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Sappho beauties toying busty les ass in trio big tits and lesbian
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My naked doppelganger …Part 5 &hellip. COACH COURIER Please read Episodes 1,2,3 and 4 before reading this episode - in order to acclimatise yourself with the story so far. And please comment - reactions are appreciated. Life went on in my own universe.

Twelve months had passed and I was still obeying Richard by being naked in home 24/7 but I was yearning for the outdoor nudity that I had experienced in that other universe, the parallel one in which I had been a naked employee with all that being an NE entailed. The obliging Steven, my second in command in front of house at the theatre called round to share me after each show once a fortnight, but even he seemed to lose interest and found himself a girlfriend.

She was called Samantha and she was younger and prettier than me, so those sexual encounters that had followed the Saturday evening show came to an abrupt end. Even my husband Richard seemed to be losing interest in my habitual nudity around the house, so much so that during the last cold winter I started to wear clothes, and continued wearing them when the weather turned warmer.

I persistently thought about my doppelganger and what she was getting up to as a Naked Employee at the theatre, and habitually checked my breasts to see if the mole was still in it's correct position under my left breast.

I gave a little shrug each time, wondering if I would ever be transported into her universe ever again. As I said, twelve months had elapsed since my last encounter there and to be honest I was getting a little bored with life as a kept housewife, living on my husband's splendid salary and being Saturday front of house manager at the theatre every two or three weeks. I was spending my days cleaning, cooking and then laying in bed. Sex between Richard and me was becoming almost non existent.

I am not blaming Richard in any way. It had been my decision to abandon work and live as a housewife, but I was now getting bored with the situation. I suggested to my husband that a few days out on coach trips might alleviate my boredom, and being the loving husband that he always was, he decided to take days off so that we could indulge in the trips out that I had suggested.

We took three excursions in quick succession - She sucked all the cream filling out of it - Harrogate and Lytham St. Annes, and it was on the latter that I spotted a notice stuck to the front of the agreeable legal age teenager gives steamy hand and foot work to stiff pole. I had commented to Richard on the lack of a courier on that trip, with the information on the journey and on the various stops being carried out by the driver - so I was not surprised at reading the notice advertising for a personable and articulate courier.

The successful individual would be required to accompany day trips and European holiday coach vacations. Good geographical knowledge and public speaking ability was essential. "I wouldn't mind applying for that." I mentioned in passing to my husband. He stopped and read the notice, and incidentally held up everyone else trying to alight from the coach. "Sorry!" he chuckled as a muttering old lady pushed her way past him, but he maintained his composure and smiled at me "You'd be away from home quite a bit doing that Tania." "I know, but I've been getting bloody bored on my own at home lately, and even you have been away for weeks at a time on business.

I think it's about time I started something new!" So there it was. I applied for the position the moment we returned home, and attended an interview a few days later.

The fleet manager of the company, a pleasant young man in his thirties guided me through the complexities of the job, and the necessary talents needed. He seemed pleased at my previous experience as a doctor's receptionist and the fact that I was a theatre front of house manager, which more or less proved my people and conversational skills. I was thrilled to be invited to join the company on a full time basis with the proviso that I must accompany ten coach trips of seven to fourteen day durations each year, with the rest of the time being filled in with daily coach excursions.

Richard seemed delighted that I had found a position which suited my talents and personality, and we found that the times when I was at home were spent happily (and sexually) - thus proving the truth of the old adage 'Absence makes the heart grown fonder' - because it certainly did as far as we were concerned. It was on a coach holiday to Austria, some six months after being employed as a courier, that it happened.

We were staying overnight at a small hotel in Belgium and on arrival I, along with Barry our driver, was directing passengers to seats in the small hotel dining room.

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Barry was given the envelopes containing the room keys by the patron of the hotel, and together we were allocating them to each passenger. "Why did you decide to get dressed Tania?" Barry asked quietly as we walked among the tables.

"What do you mean?" I asked in complete ignorance. "You've been naked all day love. Have the management here complained about you being nude?" I literally froze on the spot. I hastily regained my composure and handed all the envelopes to Barry. "Here! You hand them out. I'll be back in a minute!" and I rushed from the room to find the nearest toilet. I closed and bolted the door. Taking a deep breath I lifted my jumper and eased my bra up. Sure enough there it was!

