Mom gtoffice tjob than officer gat sex mom

Mom gtoffice tjob than officer gat sex mom
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My name is Andrew. I am a 33 year old military man. It had been several weeks since I had arrived at my new assignment. I had spent most weekends at my sister Mary's house catching up with family going hiking and generally relaxing. On my first day in the area, I'd had a sexual encounter with my niece Rachel.

Since then she had been giving indications she would like to do more. She almost never missed the opportunity to flash her crotch at me or rub her tits across me. She and her sisters still greeted me in the same fashion every weekend, jumping up with a big hug and wrapping their legs around me. Their parents thought it was cute that they loved their Uncle Andy so much. When Rachel knew no-one was paying attention, her hug would include humping her pussy up and down on my hip.

I kept thinking about our encounter and how I'd ended up eating her to orgasm that first day. It was the vision I used most often when I wanted to jack-off. She had also had the opportunity to show me her new toy, a six inch slim vibrator she kept hidden from her mom. "I have to be careful that Sharon and Karen don't find it" she had whispered to me when showing it. "You could help them out by passing on some of your experiences.

Then you wouldn't have to hide it. Maybe you could share" I replied. Sharon and Karen were Rachel's sisters and my sister's other daughters. Sharon was a 14 year old cheerleader in junior high and would start high school that fall. Tall, with long, shapely legs, hairy pussy gets destroyed with fat dicks firm boobs, and an amazing tan, she could turn many an eye just by walking across a room.

Karen was shorter, also a cheerleader and 13 years with small boobs but the best booty I think I've ever seen. Their younger brother Carl was the baby of the family at 12 and a scout with the local troop. The school year had ended and the kids were bored most weekdays. The weekends I would spend with the family at the house or out playing soccer, or hiking seemed to help break up the monotony for the girls and they were very attentive.

I also helped my brother-in-law Steve out with several projects around the house. I had a good time with the kids, sometimes playing cards or video games, sometimes wrestling around on the floor.

The wrestling I loved. I could get away with copping a feel now and then as long as it wasn't blatant or obvious. Rachel would often try to get a hand on my cock or push her pussy as close to my face as she could during these matches. No-one seemed to notice any of the sexual tension between us. Mary gave me a key to their house and made it clear I was invited to come amazing girlfriend loves to get teased on camera, whether they were home or not.

This kept me from having to wait around on the porch for them to get home from Friday grocery shopping. I usually let myself in and went right to the shower to get cleaned up and change. One weekend the family was going for a scout outing, so I was going to have the house to myself, or so I thought.

I got off work a little early on Friday and headed up there as soon as I could, jumping in the shower as soon as I arrived. Just as I stepped out of the shower and finished drying off, the bathroom door opened, and there, clad only in a short robe was Rachel.

"Uncle Andy!?!?" She seemed surprised to see me. "What are you doing here?" I asked "You're supposed to be up north with the family." Her gaze traveled down to my cock, which was starting to take on size. "I, uh, I got a job at the mall and have to work tomorrow.

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So I couldn't go. Mom and Dad thought it would be OK to leave me because they figured you'd be here. I didn't expect you 'til later on, so I figured I could get in a shower." She couldn't seem to take her eyes off my cock, and I was thinking "She's seeing me naked, I should get the same." I reached out toward her and, with one easy movement, untied the belt on the robe.

It fell wide open in front. "It's only fair if you son alex adams fucks amp ignores mom alexis rain creampie me, I should see you" I explained. She smiled a devilish grin and shrugged the robe off her shoulders. My sexy, fifteen year old niece now stood naked in before me. Oh, man! Her skin was flawless, pure white silk with firm C cup breasts each topped with a bright pink nipple quickly coming to full erection.

There was that familiar patch of light brown hair on her mound, but no other hair anywhere that I could see other than the long, thick, brunette curls that hung from her head surrounding her pretty face.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked coyly. "Girl, you certainly have one very fine body. Oh yes, I like very much what I see." My cock was nearly full staff by now.

