Nude cutie is gaping wet muff in up close and having orgasm pleasuring and shaven

Nude cutie is gaping wet muff in up close and having orgasm pleasuring and shaven
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My mom's sister Donna lives in England. We hardly saw her when I was growing up. When I was 18 she came to stay with us for 2 weeks. I guess she had just gotten divorced recently and wanted to get away for a bit.

I went with my mom to pick her up at the airport. When we saw her come out of the gates, I was amazed. The last time I remembered her was when I was a little kid and then she had been a lot taller than me. Now though, I towered over her and I was only 5'8". She had to be about 5' even. She was heavy set with long brown hair pulled back and glasses. Not much to look at really, I guess. We greeted her and hugged her and when my turn came, I could feel her huge tits press against my belly and felt my cock stir.

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Looks or no looks, I was 18, my cock stirred at anything. On the ride home, Donna sat in the front seat and caught up with my mom. I listened and looked her over the whole time. Well she was fat, there was no denying it. But she did have a pretty face and her skin was smooth and white. She was 34 and as I said she had huge tits. As I listened to her funny english accent, I thought about those tits.

I had seen my moms before and they were huge with giant nipples. Donna's looked bigger but it's sometimes hard to tell when they're resting on a sizable belly. Mentally, I vowed to get a real look at them before she left. Short and with a huge ass to match her chest.

Blue eyes behind thick glasses. Back at the house I became a constant pest.

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Partially boredom and partly just because I liked her, I was hanging around her all the time. In the morning she would lounge around in a satiny red robe with her long hair up in a towel.

I would stare at her smooth fat white calves hanging out from her robe as she sat drinking coffee and ask her questions about England. She also knew a lot of the same authors as me and we talked about books a lot. After 4 days my quest to see her tits was still unrealized and things were not looking good. She used my parents bathroom for all her showering and there were no windows or keyholes to peek through. My bathroom at the other end of the hall had a window but that wasn't helping any at all.

As it was, I jerked off constantly as I imagined what her body must be like under her red robe. My mom and dad both worked at the time and I was out of school so I got to drive Donna around town and show her the sights when she wanted to. She was very affectionate and always hugged me and touched my arm and stuff like that.

I didn't think she was trying to be sexual but that didn't keep my body from reacting. Like most guys that age, I probably spent a good 50 percent of my waking hours trying to sit or stand in just such a way as to conceal my constant erection from the prying eyes of others. In retrospect, I'm sure Donna was well aware of my condition. I am a total snoop. One day, my mom came home at lunch and took donna out to eat. They weren't gone more than thirty seconds before I was in her room looking through her things.

Straight for the drawers I found her bras and underwear. Huge satiny panties, not the kind my mom wore. My cock grew stiff as I walked around the room with a pair of panties in my hand Imagining what Donna must look like in them. By the bed there was a night stand and I practically ran to it. I knew what kind of stuff I kept in my night stand. Sure enough, inside was a small vibrator, a larger blue dildo and some lubricant.

No magazines but she wasn't a teenage boy after all. I had my dick out of my pants as I smelled at the dildo and vibrator hoping for some indication of what her pussy smelled like. They just smelled clean and disappointedly, I put them back in the drawer. I was about to close the drawer when I noticed one more item toward the back.

It was a small jar of anal ease. Mind reeling, Menxx and rajkumar xxx sex stories story ran back to my room with the panties and furiously jerked off thinking of Donna with her toys. I had never really thought about butt sex, at that age it kind of revolted me. Now though, as I imagined Donna with one toy up her fat pussy and the other slid up her asshole, I blew my load all over her big satin panties.

I was so turned on that I found myself cumming again a few minutes later as I couldn't get the image out of my mind. On the sixth day that Donna was with us, a Saturday, we were all going to go to breakfast. Showers were kind of hectic and Donna elected to use my bathroom to save time, instead of three people using my parent's.

This was my big chance. I had done this before (I was a real little weasel). Having showered first and being already dressed, I snuck quietly outside the house and into the back yard where I hoped to peek in the window and get a look at Donna.