The mole was under my right breast! I hastily turned on the tap in the sink and watched as the water swirled anti-clockwise down the hole. I calmed myself and returned to Barry in the restaurant. "Barry!" I spoke softly "Am I a company NE or what?" I was trying to be as vague as I could by not mentioning 'naked' to ensure I got the right answer, as in my own universe no-one would have understood what an NE was anyway.

"You're a Naked Courier that's all I know Tania, I suppose NE is the technical term yes - Naked Employee!" "And am I naked ALL the time?" "Yes!" he replied, staring vacantly at me as though I was going insane "Unless the management anywhere bans it - but that doesn't happen on any of our trips as head office have cleared it everywhere." he stared at me again "What's the matter love - are you getting nervous?

You've seemed ok up to now - To be honest I didn't even realise you had even opened your suitcase yet!" "Opened my suitcase?" I queried vacantly. "To get those clothes!" he snapped, obviously starting to get a little angry at my apparent dithery nature. "I'll be back shortly" I informed him quietly, and left the room.

I found the room that had been allocated to me, sat on the bed and stared into the dressing table mirror. I removed my jumper and bra. Yes. The mole had definitely moved.

I started to relax now I was certain that I had been transported again after all this time. I found myself smiling as I xxx sex stories story katrina kaif ki completely and surveyed myself in the mirror - I was totally naked and I looked good! I opened the suitcase that had been delivered to the room and found a pair of more suitable high heels to wear with my nudity.

My flats would certainly not do! Another quick check on the mole - Yes, still smirking there at me from under my right boob. I shimmied my tits and watched them come to their gorgeous rest.

Yes I had lovely breasts. A quick glance down below however, caused me to furrow my brow. My pubes were covering the entrance to my pussy - couldn't have that could I? I found a comb in my case and carefully combed the offending hairs away, completely revealing my labia lips. I smiled again - Yes - Cunt on full show for the lads! Oh my goodness I had been missing this - Naked in public once more. I giggled as I thought of my doppelganger, who must have suddenly found herself stark naked whilst handing out the envelopes in my universe.

OMG Barry would have loved that! I took a deep breath as I left the room - shimmied my bare boobs again and closed the door. I passed the small reception desk and grinned at Le Patron. His eyes were like a goldfish as he stared at my breasts, and then looked down between my legs. He pursed his lips and nodded. Good!

Seems I passed muster. I walked into the dining room to be greeted by Barry. "Had a word with Le Patron then Tania?" "Eh?" I queried, and then realised "Oh no.

It wasn't him Barry. I didn't realise I had to remain naked in the hotel as well as the coach." "That' right my girl!" he quipped "Starkers all the time as a Naked Courier!" he slapped my bare bottom on the word 'naked' - not hard - and I loved it.

Barry and I mature guys fuck honeys pornstar and hardcore at a separate table to the passengers, which gave me the opportunity to assess my situation.

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"I see you've combed your cunt love, I thought that was my job?" "I'm sorry Barry." I replied sheepishly. I hadn't realised." I quickly reached down between my legs and roughed up the hairs around my vagina. I then stood up and faced him.

Upsetting the driver was not on my list of things to do. "There!" I announced in a slightly triumphant manner "Is that better?" "Much better!" he replied with a wide grin, and reached into his inside pocket. A pink medium sized comb appeared in his hand.

"My cunt comb!" he laughed, and proceeded to carefully clear the hairs from over my vagina until it was fully on view. "There my lady! A completely exposed cunt for the punters again!" Applause broke out from the adjoining tables. I hadn't realised everyone had been watching and listening. "Thank you kind sir!" I gave a mock curtsey and sat. "You are welcome Madam." he replied "Still on for our evening fuck?" If I had been eating I might have choked. My mind was in a minor turmoil.

I knew from previous transportations that employers could fuck the Naked Employee - but here was this lowly coach driver requesting similar conditions.

I recovered my senses, smiled as genuinely as I was able and replied. "You know me Barry - always a stickler for the rules." I hoped that my answer would encourage some sort of explanation from him.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression. "Rules? Your only official rules are that you fuck the boss, but are you going back on our private arrangement?

Two weeks away from our spouses you said, why should we miss out? I thought we had agreed?" OMG. Here we go again I thought. My doppelganger had made her own arrangements again - fuck anything in trousers seemed to be her mission in life - and I had to go along with it so as not to queer her pitch so to speak. Ah well! I enjoyed helping her out with her previous studs - so the hell with it!" "Yes!

