Big tits ass lesbian orgy after school detention

Big tits ass lesbian orgy after school detention
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The next morning I awoke to find my older twin sisters Sophie and Kate lying naked asleep either side of me. I was on my back and they were lying each side of me on their sides with their warm firm breasts pressing into me. Additionally Sophie had fallen asleep with the palm of her hand on top of my cock and her fingers hanging down over my balls.

The feeling of these two sexy sisters against me was too much and before I knew it my cock was stiffening up and enlarging. I moved my hips slightly to feel Sophie`s hand moving against my penis. I placed a hand on top of hers and started to slowly move her hand up and down my throbbing shaft.

I looked across at Kate and reached across with my other hand and started to slowly play with her nipples which soon became erect in the cool morning air.

As I pinched and squeezed them she slowly woke up, at first dazed and not realising what was happening then she came round and remembered what had happened the night before. She looked across and saw Sophies hand on my hard cock and lifted it off gently and replaced it with her own hand. Meanwhile she leaned more across me so that her warm firm tits were pressing into my chest as she moved her mouth over mine and started deep kissing me.

After a few minutes of this with her playing with me she started moving her hand faster and faster until I finally shot loads of hot cum though the air mostly landing over Sophie`s chest. Kate grabbed my balls and squeezed upwards the length of my shaft squeezing out every last drop of cum. She then got off me and told fuck mom and enter sperm inside pussy to get out of bed and go and sit in the armchair at the side of the room which I did.

I sat watching as she rolled Sophie on to her back and started running her tongue around her stomach then up over her tits and nipples making sure she licked up all my cum as she went. Once kate had cleaned up the cum she reached down and started to feel Sophie`s pussy, pulling her lips apart before sliding a finger or two inside slowly working her way in as it got moist.

I was getting real turned on by this action and was beginning to play with myself again and in spite of only just unloading myself, I was stiffening up again.

Meanwhile Sophie was beginning to wake with the feeling of Kates fingers going deeper and deeper inside her. She immediately started groaning with pleasure then suddenly told Kate to move around so that they were in a 69 position.With their heads between the other`s legs they started licking each other`s pussies, pulling their lips apart so they could get thier tongues in deeper. With their tongues moving wildly deep inside each other and their firm young bodies embrased tightly against each other they were goaning louder and louder with pleasure.

Within a few moments they both reached orgasm almost at the same time with very loud screams which I am sure were put on a bit for my benefit. I almost came again just seeing their bodies entwined and those lovely tits pressing into each other.

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As they separated they reminded me that the night before I rui natsukawa jerks and strokes two hard cocks fucked Sophie but not Kate. Sophie got off the bed and told be to get on and lie on my back.I did this and Kate immediately got up and positioned herself across my waist facing me. She was sat up and raised herself slighty off me, grabbed hold of my semi hard cock and guided it to her pussy opening.

I firmed up immediately as she sat down again forcing my cock inside her warm hole.She then began to ride slowly up and down my shaft.It was one of the most intense feelings I had ever experienced. Kate clearly loved this too and I could feel her squeezing her vagina muscles against my cock to increase the feeling.

She was panting and groaning and so was I. We went on for several minutes until she increased her speed and eventually I came for the second time that morning shooting a few loads of cum deep into her cunt. Although i`d come she carried on until finally her body errupted into an orgasmic explosion and she collapsed in a heap on top of me. Once finished, we cleaned up and tidied up and all too soon mum and dad arrived home unaware of the events that had taken place while they were away.

Strangely none of cute looking teen dildoing cunt on webcam said a word about any of this to each other after that day. It was almost as if it had been a tremendous dream until a few weeks later when suddenly the events took a serious turn.

Sophie had been unwell for a few days when mum decided to take her to the doctor`s. When they arrived home I could hear an almighty argument going on downstairs. I strained to hear what was going on but all I could hear was mum shouting "who was it, who was it ?". Suddenly kate burst into my room and told me that Sophie was pregnant but wouldn`t tell who the father was. Later that evening Sophie came up to my room in tears to tell me what was going on.

She said she was pregnant but wasn`t going to tell who the father was. I said I assumed it was me but she then totally shocked me by saying it may not have been and proceeded to tell me what had happened a couple of days before our eventful night. Sophie had come home early from college as the afternoon tutor was away. She was surprised to find dad`s car parked outside as he should have been at work. There was no sign of him downstairs so she went up to his bedroom thinking he had come home ill and gone to bed.

She slowly pushed the door open to find dad in bed with a woman he works with. They were both naked and dad was sucking fiercely on her tits and fingering her cunt. Dad had a huge hard on waiting for some action. As soon as they saw Sophie the woman jumed out of bed, grabbed her clothes and ran downstairs out of the door.