Mine was what's sometimes referred to as a 3/4 bathroom with just shower stall instead of a tub. When I got out of the shower I always had my back to the window and so, I supposed, would Donna. I can't imagine what any neighbors might have thought if they'd seen me perched on an old lawn chair peeking in my own house at eight thirty in the morning. I waited impatiently while Donna showered as I strained to see in the window.

The window was open just slightly and I could hear her humming softly. When she finally came out I got a good look at her tits and they were huge. Bigger than my mom's with nice big red nipples that pointed sort of 4 o'clockish. Her skin was smooth and creamy and her breasts rested on what was indeed a prominent belly.

Also surprisingly smooth and without any stretching, her belly did hang a bit over her crotch and I was treated to a quick view of her hairy brown cleft, nestled as it was between two stout legs and beneath the over hang of her stomach. My cock was hard in an instant as I watched her grab a towel and begin to dry herself. I watched chastity lynne was always a horny gal big ass flex as she dried her legs and feet.

It may be that I was not paying enough attention to my own self when suddenly, my footing shifted beneath me and the chair creaked loudly and folded in on me. Down I went with a fair amount of noise. Instantly, I was on my feet and pressed up against the wall beneath the window. Sanny leon xxxx hard faking could hear Donna at the window sill and I could only pray that she couldn't see me pressed against the wall as I was.

After what seemed an eternity, I heard her leave the windowsill and turn the sink faucet on. I ran to my room where I couldn't help but beat off to the thought of her big warm pussy and fat red nipples.

At breakfast I felt like Donna was looking at me as if trying to figure something out. I was sure she knew and was terrified that I was going to be in some kind of trouble, but she talked easily with me and I was pleasure with a redhead facial cumshot natural tits relaxed.

The rest of the day passed without any further trouble and that night I was furiously rocking my bed, thinking of Donna's thick legs pressed up against my chest with her ankles around my head as I pounded into her.

The next day I got up a little late (I had been busy) and when I entered the living room I found just Donna there in her robe. My parents had gone to church and Donna had begged off.

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We made small talk while looking at the ads in the Sunday paper. I kept sneaking peeks at her legs and chest, hoping her robe would open just a little more at the top. She did seem to be showing a little more cleavage than usual and I was soaking it up. Donna mentioned that blowjob in a break in the bathroom skin was really drying out and we should go to the store to get some different soap later. Blue angel erotic massage from her eager masseuse had been using my parent's soap which apparently didn't agree with her.

I told her that we had skin lotion good girls dont cum like that mavenhouse she wanted some and ran down the hall to get some.

I sat in a near by chair and watched slack jawed as she applied the lotion slowly and sensuously to her arms and neck. She told me one of the things she missed the most about being married was that her husband used to rub her feet with lotion. Not needing any prodding, I quickly volunteered. Nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary as she giggled excitedly and handed me the bottle of lotion.

I sat cross legged on the floor in front of her and she rested her feet in my lap. Taking care, I lotioned one foot first and gave it a thorough rub down, getting between the toes and around to the back of the heel. The whole time I was desperately trying to see under her robe while she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Donna sighed contentedly as I finished her left foot set it back in my lap. I was slightly alarmed when I realized it was resting right on my stiffie.

Not wanting to call attention to it, I just took the other foot and began my ministrations. Donna seemed very relaxed as I finished her right foot. I decided to press my luck and began rubbing her fat white calves.

She moaned appreciatively and kind of slouched lower on the couch. With this her legs spread a bit and I could now see just past knee about six inches up the inside of her thigh. I don't know how a cock can be harder than it's ever been and then get harder but that's what happened.

I felt like it was going to explode as I reached her knees and kept rubbing. Her skin was smooth and perfectly white. Donna showed no signs of wishing me to stop so with trembling hands, I began to rub past the knee and along the inside of her left thigh. I felt like I was sticking my hand in a bear trap and it was going to snap shut at any moment. I was ready to snatch my hand and run any second. Donna just lay there and sighed contentedly some more.

"My husband used to give me wonderful massages like this." Donna said, snapping me from my fantasy. "I hate to ask you but would you mind? We could go in my room and you could do my back, It feels so wonderful." I agreed, noiselessly bobbing my head up and down because I was afraid to speak. She seemed so happy and asked me to give her just a minute before I came in, and with that she stood and went to her room. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face and genitals with a wash cloth.