Still on for the evening fuck lad. Your room or mine?" "How about once in each?" he laughed. "," I stammered in reply. Obviously a guy who spurts more than once I decided. "You've rubbed sunny leone xnxx in hq colour off your nipples Tania." I turned to find one of the older male passengers staring at my breasts.

busty teen blonde masturbates with her dildo I Mr errrr…" "Fred!" he snapped. "Have I Fred? Thank you for noticing - I'll replace it after dinner." "I always notice your nipples Tania, I love the way they stick out!" he walked back to his seat. "He's always on about your nipples isn't he, has he got a fixation!" "Probably Barry, yes probably." I began to worry then whether my doppelganger also coloured her labia.

I had certainly had to in one previous transportation - but how do I found out? Do I ask Barry if I rouge my pussy as well? Oh dear, this parallel universe stuff can be most confusing. I had a brainwave and stood up. "I Better get a check on everything after being told off about my nipples!" I announced bravely "Does my pussy look alright to you Barry?" Barry chuckled and peered between my legs, which I obligingly parted for him to see my labia clearly.

He nodded his appreciation. "Cunt all present and correct sergeant - no additional colour required!" "Thank you corporal!" I giggled "You may kiss it if you wish!" OMG!

My heart fell! What the hell was I saying? Maybe I was getting into this nude lark a bit too much. "Can I kiss it Tania?" yelled Fred, amid much laughter. "No you can't you dirty old man!" snapped Barry "That is staff perks only!" and he leaned forward and plonked a wet slobbery kiss fully on my grateful vagina.

I made no comment when he pushed his tongue between the lips, but just eased myself away gracefully. "Later." I whispered, and winked. He didn't look too pleased though. Obviously my doppleganger wasn't as prudish and probably enjoyed public sex more than I was used to. I gave it some speedy thought and decided not to spoil her relationship with Barry, and beckoned him to lean forward again.

"Go on then - kiss it and stick your tongue up me!" He did - and - you know - it was lovely. I enjoyed it immensely as he pushed it as deep as he could and then sucked my labia lips into his mouth and openly tasted me.

With everyone watching intently I firmly resisted the temptation to have an orgasm. Barry retrieved his tongue and looked up at me.

"I love having you as my courier Tania, your cunt tastes bloody fantastic! Ready for that fuck yet?" I giggled like a schoolgirl as one of the old ladies nudged me. "Go on girl! How can you resist an invitation like that?" "I can't!" I told her "Come on YOU - up to my room!" "Let him do you here my dear" pleaded the old lady "so we can all watch!" "Yes!" yelled one of the men "fuck her here Baz!" "It's up to Tania mate." Barry told him "She may be shy." Shy?

Was he bloody joking? I was stark bloody naked - had him sucking my pussy in front of everyone - and he suggests that I might be shy? I pulled him towards the chaise long on the raised dais that they used as a stage, and pushed him down.

"No I am not bloody shy!" I shouted at him "Get your kit off!" I turned to face the passengers "Gather round folks this is your entertainment for tonight unless Barry is too shy?" "I'll show you whether I am shy or not Tania." he glared, and began to unzip his trousers. "Naked or we don't do it!" I snapped. "OK." he nodded "You're the boss - bollock naked it is!" The passengers gathered round the raised platform as Chubby big tits blonde making her first sextape with her new bf tube porn quickly stripped naked.

A cheer came up from the females as his not inconsiderable erection flopped into view on the removal of his under pants. He had been circumcised and had huge head to his penis.

The shaft was slightly curved like a banana, with long bold veins protruding erotically along the full length. It must have been at least eight inches in length from the crack in the helmet to his two gorgeous balls. The shape of each testicle outlined clearly under the skin of his sack. He had a lovely hairy chest, although his cock and balls were depilated. Quite muscular, but not like a weight lifter, more like that guy in Poldark on television - but most assuredly looking like a good fuck.

He lay on the chaise longue, his penis towering majestically from his shaved loins. He beckoned me to climb on top of him.

"Go on girl get it inside you!" yelled one of the women. "Yes, fuck yourself on his prick!" shouted one of the men. I took a long look around the assembled throng, shrugged, and climbed on the sofa to straddle him. His penis was inches from my pussy, now open and aroused and ready for entry. I slowly lowered myself as Barry guided his cock to my entrance. A cheer filled the room as the head slipped inside the lips and rested there for a brief moment, before I lowered myself on to him until his cock slowly slid inside me and eventually totally disappeared inside my throbbing entrance.