Sophie said nothing just staring at dad amazed at what sheI had seen.

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He didn`t even cover himself up just started trying to make feeble excuses for what he was doing then started begging Sophie not to tell her mum. Dad is a very fit 40 year old and quite good looking. He said to Sophie " please don`t tell your mum, i`ll do anything for you, buy you a car take you on a holiday whatever you want".

Sophie stared again at dad`s naked body and said "ok, I won`t say a word as long as you finish off what you were going to do with the woman but with me". "I can`t" he said, "you are my daughter it`s not right.""ok then" she said "I`ll just have to tell mum what I found today. You either let me find out what it`s like to have a huge cock like yours inside me or I will tell her as soon as she gets home tonight." Dad was sitting there still totally naked and in spite of everything still with a huge hard on.

It was clear he wanted to but his brain was telling him he shouldn`t.

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After a few moments of deliberation he pulled Sophie towards him and sat her on the bed next to him.She reached down to hold his throbbing tool in her hand while he undid her college uniform slowly button by button from the top.

He then took off her top and undid her bra revealing her firm young breasts. He immediately pulled her backwards down on to the bed and lay down beside her gently carressing her tits and started licking the nipples sucking gently between his lips.He reached down under her short skirt and slid his hand underneath and started feeling her pussy mound through her tight panties.

He then started fingering her cunt through her panties which soon started to get damp with her love juices. Dad then pulled the elastic on the top of her panties and slid his hand inside, soon finding her love hole again which was still moist and warm. He slid his fleshly and wild group fuck hardcore reality slowly inside.

A shiver engulfed Sophie`s body as the fingers got deeper and moved backwards and forwards over her love spot.Dad was really enjoying it as well and it was all the more enjoyable having his hand under her skirt and inside her panties as he was doing it, as it left an air of mystery.

Pre cum was leaking out of the top of his penis shining in the sunlight from the window.

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As he thrust deeper and deeper, Sophie`s body exploded in to an eruption of orgasm that she had never experienced so intensely before. Her juices flowed over dad`s fingers which he then took out and wiped over her erect niples before licking the juices clean.

Sophie then pushed dad on to his back, pulled her panties off then knealt over his chest with a leg on ech side and facing towards his cock. Her ass was just above his face so he lifted her skirt up to get a clearer view. She lowered herself down so her pussy was just above his mouth and he started licking her wet pussy, flicking his tongue back and forth tasting every bit of her love juices. Sophie leaned forward and grabbed his hard throbber in her hands before guiding the tip to her lips.

She started gently running her tongue around the tip, licking off the pre cum. Dad thrust his hips upwards to try to push more of it into her mouth. He was desperate to cum. She leant down further taking more and more of it into her mouth each time,squeezing it with her lips as it glided in and out. It went cute sensual and slutty girls looking for anal sex deep she started to gag on it and had to pull off a bit.

After a few minutes, dad was breathing heavier and heavier and she felt him beginning to cum. She immediately grabbed the base of his penis and held it tight for several minutes until his excitement had subsided.

"I don`t want you cumming yet" she said "I want your huge cock inside of me to feel what it`s like". She got off of dad and rolled over on to her back.

Dad needed no invitation to move on top of her and in one quick movement thrust his entire cock into her waiting pussy. She yelled out as it went so deep, deeper than even she had ever explored before. He laid on top of her and just cuddled her while carressing her lovely firm tits, letting them both enjoy the moment.

He said it didn`t seem she was a virgin and she confirmed she had lost her virginity when she was 14 but had not had sex since. Sophie began running her fingers up and down the side of dad`s body as he started to suck on her breasts again making her nipples stand out proudly.

He could hold out no more and began thrusting backwards and forwards pushing the full length of his cock inside every time. Sophie was also moving her hips faster and faster squeezing tightly with her vagina muscles to intensify the feeling for them both.

Within a few moments they both erupted panting and groaning as dad pumped load after load of hot cum deep inside her. Eventually they colapsed into a heap and lay cuddling for several minutes with his deflated tool still inside her.

Realising the time they got up and headed to the bathroom to clean up before the rest of us got home. I couldn`t believe what my sister had just told me, but it certainly explained why dad french girls hard slaps selena amp anamera insanity a lot less emotional about events than mum was. I was so turned on by what Sophie had been telling me, in spite of the state she was in I had a raging hard on and as soon as she had left the room I got under the sheets andr jerked myself off thinking about Sophie and dad and myself and the two girls a few weeks before.