I didn't really know I was canadian teen august if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the to get laid, but this was a habit I had. I've probably cleaned up, showered, shaved etc., specifically with the hope of getting laid 100 times for every one time it's actually happened. Anyway, I went to Donna's room and knocked quietly on the door and she told me to come on in.

Donna was laying on her stomach on her bed with a bath towel across her ass. The smooth creamy skin of her back and thighs were exposed and I could see the sides of her huge tits where they pressed out around her rib cage.

"Is this ok?" she asked. Still speechless, I nodded affirmative and awkwardly climbed on the bed with her. At first I knelt beside her as I rubbed lotion on the back of her fat thighs and rubbed it in slowly. She groaned encouragingly and soon I was straddling on leg while I rubbed my hands up and down. I watched the towel move occasionally on her ass and tried to will it to disappear. I was running out of thigh and donna didn't seem to mind.

Perhaps I imagined it but her legs seemed to spread a little wider as I rubbed along the bottom of her ass and I was able to slip my hand up to where I was sure I could feel the fine hairs of her pussy along my finger.

She moaned delightedly and her ass heaved up suddenly and then settled back down. With that the towel slid up her back a bit and the lower half of her ass was revealed in all its round glory and her legs slid a bit further apart revealing the hairy crease of her pussy to my lusting eyes.

My hand was stuck to the inside of her thigh for a moment while I stared at her ass and pussy wondering what to do. "Please don't stop, it feels so nice." Donna said in her sexy english accent.

I rubbed my hand again along the inside of her thigh and placed the other at the bottom of her ass and rubbed there as well. My pants felt soaked with pre-cum as I carefully and with agonizing slowness moved my hands back and forth across her skin.

with each movement I moved one hand further up along her ass and the other until it was pressed firmly along the side of her now glistening pussy.

Donna never said a word as I began pressing into the semi firm flesh of her ass causing it to spread and reveal her pink hairless asshole in it's deepest recess. I continued this for a few minutes until I felt Donna's wetness on my fingers and my hand slid along the horny hottie arab getting a monster cock to fuck of her pussy lips.

Donna gasped and I froze again. Slowly, without words, I felt Donna start to pump her hips up and down against my hand and her ass flexed in my other hand. We were well beyong any pretext of a simple massage but I still didn't know what to say."How bout I fuck you in the ass now?" just didn't seem right even though I was running through my head as I watched her pink asshole wink at me every now and again. Again, Donna took the lead by saying, "My husband used to get really turned on by this, are you?" I managed to find some of my voice and croaked a peter bradyish "uh huh".

Donna slowly turned on her side and I saw her huge tits lift off the bed as she sat up in front of me.

"I can see that you are." She said as she eyed my crotch. "Maybe it's my turn to give you a massage. Like a baby, practically, she laid me down and removed my pants. I was like a stiff dicked zombie as she rubbed my lower legs and thighs.

She didn't take as long as I had to get to the top of the legs. I was so embarrassed when her fingers brushed my balls and I shot a huge load of cum across my belly. She must have realized my feelings as she assured me softly that it was nothing to be ashamed of and it actually made her feel good, knowing that she had done that to me.

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Donna continued to massage around my crotch, using the towel to clean up my mess and within a few minutes I was hard again. Donna leaned down and licked my balls lightly with her tongue.

My cock bobbed eagerly up and down as she slid her tongue up the shaft and took the head in her mouth.

It felt like her mouth was on fire as she slid it slowly down my pole. I bucked my hips and she grabbed them and pushed me down on the bed. She began talking to me in brief spurts between sucking my cock. She would ask me things like, 'did I like her ass' or 'have you ever tasted a woman'.

In just a few short minutes I was cumming again and Bubble ass booty fuckrd hard seemed to love it as she sucked it all down, taking care to clean my cock completely with her tongue. She crawled up next to me and for the first time, I kissed my aund deeply, tasting the tang of my cum on her tongue. My hands explored her body eagerly.

I tweaked and twisted her thumb sized nipples and one hand wandered down to her pussy and I slid a finger inside her now sopping cunt. She moaned and pushed her crotch against my hand as I fingered her rapidly. She whispered breathlessly that she wanted to feel my tongue on her pussy. I was down in a flash, my face pressed firmly in her wet gash, my tongue flying up and down.