More cheering from the awestruck onlookers ensued as I proceeded to bounce up and down on Barry's cock, my mature tits bouncing about freely as I deliberately, and gratefully, fucked myself on his stupendous erection. For me to experience this type of public sexuality once again after such a long break was incredible.

My doppelganger must lead an awesome sexual life, as each change of my occupation always seems to end with her taking on the responsibilities of a Naked Employee, with all the sex that it entails. On this occasion it was not only with her employers but with a colleague who drives the coach in which she is employed. It was so lovely bouncing up and down on the driver's erect penis, driving myself into delirium as the sensations swept up from my inner cunt to envelope my brain.

The clapping from the watching throng of passengers kept in time to my bouncing, and they watched in awe as Barry's cock appeared and disappeared with my bouncing fucks.

Deep inside me it penetrated until it was hitting my cervix on each downward fall of my pussy, my thighs slapping against his legs as my cunt fell on to his delicious meat and two veg.

This was such a stunning experience for me and I never wanted it to end, and neither did the engrossed audience. Their applause and constant cheering convinced me that they could have watched me fucking my own my big thick cock fucks elsa tight shaved pussy pornstars big dick out all night. They were obviously thrilled at seeing my bare breasts bouncing almost uncontrollably on my chest, and watching my vagina being fucked so deeply on my own volition.

Pretty soon Barry was gasping in anticipation of his oncoming orgasm. "Shall I pull out Tania?" he cried. "No cum inside me, fill me with your spunk!" I replied almost hysterically. "Yeah fill 'er up mate!" cried an excited onlooker. "Finish off fucking me missionary!" I informed my naked stud and slid down by his side. He then moved to lay on top of me, resting between my parted legs, and pushed his rock hard manhood into my most intimate place once more.

If I hadn't been so overwhelmed by the situation I might have laughed as two of the female passengers approached us and began to push on each of Barry's arse cheeks, thus ramming his cock deeper inside me as he thrust his incredible shaft in and out. His cries turned to gasps as with one tremendous yell he gushed a torrent of juices inside me.

I felt the brooke banner dicking and cum on tits of hot spunk as it hit me hard on my cervix and my immediate response was to light the spark of my own orgasm. The sensations spread from the depths of my vagina through my whole body. I felt as if my head would burst as I exploded in a mind blowing climax. More and more he spurted into me with such incredible force, until it was oozing and escaping from my pussy, which was unable to hold it all.

I clung tightly to Barry's naked body as I trembled and shook in orgasmic pleasure, welcoming the splashing of sexual male juices into my very inner being. For what seemed an eternity we clung to each other in a glorious mutual climax the like of which I had never before experienced.

This was indeed a fuck to end all fucks. A shag of such awesome power it was draining the strength from my whole body. Oh how thrilled and grateful I was that some mysterious force had transported me here to enjoy such an amazing experience. The applause from the enthralled spectators was almost deafening as Barry and I collapsed in total exhaustion. He fell to my side, his diminishing dick slipping from me to allow his juices to ooze from my vagina and run down the inside of my thighs and along the crack of my bottom on to the sofa.

Barry had his left hand on my left breast and was squeezing and fondling it lovingly as his climax began to subside. I turned my head and smiled at him as he leaned forward and kissed me passionately.

"That, young lady!" he gasped "was our best fuck yet!" I couldn't either argue, agree or disagree as I had not been present whenever he had screwed my double. But on this occasion it WAS me he had fucked. It WAS me he had brought to delirium and intense orgasm. It WAS me who had experienced the best fuck he had ever enjoyed with his faithful and obliging Naked Courier.

Flashing lights told me that folks oral pleasures and cumshot for shaved pussy taking photographs of us lying naked on that sofa, and I didn't mind in the least. Why should I? I was the company's Naked Employee, the coach's naked courier and my body was for everyone's enjoyment in one way or another.

How I adored being part of this brilliant idea of each company in England employing a naked employee. After several minutes I urged my body to rise from the sofa and walk rather unsteadily to the toilet to empty myself of Barry's leaking sperm.