"You're quite a hunk too Uncle Andy" she said reaching forward to touch my flat belly and sliding her hand down to my turgid cock.

"And I see you're a little excited again. Would you like to show me some more new stuff now, maybe? Please" she asked quietly. I knew my answer immediately.

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Now was the time. "Oh, I think we might try a couple things. Now that we have time" I replied. I knew I was going to fuck this little girl more than once this weekend. "Right now, though, you were getting ready to take a shower, right? Let's get you cleaned up. That can be a lot of fun, too". I turned the shower back on, thankful that Steve had installed the tankless water heater so we wouldn't have to worry about running out.

We climbed in together and I gently guided Rachel under the spray. As she wet herself down, I soaped up a wash cloth and stepped forward. I started with her shoulders, caressing down her arms and back. As she pushed back toward me, I dropped the washcloth and started washing with my hands. I slid them down her shoulders over those gorgeous tits.

I stopped to pinch her nipples a bit as she pushed her tits up into my hands. "Mmmmm, oh" she sighed. I traced down her stomach to her mound stopping just short of her pussy. I rubbed circles around her mons. She squirmed and stretched, arching to get me to rub her cunt.

I soaped up my hand and washed her cunt, cleaning every fold from her audrey hollander pays debt with gang bang of pubic hair to the crack of her ass. I rinsed her off and turned her around. I dropped down to my knees and pushed my head forward to taste her pussy once again. "Eat me, Uncle" she pleaded.

I complied. I dove in like a demon, sucking and biting her clit. I stuffed two fingers into her tight pink pussy.

She was hot and wet. I started moving them in and out. I kept pounding her cunt as I ate her, first two fingers and then three. She came in minutes, hard, long and loud, screaming "SHIT, FUCK, OH, FUCK" over and over.

Her knees buckled as she came and I had to hold her up so she didn't fall out of the shower. As her orgasm subsided, and she regained her feet she panted "Oh, my. That was intense. I thought we were just going to wash up a bit. I didn't expect to cum in the shower". I chuckled "Well, sometimes the unexpected can be fun. Let's move to your room". We toweled off and she led me to the room she shared with her two sisters.

It was a nice but small duplex with only three bedrooms. I usually crashed on the couch or living room floor when I stayed over. Carl, my 12 year old nephew had a room to himself. Tonight we would stay in Rachel's twin bed. "Your thing looks really hard and big" Rachel said, staring at my 8 inch cock.

"Can I touch it?" she asked. I thought "Of course you can touch it. I plan to stuff it inside your cunt soon enough" but just said "Feel free". She reached out eagerly grasping my hard-on. "It feels hard but soft" she observed as she stroked my cock gently. "I've been practicing masturbating with my vibrator" she paused "a lot, but this is so much bigger. Do you think it will fit in me". "We'll find out soon enough, but we talked about new stuff too.

Have you ever tried sucking a cock?" I asked. "No, some of the girls at school talked about it but it sounded kind of gross" she replied and added "yuck". "Well, I could see your point. But some guys think that way the first time they hear about eating pussy. And I'm sure you like that.

I know I do. You'll never know for sure unless you try" I replied. "I guess that's true. It doesn't hurt to try.

Can you teach me?" she asked. I took her left hand in mine inserted her thumb in my mouth. I sucked and used my tongue to milk her thumb as if it were a cock. I pulled her thumb out and explained "Did you noticed how I used my tongue and sucked your thumb deep?

That's how you suck cock. Go ahead and try, a little at a time". She took the head of my cock in her mouth and began to work it as I showed her, changing up the rhythm and depth with each stroke. Man, it felt good. I was in heaven. My beautiful 15 year old niece was sucking my dick like she loved it.

She had three fingers from her left hand dipping in and out her cunt as she held the base of my cock with the right. I was getting close to cumming. I needed a quick break. "Time for something a little different" I said.

I laid down on her bed and said "We're going to do what's called 69. You straddle my face and go back to sucking my cock". She settled in and I started eating that sweet pussy again. We kept at it for several minutes and I could tell she was close to orgasm so I pumped my cock in her mouth. I felt her stiffen and her pussy start quivering again so I let go with a load.

