," Jen said, "Let's go, I'm exhausted." Sarah smiled and led the way, walking up the stairs in her mini plaid skirt, shaking her tight ass teaseingly enough that with every sway, the white of her panties could be seen by any innocent observer. This time it happened to be Jen. She was mesmerized, failing to move for a few seconds, so she just stood at the bottom of the stairwell.

As if she could feel her eyes and read her mind, Sarah decided to make her move. Instead of rounding the corner at the top to make her way to the room, she stopped, and ran her hands around the back of her thighs, running the skirt over her ass, giving Jen the full show of what sweetness was underneath.

"Um.Sarah?" Jen managed to croak. Sarah looked over her shoulder and smiled. Then, to Jen's most astonished delight, she turned and sat on the top step, spreading her knees with her hands and lifting her skirt. "I want you to come to me Jen, crawl up here like you really want me you nasty slut," Sarah purred. Jen was so shocked by the eroticly nasty language she immediately felt her wetness between her legs. She could never get her boyfriend to talk like that! She had no choice but to obey.

Dropping to all fours, Jen seductively crawled up to the top of the stairs, stopping just two below Sarah. What she found was wonderful. Deep fisting then intense double fisting tube porn those tight cotton panties, she could see how wet Sarah was- how much she really wanted her.

The spot was growing by the second as Jen inched closer. She reached out and ran her hands along the inside of Sarah's thighs as she had seen her do and brought her face dangerously close to her sweetest center. Taking in the deep scent was like taking in heaven and she couldn't wait, not even to move the thin cotton sheild, to run her tounge up and down at least once.

She flicked it up and down outside her panites until Sarah whimpered "ohh, taste me, for years I've just wanted you to taste me, uuuh" Hearing that, Jen used the fingers of her right hand to move the panties to the side and then began slowly caressing Sarah's pleasure button with her tounge. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, her pussy dripping with desire. Jen started getting into her work, licking and sucking faster and faster, running her hands up Sarah's body, under her shirt so she could feel those hard little nipples on her perky B sized breasts for herself.

Sooner than she thought, Sarah was bucking with pleasure, shoving herself into Jen's face in oder to get every sensation, every feeling as her orgasm grew inside of her.

Jen straightened and stiffened her tounge and allowed Sarah to fuck her face, riding it to cloud 9. And with that, Jen got her first sweet tasteing orgasm.

"Oh my God, you taste so much better than Alex. You're so sweet," she mumbled into Sarah's legs, licking the sopping wetness clean. "That was amazing, Jen, I never knew you had it in you," she said, sitting up and gazing at her friend, "now, I think I owe you a return on the favor, but I damn sure have got to TRY to outdo that." "I think I knew a way." Jen said, taking Sarah's hand and leading her to her room.

There, she told Sarah to sit while she went to her closet. What she came back with made Sarah's eyes widen and her mouth water. "Where did you get a strapon like THAT?" she demanded, taking the 9 inch super thick member in her hand. Curiously, she pressed a button, and it began to vibrate delightfully. "I may have a boyfriend, but when he's away, I'll strap it to a chair and fuck myself until I scream with that thing.

I always thought it would be so much hotter with someone in it. With that, they both undressed eachother and Jen helped Sarah into the device. "How do you want me?" Sarah whispered hoarsely, as Jen bent down to lightly play with her nipples with her tounge.

"I want you to ride me. No matter what, no matter how much I scream, I want you to fuck me until YOU are tired." Sarah thought this a fine idea, and, throwing Jen onto the bed, she shoved open her knees and positioned the fake, pulseing hentai stone sorceress episode by lpfmdude brunette big dick outside of her pussy, teaseing her clit, running it all up and down up and down until finally with no warning, she plunged into Jen with force and desire she had never gotten from any man.

Jen was so wet, she could hear the rubber cock squishing in her sopping pussy in a hard fast rythem. She opened her eyes and saw Sarahs georgous DD tits bounceing up and down in time, and she reached up and grabbed them, shoving one in her mouth.

This, she used to muffle her first scream and she cummed all over Sarah's legs. "Oh my God, you ejaculate? That is so fucking hot, we have GOT to keep going. I want you all over me." Jen, overwhelmed with the desire for her favorite position, swiveled beneath Sarah and brought her ass to bear.

Sarah reinserted the cock into her now dripping pussy and grabbed those tight cheecks for support. "That's right Sarah. Fuck me. Oh God, fuck me harder. I want to be your little whore, I want to feel you deep inside of me.

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Harder, fuck me harder!" She screamed. Just as she thought it couldn't get any better, Sarah reached on hand slyly around and attacked Jen's swollen clit with nimble fingers, rocking her into a screaming orgasm. Sarah, who had cum as well with the aide of vibration and the overwhelming sexiness of her new parter, stopped and lay beside Jen, panting and sweating.

"I think you're my new favorite." Jen said. "I thought I already was." Sarah replied, smiling coyly, rolling over and stradling her lover to give her one more ride to extascy before the sun came up.