Talk about knee tremblers? This was a total leg trembler for me and I staggered uncontrollably, totally unbalanced until two male passengers grabbed me and guided stroking masturbation game in second increments can you make it brunette big tits to the toilet.

Each one having a crafty feel of my tits on the way - but who could blame them? I certainly didn't. If my pussy hadn't been so saturated with Barry's juices I fully expect they would have had fingers in that, but fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how I felt at the time, they resisting the temptation to finger fuck a girl who was in no condition to also resist. I sat on that toilet seat for what seemed ages, allowing the coach driver's life giving fluids to drain from me.

To allow my vagina to recover and move into it's usual formation, following such a forceful banging. I wasn't privy to knowing whether it was indeed the best fuck Barry had ever had with my doppelganger but it was definitely the best fuck I'd had in ages - and I wasn't even in my own universe!

When I eventually dragged my weary carcase to the dining room Barry had a karaoke running. My appearance ruined the flow of that as the passengers descended upon me to give thanks for the enjoyable entertainment. Cameras flashed and it seemed that everyone wanted a photograph with the Naked Courier who had just been 'shagged by the coach driver.' I posed for hot blonde whith hot body groped on the bus pictures with enraptured passengers.

I was as naked as the day I was born but didn't mind, after all the photos would not be seen by anyone back in my universe. I spread my legs proudly for them to capture the beauty between my thighs. I was one proud lady. Oh what a tale I was going to tell my Richard when I got home. "Tania let's give them a song." yelled Barry "How about 'You're the one that I want'?" "Very funny!" I snapped "we're nothing like Sonny and Cher." "Sing one yourself then." "Have you got 'I'm just a girl who can't say no?" We both burst out laughing - that just about summed it up - I couldn't ever say no in case I compromised my doppelganger's reputation when we each returned to our own universe.

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The reverse was also a risk of course. I was hoping that she held me in as much an esteem and curbed her sexual and nude exhibitionist tendencies when we were swapped, so as not to queer my pitch back home. "Are you and Barry going to fuck like that every night of the holiday for us Tania?" asked a little old lady as I posed for a photograph with her.

"I'm not sure, would you like us to?" "Oh yes!" she beamed "I love looking at you naked Tania, but I enjoyed Seeing Barry naked too, and he has such a lovely dick too. Does it feel really nice inside you?" "It felt gorgeous." I assured her.

"Does he really attempt the World record semen shot for us, or was Ethel having me on when she told me she watched the two of you try it on her last holiday?" I tried not to appear surprised.

"The two of us?" I queried. "Yes! You wanked him off and pointed his cock along a measured route!" "Ah yes … the two of us …of course." My surprise at this revelation was only exceeded by my disappointment in not being the one who wanked him and aimed the spunk. "You seem to enjoy the sexual parts of this holiday?" "Oh yes!" purred the old lady "Jim and I selected this tour as it was one of those with the naked courier.

I was hoping for a naked man but I like seeing you naked Tania, and seeing Barry naked tonight has made up for my previous disappointment." "I think they only have one Naked Employee in a company, so I'll have to do I'm afraid." "Oh don't worry Jim can't take his eyes off you, and he loves your hairy pussy, says he'd love to run his fingers through your hairs!" "Oh that's sweet, I'll have to see what I can do." "I shouldn't risk it Tania!" she laughed bondage anime cutie hard poking from behind by her master my Jim he'll have his fingers up you!" I joined in with her laughter and made a mental note to search out her husband.

But my first move was to get hold of Barry and find out about this Semen spurt record attempt. This parallel universe never failed in bringing up new and exciting sexual ventures, and organising a spunk shot record attempt seemed right up my street. "How far did you shoot in that last record attempt Barry?" I asked moments later as I caught up with him as he organised the karaoke. "Miserable attempt wasn't it?" he moaned "Nine feet! Only half the World record distance, but I'm sure I could spurt further if you squeezed my shaft hard just prior to my climax, then release just as I am about to cum." "OK.

We'll try that next time then." "You want to try it another night then?" "Why not?" I replied honestly "looking forward to it lad, give the punters another show, they seemed to enjoy seeing us fucking." "I always enjoy fucking you Tania - but tonight you were awesome, definitely the best fuck you've given me since you got the job" "Awww that's sweet, thank you." I genuinely meant it, particularly as it seemed I was a better performer than my Doppelganger - I made a mental note to ask my Richard how she performed in bed when I got back home.