It was quite a large load and she gagged a little and spit most of it out but swallowed a little. "Not bad for your first blow job" I said, "next time try to swallow more. It's really a turn on for guys. You'll find with practice you can tell when a russian army orgy girl fucked by all guys is about to cum and not be surprised as much" I paused "If you wanted, you could probably remain a virgin until you pleasure with a redhead facial cumshot natural tits, just giving good blow jobs, and never have an unhappy boyfriend".

She replied "That sounds great but I don't think I want to stay a virgin. I really want your cock in me.

Can you fuck me? Please?" How could I resist? "It'll take a couple of minutes before I'm ready again. You can help by sucking me hard".

She started sucking my dick again and in a few minutes I was rock hard. I rolled her over on her back and took a couple quick licks of her cunt to verify she was still wet. She was sopping. As I climbed up to place my cock at the opening of her vagina she gasped "Oh, I almost forgot".

She reached under the edge of the mattress and pulled out a three pack of ribbed condoms. "We need to put one of these on" she said. I was so proud she had remembered, I let her slip it on my cock and slid the head into her cunt.

"Ungh, Oh! It's so much bigger. It'll never fit". "It'll fit" I said "It'll just take a little time and effort".

Her pussy was amazingly tight. Tighter than anything I had encountered, including that virgin hooker in the Philippines so many years ago. I wasn't 100% sure it would fit but I slipped it in an inch at a time. Soon I was bottomed out in her tight cunt, my stomach against hers, my balls against her ass.

"Oh" she said "it's in. It's all the way in. It feels so" she paused "delicious". I started moving in and out, full, long, slow strokes. God, she was tight, and wet. It felt like she was milking me with her cunt. I was really enjoying this. I started to increase my pace. Several minutes later, I was hammering in and out of her cunt in a frenzy, sucking on those pink nipples and kissing her sweet mouth that earlier had taken a load from my cock. She had cum at least once, maybe a couple of times and I was getting close to pumping my load into her.

My cock started twitching and I filled the condom with a couple extra pumps just as she came once again. "Oh, I love you Uncle Andy. That was so wonderful. I feel so full and complete." She positively glowed with excitement. "I love you too, sweetie" I replied. "You know, I'm really proud you remembered the condom. I'm one of two guys I know, with whom you could safely forget.

We've both had vasectomies and have had the same partners for years. Well, I've had you now, also" I said. The other guy I spoke of was her father, Steve. I wondered if he'd ever considered fucking his little girl. I wouldn't blame him.

She was just so damn sexy. "I'm happy you're proud of me. Maybe we can try it next time without the condom. I'd like to feel what it's like to have your cum inside me." We did try it without the condom later that night.

And after she returned from work at the mall on Saturday, we jumped in the shower and started all over again. I pumped two big loads of hot, sticky cum into her teenage twat that evening, hot lady flashes her big tits and fucked by pawn keeper another down her throat.

She swallowed most of that one. Sunday morning we got up, cleaned house, did laundry, including the soiled linens from her bed.

They were so covered in cum and cunt juice they literally wreaked. By noon when the family returned from the scout outing we were at the kitchen table enjoying a game of cards, innocent as all get out. "Did you two have a good weekend?

Obviously, you didn't kill each other." Mary remarked. "Mostly we just relaxed and laid around the house" I replied "Rachel is a good hostess". "Thank you, Uncle Andy. We had a good time, Mom. Welcome home". She got up, gave her mom a peck on the cheek, and headed for her room.

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"My," Mary said "you've been a good influence on her, Brother Mine. She would not normally be so," she paused "amiable". "If you only knew how 'amiable' she could be" I thought. "She's a good kid." I said, "She's just going through hard times as a teenager. I'm sure you remember". Later that day I packed up my truck and headed back to the base. I couldn't believe what I had done this weekend. I had no idea how much I would end up doing by the time this assignment was over.