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I had no clue what I was doing but I was enjoying it. She was clean and her juices were mild. Donna used soft encouragements and soon I was teasing her small clit with a little more skill and she was grinding happily to her first orgasm. I loved having her big thighs pressed against my ears as I pushed my tongue along the soft folds of her happy pussy. "I want you inside of me." She told me finally and I climbed atop her pressed my cock against her wet crease. I wanted to savor the moment as I slid it along her wet folds.

She was sexy as hell to me and her eyes looked a little glazed as she stared back at me. The fact that she was my aunt made it even more sexy as I slid slowly inside of her. When I had sunk my manhood completely inside of her we stopped again, staring at each other and feeling amazing before I began to pump slowly against her fat pussy.

She was already moaning lifting her legs around my back. I grabbed her left leg and put it over my right shoulder. This seemed to spread her legs wider and I felt myself experiencing an exciting new depth to her pussy. She moaned a little louder and I pumped faster against her. After a few more minutes I let her left leg fall pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 441 my chest and she was now on her side and I grabbed a good handfull of ass as I drove into her.

She moaned more as my hand slid down along her ass to her heaving crack and began to explore. My aunt leaned over a little more and was almost on her stomach with her ass pushed high and me straddling one thigh as we ground together. I was on the edge of exploding as I began to slide my thumb along the deep crevice of her ass until I found her quivering anus.

Donna moaned even louder as I thumbed her violently and pushed as deep inside of her as the position allowed to bring us both to a violent spasming orgasm. We stayed that way for a while, not wanting to move. Finally one of us, Donna of course, had the good sense to suggest that we get cleaned up before my parents got home. For the next week, life was sweet. For five wonderful days, Donna and I had 8 or more hours to do whatever we wanted. Monday morning as soon as my parents were gone, we were in her room with her sucking lustily on my cock.

I told her I had seen her anal ease and desperately wanted to try. It didn't take any begging on my part as my aunt smiled up at me and then got up on her knees. I threw her robe up over her back and tore her big panties off. I got out the lube and gooped her ass up good before sliding first the little vibrator into her.

I pushed my cock into her already drenched pussy as I slid the little vibrator in and out and then turned it on, sending Donna to immediate orgasm. I continued this method for a few minutes making sure her ass was ready. Removing the vibrator, I pressed my cock skinny teen sucks off and gets fucked in the limousine her tiny glistening hole and pushed slowly.

Inch by inch, I watched my dick disappear into her massive white ass. I took it slow for quite a while because I could tell that any sudden movement was going to cause me to cum. Donna took lesbo babes open up their deep anals and plow massive vibros dildo and put it up her cunt and I could feel it sliding along the bottom of my cock.

As I became less sensitive I started pumping harder into her little asshole. I watched the flesh of her ass jiggle against me and pumped harder. Donna was moaning low and loud like she was taking the king of all shits and pumping the dildo in and out of her twat at a furious pace. I wanted to moment to last forever but of course 2 minutes or so was probably closer to what happened. I pumped hard and was soon laying ontop of Donna pumping what seemed to be gallons of semen into her spasming asshole.

Luckily I got to fuck her in the ass several more times before she left. Over the next week we tried every position we could imagine in every room of the house. I loved the way her flesh enveloped me as she rode my cock or straddled my face in a 69. She let me fuck her huge tits and it was great.

The only down side of that was that her jugs were so huge that when I came it just disappeared into her cleavage. I had so hoped to see it shoot all over her face. She made it up to me by giving me a fantastic blow job and letting me shoot all over her face. She wore her glasses and let me shoot them too, which for some reason was a big turn on for me. Above all this, though, whether in her ass or her pussy, my favorite position was fucking her from behind so her great ass would shudder every time I slammed into her.

We parted sadly when it came time for Donna to leave. She told me I should come visit her in England and she would show me around. 15 years later now, I am getting ready to do just that. We've kept in touch by email and rare phone conversations.

My aunt is 49 now and from the pictures I've see, just as sexy as ever, maybe more so. Her long hair is streaked lightly with gray and her breasts seem to hang a little lower. Her ass seems to have gotten a little bigger and I can't wait to get a closer look.