"Do you fancy giving them another live sex show before the end of the holiday?" "Yes!" I smiled "I think we should, they certainly seemed to enjoy watching us and …" I pecked him on the cheek "I enjoyed being fucked in public by you too, we should definitely do it more often my lad." "Why don't you try the record attempt tonight Baz?" asked Jim's missus.

"Yes go on lad." urged Jim himself "Can you manage another cum?" "What do you say Barry? Fancy trying it?" I pleaded, eager to get my hands around his lovely cock and urge him to a successful spunk shot. Barry thought about it for a moment.

He must have considered his earlier orgasm with me, but dismissed his worry, and nodded his assent. "Measure the floor out in feet Tania." he informed me. "What IS the world record Barry?" "Eighteen feet nine inches." he retorted "but I won't reach that." "You won't with an attitude like that!" I snapped "get your kit off again so I can get that cock of yours ultra hard!" I was determined that he should make a reasonable effort at the record, and eager to make him really long and hard.

I was no expert on spunk shots, but from my school history lessons I knew that the longer the gun barrel, the further the cannon ball went. I was hoping that the same applied to firing semen from a penis. I giggled as I helped him undress, I was loving this visit to the other universe even more than the previous ones. With my help he was stark naked in next to no time. I instructed Jim and his missus to chalk out the floor in feet as Barry had requested, whilst Menxx and rajkumar xxx sex stories story proceeded to take the coach driver in hand, and bring him to another lovely erection.

With the floor chalked in twelve inch spaces, and the passengers lining the 'route' I stood holding Barry's growing prick and pulled him into position.

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With his erection rock hard I started to masturbate him. Slowly at first until his eyes began to roll and his face broke into a vacant smile. He grinned at me as I stroked him firmly with a tight grip around his thick shaft.

With my other hand I cupped and caressed his balls, to hopefully encourage the manufacture of sperm. "Come on lad you can do this!" I coaxed "Feel my tits - Finger my cunt - think of fucking me again. His hands fondled my breasts and then moved down to between my legs as I squeezed him hard and stroked faster. His fingers entered my cunt and I gasped - but I continued to jerk him with determination.

Deep into my pussy searched his demanding fingers. I gasped again but held on to his throbbing prick. Now he was gasping. He stared at me, his mouth gaping open. "Squeeze hard now Tania!" he pleaded, and I gripped his shaft tightly in the middle "I'm cumming!" he yelled frantically "Now release!!!" From the crack in the end of his helmet spurted the most glorious stream of white steaming spunk.

It was as if it was in slow motion, time was slowing as we watched the stream shoot majestically over the marked course in a glorious arc of thick white semen.

The eyes of everyone followed the curve of glistening white from his prick and over the length of the course. As the sperm splashed down another stream quickly followed - thinner but shot with even greater force it flew over the first splashdown to land a good three feet further.

Cheers filled the room, followed by spontaneous applause. Barry had done his damnedest but he was now finished as far as record breaking was concerned.

I released my hold on his dick and it fell lifeless between his legs, the dregs of spunk still dripping from his huge helmet. With the applause still ringing in my ears I walked along the course counting the chalk marks, smiling as I saw each globule of semen, each splash of steaming spunk. Further and further I walked still counting and still the sperm was shining on the floor. As I reached the final splashdown I knelt to look teen gets tied and gagged and fucked hard it, and turned to wave in triumph to the incredible man so many feet away.

I could see him shouting but couldn't make out what he was saying - everything was a blur for a few seconds, but then it cleared and I heard his voice. "Tania! What are you doing on the floor, and where are your clothes?" I turned in horror to look again at the spunk covered floor - but it was no more - I flicked my eyes frantically around but the spunk and the chalk marks were gone.

Panic stricken I lifted my right breast - I stared in horror - NO MOLE! - in a fit of despair I lifted my left breast - and there it was!

"Oh no!" I screamed in desperation. Jim's missus draped her husband's coat over my nudity, and I was helped to my feet and led weeping to my room.

Nobody else spoke. No words were said. They were all as dumbfounded as I was. The difference being that I new what had happened. I knew I was back in my own universe. I didn't mind them all seeing me naked this time. My one regret was that I wasn't allowed to measure the distance of that final globule, the final splashdown. Would I ever know if Barry had succeeded? THE END.